web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: December 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013


Tuesday night was rather amazing. I am down south again, visiting family. We do our celebrating on Christmas Eve, saving Christmas day for lolling around in bed and going out to eat Chinese food. The party lasted until around 1am, when everyone finally went home. My partner and I had put together a bunch of stockings for everyone, though, and intended to wait around till about 3am, to be sure everyone would be asleep, and make the rounds to everyone's house to put up the stockings for a morning surprise. By 2:30 my partner was totally zonked and bailed out, leaving it up to me to do it alone. I crept out into the cold, clear, brilliantly-starred night and started my rounds. I parked away from one sister's house and rummaged around in the trunk for her stocking while my breath made puffs in the air. I have the key to everyone's house, so I could just slipped in, hand the stocking on her doorknob, and run out again. Unable to resist, I checked Scruff and to see if anyone was around wanting to fuck. I know, I know. But lo and behold, a guy I'd been trading emails with since I got here had just written me around 2:30. He was an almost movie-star-handsome guy, rather rubenesquely built, with a huge ass, very thick arms, a little thick around the middle but in these pix he wore it very, very well. I msged back telling him I was out delivering some stockings to my family, and frankly asked if  he would like to suck my dick when I was done. Then I rid myself of the first stocking. When I got back to the car, he had replied, saying I sounded so sweet, and he would be happy to drain Santa's nuts-- he was not far away. I was feeling very fine as I drove off to finish my rounds. I got to my other sister's house, which involved many stockings for her and her kids. Bigass Handsome Dude and I kept up the banter; I packed up the other four stockings in between texts asking if he would drink down my cum. I think he actually said "Oh la la… how soon will you be done?" and I told him about ten minutes. The family has a dog but I did manage to get in there, heard no sounds of stirring, got everything hung on the stair railing, and ran back out to my car down the street. I felt exhilarated with pulling this off-- her kids are teenagers and it wouldn't be at all surprising to have one of them up past 3. Bigass Handsome gave me his address and I drove over, extremely excited about getting my reward for my giving. He let me in, looked just like his pix, and given the late hour, we went right to it-- I pulled off all my clothes and he did the same and got to his knees and, given how long I had gone without getting off and how turned on I was by having exactly what I wanted so freely offered, I couldn't hold back for long. He was definitely a gifted cocksucker, like he'd promised, turning my rock-hard dick to liquid in his mouth as if by alchemy. He sucked me for maybe ten minutes and I came hard, still standing. It was like he was sucking the cum directly out of my nuts with some amazing pneumatic pump. I know I gave him a big load. We kissed goodbye and I told him I'd have to come back some day and sample that extremely ample ass. How awesome! I got back to my mom's and hung the last stocking on her bedroom door and flopped into bed. This is how it should always be!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A New One

Tonight was one of those things I feel like would only happen to me, here, now: I went up to midtown and the ate ass of/got my dick sucked by/raw-fucked and spooged all over a fairly cute, rather meaty-muscular latin dude... on a packing blanket on the floor in the middle of some kind of warehouse stuffed with poofy, sparkly evening gowns.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Easing In

This morning my nuts felt very full from a lot of sexy chat with an extremely cute guy on Scruff last night that went nowhere. I logged on to all the sites and apps and was hit up pretty quickly by a guy on Mister who is apparently normally top but really wanted me to fuck him. He was a little tall and bulky looking, so I wasn't feeling it. My profile is short and sweet on that app, and pretty much only talks about how I'm going to fuck everybody, so I felt I had to explain that I pretty much like fucking smaller guys. But when I proposed he service my unit long and slow and edge me till I popped, he expressed enthusiasm. He was only a block away. Who can argue? It was nice and early in the day so I could get my ejaculation over with and focus on work with a light, cum-free nutsack. He was only one subway stop away, so he was here pretty quick. His pictures online had what I think of as "gay face"-- a certain bone structure, a certain clarity to the eyes, a certain intensity I associate with homos, especially rather piggish ones. He also looked a little Southern in the face in his photos-- not a look that turns me on much, a little too pretty. But in person, he was a big strapping muscular guy, with a booming deep voice, and while he was indeed very pretty, he was also extremely manly, with a thick neck, a salt and pepper beard that was darkest along the line of his firm chin and over his lip, huge shoulders, hands like slabs of steak. The pictures made him look a little fey but in person he was about the dudeliest guy I've been with in years. So of course an hour and a half later he was on his back, whimpering out of control because of the magic I was working on his nips, getting drilled up the rear by my diamond-hard fuckrod, asking me to shoot on his body but taking the first few squirts of extreme high-pressure cum inside that big beefy body. But it took some time to get to this utterly fantastic point!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I just fucked a hard load into Handsome Fuckboy. God, it was good. And given the way things have been going lately, completely unexpected. It was one of my top fucks of the year. I was out till 3 last night, eating an ill-advised cheeseburger and fries right before going to sleep, which woke me up a few hours later banging on my metabolism, and then my dad woke me up at 10 am, calling me from Florida to rib me about the snow we're getting (which is still falling). I felt like crap, hungover more from the cheeseburger than the beer I drank I think, and in absolutely no mood for sex. But I had put Handsome Fuckboy off twice this week and today we were supposed to get together, so I dutifully texted him. He took a while to reply, saying he had a sore throat. At first I was relieved, because I didn't want to waste a lousy fuck on such a great bottom. We pinged back and forth about our disappointment, and then I said, "Well, you could just come over and I could stroke your body and beat off on you!" This seemed to perk him up, and he said, "Well, I guess it's just my throat that hurts; my ass is fine." I felt terrible asking a kid with a sore throat to trudge across Brooklyn in the snow to visit my possibly limp dick, but I just couldn't help myself. The idea of lolling around in the bed with a tight little twentysomething as the flurries blew outside was just too appealing. So I lured him here. And an hour later he was here, and an hour after that he left with my genetic material shot deep inside his guts. Damn!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Why I'm Promiscuous: A Reminder

Today I didn't really want to hook up; I figured I'd save up a bit of a load tomorrow for Handsome Fuckboy, who has been trading texts with me ever since we hooked up about fucking again, but it never works out. Some guy on Scruff got me all worked up about coming over, though, and then had a typical bottom's laundry list of things we had to do including "and then I just walk in and you're beating off" and "can I serve daddy please I like to lick daddy's balls" and blablabla, and asked for detailed information about how to get here, including "how do I find the subway to you" (good lord, he was 5 blocks from it), and then disappeared on me anyway. He was hot, though, and suddenly I really wanted to fuck. I figured it was OK that no one else seemed available-- I feel like I do have a sure thing for tomorrow and being extra randy would only make it better, but I've thought that before and been disappointed, of course. Suddenly Double Scorpio texted me, wanting to fool around. How convenient! I fucking love the dude's body, so I invited him over and he showed up about a half hour later. And I realize I'm just not cut out for lots of quick-repeat encounters with dudes. I think I'm a sucker for the get-to-know, the slow buildup with someone new, the discovery, the variety, the novelty. Like a lot of guys on the second time, Double Scorpio came in, quickly threw off all his clothes and hopped up on the bed and stuck his ass in my face. I think this would appeal to a lot of dudes, but I am not that dude. It kinda all went downhill.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Today I jizzed a gallon down the tentative, gentle throat of a very nerdy, uptight hispanic dude. The really cute guy in Chelsea who made a big show last night of inviting me over for a lunchtime tryst of course ignored my message today asking when. There were no cocksuckers to be found except out-of-towners, who were crawling all over me for some reason. Jerking off with a big ass in my face last night, but not ejaculating, had my nuts particularly swollen and in need of shedding their cum. I was getting absolutely nowhere and about to give up for the day when this hairy, rather geeky looking dude hit me up-- a roommate of mine in grad school used to describe such guys as looking like they'd "really enjoy a baloney sandwich." I knew any number of dorks like this in Junior High, because that was, sadly, my milieu, inasmuch as I had one. My own friends were on the very fringes of tolerability, but *their* friends were just like this guy: players of Dungeons and Dragons, wearers of unflattering glasses, nonstandard weird formal footwear, gargantuan book bags inexplicably stuffed with stuff that I never particularly found necessary to bring to class, and always, always that cast to the mouth, the protruding lips, the visible teeth, the stretched-back ever-present grimace that shows just how difficult it is for these creatures to live in this world. This guy had all this and more. But he wanted to suck the juice out of my dick, and there was something about his face that, in my cum-drowned brain, tickled a nerve somewhere; maybe if you put your thumb over this or that part of his face, he'd be kind of cute. Maybe. Honestly I just wanted to get off in another dude and he was ready and willing to drink me down. So I invited him over. And while it was not a stellar hookup, something about him really did have my dick hard as a fucking rock and singing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Choose Wisely

Tonight was a bust. My partner had to meet his brother for a dinner uptown, so I had the evening to myself. I decided to have a little dinner in Manhattan and see if advertising myself online as being in that location would improve my prospects for hot raw ass. And did it! I had a lot of guys hitting on me as I ate a big gooey Bareburger (ironically enough). Which put me in the dreaded position of having too much choice. Many of the dudes who hit me up and seemed game dropped away in the middle of conversation, never to be heard from again. The most promising dudes were (1) a monstrously built dude with giant meaty buttocks, a Zeus-like slab of torso who was excited and scared by the idea of my cumming in him, about three blocks from where I was wating; (2) a very handsome hung dude who I've hit on a zillion times and who always ignores me but suddenly tonight wanted me to shoot my wad in him, a short subway ride away in midtown; (3) a regrettably frog-faced black dude who had a seriously hot body who was a couple blocks in the other direction from skittish Zeus. I really wanted to fuck Midtown Hottie-- the Built Black Frog had a much hotter body, but I know that face trumps body. But I really wanted to eat out Skittish Zeus's absolutely heroic ass, too, and he had a really hot beard and a nice face. Decisions! Decisions! Why did they all have to hit me up at once?? Froggy and Zeus were easy walking distance. So I played them off each other. Skittish Zeus said "Can you just wait five minutes?" at the critical moment, so I decided he was just too freaked out by all my cum-talk and was not going to come through, so I gave the Built Black Frog a text to get his address. Of course right at that moment, skittish Zeus said ok, I could come over, but only if it "wasn't long and dragged out." Not the way to my heart. I told Skittish Zeus that quickies were not my thing and, figured I'd waited too long to get back to Midtown Hottie, settled on Built Black Frog. He really was not cute, but at least he was eager to take my load and had a beautiful body that would be great fun to pound into the mattress. I trotted over. And was instantly sorry.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well Enough Alone

Greed and hubris will be punished! Today I slipped my raw meat into a rather older guy, well into his 50s, who had a cute little body and a big fat dick, but longish gray hair and a big walrus mustache which together made him look like a diminutive Mark Twain with floppy 90's heartthrob hair.  I really was not attracted at all in person; online he had the stache but looked a little more solid; in person his features were rather fine and delicate, not something that turns me on. I am not sure if he was into me, either, or was just one of those extremely awkward, not-very-present guys who kinda don't know how to act during a hookup. Still high on yesterday's afterglow, I could only think of getting another notch in my belt-- finally getting to seed a nice little ass, which this guy displayed nicely in his pictures. So I soldiered on with that aim, thinking it would be amusing to recount the story of that time I jizzed inside Mark Twain while staring at his ludicrous mustache. But I should have left well enough alone and kept yesterdays hot hot sex as my lingering erotic memory.

Friday, December 6, 2013

What I've Been Missing

Tonight my sweet potent cum was wasted on a towel… but damn, it was fun: an hour, hour and a half with a handsome little 5'6 critter: sweet hairy little body; rather swarthy, Mediterranean face; unusually big hands (why is that so fucking hot?); nice salt and pepper beard; aquiline nose, intense eyes, stark manly eyebrows. Nice thick tool, actually, big fuzzy nuts. Liked a light touch, especially on his ears, but constantly offered the side of his neck for me to gnaw on while I mimed fucking the stuffing out of him with my hips. Bottoms: show a top what you want nonverbally but sexily like this. My dick swelled every time he did it and I couldn't keep my mouth off him. We had intense, fantastic chemistry. We both agreed we'd have to fuck for real in the future. But he has always been very clear about his desire for safety, and I admire the fact that he wasn't scared off by my equal and opposite clarity to get as much of my anatomy and body fluid inside him with nothing between us as possible. He was still willing to do what we could together to have a good time, and so I figured I should be willing to meet him halfway. His body was built for a bigger guy like me to fucking pummel into the mattress. He's the rare dude I'd totally be willing to rubber up for. But I wonder how many other awesome experiences I'm missing out on because I always insist on getting my cum or naked dick in a dude? It's a dilemma.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mind Fucks: 1 Ass Fucks: 0

Tonight I fed a big wet pulsing load to a painfully cute guy. There's cute and then there is cute; some guys anyone would think were cute, and then some guys were made cute specially for me. This was that kind of guy. A little dorky but also very manly, big nose, handsome beard, handsome hairline, deep eyes, beautiful neck (it's a real thing for me), big hands despite rather spindly arms, strong hairy legs, a nice-framed torso that is not gym-sculpted but merely built on great bones. And speaking of bones… his wang was something ancient Greeks would build a statue of and worship. At least two inches longer than mine, straight as an arrow, at most a fraction of an inch thicker-- so that holding them together and jacking them made us look like twins-- beautiful fat hairy nuts. But just a huge fuckin dick. The drawback was he's 6'2, which is typically way over my height limit except for oral service, and he insisted online over and over on getting fucked and seeded. The height and his pictures were not doing it for me-- he looks nothing like them, except the first public one; the others were kind of weird and not flattering. The gigantic tool was not prominently featured. He demurred when I asked for a rear view so I had no idea what I'd be working with. I really wanted to get off, and the guy I was supposed to fuck tonight bailed on me, so I was horny and frustrated. I kept trying to steer him to the servicing proposal, but he just really wanted to get fucked. Other guys that I really would like to fuck for sure were hitting me up but not being as solicitous. I wavered and knew I would suffer if I didn't take a sure thing. So I made a deal: if he sucked me and kissed me real nice, I'd stick it in him and juice him up at the end. This seemed to satisfy him. He wanted to take care of a few things and then take a shower before I left, "30 minutes max," so I prepared to be flaked on. But he also asked for more pix, which I sent-- a bunch of juicy cumshots that I hoped would keep him interested. He sent back some doughy, uninspiring pictures of himself that showed his dick  but again did not showcase its MONSTROUS LENGTH AND FORMIDABLE BEAUTY. And then, a bit later, he told me he was ready right when he said he would. So I drove over. And instead of the ass fuck he insisted we do, I got a mind fuck instead. But oddly, I wouldn't class this as a failed encounter… just a weird one.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hot and Fast and NOW

Today I sexed up and cum-glazed the sweet hairy little body of a very cute latin dude in an intense session that was just ridiculously fun. While most guys clearly expend considerable efforts making their online photos as attractive as possible (me included), this guy was definitely underplaying what he had to offer, except for the big fat upward-curved, rock-hard dick in one of the pictures. I've been very cocksucky lately, and really just wanted to get off this today, so when he hit me up really early this morning, I thought hm, at the very least I can suck that pretty monster a while. I knew we'd talked some over the past year or two, verrrry occasionally, and he didn't have "Safe only" marked on his profile, so I thought maybe I could fuck his hairy, average-lookin body too-- I couldn't remember what we'd ever talked about and he wasn't buddy listed. I noticed he said in his profile he was a double Scorpio. I'm a Scorpio myself, and always find it weirdly arousing to fuck my own sign, although in general I find a lot of Scorpio dudes to be a little annoyingly over-demonstrative sexually, as if they believe their own press a little too much. But of course astrology is a bunch of crap, so I threw caution to the wind, not knowing exactly what to expect, and told him I would be free sometime in the afternoon if he wanted to suck me off, and asked for a number to text. He complied, saying maybe he'd be free at 4:30. It all depended on my partner's schedule-- I rarely hook up on Sundays-- but I said I'd try. As it turned out, I have a foot problem that has be stuck pretty local for a week, and my partner had a ton of errands to run, so once he'd left on his way, I texted Double Scorpio, expecting not to hear from him at all. Surprisingly he replied instantly, saying he was in Chinatown and could be here in an hour. I told him sooner was better, and he said ok, 35/45 minutes. And he showed up just when he said he would. That's service! And wow, he was cute!