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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big-Dicked Bottoms!

Tonight I have some super-fun, fantastic sex. Just oral and humping and some finger-in-the-hole and a bit of teasing-the-crack action, but you know, when it's good, it's good, and that's all you need. It also doesn't hurt when the dude you get with (1) is crazy about your dick and wants to make you unload your nuts inside his mouth, (2) is a very cute scruffy Frenchman staying right in the neighborhood, and (3) has a long, fat, rock-hard dick swinging between his meaty little legs. I'm a top but I'm still a dude, and I really fuckin love a nice dick. I like to hold it while I eat ass, I like to lay it alongside mine and admire the thick tubes of meat, I like to slick up my dick, slick up his dick, press em together, and fuck his meat with my meat. I like to be 6 and suck it down and let it fill my throat while 9 works my dickhead just right, making my nuts tingle and ooze, making my dick lengthen and strengthen, making the whole world nothing but dick dick dick dick dick. I honestly spent the long, sweet hour we spent together wishing I could slip my bone in his ass and see him impaled there on his back. And part of me wondered if he would have let me if I'd pushed it. He'd asked very earnestly if I was "always safe" and I honestly answered "No I am not" but told him about my recent HIV test and my top-only habit, and he just wanted the dick and the cum so much that seemed OK with him. But we were having a fantastic time, naked together, bodies entwined, one step too far would have just ruined things. I decided not to be greedy and go with it. And I think I gave him a mouthful of cum to remember. I know I'll be thinking about his BIG FAT SCHLONG for a good while to come.

He and I had actually talked maybe sometime last year, or earlier this year; he had been visiting then as well and we couldn't make the timing work. He reappeared in my Message list on Scruff a couple of days ago, very eager to make me cum in his mouth. But my partner is slowly, slowly losing his job; his hours are being cut down to ridiculously low levels, and this week he just did what little work there was to do at his failing company from home. So I didn't have much opportunity to have anyone over or get away, really; it feels seditious to leave him alone and fuck someone else when he's home. But tonight I had a few hours to myself as he went off to spend some time with a friend, and Sweet-Dicked Frenchie was just a few blocks away, having some wine, just waiting for the signal from me that he could come over and go to town on my genitals. "Yes! I finish my glands of wind in driggs avenue and i can come get your cum," he mistyped charmingly. "I am not far, close to a cinéma." I was pretty horny for him-- he said all the right things and was really quite cute, not totally my type but very nice looking in the face-- so I paced a bit and tidied up while I waited for him finish his glands of wind and come over. All I could think was how much fun it was going to be to fool around with someone so cute and so into my dick.

He showed up and smiled at me rather shyly and the door, but staring intently into my eyes as we talked, as if I were a cobra and he were a mongoose; often I blink in these situations and have to look away but the intensity of his gaze intrigued me so I held it as I talked, and I felt the sexual energy already circulate between us. I asked if he wanted water but he just wanted to pee, so, more waiting.

But then we began. He kissed very nice but was unusually impatient; I guess I had somehow pictured this very talented sensual French sexual stereotype or something-- I don't know if I've ever had sex with another French guy, actually; I'd have to think about that-- but he wanted my shirt off, he wanted my dick hard YESTERDAY, he was rather handsy and gobbly. I felt a little disappointed; I loved how he smelled and how his skin felt and how thick and sturdy his little body was-- I think he was like 5'6, 5'7-- but for whatever reason this wasn't working for me. I retired to the bed to get comfortable, and his little body seriously was turning me on, but my meat stayed stubbornly in his semi-thickened state. Finally I just flipped him on his back, pushed him into the mattress with my bulk, and ground my groin into his. He instantly grew submissive, wrapping himself around me, and stilling all his frenzied motions, and I just concentrated on his limbs, his smooth, beautiful skin, his delicious lips and tongue, and the rough hair of his pubes against my dick. I humped him, hard, and he held me tight, and before long, voilà, a big fat erection grew between my legs.

I presented it to him still on his back, kneeling beside his head, and he was clearly delighted; this is what he'd come for. He greedily sucked on it, and suddenly his sucking method felt heavenly and perfect. And I watched as his own dick suddenly began growing between his legs, slithering longer and longer into the cleft between his hip and his thigh, and that sight only made my dick harder and precummier.

I let him work my dick hungrily for a good while, with my hands on my hips, looking down at him impassively, like a boss. He turned to his side then, and I saw the curve from his waist to his swelling ass meat on his back, and I knew I had to have some of that. I pushed him on his stomach and walked around to admire the shape of his ass humps, and went in to lick and taste; he was beautifully clean and slightly, very slightly musky; very fine hair grew everywhere except just under his balls, which was smooth as glass, and as I licked and sucked all around, my own dick grew so hard and throbbing and slimy with precum that I could have lost it right there and shot all over the mattress. But I let my dick go and just closed my eyes and pressed deeper into this wonderland of meat and bulges between his legs. I reached up to pull down his dick, and noticed it was not fully hard now. He had been quite quiet during the ass-eating; I hadn't explicitly put it on the menu, and some guys can be uptight about being eaten out. But I didn't care, it was too much fun; he had a really fantastic little butt. I laid the dick straight, slightly to the side, and alternated sucking it down, with my brow in his hindquarters, then licking over the balls and the gooch and then diving into his sparkly clean hole with my tongue, and back down to the dick, and it stirred, and thickened, and grew long again, and then very thick. Very exciting. Beautiful ass, beautiful waist, beautiful dick, all for me. I put my dick back in his face and he sucked me greedily again, and I let him do it for many long, long minutes; he slid up beside me, wrapping his legs around mine, holding me by the flanks and sucking and sucking and sucking on my bone, and his own dick grew hard as a rock right there before my eyes. It was almost exactly as long as mine-- which looked really huge on his little body-- but maybe 1/4" thicker, just a perfect, enviable girth to it. I had to have more. So I adjusted my position, dove between his legs, and sucked him up to his pubes; it lodged in my throat very comfortably and I worked its whole length with my tongue, and it grew somehow even harder-- granite into diamonds-- and in return he deep-throated me rather violently, practically chewing at the skin of my groin, completely impaled on my manhood and making motions as if he could somehow push it into him even deeper, though he had every millimeter I had to give. Finally he pushed my head out of his groin, not letting go of my own dick. I had just grazed his thickness with a molar, so I said apologetically, "My teeth?" He let go of my dick, and let out a gasp, and said, "You are very talented, and you made me very close." I kissed his dickhead gently and pressed my face into it as he resumed sucking like he was Kojak quitting smoking and my dick was a pineapple Dum Dum.

I say it all the time-- it's a beautiful thing to be gay. No one appreciates dick like a gay dude. Dicks were made for gay dudes. Beautiful.

And more tumbling around, hard intense humping with my middle finger half-buried inside his ass, and his face a mask of composure, clearly keeping himself from begging for me to stick it in, fuck him hard, give it to him raw. I felt it. But I just kept up the mock fucking. Maybe he will come back for more, and I will give it to him. Who knows. But just what we did felt good.

Later, when I was on my back and he was on all fours servicing me at a more languid pace, finally in the groove of sex that didn't feel like it ever needed to end, I got very close, and warned him. "Do you want me to cum, or do you want to keep going?" He stopped, looked at me with his pale, Gaulish eyes, and said, "Going." Going! A man after my own heart. We kept going, and while I'd been skeptical at first, now I felt he was an ideal partner, responding to my every move, intensely focused on my prick, sighing with unhurried pleasure when I put him on his back and weighed down on him with all my weight, stroking his legs, his shoulders, his ass, his face; time passed completely in the dark.

Until I was again kneeling beside him, watching him fist that thick fat dong of his, face slack and full of bliss, sucking at my bone, whimpering a bit, lost in pleasure, and suddenly, time came back: I knew I had maybe one second to pull myself back from the brink of the pleasure he was giving me and avoid orgasm. "You're going to make me cum like that," I said very evenly, and he just whimpered, and then a deluge was squirting jet by jet through my dickhole and into his mouth. He panicked after the second jet, but I practically sobbed out, "PLEASE don't stop," and somehow he steeled himself, and kept sucking me; I realized he wasn't swallowing the onslaught but kept it all in his mouth, tightly sealed around his prize, my cock, and I was inflating his cheeks with jizz the way Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet blew his out. What a trooper. I came and came but he never let go, even when his own dick began to spasm and spurt and his breath quickened, and finally I was done pulsing and squirting and he let me slide out, with very tightly pursed lips. I laughed, and said, "You want to spit?" He nodded, and I realized I had nothing to give him, not even a dirty shirt laying around; the cleaning lady just came through yesterday. So he just jumped up and ran to the bathroom and yacked me out into the sink, with lots of water and swishing and gargling and spitting. "Do you want some mouthwash?" I offered feebly, feeling bad, like my semen was some kind of toxic industrial by-product, even though he'd been all "your cum your cum your cum" for like a week. He shook his head, water sloshing from cheek to cheek, and so I went to get him something to drink to wash my foulness down.

And I got dressed, but he came back naked and stood by the bed I was sitting on, lingering. His big dick swung between his sweet, thick little thighs, and a drop of water shone right at the end of it, refracting the light from the bedside table, making it sparkle like a trophy. His body was awesome. I slid my hand over it, and told him he could sit down if he wanted, and he did, and I fully clothed lay beside him fully naked, and he talked to me at length about France, immigration, business, politics, everything. He clearly wanted to talk about it, it was heavy on his mind. I only occasionally chimed in, but stroked his body occasionally, as if he were an exotic, eloquent oversized hairless housecat. He was very handsome and serious as he talked. I wished my cum was inside him. But oh well.

Finally he knew it was close to time to go. He asked for something to drink besides water, and I offered him some iced tea, and he got dressed. We both exclaimed gently about how much fun it had been to have sex together. I held him in my arms a bit and kissed him some more and he smiled very openly, very gleefully. We both were feeling good. But it was over.

I made sure he had everything he came with, and he patted himself all over, listing off phone, keys, wallet, and "I forget the name but I put my change in it." And another hug and kiss, and he said thank you very gently and sweetly in that accent, and slipped out the door.

Things don't always have to go as far as they can for an experience to be completely fulfilling. I hope I can remember that. But the next big-dicked bottom I get, I hope he lets me fuck my jizz into his ass! Ah, that will be perfect.


  1. Sounds perfect! Especially the mouth full of cum!

  2. I would love to find you at Scruff. Just to see what you are advertising to get so many guys after your dick. It is just too amazing !

    1. Maybe you will, Anonymous! But my profile there is just my face and a simple statement about being a good top and an occasional funny/wry quote that I change from time to time. I'm really nothing special so dunno why I get so many dudes on my meat, but I'm glad I do!