web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: November 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beggars, Choosers

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough with Ultra Meat-- he finally let me cum in his mouth, and I came big. I was slowly fucking my bone in and out of his skull while he was on his back, with that insanely hot body spread back on the bed in front of me. I helplessly watched my dick buried in his beautiful face, firing what seemed like endless shots of fuckjuice into him, while my hands groped at his meaty, stubbly chest. He fisted himself like crazy and I kept saying "Cum man, cum with me, I want to cum at the same time," and he started dripping white spooge all over his black skin. And then a precious look of disgust came over his face, and I held up a washcloth to his face, laughing. "That bad, huh?" I joked while he spat it all out. He looked at me sheepishly with his sweet, gentle manner, and said, "You know how it is after you get off, the feeling changes." I didn't fault him. It was pretty fantastic sex. While he sucks beautifully, we spent most of the time mock-fucking, bodies pressed together tightly, his huge meaty limbs wrapped all around me with desire, his cock freely oozing precum all over our joined bellies-- and most of that time we were cooing into each other's ears how how it would be for me to fuck him raw, how much I want to cum in him, how I want him to carry me inside him when he goes back home, how much he wants to feel my hard dick in his soft insides, how he turns me into pure sex whenever he comes over.

And yet I'm an idiot... I'm a little disappointed. All day I got turned down by guys I was crazy hot for, and it's always the same type-- the thin, otterish, hairy type, toned but not too built, but very nice shape. And they're never into me. After work, I was excitedly about to go cum in a new guy in the East Village, a little cute nerdy guy with the kind of healthy, manly but short and slim body I really want but never get, and then BBRTs kicked me out and wouldn't let me log back in! Just as we were about to exchange numbers! Agony! Ultra Meat was actually my consolation prize. He'd texted me yesterday saying simply, "Service?" and I put him off with a gentle excuse so I could look for new ass, but got nada. This morning he texted again, saying-- very sweetly and wistfully I must say-- "I so wish I could suck you today." When my otter fell exasperatingly into the Internet void, I texted Ultra Meat back, and he trotted over dutifully within fifteen minutes and spent an hour moaning about how hot I am as I lay on top of him, manhandling his limbs. And yet still all I want are these little guys who don't even know I exist! What is wrong with me! Here towards the end of this blogging year, let's have a look at the difference between what I want and what I get.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I unloaded an insane amount of spooge into a tall, thin, vaguely hipstery guy in his early 30s. He was 6'2, hairy, and looks like he lost a *ton* of weight fairly recently; his skin was somewhat loose and his musculature was barely there in his arms, though his legs were incongruously meaty and shapely. His dick was one of the smallest I've been with in a long time-- maybe 4 inches max. So why did I go through with this, when I had someone like Ultra Meat suddenly resurfacing, sending me texts begging for my cock all afternoon? That old kicker-- the handsome face. He had pale skin, dark eyes, extremely black hair, a long thin face, intense eyebrows, long straight nose, scruffy beard, nice lips-- I can forgive almost anything for a face like that. He ran over and sucked me absolutely silly for about an hour and a half. My energy is almost completely sapped after this, and my nuts and the ducts connecting them to my dick are seriously aching from the explosive relief of all that pent-up pleasure. I hadn't cum since my last entry almost a week ago. It was just what I needed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today I blew a giant load all over, and a little bit in, a tall, slender, rather pretty Latino. This is not my usual type although I am increasingly into very thin, tight guys. I hate to think I'm becoming a cliche by becoming an old man with twinkish taste. But mostly I like fucking these guys because I love the feel of that taut, slender waist in my hands while I slide by big fat slab of meat in and out of them-- I only look more hung when my prong is in the hole of a willowy creature than when it's up against my rather stocky body. So that is a beautiful sight and makes me feel a little studly. There is an appeal in contrasts: bulky versus slim, hairy versus smooth, homely versus pretty. I drove over to him-- he lives on a very quaint little street in Clinton Hill whose brownstones are undergoing furious renovation and there were construction workers everywhere. He met me in a dark foyer behind the basement entrance of one of them, and it was very dark. I could see enough to tell it was him, but he dove right in to me for the kiss and I was a little taken aback; these kinds of meetings usually creep me out cuz I feel like it's going to be some kind of diseased crypt keeper instead of the healthy pretty thing I saw online. But his little hard body felt so good in my hands, and he kissed very sensually, so I let it go a bit. Then I asked whether we were going to do this in the hall, and he led me upstairs to his art studio, where sumptuous beauty awaited.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today I got some seriously vigorous service from a big lumbering guy with a very stocky frame-- not my usual type at all, even for sucking, but his face was extreeeemely handsome in his pictures on Manhunt, and I'm a pushover for a handsome man. He was behaving shyly enough that I wondered if the pictures were really him. Even his profile is a little defensive about his build. It was the kind of morning where I was suddenly getting offers from all sides, rare for a Saturday, but Beautiful Lummox and I had exchanged some witty emails yesterday and he was very enthusiastic about sucking a big load out of me, so I felt I had to give him his chance. But as the morning wore on, and he had more and more delays before he could come, I started wondering if I was setting myself up for a huge disappointment-- if he didn't look like those pictures, it would have been a waste saving myeslf for him. He showed up looking exactly like the pictures, but he is a big man, for sure-- maybe 6'1, very broad, carrying a good bit of extra weight on his linebacker build. He was extremely nervous, and after drinking the water I gave him, he eyed my liquor shelf and asked for something harder. "It's been a long time since I met anyone," he said sheepishly, and asked for a very fancy liqueur which happens to be my favorite too, in a candle-lit lounge after a show, but which would have been a completely ridiculous pre-blowjob apertif. So I suggested Wild Turkey and he said OK, and slammed that down. And then asked where we were going to do this, as if I were a wild west doctor about to cut a bullet out of his arm. I led him back to the bedroom and he basically sucked the living hell out of my dick. What he lacked in confidence about his body, he seemed to have in spades for his cocksucking ability.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bday BJ

Today was my birthday, but I woke up feeling extremely cranky and depressed and could not shake the feeling; it was also a gray, chilly day without any charm. I barely wanted to crawl out of bed, and when I did, a huge list of urgent issues needing to be taken care of awaited me in my work inbox. I heaved a big sigh and dove into it. I got a few happy birthday calls from family and friends, which was nice, but I was too busy to even talk to them for very long. By mid-afternoon things were slowing down but I could not shake my foul mood. And then Tireless Cocksucking Boy appeared, to give me the birthday present I needed, and saved the day!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Today I fucked my cum into a guy who was laughably unlike his picture/profile. In the profile he was a 5'11, tightly muscular, very Sicilian-looking guido type, with a very shapely little body, all torso and shoulders and protrusive nipples. He looked and acted pretty fuckin dumb online, but the overall effect was turning me on. My boss was out today and there wasn't a lot to do, so I had gorged myself on porn and wasted a bunch of time talking to a 22 year old with a heartbreaking pair of buttocks on Grindr-- I think I looked at the picture he sent me about 59 times with my dick getting harder and harder each time-- who in the end was the kind of Manhattanite who would not come into Brooklyn on principle, even though he was exactly one subway stop from me. I pretty much sent myself into a horny spiral after this and felt a deep, mindless need to just rut my brains out. The Supposed Guido came along just in time, so I ran up to Hell's Kitchen to plow him. "Get that ass minty fresh for me," I texted him as I was leaving for the subway. "I'm gonna eat it till yer crosseyed." One the way up beautiful, bountiful man-ass seemed to be everywhere, taunting me with its closeness but its inaccessibility. I get so fuckin horny in the fall, it's crazy. The train ride was mercifully fast. He was in a part of Hells Kitchen that was not too far from the subway. Things were looking up. And then he opened the door.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Today I got to slip my raw dick in the guy who hoodwinked me into fucking him rubbered up a while back, Wild Irish Rose. It's autumn and the air is crisp and clear and my libido is out of fucking control. I had a good bit of work to do this morning. Ultra Meat is back in town and resumed his endless campaign to suck me off with a text at 8am; I informed him that I had to give my high-pressure load to someone else in his absence, and he said "I'll take any load from you." I don't want to hook up with him again until I'm seriously loaded up with pent-up cum, so I begged off. Then a really cute guy in Chelsea, who really ought to have all the dicks from 14th St to 34th St aimed at his sweet little body, started hitting me up, and my inaccessibility due to the East River subway situation seemed to make me absolutely irresistible, so there was a new message from him about how much he wanted me inside him every time I took a break to check messages on Manhunt. A cute kid in his 20s with a sweet, taut little body hit me up and wanted me to fuck him but didn't want to go raw... but looking at his midsection made my dick swell and caused a huge hormone spill in my bloodstream. Everyone in NYC seems completely sex-crazed after the storm, for some reason, but I'm basically at the intersection of two non-working subway lines, so I'm hopelessly remote unless I drive somewhere in Brooklyn. All these bottoms got my nuts churning and tingling and I felt that ache in my hips that can only be mollified by thrusting them, hard, against a firm body with a yielding hole. I needed to feel big round ass cheeks in my face. And Wild Irish Rose is the one who served as the ultimate beneficiary of these needs.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stud Service

Today I wasn't particular interested in fucking, though I had some time free-- my partner wanted to go do stuff in Manhattan but the trip there is so arduous with the subways under the river still flooded that I begged off, instead spending the early afternoon running around to discount stores and buying up about $300 worth of cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, and tampons (can't forget the ladies) to dump on Staten Island and the Rockaways, which were harder hit than Manhattan but seem to be getting less attention. I dropped this all off at a surf shop inexplicably located on the East River that was running a collection drive, garnering a nice hearty thank you from the volunteers who grew ever more goggle-eyed as I kept bringing more and more bags from my car. Then I came back home to yack on the phone and relax a little. But habit had me logging back in to Manhunt and Adam4Adam and BBRT just for background entertainment, and I was propositioned by a bunch of hot guys who were completely unreachable on their separate little island. But when I was about to sign off and go read I was buttonholed by Flip Stud, who hits on me like every three weeks, and who I love plowing and spooging in, but who really is too insistent. I have come close to making plans with him twice since I last juiced him up and then backed out, and felt like if I didn't go fuck him again soon he'd go away for good. And I *really* like his body; just thinking about its thick musculature is making my dick hard as I write this. But honestly I wasn't even all that horny. I wavered back and forth but he said he hadn't been fucked since the last time I did him, and I felt almost obligated to go inseminate him. Stud service, if you will. Sighing with the heavy responsibility of tophood, I got in the car and drove up to Queens to do my duty.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute and Sweet and Covered in Cum

Today I broke a long dry spell with a rather atypical experience for me. I'd been saving up a big load last week to give to Ultra Meat, who, as I mentioned, would get my sap rising periodically while I was stuck on the jury by texting me and asking to suck my dick. During breaks we'd trade banter about how next time we got together I'd make sure I was really pent up so he could get me off over and over. He said he would go as long as I wanted, all day if I wanted, he just wanted my dick in his mouth and cum down his throat. So I obliged by going all last week without getting off (not too hard with jury all day and work at night). I expected to see him Monday or Tuesday, and spend a few hours with him, seeing if he could get me off three times in a row or more (honestly no one has ever done it more than twice, and even when I was a kid my record was maybe four times in a day). I really wanted this to happen. But of course it didn't happen; instead, Sandy happened. Ultra Meat is trapped all week in Philadelpia, and the subways aren't running, and my partner has been home all week, going out of his mind and needing close attention at night after a long day of climbing the walls while I work remotely, as usual. So I've gone almost two weeks without getting off. And today I really would have accepted just about anything; my husband braved the crowds taking the lone train from this side of the river into Manhattan. For several days, I'd exchanged some witty banter with a cute but a little too nerdy-looking guy on Scruff who lives in my neighborhood, and things eventually got kinda sexual, though that site seems less sex-focused than Manhunt or Adam4Adam so I kinda don't push it there. We'd talked idly about meeting for a drink or something to check each other out before "possible shenanigans", which seems hopelessly quaint to me at this point, given my habits and my usual precoital sweet-talk of "how about I stick my tongue up your ass while I squirt my spooge down your throat". But today I decided to bluntly ask him to suck my dick, and he was game, and gave me his address, but nestled in more witty banter. Whatever, I needed my nuts drained, so I went down there, wondering what to expect.