web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Off My Game

Today I shot a premature load in the mouth of a very cute, very tight, very sensuous, very slender 24 year old, dammit. Sometimes I hate my dick. He hit me up out of the blue on Adam4adam, and was not too far out in Bushwick and sweet-seeming but very hot to trot. I have been out of sorts all week and was just on the site checking email-- the Beautiful Lummox and I have struck up a pretty lively conversation on there so I just wanted to see what the latest he had to say was-- I was not looking to hook up at all. But the 24 year old texted me a face picture that was just extremely cute; I think I'm turning into a dirty old man, wanting to deep dick all these willowy kids. He had just enough hair on his chest and scruff on his face to make me decide to hie over there. He was fine with me slipping it to him raw but was clear he wanted to taste my load. So feeling a little apprehensive because of my low mood, but completely compelled to fuck someone that cute, I ran over there for a lunch break. And after just the first kiss all my circuits went kind of haywire and I couldn't recover.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today I felt horny but was very into my work. I posted an ad on Craigslist, thinking I might be able to reel in someone good there, but got I think a total of two replies. TWO guys in New York City wanted to suck my dick and swallow my cum! Pathetic! But I didn't despair too much; my nuts were horny but my mind was very into what I am working on. Suddenly, a tall, extremely thin, very hung toppish dude hits me up on Adam4adam and says he is admiring of the force and volume of my ejaculate. I make him jump through all the hoops to prove himself-- his pictures are only marginally cute, he's way too tall at 6'3, and isn't the big muscular type guy I normally like to see between my legs with my meat in his mouth. But his own dick looked awfully, awfully tasty. I haven't sucked on a really nice piece in a long time. He was ridiculously eager to make me spooge all over his face and said he would spend some quality time edging it out of me. I figured, I can say yes and get off now and get back to work, or keep looking for someone ideal all night and end up with nothing. I decided to take the sure thing. He said he'd be a while, so I took the opportunity to eat a glazed donut that was on the counter. And then he came over and I glazed him.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today I inseminated the guy I once called Beautiful Lummox-- but I can't call him that any more. I see it was well over a year ago when he sucked the cum outta me last time, and for a long time after that, he disappeared completely from online. Sometime after the summer, maybe, he reappeared, and had new pix that showed him much slimmer; in many of them he looked pretty amazing; not built and muscular, but just movie-star handsome with a sweet natural manly build. His profile also said he was 5'11, my height-- and I found that hard to believe; I remembered him being huge. He has always had an appealing wit, which he doled out sparingly between periods of essentially begging for me to hook up with him again. At that point, despite the newly pretty body, I think I wanted to indulge in his wit more than sex, until one day, sort of out of the blue, he msged me on Adam4adam saying something like, "Reading between the lines in your profile, I think you like fucking guys with your raw dick and shooting as much cum in them as you can, am I wrong?" This was rather weird, because my profile there is pretty unremarkable; it purposely doesn't have "safe only" clicked because duh, but it also is calculated not to scare away people I could do other things with than raw fucking. I honestly wasn't sure where he got that from, but I told him that was exactly right. And for a long time we went through a strange dance where he said he wanted to suck me off again but didn't think he could trust himself around me; that he'd be on his back with his hole gaping open for my cum in ten seconds and he couldn't risk it. And at one point he said, "If you were my boyfriend, I would have so much of your DNA in me that I would start to look like you." This pretty much made my dick instantly hard; it's so irreverent and funny and dry and absurd and hot, and so far removed from the usual lame dirty talk you get from dudes online, that I was kind of smitten. And after this he got bolder and bolder about the fact that I was to fuck my cum into him next time; it was all he could think about. But he was terribly hard to get. He was living in Fort Greene so wow not too far, but he was too busy wow sorry, and then he was moving way uptown in Manhattan can't explain now, oh he was too sick to meet up, oh he wanted me to come fuck him in his own bed this time and wouldn't come to me again even though my time is more limited than his; yadda yadda. I began to wonder if he was on drugs because he was so erratic. But I remembered him as a sweet almost shy guy, and his demeanor wasn't congruent with drugs. I decided he's just an odd bird. After several near-misses, he wrote me that he wanted to give up, that I could say hi whenever I wanted but the disappointment of never being able to really get together was getting to him. Harumph! I pointed out that he was harder to get than me, and I have a partner, but that I would respect his wishes. And then that night, I defied his wishes and asked if he wanted to fuck. I got no reply and jizzed all over the Northumberland Gramma instead. The next day I got a msg from him that he'd "been asleep" (at 6pm??) and missed me. Maybe he really IS on drugs, I thought. But somehow, this opened up a rather deep dialog with him, which I really kind of liked-- and culminated with me leaving him there on the Upper West Side fully loaded with my ejaculate, after something like three hours of talking, touching, kissing, having first extremely awkward but ultimately very successful sex, and more talking. I… I really liked it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pip Pip Cheerio

Tonight I hooked up with a British dude who promised good head but couldn't deliver-- the usual litany of wiggly tongue, constantly taking my dick out of his mouth to jerk it quickly, flicking his tongue over the verrrrry verrrrry tip--- just all the wrong things. He was shorter than I expected and a little chunkier too-- his frame was nice actually but he was just a guy. He did, however, have a giant schlong between his legs for such a little guy, so when I despaired of getting any pleasure in my dick from him, I sucked on his dick instead. I give pretty nice head I think, and he was rock hard after a bit of ass-eating. I tried 69 and hoped that like a lot of guys he would suck my dick in imitation of how I suck his-- kinda like how people walking together come to synchronize their strides-- but every time I took him deep he just flopped around as if he'd lost control of his body. I guess he's just unusually not in command of his body. Maybe the British thing? I dunno! He did have an awfully Northumberland-granny manner, even asking if he should make me tea when I came in, and making rather gentle exclamations during the sex, all of which was 100% not sexy. I decided it was best to take what I could so I sucked him and humped him and allowed myself to pop when I wanted. He made no show of wanting to get off himself but did lie there plastered with my goo for a rather long period while we chatted about this and that. Finally he cleaned up but we didn't stop-- somehow I spent something like an hour there naked on his bed ranging far and wide over all kinds of topics from why guys are the way they are online to his marriage and late coming out to differences between the north and the south in the US to what Latins tend to be like in bed (he was rather prejudiced I must say). The chat was actually quite enjoyable and a lot better than the sex. Predictably he said no less than three times that he'd like to do it again, maybe fuck him next time, each time saying "you don't have to say yes now, I know how it is, yayaya" but asking over and over. I don't think so, but it was nice that the trip to the Upper West Side wasn't a total bust. A big dick and a nice personality is enough I suppose.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Today I squirted all the cum my nuts have been churning out for the past four days into the ideal receptacle for my pleasure: the Handsome Fuckboy. Throughout the fuck-- which was rather slow, owing to how horny and pent-up I was-- his dick stayed hard as a rock, pointing straight up at his navel, as only a 22-year-old's can, oozing nonstop a thin thread of precum strung with dazzling clear drops of his excited fluid. This is one of life's most beautiful sights. There is nothing more gratifying to a top like me than a bottom who so obviously displays the signs of feeling intense pleasure at taking my dick inside him, feeling my body on his, being stroked with my bearded mouth all over his skin. The kid is unusually sensual, an unusually pliant, and definitely unusually skilled, especially for someone that age. He's turning into my favorite bottom.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Yesterday I was serviced by the greediest, hungriest cocksucker I've ever come across, ever. This bundle of meat-need was improbably packaged in a 6'5 Latin dude-- he looked more Italian to me, but that's what he was-- with a heavy Vinnie Boombatz-style Brooklyn accent and the least put-upon straight-acting demeanor I've seen in a happy homo. He hit me up on Grindr-- a typically worthless app-- and when I told him he could suck my dick for as long as he wanted, he wrote, "Really??" like a kid promised a breakfast of candy and milkshakes. He drove over from somewhere deep in Queens, and called me when he was looking for a parking space, expressing delight that I lived right across from the Brooklyn Brewery ("Aw man I was just there Sunday! Man I got hammered!"). I like all kinds of guys, from swish to thug, but I have to admit when I meet a guy who is a nice mix of normally masculine and gentle, with a big dose of desperate need to stuff my dick in as many of his holes for as long as possible, I'm a little smitten. And this dude definitely got meat in every hole, and we were at it for almost two hours.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Love You

The last time I hooked up with Ultra Meat, I figured it would be our last. Despite his unbelievably beautiful body, I felt our chemistry was somehow winding down, that he knew what I wanted and was beginning to feel uncomfortable about not giving it, which made me feel uncomfortable with what we did do, yadda yadda. Many months went by without him hitting on me so I figured he felt it too. He lives only about 5 blocks from me, above a cafe my partner and I really like going to with outdoor seating, and it seems like half the time we go there, Ultra Meat goes by. So I had occasion to see him out and about, though seeing him when I was with my partner would always been a little weird, and I would sort of make sure I didn't look at him closely. Late in the fall I was walking down 14th St looking in the windows of the shoe stores, and I looked up to go from one to the next and here he came walking right past me; he winked at me and I slapped his arm as he walked by, but he didn't break his stride and that was it. Old pals, eh? But a month or so later he "woofed" me on Scruff. A few days ago, I changed my face picture on there to keep things fresh, and he has been checking me out or woofing me over and over since then. On New Year's Eve at 2am, when I was driving some friends home from a dinner party at our house, he msged me asking to come over so he could suck my dick. Ultra Meat was back and he was hungry! I said vague things when he contacted me but didn't want to encourage him or lead him on. Today I had hoped to fuck Handsome Fuckboy; he said he would text me after work if he could swing by. "I really want to stroke your little body," I said. "I hope so... I'm dying to see you again," he said. I thought about stroking his little body and pinning it to the bed all day long, waiting. But he didn't text and I let it go; I didn't want to push it. Some guys online who were too far away engaged me in long conversations about how exciting my cumshots are, how much they want my cum, cum Cum CUM. While I went along with it, I knew it couldn't happen. It all got me extremely horny and frustrated. With just an hour or so before my partner was expected home from work, I saw Ultra Meat cruise me yet again on Scruff. So I msged him a charming "Come suck my dick" and he said "Apt?" and I told him and he was here in five minutes. And he gave me a real surprise.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Always Ask

Today I took a risk on a guy I didn't negotiate raw with before agreeing to meet up, mostly because he was really attractive to me-- 27, lithe looking body in his pix, sweet ass, very hipstery arty beardy face. I was kind of smitten and couldn't believe he was hitting me up and things were really progressing along to the point that I would very likely get to watch him sucking my dick within an hour if I kept mum about my desire to ejaculate inside his body. Often I do a weird calculation in my head: with some guys who are really clear about safe-only in their profiles, I will blurt out that I want to fuck them raw because they are (1) not all that cute but I would be happy getting off in them, so I give them the chance to say they want it; (2) totally out of my league so there's probably no point hitting on them but I have nothing to lose because some guys in that league have trouble finding guys who will cum in them; (3) because nothing else will do that day than skin on skin pleasure, no matter how cute the guy is. I've been having enough sex lately that I don't feel starved for the chance to get my bare dick in someone, and yet it's been long enough that if he insisted on a condom I was pent-up enough to probably actually enjoy fucking him wrapped with such full nuts. An odd number of people are hitting on me lately, very attractive people, so I feel kind of like I'm being smiled on by the gods and should not reject these gifts, so I gave him the address and waiting. But I'm reminded I should Always Ask. In the end it's better to know what you're getting into. I sort of feel like an ass now that the sex is over with this kid.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sudden Goodbyes

Last night I shot healthy hot ropes of cum all over Little Beard Big Nose-- that very rare guy who I was willing to fuck over and over. It was altogether a very wistful night: I was in the West Village meeting a very old friend for dinner-- we've known each other since we were 12-- who was leaving NYC for a job in freakin' Texas, of all places (a state very ill-suited to his politics and interests, I think). The dinner itself was very lively and fun as usual, catching up after the holiday, talking about our families, science stuff, art stuff, nerding out completely over Mexican food and drinks. And then it was time to say goodbye to him at the subway; he had an early flight and who knows when I would see him again. It was great being in the same city again for a few years, and he was my best, go-to friend, up for anything, no matter what insane experimental movie, music show, or installation I wanted to drag him to, he'd go. I felt very sad at the subway, and trudged over the filthy piles of snow deeper into the village and found a late night cafe where I could get a cup of coffee and mope. I idly flicked through hookup sites while I drank the coffee but no one was biting; I think it was just so cold everyone was holed up in the warmest corners of their apartments. And then Little Beard Big Nose cruised my profile on Growlr. I remembered him saying he was sort of house sitting for a friend by Union Square. He'd hit me up all last year but timing never worked out and I thought I had moved past him after so many encounters. But it had been a year since I saw him. I thought, what the hell, and sent him a note saying "Oh, still staying in town eh?" And he said "Yes." And I said "Wanna suck my dick?" and he said "Yes." I don't know why telling dudes I want them to suck my dick should be such a simple aphrodisiac, but something about the words SUCK MY DICK just get me going, and instantly make me about three times more attracted to whoever I just said them to. Maybe it was the cocktails, but suddenly this little guy seemed like the best cocksucker in the world, and the instant YES sealed it. I paid for my coffee and trudged over. On the way, I worried about enjoying it much after drinking, and remembered how lightly he sucks dick, and knew I was too full and tired to fuck him; even the idea of eating ass was off-putting on such a full stomach. The streets were deserted, like a neutron bomb had fallen on Washington Square Park; there was not a soul on University. He buzzed me up and made me feel awesome, made me hard, made me horny, made me squirt long thick ropes of cum all over his little body, and then told me that he, too, was leaving New York City.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beautiful Rebound

Today I ran over to the West Village to squirt my semen in the creamy, smooth, shapely buttocks of a very handsome little fellow. He hit me up on BBRT with pictures that had not yet been approved, so I assume he had just created his profile, and by the time I was done stuffing him full of cock and cum an hour and a half later, I found out why. I don't spend much time talking to dudes with no pix, but he told me he could mail them to me. I had them in two minutes, and they looked mighty fine-- a sweet, beautifully proportioned, naturally muscular body, perfectly smooth which is not my favorite but given that v-shaped curve leading from his armpit to his little waist, I didn't care. His face was a little boyish/impish for me in the photos, but when I asked him if he wanted me to come over there and eat out his ass and flood it with cum, he immediately said "Yes" and included his cell number. I had his address in five minutes and was out the door to deep dick his sweet little body.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


To break up the long drive home from my hometown to Brooklyn, we stopped off Sunday and Monday night in DC-- the bareback capital of the world, seems like. Even half the safe-only guys there just need a picture of me shooting a geyser-like load and a pinky-swear promise that I'm really negative to open up for the deluge. Despite a busy schedule of seeing friends and working remotely from there, I felt confident I would be able to find one last cute guy to manhandle and squirt my ejaculate in for 2013. I forgot, however, that DC is *also* the flake and nut capital of the world. I can't tell you how many guys who are exactly my type led me on, got my dick hard in my pants, and then wouldn't follow through, over and over, for two days. One guy with a sweet hairy little body who was barely half a mile from where I was working hit ME up, did almost all the talking about how hot my dick and cum looked, how much he needed to be plowed and seeded, and then when I asked where he was and when he was free, he blocked me! WTF! One guy with a perfect body responded to my advances, saying, "It would be rude not to take a top's cum if he asks"-- SPROING-- but then begged off till a time later when I couldn't hook up. And on and on. It was also amusing how many guys are still on the same sites with the same pictures from long before I moved from there, over four years ago. But finally, in maybe the last two hours I even had available in town, an adorable 28 year old appeared on BBRT, was only a few blocks away from the coffee shop where I was working, and was actually ready for me to come dick him down. I packed up work for the day and headed over and this kid basically made my dick melt inside him. It was a fantastic end to a year of fucking.