web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today it was one of those situations where when it rains, it pours. My weekend was taken up by unexpected family commitments, so I didn't get the chance to get off. I had basically been loading up with cum since I hooked up with the filipino guy last week-- who hit on me twice in the following two days, until I told him very up-front that while I'd like to fuck him again sometime, I'm a big whore and like to get around a bit more before repeats; he promptly blocked me on the hookup site we were on, which makes me feel bad, but I hate it when people play cat and mouse with me, so I try to be frank with others. I really would like to plow him again sometime but I guess that chance is blown... I guess some guys out there are very hungry and frustrated.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I fucked a very cute little Filipino guy. He was about 5'8, which is pretty much my favorite size in a bottom-- it is logistically just so much easier to fuck a guy that size and still maintain good body contact, kiss him while I'm in him, hold his body, put my legs against his if we're at it from behind or lay my entire body down on his if we are face to face. It also has the side benefit of making my dick, which is already reasonably thick, look humongous. And I like that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I got sucked off by a guy I once fucked maybe two years ago. It was far enough in the past that he was kind of  "reactivated" for me-- I really didn't quite remember what we did or how it was but I did have hazy positive associations with him. So when I saw him online with a new neighborhood, close to mine, I hit him up and asked if he wanted to blow me at his place.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stupid Dick

Today my stupid dick failed me. I set up a meeting with a cute little guy I've been wanting to meet for a while,   but it was like a perfect storm of things that kept me from enjoying the encounter or doing a good job.  It was snowing and the trains were all fucked up, so getting there took about twice as long as expected,  almost an hour. I am uptight about being late or making people wait, so out of the gate I was a little stressed.  Then while being buzzed in to the verrry nice UES brownstone he lived in, I somehow banged my  thumb on something metal which gouged a little chunk out of my skin. He let me in and was as cute as his  picture, maybe even a little more handsome because his face had an open, friendly, frank quality. The apartment was kind of hot, which I never like. I needed to go to the bathroom and wanted to look at my  thumb, which was bleeding, but first we had a little kiss, and wow was he good, very nice, sweet lips. So I  thought things were going to work out well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sex with Really Built Guys

Today I fucked a guy with a fantastic body, especially his back, ass, and legs. I do not have a good body-- I seriously need to somehow find a way to acquiesce to regular workouts before I get too old and decrepit. But despite this I can have ridiculously refined tastes in guys-- I love a beautiful body. I do have a range of types, from thin, willowy and hairy to bodybuilders, but the fact that any of the hottest guys can be attracted to a middle aged schlub like me is mystifying. And yet with the internet, ask and ye shall receive-- I'll hit on whoever I'm attracted to, no matter how unrealistic, and every once in a while someone is game.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doesn't Count?

Today I got an epic, 90-minute blowjob from a guy I've been with a few times. One problem with being so whorish is that I have gotten so used to usually having sex with someone new that I have trouble getting excited about being with someone not-new, even if they are cute, which is a little alarming. The first time I got with him was pretty electric. Setting up the meeting online, he had been all about poppers poppers poppers which I find rather tedious (dudes, please stop rotting your brains on poppers) but it's endemic with bottoms so if I said I didn't want them around I'd never get laid, so I said they were OK. When I got to his apartment I thought he was very cute. He sat down on his bed and I leaned over to make out with him to get the blood flowing to my dick. His lips were fantastic, and I could tell the chemistry would be good. I pulled my face away to take my pants off and he said, wide-eyed, "If I knew we were going to kiss like that, I wouldn't have cared about the poppers!" I found that endearing. It is nice to be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I had a day off and extremely full nuts from not really being able to get off during the holidays. So I was looking for someone to suck the cum out of me nice and slow. I was accosted pretty quickly and aggressively on Manhunt by a guy who has been after me for a while to eat his ass out, who asked me to come right over, though he was obviously still in shopping mode and being cagey about cementing the deal. Once I had the address and said I'd leave, he tried to get me to agree to a threeway. This all should have given me pause-- I have the best sex with guys who are obviously enthusiastic about getting together without a lot of negotiating. But his pictures were cute and the ass looked great, and he said he gave "the best head in NYC." So I eventually went over, got stuck underground in a stalled train for fifteen minutes, hopped out two stops early, and took a cab to him-- frustrating. He was as cute as his pictures but had put on some weight. Unfortunately he didn't really know how to kiss-- who teaches people to stick out their tongue and wiggle it?-- did not give particularly good head, and was prone to a lot of porny talk (how does that hole taste, eat that pussy, yeah suck those lips (??), etcetc), kept getting cramped and changing position, and was otherwise sort of disappointing. (Note to self: Good cocksuckers never say they give the best head in <geographic region>.) He seemed to enjoy what I was doing down below, so I sucked his dick some and jerked him off while I ate him, hoping to make him cum, which he did. I have never actually been eating someone's ass while he unloads, and the throbbing down here was entertaining. He asked if I was going to cum and I said I thought I'd save it-- I really wanted someone who knew what he was doing to get me off. So we got dressed and talked about how much his (genuinely gorgeous) apartment cost a bit, then left.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Post

I'm a fortysomething gay guy who has lots of sex, although my looks are average and I'm fairly mild-mannered. At this point I've fucked, sucked, or been serviced by hundreds of guys (and a few girls!). I have come to wish I'd chronicled each encounter so I could remember or relive them over the years. I figure it's never too late to start.