web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Better Than Poppers?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better Than Poppers?

Today I fucked a handsome, red-haired artist with a humongous, party-favor dong that stayed rock hard the whole time I was in him. He was in a hurry to hook up before work. He lives on the far southern end of my neighborhood, and had to hook up NOW. I figured if I drove there I could get there fastest and we'd have 45 minutes to screw. So he said, great. This was awesome! But first, of course, being a bottom, he had to ask me pointedly about poppers. I fuckin hate poppers; I really hate anything that is a distraction from sex between two naked dudes with nothing between them except maybe a thin layer of spit-- I like it completely natural. Some guys seem more into poppers than the sex itself; if I get a whiff of that from someone's profile or online behavior, I take a pass, no matter how cute they are. But he seemed just to have a run-of-the-mill bottom's attachment to poppers, so I gave him the I-don't-do-them-but-you-can line and ran over. If I got there in 10 minutes, we could fuck for almost an hour!

Well, I did get there in 10 minutes. He was very nice looking in person, much better than his photos. His room was something of a ratty artist's nest, and the walls were completely covered with writing that a previous tenant, obviously a 13 year old girl, had done over a long period of time-- there was at least one point during the festivities when my eye wandered to the walls, and his (rather gory but well-executed) paintings and stare rather fascinated as he worked away at my meat. Oh, the places I will go! We made out and I was really hooked-- he had a buzzed head, nice stubble, pale eyes, shapely lips, strong jaw, and a big straight nose; all things that make my nuts churn. Pheromones were on high alert; I was very into kissing him. We got undressed quickly while he blew me, and moved over to the bed. His body was almost on the way to feminine, with a narrow chest and hips a bit wider than I like. But his legs were big and hairy and I can forgive a lot for a handsome face, and he was really something of a stunner; not my usual dark and brutishly handsome type, but verrry nice, especially with my tool in his mouth. And did I mention the humongous fucking cock? I positioned myself beside the bed and he hung his ass over the edge and I slowly worked my tongue into his hole, to be sure he was ready, and licked the underside of his nuts and bit his ass cheeks. And I held that thick hard rod in one hand while I ran the other up and down his calf and his hairy thigh with my face in his ass, and thought, this is living! Nothing gets me hard faster than another hard cock in my hand, and my nuts were aching-- I realized I hadn't cum in a long time and didn't want to get overexcited before I got inside, so I stood up and slid my bone into his body. He wiggled back on me and sighed, and I sliced in and out of him. So many guys lose their erection when you fuck them, but he got even harder and longer-- he was way past 8 inches. He turned back to make out with me, and the combination of being buried in him to the nuts, feeling his still rock-hard dick in my hand, and those moist pillowy lips amidst all that stubble made me think I was going to cum instantly. I wasn't thrusting much so he kept heaving up against me, and I told him, "Take it easy, it feels too good, I don't want to cum too fast," and he obeyed, and we made out intensely while I pushed into him as deep as I could. I flexed my dick muscles so he'd feel the head swell deep in his guts, and slid in and out as much as I could without losing it. But this was getting dangerous, so I pulled out completely and ate him some more. He really liked this; he scissored his legs together tight across my back while I worshipped his ass, and we were close together, tight, very exciting. I stood up again, aimed my dick at his hole with my hands on my hips, and pushed, and it slid right in on its own. My dick was meant to be in his hole; he took it like he'd been waiting for it all his life. I pushed him down on the bed, wrapped one hand up under his thigh close to his groin, and held his chest with the other, and fucked long and slow, but my nuts were welling over, I couldn't hold back. So I said "No no no," and he arched his back, maybe feeling my meat tense inside him, and I fucked the hell out of him while my cock spurted out days' worth of nutjuice. I came and came but just kept whaling away at his ass, and he moaned and moaned and writhed with pleasure.

It felt good, but he was the kind of guy I could seriously fuck for hours. This lasted barely 15, 20 minutes! I was disappointed in myself but I laughed with release and just kept fucking. My dick wasn't getting soft, but the intense pleasure was missing; this was mostly an athletic endeavor for his benefit, and I positioned myself high on his back so my dick would point almost straight down like a missile aimed right at his prostate. I felt his cock leaking, and maybe if I'd kept it up, I'd fuck a load out of him. But my dick was finally softening, so I put the weight of my body on him, we made out some more, and I slowly pulled out. He lunged for my groin to suck out any residual drops of cum out of my dick. Good boy! He was a very fun fuck. We talked a little bit about art, an obvious topic. I don't look very arty but I know a bit about this and that, so we had a decent conversation.

"You definitely live up to your screen name," he told me (it alludes to my superior topping skills). AND! He didn't even touch his bottle of poppers. The older I get, the more convinced I am that most people have never had good sex at all, and poppers and some other paraphernalia just makes them *feel* like they're having good sex. I'm here to liberate all the bottoms of the world from dreary connectionless sex, one forgotten bottle of poppers at a time! Ha.

He's a guy I might try hooking up with again sometime, just to try screwing all afternoon and cumming in him face to face. This was way too quick... but I feel pretty good and it's a beautiful day here in NYC today. So no complaining.


  1. Man do I love reading about your raw sex adventures! That is the danger of having too many days between loads though....the next ass you get can sometimes pull it out too fast and you can't fuck as long as you'd like to. Sounds like you might need to fuck this guy again despite the fact he will no longer be new ass.

    1. Thanks man! I usually match what I'm looking for to how much cum is in my balls-- if it's been more than a few days, I'll look for someone to suck it out of me; if I've gotten off recently, I'll look for someone to fuck. I really thought I would have lasted longer in this guy-- while we were making out I was mentally looking forward to deep-dicking him long and slow because his body felt so awesome against mine. But his face just really turned me on and my bone felt amazing inside him. Sometimes you just gotta accept a quickie.

      I actually wrote him later saying I'd like to screw him again sometime when I could last longer, but he didn't reply. Harumph! Maybe he only likes new dick, himself!

  2. I was always anti poppers, then realized that the bottoms using them became more uninhibited and I got inside them more easily when they used them.
    So.....around 2 years ago, I bought a bottle to have on hand and offered it to any cocksucker. I found that when poppers are used, I was able to pound the guys throat or ass better.
    After a year or so, I tried it myself. I loved it. I researched on line and tried around 6 brands, and found the best. English Premium Formula. It can take you to a different planet when having sex. If you had encouraged the red head to use poppers (which he told you he was into), he would probably be contacting you for repeats! Since you are anti poppers, I suggest as an experiment you contact the bottom and say you'd like to see him again with him using poppers. Then compare how the two encounters play out.

    1. Thanks for the note, Jeff. I didn't actually ask the guy not to do poppers or anything... he was just having a good enough time that he seemed to forget about it! And that's a turn-on to me, when a guy is really in the moment. Really I just can't get past that stink... it's just a turn-off for me but like I said it goes with the territory, so I've gotten used to it.

      I still remember how hot that fuck was. But pretty soon after we did it, he disappeared from the web with his handsome face and huge beautiful dick. At least I got to cum in him once!