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Friday, September 6, 2013

Brooklyn's Finest Ass

I just injected what I am now convinced is Brooklyn's finest ass with about a quart of my semen. This ass is truly perfect and the owner seems to know it-- he knew exactly how to hike it up, exactly how to pull apart the cheeks, exactly how to put it on display to ideally appeal to a top like me. I've fucked him before, but it was a good while ago. He occasionally would hit me up asking to tag-team bottoms with him; he often advertises himself as a top but if that were true it would be a grievous sin, because this ass is museum quality. And it just went home loaded up with the fruits of a very intense orgasm on my part.
I actually saw this guy out at a bar in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago; I don't go to gay bars very much but had a friend who knew one of the djs, so we went over after seeing a movie. The crowd was rather lame but I thought I caught a glimpse of Brooklyn's Finest Ass sitting with his friends on a couch off to the side. I turned long enough to tell my friend there was someone in the bar that I'd fucked before-- actually a bit of a novelty to me-- but then when I went to point him out, he was gone. A few days later I noticed he'd cruised my profile on BBRTS but not said anything. I made a mental note that I would have to eat his ass again. He had always said he loves being eaten out more than anything, but the one time I invited him over he expressed interest but then kinda faded out. It was a little disappointing-- I remember the red-hot fuck we had last year as one of the best of my life-- but there is always new ass out there, so I kinda moved on. But today I saw him on and I was really, really in the mood to have buttocks in my face, buttocks like only Brooklyn's Finest Ass possesses. And I needed a guy who would basically let me do it for as long as I wanted-- actually rather rare. He immediately said OK, but that he Just Needed To Take A Shower®. Given how things went down last time-- I reviewed my post from last year a little while back to relive it a bit, and realized he was kind of flaky even then-- I thought, ugh, he's gonna string me along for half an hour and then leave me with my dick in my hand. Worse, about three minutes after he said OK, two other pretty hot bottoms on BBRTS also expressed interest in getting my dick in them! Fridays are weirdly difficult to hook up on, and it's beautiful outside so I am extremely horny and desiring of sexual intercourse in the beautiful cool breeze, and the thought of banking on this dude and shooing away these two new conquests and ending up with nothing made my heart sink. But I told Brooklyn's Finest Ass to text me when he was ready, and kept the other two sort of simmering, and figured if I didn't hear from him in 15 minutes or so I'd make more serious overtures to the other bottoms.

Wouldn't you know it, Brooklyn's Finest Ass came through! Within 15 minutes he texted to say he was on his way, and in 15 more he was in my house. I gave him a glass of water and we chatted amiably and then he trotted on his own back to the bedroom, unbidden, ready to get his ass worked over.

I didn't even care about kissing or whatever this time. I went right for the ass. Kneaded it through his jeans first, and felt up his nicely muscled little torso-- he's 5'7 but built pretty nicely, the perfect blend of small but substantial. I pulled down his jeans to reveal his turquoise-colored briefs which framed his meaty hindquarters beautifully-- heartbreakingly beautifully. I knelt down pressed my face into the fabric and just moaned with pleasure, and he seemed to snicker a little bit as he sort of stood there helplessly with his ass pinned to me, but I didn't care. I was overcome with the spirit of ass-worship. I worshiped the hell out of that ass.

Slowly we worked the undies off and he bent over, then climbed up on the bed a bit and sighed and relaxed in that beautiful, languid way a man's body does when he is thinking of nothing but receiving pleasure. And I just ate his ass, loudly, slowly, thoroughly, wetly, chewing on the mounds, sucking down the balls, licking all the skin both rough with hair and smooth, running my beard along the inner thighs, probing with my tongue. He quite simply has BROOKLYN'S FINEST ASS.

And bless him, he didn't hurry me. He just lay there and always knew when to reposition slightly, exactly what to do to keep me helplessly devoted to his assmeat. I was dressed for the first ten minutes or so, and my dick hardened in my shorts and began oozing precum into the corduroy. My heart was pounding. I was in love with his caboose. But my dick was aching to go inside. So I threw off all my clothes, got him extra wet, and when he realized I was naked he curled his calves and feet around to rest them against my body, and I held his ass up to my face as I licked, suspending it by his narrow hip bones. And then I put him down on the bed and climbed up on top of him and put my dickhead on his asshole and pushed ever so slightly and I slithered in all the way with absolutely no resistance, into the depths of the warmest, slickest, sweetest universe of pleasure my dick has ever felt.

I fucked him long and slow with every inch of my tool, pulling all the way out and watching my red dickhead hover and throb above his lightly hairy mounds of pleasure. And then I would ever so slowly sink it right back in, and we fit together so perfectly that my dick needed no guidance to slip right back in perfectly to its target deep inside his gut.

I held his meaty ass muscles in each hand as I drilled in and out. "This is so fuckin beautiful," I said, "You have to see this, you have got to see this, holy shit." It was a beautiful sight. My dick and his ass were made for each other.

I traded off eating him and fucking him, both long, slow, deliberate, and he gripped the bed with tense hands, and his face reddened and burrowed into the bedding, thick cords of straining blood vessels popping out on his neck and his bald head, whole body straining into the role of sex object for a hard top. My dick glistened more and more on every out-stroke, slowly accumulating a thick, gooey coating of clear juice from inside him. He was lubricating for me perfectly. The ooze made my dick feel incredible. I can't believe how I slid in and out so effortlessly.

Finally I flipped him on his back and drilled him looking at his little body and handsome face. He was in heaven. He asked for poppers at that point, and I told him I didn't have any. "Do you need me to go really slow?" I asked, and he nodded, so I slowed it down even more. I just wanted the fucking not to end. It felt better and better and I said, "I am really close, do you want me to cum, or eat your ass some more?" And he smiled and closed his eyes and said, "Eat my ass some more!" We'd been at it for about 40 minutes at this point... and I wanted to do it until the sun went down... but just hearing him say he wanted more and more made my dick jump, and suddenly, I knew I was no longer master of my testicles. My sperm had its own ideas and wanted to gush into this beautiful receptacle. I could do nothing but cry, "Oh shit I can't hold back," and pound my fuckstick into him mercilessly. He held on to the mattress tight while his body rocked back and forth; my penis was spurting like crazy and I felt the honey-smooth slickness turn into something wetter, more squicky, as I hammered my climax into him. His insides were soaked with very wet spooge. I pushed in as deep as I could, and lifted his body into the air by his knees, which aimed my still-spasming but now-dry prick right into his prostate. And now it was his turn to pop. I reverse-fucked him, pulling him into my groin and pushing him away by the thighs, using his own body as a life-size sex toy, and the sensation of his body ramming against my cock made his hard dick shoot out small drops of his own thin, grey semen.

I held my dick inside his amazing body for a bit longer, but began to worry about the snow-white comforter on the bed that I neglected to take off in my ass-face reverie. I pulled my dick out of him slowly, hoping my fat dickhead would not drag out a bunch of spooge and ass-juice. But it was clean and clear, just very juicy. He kept all of my ejaculate deep inside him.

I want to fuck him again, just writing this. I wish I could have lasted. I wish I could have fucked him all night.

We cleaned up and chatted amiably about some paint samples on the wall, and about a furniture store he and his partner have opened in the neighborhood. He's an extremely nice guy. He's a fantastic bottom. He has Brooklyn's Finest Ass. And now he's full of my ejaculate. All is well in the world!

God, I love being a top!


  1. tell me, is this guy Brooklyn's finest ass? I wasn't quite sure from your description...

    1. You know what, Invis, it's like you read my mind! This was *totally* Brooklyn's Finest Ass!

  2. Oh. My. Gods!! I have been a fucking fool to stay away from your blog for too long.

    CoolTop, although this is an older post, I simply do not care. I enjoyed every word, and once again, I AM Re-Minded that I need to spend a lot more time in Brooklyn!

    1. Well thanks, ThisGayMan! Funny, I just had a friendly little hello conversation with Brooklyn's Finest Ass on some app or another last week. I might have to get my face in that ass again. If you come to Brooklyn maybe you'll find parts of yourself in there, too! I'm happy you found your way back to my blog.