web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: January 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tonight I went another round with All American Bottom, who was one of the people whose interest seemed to reactivate when I posted some new pictures of myself on the hookup sites. This was a very nice development, as last time I felt like he'd taken what he needed from me and was immediately done. This is probably fatuous coming from me, who rarely wants to hook up with anyone after the fist time, either. But I do think of the guys that I have good, connected sex with very fondly. And when they look like this guy, I feel extremely gratified when they tell me they want more. And he wanted more. And I definitely filled him with more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dead End

Today I fooled around with a guy I've been with and had a great time with twice before, but I think the magic is offically gone. I've sort of resolved this year not to be so demanding about new New NEW all the time, but a tiger can't change his stripes, I guess. I'm just addicted to new meat.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Last night, a guy I fucked the living daylights out of last fall started appearing right next to me in the Nearby listing on Scruff. This is the same guy who hit me up a couple of days after the fuck for more, and who reacted very negatively when I told him I'm a big whore and would like to get with him again but after I've had the chance to fuck around a bit more. He called me extremely rude and said maybe I should just leave him alone and then asked if I would hire him to paint my apartment. Well, many months have gone by, and he was looking extremely good to me again, but I refrained from clicking on his picture lest he go all tornado-angry on me again. But then he "Woofed" me and asked, "Do you even remember me?" I told him I did, that he was the guy I have a great time fucking and then told me I was rude and never to talk to him again. He said it was a bad time for him, my comment hit him the wrong way at a very low time, and he didn't mean all that. So of course I immediately wanted to cum in him again-- nothing is better than a hot guy debasing himself to get at my dick. I remembered him really being far too rough for my taste, but he's so fucking handsome to me-- his nose alone, in profile, is enough to make my balls swell with the need to blow its seed inside him. Turns out he is housesitting in a big fancy building a few blocks away from me. So I told him to come over on his way to do errands in Manhattan today, and he did.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today I deep-dicked the velvety, yielding guts of a tall, very cute, hugely hung guy with a delightful New York accent, and loaded him up handsomely with grateful cum. This came after a long week of frustration, cockblocking, and prickteasing, as well as a couple of days laid up in bed unable to get off, so it was greatly welcome. This was one of those weeks where I wish I didn't have balls at all-- procuring a suitable ass to fuck was so difficult that I finally beat off on Friday, having saved up a full week's worth of high-pressure spooge. So that it would not be completely wasted on the floor-- it was a huge mess-- I photographed myself ejaculating a few long jets for your enjoyment, replacing my profile photo with one of the results. I'm extremely grateful to Tall Cutie for restoring my confidence and sex drive. Both had begun to wane after this insane week of disappointment.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Someone please volunteer to remind me weekly that there is no point trying to fuck in Chelsea!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today I unloaded down the throat of a tall, very good looking, hairy, bald, pierced and tattooed arty dude, squirt after squirt shot into him with my meat down his throat all the way up to the balls, squirting until he began to gag. I'm doing unusually good since Christmas, seems like; except that one big fat guy who didn't even get me off, all six guys since then have been willing and eager recipients of my cum. There's something pretty fantastic about finding myself horny, being accosted by a handsome man who likes me, having him make me feel so good I pop, and then there's not even any mess to deal with-- I cum right inside him and off I go. It makes me feel so light and free. I do this over and over and never get tired of it... it's fantastic that there's this free, easily available pleasure out there for me. I think back to the look on Arty Dude's face while I was on top of him and it just feels so gratifying.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apart Together

Sometimes it's just fun to stick your dick in someone and pound away till your nuts burst open with slippery nectar. Especially if the other dude kisses like a dream and is visibly overwhelmed in the moment with his pleasure at being mounted, groped, pushed and prodded, and seeks out your dick with a shameless, undisguised pleasure. The guy I fucked tonight had an amazingly firm, meaty, shapely upper body-- wide, square, muscular shoulders that took the brunt of my weight without yielding a millimeter, and a hard tight torso covered with short, stubbly hair that awakened the nerves in my own body as I moved against his. When I was eating his ass he accepted my tongue into him with suppleness, but a finger or two suggested he would be very tight. His looks and build made me unusually intimidated-- he is older than me but has extremely handsome, all-american looks, if a little boyish-- and I felt like I wasn't going to perform well when we first touched and kissed; I panicked a little, feeling inadequate. But he seemed very into me and I finally let my guard down and slowly felt that connected feeling I have when the sex gets good, when I lose myself and become one with the act of pleasuring another body by pleasuring my own body with his. His tongue slithered into my mouth over and over, not the rigid probing of the clueless but the languid contact with mine that amplifies the feeling of not knowing where one body stops and the other starts. I mounted him and thrust against his hard musculature. He was wearing a hard metal cockring which suddenly slammed against my right nut and made me have to stop the proceedings for a minute to recover. And while I was eating his ass at the side of the bed, his dog came over and nosed me gently, thankfully not sticking his snout in my own ass, which probably would have made me faint with cognitive dissonance. But other than those amusing little mishaps, I lay upon him and my body melted into him and I knew I had to get my hard rod in him despite his tightness, had to cum in him and have that ultimate union. I aimed and pushed and despite the initial resistance I slid in all the way up to the balls and he took me like a champ. He looked so good beneath me. His body was lightly scented with some cologne, which almost never happens any more and reminds me of fucking guys in the 90s. The scent somehow seemed like another part of him I was sensually uniting with. That ultimate union.

And yet.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Today I fucked Little Beard Big Nose again, and we had a bit of a breakthrough-- he hit me up out of the blue last week via text asking me to fuck him, saying (as if to sweeten the deal, since we haven't done it since late September, and maybe he thought I'd lost interest), "I've been thinking about swallowing your cum." Well! I figured if he finally lets me cum in him it's almost like I'm fucking a different guy, and maybe the excitement of the new would let me banish the lingering disappointment in fucking the muscular Filipino last week. He'd told me Mondays were best for him, and I said I might be able to swing it. To keep him warm, on Sunday, I sent him a little text saying "I've been thinking about fucking your little body all day long." That got him going, but after that I remained a little sphinxlike and terse. Ever the dirty dog, I did idly hunt around a bit this morning while working on various sites to see if anyone new wanted my dick in them, but pickings are still very, very slim for me; all I got was interest from fake dudes on BBRTs who always hit me up and never come through. It was making me depressed, and I figured it was dumb to do that to myself when I *always* have a pretty awesome time with Little Beard Big Nose, who seems to secrete opium through his pores or something, driving me crazy with lust for him. So before I'd wasted too much energy on losers, I texted him to see if he was around, and he was here in 15 minutes, curled up against me in the foyer, his cute little body snuggled up in a big warm fur-lined coat, a sharp new haircut buzzed clean on the sides and long and floppy on top as the dudes around here do, pressed up against me hungrily with an eager hand pulling down my zipper and reaching inside for what he needed.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Today I creamed inside the muscular little Filipino dude I've fucked a bunch since the end of 2011. I was pretty horny all day but Friday is traditionally impossible to hook up on, so all my cruising came to naught. I've had a vague New Year's resolution bubbling around in my head, about not turning down hot guys who want to fuck just because I've been in them before, and about not taking the pursuit of new ass and racking up numbers so far in general. Being away for a week or two without much chance to hook up (though I ended up putting my cum in two guys while I was away without really trying too hard!) was in a way a nice break. I'm still a little haunted by the 63-hours-of-nonstop-sex figure I tallied up for last year, and wonder if maybe I need to cool it a bit. There were periods towards the end of the year where pickings felt slim and I felt almost a kind of pressure to hook up. I'd like things to be a little lower-key. So when the flip hit me up online, sending a sexy picture of himself to my phone for good measure (he always does this, and it's always a new picture, and he always looks good), I cast around a bit for new ass juuuust to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything, then remembered my resolution and how much I love his muscular little body and how well he takes a pounding, and I ran over for what I hoped would be some long deep porkin'.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today definitely made up for yesterday. We stopped off in DC to break up the long drive back to Brooklyn and are staying in a friend's empty apartment. I had to get back into the swing of things at work after a long holiday vacation. My partner spent the day beebopping around the city. Work was busy in the morning but light in the afternoon, and of course I'd been looking for someone to unload in the whole time in the background as I worked. The selection of men here is definitely better than it was down south in my hometown-- an online acquaintance who recently moved there called it the "sale-bin of gays", a very apt phrase that fills me with jealousy when I think I didn't coin it. But I'm amazed at how many guys in DC are still on all the hookup sites with exactly the same pictures and professed ages they had when I lived here years and years ago! And the same guys I rejected over and over while I lived here still hit on me like clockwork. And predictably, a bunch of other guys professed great desire for my dick and cum NOW and then suddenly became too busy when the time came to seal the deal. Same old same old! I came to despair of ever losing this week-long load. Until I finally hit on a guy on Growlr-- the site that let me down yesterday and which has not yielded any high-quality sex for me yet-- who looked verrrry nice but totally the type of guy who would blow me off. Surprisingly he replied right away with unlocked pix showing a gorgeously-shaped, naturally muscular body with a bit of padding and verrry nice hair and a rather pretty tool, too, sitting back in a chair with legs open just so, showing off his awesomely ample nutsack. He liked my pix too. But he was working in Georgetown and wouldn't be off till I would have to be having dinner and leaving town for home. I playfully asked him if he had an office door that locked, and decided I'd have to move on. Surprisingly again, after a bit of a delay, he said yes-- he could just "close the store" for a while and suck me off. I thought, "!!!" He told me where to go-- a stuffy antiques store on the north end of the neighborhood, and I told him I could be there in 15 minutes. But I didn't realize what was in store for me!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Today a big fat dude used me for my thick meaty cock, when I was supposed to be using *him* for his insatiable gullet! WTF!