web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: May 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Just sweated all over and spurted deep inside a nerdy-handsome, beautifully compact/muscular slightly hairy dude with a fat dick and one of those asses that reduces a top like me to a useless gibbering, licking, thrusting, squirting imbecile. And I thought he was standing me up-- we both expected he would be here in 30/40 minutes, coming from the Upper West Side, but it had been well over an hour, and I was about five minutes away from getting annoyed and this close to going to Tribeca to fuck a little bottom I plowed a couple years ago who doesn't seem to remember who I am (always charming). But then I suddenly got a text from the Compact Bottom saying he was off the train, which had been greatly delayed, and now I feel like a very lucky, sated top indeed.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ruled By My Sex

I just got out of the shower to wash off the sticky, sweaty residue from a deep, satisfying fuck with a kid half my age that I really wasn't all that attracted to-- 27, blond, angelic, a little goofy looking, from Texas-- but he had the nice tight little body of a Pilates instructor, the sweet rounded ass cheeks of a dancer, and a long fat prick that was hard as soon as he tasted my meat and stayed straight and solid as a bone the entire time I plowed him. This is the kind of fuck I dream about with guys who are more my type, but so rarely seem to find. He had replied to a Craigslist ad I put up that got a trickle of replies, and then aggressively hit me up on Grindr. None of his pics were too intriguing except the body shot, showing the tight belly, the very light dusting of body hair, and a decent caboose. My brain stem and testicles were pretty much in charge of me today, pretty much dictating that I *had* to fuck and spread my seed come hell or high water, so given his good attitude, thin midsection, and deep desire for the liquid contents of my scrotum to be squirted inside him, I invited him over. He didn't look much more my type in person, but once he was spread out between my thighs, showing off those thick muscular legs and that creamy pair of ass-mounds, it was all over, and I was soon buried in him up to my hairy, cum-swollen nuts, and loving it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Morning Juice

Just a quick post for completeness' sake: Early yesterday morning I squirted another nine or ten jets of my salty, acrid reproductive fluid down the eager gullet of, and into the belly of, yet another verrrry cute Latin kid down in DC.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This week, for work and to visit some friends, I'm in Washington, DC-- the semen ingesting capital of the world, I think. There are about 15 times more people, literally, in NYC, but there are about 10 times as many dudes *here* who are crazy to get their orifices crammed with cock and cum. BBRT is a sleepy hamlet always full of the same half-animated tweakers in NYC, but in DC it seems to be a bustling bazaar of horny flesh. So I'm hoping to make the most of it and fuck my load out wherever I can. Yesterday I had the opportunity, in the hour between finishing up work and needing to run up to Silver Spring to visit an old friend, to get my rocks off. One of the zillions of cum-vampires who hit me up as soon as I appeared here in town turned out to be about three blocks from the coffee shop I was working in. There was little negotiation required-- I told him I had about 45 minutes to load him up with hot thick cum, he said hell yes and told me where he was, I said I'd be there in five minutes, and within ten I had him pinned on the bed with my tongue down his throat. His pictures, I think, were fake. His body was pretty slender (actually a bit too slender for me, truth be told) and his face a little pretty in the pictures, but in person he was cubbish, and had much thicker features, much manlier. I preferred him in person-- he was extremely handsome, with swarthy skin, heavy stubble, dark eyebrows, thick meaty lips, very straight handsome nose, slightly middle eastern features, jet black hair. He was not perfectly built but he had that magic ingredient that made him extremely sexy; I'm getting a boner the next day just thinking about how it felt to suck on his lips, inhale his scent, have my face next to one so radiantly manly and handsome. I didn't mind the fake pix at all. More than anything I regretted that I only had a limited amount of time to bone him. I fucking love looking into a handsome face while I bury my bone up to the balls in a guy like that. I fuckin live for getting my dick in handsome dudes like this.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Magic Asshole

Yesterday, after being electrified by my experience with the beautiful lanky German, I just knew I had to fuck. My sex was alive and needed more expression. If only I could fuck everyone I saw online that I was attracted to… just snap my fingers and get it. But things didn't seem to be working out too well for me. Guys who had hit me up in the past saying they wanted my load SO BAD but the timing didn't work out were suddenly completely mute when I offered it to them today. Guys who said they wanted me to come fuck it into them NOW suddenly went silent when I asked where they lived. My exuberant libido was diminished by this nonsense and I focused on work instead. And then out of nowhere I got hit up on BBRT by a "mixed" black dude-- he looked pretty latino in the face, with a very prominent brow ridge that looked extremely manly to me. He just said, "So hot." His screen name offered a 9 inch dick (yawn; it was big but looked maybe 7 and a half to me-- which is still a really big dick, but geesh), and he unlocked pictures showing a tight little body with that magical V shape that wakes up my gonads. My balls immediately sent out their oily hormonal signals through my blood into my brain, saying, "Go get that. Pin it. Nail it. We want to inseminate that NOW." Unlike half the drug addicts on that site, who hit you up then wander off for hours or days, he replied pretty quickly, but told me he was out of unlocks for the day. He showed enough to know I wanted to fuck him, and things moved quickly to texts on our cells. He said he'd just gotten home from work and needed to shower, and he was a slow train ride away from me in Bed Stuy, but he was here about an hour later, after getting lost in the next neighborhood up and wandering around in the muggy air a bit. I opened the door and my heart sank a bit. He looked much scrawnier and nerdier than the pix standing in my doorway, and he was dressed miserably, in a dorky jacket and very unflattering jeans. I invited him in anyway, feeling bad about his trek, and offered him some water. We chatted a bit about how he'd recently moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan while he drank. He was shy and sweet, and I figured, well, he has a great attitude so let's see how he sucks dick. I led him back to the bedroom, and… let's just say, don't judge a cocksucking raw bottom by his jacket and jeans.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Every Time

Yesterday had all the makings of a sexually frustrating disaster. The weather was beautiful, sunny, breezy, and it just made me want to mount a meaty little dude and run him through with my hard bone and ejaculate deep inside him. All that remained was to find the dude! I was getting a fair amount of attention but much of it was of the "I really want you to fuck me tomorrow"variety that never pans out-- who are these guys who get horny, log on to a hookup site, decide they are too busy, and then never sign on again? In any event, towards the end of the day, I was suddenly hit up by two guys at once-- one, a muscular but rather kinky and messy-sounded muscle dude in SoHo on BBRTS, and the other, a very cute little 22 year old on Scruff. The 22 year old was only a few blocks away working, but would be done "soon", and always asks if I have poppers or pot and then turns me down because I never do. This time he claimed he would be OK sucking my dick and drinking my cum without enahancements, but I hate to set up a meeting with the other guy already disappointed about something. The muscle dude was obviously a subway trip away but very hot to trot, and clearly wanted to be seeded. So I foolishly chose him, telling the kid something came up. When I got out of the subway, I had a voicemail and a ton of texts, asking what he wanted me to wear etc-- but this kind of behavior says one thing to me, and that thing is, "I am high as a kite and out of my mind." And when he finally buzzed me up to his palatial, extremely expensive-looking floor-through apartment-- the elevator opened right into the living room-- I saw that my suspicious were correct. Not only was he so high he could barely stand straight, he was much older and chunkier than the pictures, and the drugs were in the process of melting his face off. He lumbered over to me and leered at me, fingering the end of very big-looking dick in his boxer briefs, but I said, "This isn't going to work, sorry. I think I ought to go." He acted amazed, and as we waited for the elevator to come back, he kept standing there, staring at me, imploring me to tell him what the deal was. I gave him bland assurances that it wasn't a big deal, it happens to me too, blabla, but wished desperately that I could just get out of there without waiting for the elevator. Finally it came, and I went back home, cursing myself for not just going with the very cute little kid, who will probably never hit me up again. When I got off the train, there were more texts, voicemails, and BBRTS messages from the drugged out nut, saying it must have been that he was wearing a hat in his pictures, and that he shaved recently, but that it was really him, and that I should have stayed to see him naked, yadda yadda. Egad! I told him to give it up and that I wasn't interested, and he said, "Too bad. You actually were hotter in person. Not as fat. Too bad about the attitude." Eesh, the things I get myself into. My cum resigned itself to spending another night in my balls, and I went home and started dinner for my partner. We had a nice time eating and talking, and he left to meet a friend for drinks. I texted the kid back, asking if maybe he wanted me to come by. Predictably, he didn't reply, but just then I got woofed on Scruff by the extremely handsome German cocksucker who lives on the other end of my neighborhood. Me being me, I really wanted to cruise a bit for fresh ass. Hoping the kid might reply, I told him I might have plans but would let him know within a half hour. He kept up a stream of messages to me: "Cancel the other thing and come over! Want to make you feel good!!" and "I want your cock, man!!" and "I need that load!!" Well, that worked it's magic. I could do worse after a day like today than having my manhood sucked by an extremely handsome dude who is crazy about my dick and wants to have my cum inside him, even if it's just in the belly. So I gave up on the kid, who I never did hear from, and went down to get with the German guy. And after every experience with him, I wonder why I don't put my dick in him all the fuckin time.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Yesterday I squirted everything my nuts had to dive down the eager throat of a short, meaty cocksucker. It had been a sweaty hour of wrestling against his body and intently trying to sweet-talk my way into his body with my raw, oozing dick. He'd said at the outset, when we were talking online, that he didn't want to be fucked raw, but "it's definitely better." Often that's a sign of a weak resolution, but in the end, before sealing the deal, he made it clear no raw. "I don't want you to be disappointed, but I can't." I told him as long as he gave good head and liked having his ass eaten, I wouldn't be disappointed. He even had sensitive nips for me to enjoy. So I trotted up there to see what I could get in him. In the end, just a load in the belly-- but I never get tired of inseminating other dudes however I can. I never get tired of seeing a body like that, luxuriantly curved with muscle, each round edge gleaming sharply in the dim light from the window, all spread out in front of me, working carefully for my pleasure from his perch between my spread thighs, rock-hard dick in his warm wet mouth. Never get tired of it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Tonight I drilled deep into the slick, warm, accommodating body of an awesome body who looked a lot like s more masculine Anthony Edwards from ER, leaving him loaded up with what felt like a pint of milk shot in as deep as a load can be shot in into a dude without it coming out his nose. And it felt GOOD. I've been getting a lot of head lately, and have been so busy with work-- and the hookup sites have been so drab and underpopulated-- that I despaired of having this kind of intense, long, connected, sweaty fuck ever again. But there he was on BBRT, of all places, with his handsome face and big hairy body, asking if I would come fuck him right. We couldn't get together till after work, and he was up in midtown, but my partner was going to be late himself, so the stars aligned and I ran up there and I got off… I got off fucking HARD. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Old Buddies

You can imagine the condition of my testicles after yesterday's aborted blowjob. Today when I went to piss I could barely even stop the stream, seemed like; my prostate and cumtubes must have been overflowing with seminal fluid from being teased like that with no release, and I felt like squeezing the muscles down there was agony. I had serious bluebells. But it was another day of urgent work issues. I knew that the big strapping crazy-handsome dude I unexpectedly stuck my bare dick in last December was going to be in town; he hit me up last night saying he would be free this morning and into early afternoon, but early on I had to tell him it wasn't going to work out given all I had to do. He had repeatedly told me he was on PrEP and was "available for breeding" and I know he was hot for what I had to give. It was hard to turn him down but he was cool about it; I said later was a possibility but I Knew he had somewhere to be at 7, and anyway I couldn't imagine him waiting around all day for a chance to be ejaculated in by the likes of me, when NYC is crawling with thousands of hotter dudes who will cheerfully juice up a dude like him. But as the end of the day approached, my partner had to go to work for a few hours, and I had finished the urgent work I needed to do, so I texted him, "Too late for today?" He instantly replied: "Are you home?" I told him I was. He asked how long I had free. I reminded him of his thing at 7. He just said, "I'm getting on the train." Wow! It is rather humbling to be wanted that bad by someone like him. But this is my life, so about ten minutes later he tells me the stupid subway to my stupid neighborhood was stupid and broken as usual, with no trains going to Brooklyn. I asked him if we should try a different day, and he said he didn't have a *hard* deadline at 7. And then he said he would take a cab. Crikey! We sexted a bunch as he crept over the bridge and through the south part of my neighborhood, and then he appeared at my door and I said, "Welcome. Let's go have sex." He bowed graciously and followed me to the second bedroom, where we have a mattress on the floor away from all the construction dust in the other rooms. And we proceeded to get it on.