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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Motherfuckin Slabs of Meat

Back in my southern home town this week visiting my mom and family, and dealing with the weird cagey guys down here I always do. But on Sunday I started getting messages from a guy in Atlanta who was coming up here for a conference and was unusually enamored of my dick pic. He listed himself as a top, and all of his own pictures on his Manhunt profile were of his OWN dick. Which, I must say, was beautiful to me. Like, wow, I gotta suck on that beautiful. The way it hung down out of his fly in that one picture, the shape of the head-- tapered and missile-like, not like my own fat fleshy head-- the thick cumtube running up the bottom, very prominent along its ideal, truly beautiful length. I suppose he was just about an inch longer than me, but what a fucking inch. That's all it takes to make a dick truly mesmerizing sometimes. And yet here he was whimpering about MY meat and saying he had to taste it had to taste it had to suck it. I suggested we suck the hell out of each other and he was up for it, but you never know with these guys. He kept me warm by messaging me throughout the day yesterday, saying he had a work dinner but wanted me to come to his hotel right after that. And I typically appreciate a guy who can maintain contact like that, but it's also a common tactic among prick teases, so you really just can't tell whether you're being treated properly or strung along shamelessly (yesterday afternoon in fact, I had a kid who wanted me to flood him with my cum leading me on for a few hours, up till the final fifteen minutes before I was free to go fuck him, when he finally went silent-- after saying "Yes I'll be here can't wait").  I had a dinner of my own, taking out to dinner my mom and some neighbors who look out for her. When we were wrapping up at the restaurant I went to the bathroom, took a leak, and texted the guy, fully expecting not to hear back. But he wrote that he was ready and waiting in his hotel room. Well! So I dropped off all the ladies and went over there, and within 20 minutes he was all up in my bush. My dick is soooooo sore from this intense, hour-and-a-half  mutual-appreciation suckfest. He wasn't all that cute and his body was eh but fuck, did I love that dick of his. And fuck, did he love mine. And FUCK, did our two slabs of meat look nice, slicked up, hard and thick and long, pressed together all along their length in my hand, hot spots rubbing together, feeling so fucking good. Very very nice.

I am of course a top but I fuckin love dick. Not all dick, mind you, but a beautiful dick just fuckin does something to me. He took off his pants pretty much as soon as I got there and that motherfucker was just dangling down between his (rather skinny) legs, catching my eye and making it impossible for me to look anywhere else. I'm a total grower, not a show-er-- my dick is pathetically shriveled up when it's not ready for action. But his was proudly swinging there, already long and meaty, with a small swelling area of sensitive pink meat on the front side, right where the head meets the shaft, something that seriously gets me every time. My own dick is ramrod straight when it is hard, perfectly cylindrical except for a thick purple vein running up one side, and doesn't curve or bend or swell in any way; it's a battering ram with a fat fleshy helmet on top. So I am intrigued by beautifully shapely cocks-- just the right upward bend, or a swelling of flesh right on that most sensitive point like he had just mesmerizes me. I pulled off my clothes too and hopped up on the bed and let him start the festivities, and he buried his face in my groin, just rubbing himself all through my hair, breathing deep, moaning with pleasure, and exclaiming how he wanted to spend all night there. And he did a very nice job once he sucked me down. But mostly it was just the energy that was turning me on, how into me he was, and how beautiful his dick was. My erection was so intensely hard that it honestly hurt a bit. It was seriously throbbing.

I let him work me over a good bit till I was feeling very fine and then I had to get a taste of his own meat. He was not quite as hard-- he is not one of those guys who beats off the whole time during sex, which I appreciate-- sex is about me making you feel good, and you making me feel good, not masturbating-- so it was up to me to get him there.

Beautiful beautiful dick for sucking. Despite being a bit over 7" it went all the way down my throat perfectly; I could close my lips around the root of his penis and brush them against his balls and not feel like I was gonna choke or gag at all. And having a long thick tubesteak running down your throat like that while the other guy suckles on your own meat is just the most sublime pleasure. Two dudes penetrating each other simultaneously like that is just… fuck.

He admired my cocksucking skill. "For someone who doesn't give head much, you're awfully good," he said. I came up for air, smiled, wiped the saliva off my face, and said, "I didn't say I don't *like* to, just that it has to be the right dick." And I gripped his fuckin prong in my hand, admired it tenderly because fuck it was a beautiful dick, and after a moment, said, "And *this* is the right dick!"

Just tons of motherfucking mutual cocksucking and it was really fuckin awesome. A few times I pushed him on his back, hitched his knees over my elbows, and ground my body into his, and he loved it-- he wrapped his arms around my back and his legs around my thighs and I felt my meat slithering alongside his long thick schlong and his hairy thin body pressed hard to mine and thought, this is fucking living.

And that's how I came. He had said he would swallow me or let me blast him in the face and after an hour with me he said I could put it wherever I wanted it but in the end just feeling those cocks sliding together is what did it, and I moaned "I ca- ca- can't" and reared up and shot a long hot goo missile hard over his head, and it splatted the headboard. He went "WHOA" when he saw that go overhead-- it was a HUGE cum-bomb-- but the next one landed square on his chin, splattering up into his eye and hair, and then another hit the other side of his face and his neck, and the rest landed progressively lower along his chest, belly, and then falling on top of his dick.

"WHOA! WHOA! WHOA" he kept saying. "That was HOT! WHOA!" He just ran his fingers through my slime on his face and neck and kept shaking his head. He didn't seem to care about getting off himself, and now I sort of regret not helping him to see what it would be like. But I was mostly just gloating about my performance and since I had unloaded the spell was broken a bit. His dick lay there bent a little sideways between his legs; I plopped down beside him and he held my dick and I held his a bit, still admiring these fantastic dicks-- mine slightly fatter, his a bit longer-- and then we started to talk like normal people, about our jobs, where we live, meeting guys, dating, marriage. It was a nice conversation. I was pretty wiped out from all the intense pleasure, but we kept talking and talking for about half an hour.

I left feeling groggy but very happy. There is something really energizing about sucking a dick like that. I was so placid and centered that I forgot to be afraid on the scary high overpass I have to take to get back home from that part of town; it usually sends my heart into my throat and fills my bloodstream with terrified fight-or-flight hormones, but I just cruised up and around it, thinking about how beautiful dicks are and how much I love sex.

I slept like a rock. And my dick is very tender in my pants. But I hope I can fuck my next load into someone cute. I hope I don't turn into a greedy little prickgobbler!

But fuck I love a pretty dick.


  1. hey bud, todd here...great adventure...do you ever make it to northeast ohio?

    1. Thanks, Anonymous Todd! No, haven't been to Ohio since the early 90s, sorry to say.

    2. hmm...sounds like you are due for a visit!

  2. I've been told I give good head, but mostly by bi guys and I've always found it weird because I really haven't sucked that many guys and its seriously sad that I'm the best they've had... Especially when you know what a good blowjob feels like and you know you're not anywhere close to being as talented. Ha!

    1. The first time I hooked up with a guy, when I was 18 or so, I was sucking his dick, and after a while he grabbed my head with both hands, pulled me off his prong, looked me in the face, and said, with wonder in his voice, "You've *never* don't this before?" and I shook my head no, and went back to work, while he sank into the pillows. Head is pretty personal, I think; one man's perfection is another man's boredom or annoying, but I certainly love sucking dick when a dude has a nice one and is good looking.