web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today I had an unusually efficient hookup, especially for my hometown here in the South. My partner and my nephew were planning to go to the gym for a couple of hours this afternoon after lunch, and a guy I had been messaging with a bit on Scruff said he'd be around about that time and wanted me to fuck him. Thinking of the zillion things that always get in the way of stuff like this, and knowing I'm really here for my family, I figured it was not going to really happen. But crazily it did, and it was pretty fuckin good. I can honestly say I've never been with someone who was this into me, and I sort of dug it. As soon as I saw that look in his eyes I knew I would be cumming in him deep.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I began this blog right after New Year's Day this year as a way to memorialize the sex I have. I am sure I sound like a dissipative whore on here, but I am sort of sentimental and hate that I have these intense experiences with other men, only to see them lost to memory for good. So I wanted to have a place to list them and revisit them if I wanted. And now a bunch of people have found my blog, and they read about the experiences too, and get hard along with me at the exciting parts, and laugh along with me at the ridiculous parts, and I like that. I wish I'd started this a long time ago, from the beginning maybe, so I could look back on an entire adulthood of sex.  But all I have is a year.

(Ironically, after I stared this draft the other day, a guy who I fucked TWICE last fall and completely forgot about reappeared on Scruff or something, saying he thought I was a great top. I felt like a heel because I honestly had no clue who he was, and it took several memory jogs for me to remember, even with pictures. We had had phenomenal sex; I found our email exchange from when we were doing it and then it all came back to me. How strange and sad.)

But I'm a guy, and there's another reason guys do things like this blog, and keep little black books and so on. We like numbers. We like notches in our belts. We like to boast. We marvel at stats, fetishize the numerals themselves. When I was a kid and discovered masturbation, after about a year of abusing myself two or three times daily, I remember adding up how much cum I had shot, and it was a rather surprising amount.  Then I added up how much I would shoot by the time I was 30 at that rate (of course, I hardly got off three times a day in my 20s like I did when I was 13, but I didn't know that then). And it was an insane amount of cum, and I am pretty sure I beat off several times again, just looking at that calculation, adding even more cum to my lifetime volume. So here at the end of the year, I've gone through my blog, and found that there are one or two guys I already completely can't remember, and one that I had to think about long and hard before I could recall his face. So the first intent of this project is a bit of a failure... you just can't remember everything, even if you document it. You can't be a slut and have every experience simultaneously be precious, no matter how you try. But I can still add everything up! Here's a detailed, final accounting of my sexual experience for 2012.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today I fucked a seriously pent-up wad, saved since Saturday and augmented by repeated prick-teasing since then, into the hairy little body of a dude who turned out to be high as a kite on crack or whatever it is the kids are doing these days. And afterward I kinda wanted to dip my dick in bleach.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today I had an experience barely worth writing about, but for completeness' sake I will. A guy I've been trading witty-ish barbs with on various apps like Scruff for the past few months pinged me while I was out and about in the East Village today, buffeted by the hordes of drunken kids in Santa suits that made up this year's Santa Con. (I saw a svelte Mrs Santa in high heeled boots leaning against a wall and vomiting up her pizza awhile her friends held her hair back and cooed gently.) I was idly horny but had no luck in the morning trying to rustle up any talent, and didn't want to waste too much time on a nice day looking for ass, so I gave up to go out and to hunt for some stuff for the house. So when App Dude began writing me again-- he lives in the East Village and must have seen that I was closer by than usual-- I thought he might do for a blowjob. I feel weird on apps asking boldly for raw fucking, like I do on, say, Manhunt-- maybe because I lead with my face on the apps, and the seem less sexually charged than the hookup sites anyway. And with App Guy, with whom I'd talked about fairly normal stuff the whole time, I felt a little uptight suddenly saying "So hey, maybe I should stop by and stick my dick in your mouth." Instead I noted that he'd never unlocked his pix for me on this particular app. He summarily unlocked but apologized for their g-rating, saying, "I'm shy." The unlocked pix were actually cuter/more manly than the main pic, so I was emboldened. He asked for mine, so I showed him my own filthy pic of myself sporting a boner, which he seemed to appreciate. So only then did I ask him if he'd like to blow me, saying, "I'll still be your friend if you say no." But he said yes, and I went over, with a spring in my step.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tonight I fucked a guy who I was very eager to meet, and who was even more eager to meet me, who said all the right things but was really just a lousy lay. Highlights follow, but if you read this blog a lot, stop now to see you can guess in advance all the things he did that made it disappointing! Fun game!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today I had a rather unusual experience, for me... I hooked up with a guy a bit older than me who was almost completely inexperienced. I typically don't encourage this kind of thing; I'm pretty frequently hit up by guys who aren't sure of their oral prowess and want to be "trained" or whatever. But my dick ain't a good starter dick, and I like to be sucked off by a professional, so I usually shoo anyone who goes on about being a newbie away. This guy didn't mention his inexperience at all when he hit me up; just said he really was in the mood to suck and be submissive. But he said he doesn't do this often and had to be "ultra-discreet." He didn't even want to give me a face pic first, though when I said that was a deal breaker he eventually  relented as long as I super-promised to delete it instantly. He had a nice, somewhat Irish face and a very manly, hairy, muscular but not primped body. Mighty fine, I thought, I'll take it! But then would not give me a number to text my address to, which always freaks me out. In the end he agreed to meet on the corner near my place. Only then, when we talked about how much time he had, and I insisted, as I usually do, on serious head with stamina, did he reveal that he wasn't very experienced but would try his best. He said he only had a little while to spend, which made me think this wasn't going to happen, but when I pressed him on it, he said he meant "only" about 90 minutes! If he was not confident, at least he was eager to spend some time. I only had an hour myself. So I waited for him to come and met him on the corner, and while the typical shortcomings of a very inexperienced guy were evident, it was a really interesting experience.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Last night I wasted a big, pent up load beating off, and today I foolishly turned down a bunch of hot guys who wanted my dick, all in preparation to meet a guy this evening who turned out to be a fraud. We've been playing text tag for a couple of months now. His pix showed a very muscled, very manly body, with a nice shot of him sinuously draped across a sofa face down, with an ample, extremely inviting ass prominently bulging up-- that image is burned into my brain. But he had no face pic online and kept the other pictures locked after briefly showing me-- both of which would normally be red flags for me, but I was seduced by the idea of fucking my cum into another bodybuilder type, albeit one who looked a little past his prime, which is actually just fine with me. And he sounded like exactly the kind of sensual guy who I could sweat all over for hours. His face pic, which he emailed me later, did not really turn me on-- a rather hard-looking latino-indigenous face-- but it was masculine and had nice muscular-looking lips. He lived waaay uptown, though at least near an express subway. We kept trying and failing to set up a time every couple of weeks. All I knew was I wanted to cum in that sweet, beckoning ass. I wanted to add another big, muscular notch to my belt. So I indulged him in his frequent texting (which should have been another red flag, though I *have* had guys built like that after me more determinedly than you'd expect, given how *I* look) in hopes the timing would eventually work out. We decided yesterday that today after work would be the day! And, alas, it was.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beggars, Choosers

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough with Ultra Meat-- he finally let me cum in his mouth, and I came big. I was slowly fucking my bone in and out of his skull while he was on his back, with that insanely hot body spread back on the bed in front of me. I helplessly watched my dick buried in his beautiful face, firing what seemed like endless shots of fuckjuice into him, while my hands groped at his meaty, stubbly chest. He fisted himself like crazy and I kept saying "Cum man, cum with me, I want to cum at the same time," and he started dripping white spooge all over his black skin. And then a precious look of disgust came over his face, and I held up a washcloth to his face, laughing. "That bad, huh?" I joked while he spat it all out. He looked at me sheepishly with his sweet, gentle manner, and said, "You know how it is after you get off, the feeling changes." I didn't fault him. It was pretty fantastic sex. While he sucks beautifully, we spent most of the time mock-fucking, bodies pressed together tightly, his huge meaty limbs wrapped all around me with desire, his cock freely oozing precum all over our joined bellies-- and most of that time we were cooing into each other's ears how how it would be for me to fuck him raw, how much I want to cum in him, how I want him to carry me inside him when he goes back home, how much he wants to feel my hard dick in his soft insides, how he turns me into pure sex whenever he comes over.

And yet I'm an idiot... I'm a little disappointed. All day I got turned down by guys I was crazy hot for, and it's always the same type-- the thin, otterish, hairy type, toned but not too built, but very nice shape. And they're never into me. After work, I was excitedly about to go cum in a new guy in the East Village, a little cute nerdy guy with the kind of healthy, manly but short and slim body I really want but never get, and then BBRTs kicked me out and wouldn't let me log back in! Just as we were about to exchange numbers! Agony! Ultra Meat was actually my consolation prize. He'd texted me yesterday saying simply, "Service?" and I put him off with a gentle excuse so I could look for new ass, but got nada. This morning he texted again, saying-- very sweetly and wistfully I must say-- "I so wish I could suck you today." When my otter fell exasperatingly into the Internet void, I texted Ultra Meat back, and he trotted over dutifully within fifteen minutes and spent an hour moaning about how hot I am as I lay on top of him, manhandling his limbs. And yet still all I want are these little guys who don't even know I exist! What is wrong with me! Here towards the end of this blogging year, let's have a look at the difference between what I want and what I get.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I unloaded an insane amount of spooge into a tall, thin, vaguely hipstery guy in his early 30s. He was 6'2, hairy, and looks like he lost a *ton* of weight fairly recently; his skin was somewhat loose and his musculature was barely there in his arms, though his legs were incongruously meaty and shapely. His dick was one of the smallest I've been with in a long time-- maybe 4 inches max. So why did I go through with this, when I had someone like Ultra Meat suddenly resurfacing, sending me texts begging for my cock all afternoon? That old kicker-- the handsome face. He had pale skin, dark eyes, extremely black hair, a long thin face, intense eyebrows, long straight nose, scruffy beard, nice lips-- I can forgive almost anything for a face like that. He ran over and sucked me absolutely silly for about an hour and a half. My energy is almost completely sapped after this, and my nuts and the ducts connecting them to my dick are seriously aching from the explosive relief of all that pent-up pleasure. I hadn't cum since my last entry almost a week ago. It was just what I needed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today I blew a giant load all over, and a little bit in, a tall, slender, rather pretty Latino. This is not my usual type although I am increasingly into very thin, tight guys. I hate to think I'm becoming a cliche by becoming an old man with twinkish taste. But mostly I like fucking these guys because I love the feel of that taut, slender waist in my hands while I slide by big fat slab of meat in and out of them-- I only look more hung when my prong is in the hole of a willowy creature than when it's up against my rather stocky body. So that is a beautiful sight and makes me feel a little studly. There is an appeal in contrasts: bulky versus slim, hairy versus smooth, homely versus pretty. I drove over to him-- he lives on a very quaint little street in Clinton Hill whose brownstones are undergoing furious renovation and there were construction workers everywhere. He met me in a dark foyer behind the basement entrance of one of them, and it was very dark. I could see enough to tell it was him, but he dove right in to me for the kiss and I was a little taken aback; these kinds of meetings usually creep me out cuz I feel like it's going to be some kind of diseased crypt keeper instead of the healthy pretty thing I saw online. But his little hard body felt so good in my hands, and he kissed very sensually, so I let it go a bit. Then I asked whether we were going to do this in the hall, and he led me upstairs to his art studio, where sumptuous beauty awaited.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today I got some seriously vigorous service from a big lumbering guy with a very stocky frame-- not my usual type at all, even for sucking, but his face was extreeeemely handsome in his pictures on Manhunt, and I'm a pushover for a handsome man. He was behaving shyly enough that I wondered if the pictures were really him. Even his profile is a little defensive about his build. It was the kind of morning where I was suddenly getting offers from all sides, rare for a Saturday, but Beautiful Lummox and I had exchanged some witty emails yesterday and he was very enthusiastic about sucking a big load out of me, so I felt I had to give him his chance. But as the morning wore on, and he had more and more delays before he could come, I started wondering if I was setting myself up for a huge disappointment-- if he didn't look like those pictures, it would have been a waste saving myeslf for him. He showed up looking exactly like the pictures, but he is a big man, for sure-- maybe 6'1, very broad, carrying a good bit of extra weight on his linebacker build. He was extremely nervous, and after drinking the water I gave him, he eyed my liquor shelf and asked for something harder. "It's been a long time since I met anyone," he said sheepishly, and asked for a very fancy liqueur which happens to be my favorite too, in a candle-lit lounge after a show, but which would have been a completely ridiculous pre-blowjob apertif. So I suggested Wild Turkey and he said OK, and slammed that down. And then asked where we were going to do this, as if I were a wild west doctor about to cut a bullet out of his arm. I led him back to the bedroom and he basically sucked the living hell out of my dick. What he lacked in confidence about his body, he seemed to have in spades for his cocksucking ability.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bday BJ

Today was my birthday, but I woke up feeling extremely cranky and depressed and could not shake the feeling; it was also a gray, chilly day without any charm. I barely wanted to crawl out of bed, and when I did, a huge list of urgent issues needing to be taken care of awaited me in my work inbox. I heaved a big sigh and dove into it. I got a few happy birthday calls from family and friends, which was nice, but I was too busy to even talk to them for very long. By mid-afternoon things were slowing down but I could not shake my foul mood. And then Tireless Cocksucking Boy appeared, to give me the birthday present I needed, and saved the day!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Today I fucked my cum into a guy who was laughably unlike his picture/profile. In the profile he was a 5'11, tightly muscular, very Sicilian-looking guido type, with a very shapely little body, all torso and shoulders and protrusive nipples. He looked and acted pretty fuckin dumb online, but the overall effect was turning me on. My boss was out today and there wasn't a lot to do, so I had gorged myself on porn and wasted a bunch of time talking to a 22 year old with a heartbreaking pair of buttocks on Grindr-- I think I looked at the picture he sent me about 59 times with my dick getting harder and harder each time-- who in the end was the kind of Manhattanite who would not come into Brooklyn on principle, even though he was exactly one subway stop from me. I pretty much sent myself into a horny spiral after this and felt a deep, mindless need to just rut my brains out. The Supposed Guido came along just in time, so I ran up to Hell's Kitchen to plow him. "Get that ass minty fresh for me," I texted him as I was leaving for the subway. "I'm gonna eat it till yer crosseyed." One the way up beautiful, bountiful man-ass seemed to be everywhere, taunting me with its closeness but its inaccessibility. I get so fuckin horny in the fall, it's crazy. The train ride was mercifully fast. He was in a part of Hells Kitchen that was not too far from the subway. Things were looking up. And then he opened the door.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Today I got to slip my raw dick in the guy who hoodwinked me into fucking him rubbered up a while back, Wild Irish Rose. It's autumn and the air is crisp and clear and my libido is out of fucking control. I had a good bit of work to do this morning. Ultra Meat is back in town and resumed his endless campaign to suck me off with a text at 8am; I informed him that I had to give my high-pressure load to someone else in his absence, and he said "I'll take any load from you." I don't want to hook up with him again until I'm seriously loaded up with pent-up cum, so I begged off. Then a really cute guy in Chelsea, who really ought to have all the dicks from 14th St to 34th St aimed at his sweet little body, started hitting me up, and my inaccessibility due to the East River subway situation seemed to make me absolutely irresistible, so there was a new message from him about how much he wanted me inside him every time I took a break to check messages on Manhunt. A cute kid in his 20s with a sweet, taut little body hit me up and wanted me to fuck him but didn't want to go raw... but looking at his midsection made my dick swell and caused a huge hormone spill in my bloodstream. Everyone in NYC seems completely sex-crazed after the storm, for some reason, but I'm basically at the intersection of two non-working subway lines, so I'm hopelessly remote unless I drive somewhere in Brooklyn. All these bottoms got my nuts churning and tingling and I felt that ache in my hips that can only be mollified by thrusting them, hard, against a firm body with a yielding hole. I needed to feel big round ass cheeks in my face. And Wild Irish Rose is the one who served as the ultimate beneficiary of these needs.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stud Service

Today I wasn't particular interested in fucking, though I had some time free-- my partner wanted to go do stuff in Manhattan but the trip there is so arduous with the subways under the river still flooded that I begged off, instead spending the early afternoon running around to discount stores and buying up about $300 worth of cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, and tampons (can't forget the ladies) to dump on Staten Island and the Rockaways, which were harder hit than Manhattan but seem to be getting less attention. I dropped this all off at a surf shop inexplicably located on the East River that was running a collection drive, garnering a nice hearty thank you from the volunteers who grew ever more goggle-eyed as I kept bringing more and more bags from my car. Then I came back home to yack on the phone and relax a little. But habit had me logging back in to Manhunt and Adam4Adam and BBRT just for background entertainment, and I was propositioned by a bunch of hot guys who were completely unreachable on their separate little island. But when I was about to sign off and go read I was buttonholed by Flip Stud, who hits on me like every three weeks, and who I love plowing and spooging in, but who really is too insistent. I have come close to making plans with him twice since I last juiced him up and then backed out, and felt like if I didn't go fuck him again soon he'd go away for good. And I *really* like his body; just thinking about its thick musculature is making my dick hard as I write this. But honestly I wasn't even all that horny. I wavered back and forth but he said he hadn't been fucked since the last time I did him, and I felt almost obligated to go inseminate him. Stud service, if you will. Sighing with the heavy responsibility of tophood, I got in the car and drove up to Queens to do my duty.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute and Sweet and Covered in Cum

Today I broke a long dry spell with a rather atypical experience for me. I'd been saving up a big load last week to give to Ultra Meat, who, as I mentioned, would get my sap rising periodically while I was stuck on the jury by texting me and asking to suck my dick. During breaks we'd trade banter about how next time we got together I'd make sure I was really pent up so he could get me off over and over. He said he would go as long as I wanted, all day if I wanted, he just wanted my dick in his mouth and cum down his throat. So I obliged by going all last week without getting off (not too hard with jury all day and work at night). I expected to see him Monday or Tuesday, and spend a few hours with him, seeing if he could get me off three times in a row or more (honestly no one has ever done it more than twice, and even when I was a kid my record was maybe four times in a day). I really wanted this to happen. But of course it didn't happen; instead, Sandy happened. Ultra Meat is trapped all week in Philadelpia, and the subways aren't running, and my partner has been home all week, going out of his mind and needing close attention at night after a long day of climbing the walls while I work remotely, as usual. So I've gone almost two weeks without getting off. And today I really would have accepted just about anything; my husband braved the crowds taking the lone train from this side of the river into Manhattan. For several days, I'd exchanged some witty banter with a cute but a little too nerdy-looking guy on Scruff who lives in my neighborhood, and things eventually got kinda sexual, though that site seems less sex-focused than Manhunt or Adam4Adam so I kinda don't push it there. We'd talked idly about meeting for a drink or something to check each other out before "possible shenanigans", which seems hopelessly quaint to me at this point, given my habits and my usual precoital sweet-talk of "how about I stick my tongue up your ass while I squirt my spooge down your throat". But today I decided to bluntly ask him to suck my dick, and he was game, and gave me his address, but nestled in more witty banter. Whatever, I needed my nuts drained, so I went down there, wondering what to expect.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today I was going out of my mind with the need to ejaculate. I've spent a week on a jury, with another to go, having to work at night. During breaks on the jury I'll check my phone-- shamelessly using the free wi-fi in the courthouse to check out Scruff and Grindr to see who's downtown-- and have found that Ultra Meat has taken to sending me almost daily reports of how he's currently beating off looking at my pictures, or is now constantly fantasizing about swallowing my cum (he hasn't even let me cum in his mouth yet), telling me I'm hot as fuck and better than my pictures, yadda yadda. So several times a day during the grind I'm exchanging dirty texts that get my precum flowing, with a guy whose mere phone number is giving me a semi lately. And meanwhile, every minute my clueless nuts are churning out more useless cum that I can't find the proper ass or mouth for, clogging my ducts and practically backing up into my brain. Couple that with the crisp fall weather, which always makes me want to fuck nonstop, and pretty much every male ass that walks by looks like a shining beacon of pleasure to me. My family guests are back this weekend for a few days, but I have a lot of catch-up work to do, so I sent them out on their own. While working I cruised a bit for someone to cum in without any avail-- it's a beautiful day here so everyone is certainly out enjoying it, and Saturdays are hard anyway. And then during a lunch break on Grindr I saw a cocksucker I've been with a few times here in NYC who is always game to help me out. He lives in the neighborhood, though on the other side, so it was maximally easy to go over, get off, and come back and work.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don't often hook up this much, but today was three for three this week; after last night's disappointment I really wanted to throw a good raw fuck with a full seeding finish. I'm gonna be out of commission for the next couple of weeks as I'm stuck on a jury all day and evenings belong to my partner, so I couldn't let that be my last hookup until after that all blows over. I found a little round-assed Italian guy on BBRTS-- a site that is largely useless for finding bareback sex, truth be told; there's a lot more everywhere else-- who liked my schlubby body shot and asked me to come to him in Tribeca to eat him out and drill him good. He's 5'7, perfect ass, cute little body, much too pretty in the face for my tastes but you can do worse than that. I hopped on the train and he buzzed me up to an insanely huge, fancy apartment full of classic high modernist furniture. This kid is 29 or so... something seemed fishy that he was in a place like this, but who knows, maybe he inherited it. There were pictures of him on the wall in the bedroom. His little body looked great in his clothes. His hair was laquered just so. It was time to fuck.

Friday, October 12, 2012


If you'd asked me this morning to write an essay about all the worst qualities I can imagine in a bottom, I would have basically described the guy I tried to fuck tonight. His pictures showed a very nice tight young body (he's 29), smooth and muscular like a dancer's, and a nice face, a little boyish and red/blond for me but nice. He hit me up and we quickly decided we'd like to fuck, but he said no raw, and I initially said no. But then I decided I really just wanted the feeling of manhandling a meaty body and thrusting my hips against it, even more than I wanted to feel slippery meat in a slippery hole. So I changed my mind, and told him I'd put a rubber on for him and ran over-- he was a 15 minute walk away. It was a beautiful clear evening, with fluorescent pink clouds in the darkening sky, and that brisk air that lets you know autumn is really here. I felt great. And he opened the door, wearing a pair of red long underpants that showed off his meaty thighs and perfect ass to great effect. I felt golden. But it was downhill from there.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Relief

Today I went to Soho to get some quick relief. I was out of town for the long weekend and have family visiting now, so I haven't gotten off since last week. On Monday I got a note from a guy I used to fuck the living hell out of in the town I used to live in-- once I plowed him for two hours straight, until we were both dizzy and exhausted with pleasure, until I finally unloaded down his throat. He was really the ideal bottom for me-- short, average looking in the face but very muscular and tight, hairy, huge dick for a little guy, ass that would make you cry, and able to take a pounding like a champ. Absolutely velvety and slick inside; the relentless desire to continue the in-and-out with him would almost drive me crazy, but I couldn't stop and never wanted to cum because the fucking was too good. He said he was going to be in town for a couple of days and wanted me in him again for old time's sake. It was very nice to hear from him after all these years, so of course I wanted to get with him, but timing was tricky with the visitors. As it turned out the only time I had free, Wednesday afternoon, his phone went out and he wasn't getting reception. So I missed out on prime ass-- I can't stress how awesome a bottom this guy is-- and it left me insanely horny with no outlet that day. Ultra Meat hit me up again while I was waiting to hear from Ideal Bottom but I put him off. (I'm pretty thrilled to have this stud constantly after my tool, but I can't do him every week; I just can't.) The very rough bottom from a while back suddenly favorited me on Daddyhunt yesterday, so I sent him a quick little jokey note asking why I wasn't his favorite before. He wrote back a rather bitchy reply-- the last time he hit me up for more dick, I'd honestly told him I would like to get together again sometime, but I'm a bad fuck buddy, just a big whore, and I like to space out repeats. He took great offense at this (I wasn't calling *him* a whore!) but I thought maybe he forgot about it and was signalling a desire to get together again. Apparently not. This time he told me he didn't appreciate what I'd said before, that I was extremely rude, and then asked if I wanted him to paint my apartment as he was hurting for work. Dudes be crazy! I was out of my mind with a week's worth of cum backing up to my eyeballs and could not take this. So today I felt fortunate to be hit up right away in the morning by a really handsome Arab with a sweet slender body covered with soft, straight hair who wanted to suck all the cum out of me. I should have been working-- I have jury duty tomorrow and am *always* picked, it's a curse, so I have a lot to do before I vanish for however long-- but honestly at that point all I cared about was getting sucked off and cumming in someone hot. So I abandoned work and ran over.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Perhaps reliably, last night's marathon fuckfest uptown didn't happen. All afternoon we exchanged little texts about the assignation. He told me the general block he lives on so I could gauge how long it would take to get there. But we'd talked about me calling him after I was done with a volunteer stint in midtown. When I was done, I texted and called, and got no response. I waited around in the noirish drizzle in Midtown-- there's nothing going on there at night, and with the huge skyscrapers all around lit up with spotlights, their height disappearing into the foggy sky, I felt like I was in some kind of sinister thriller. I gave him 20 minutes and decided to go get something to eat, sticking around the area in case he came through-- he lives in Harlem. An hour later I was eating some mediocre lasagna in Hell's Kitchen and seeing who was around on Scruff and Grindr-- no one talks to me there, do people talk? And then, an hour after I was supposed to be fucking him, he calls and texts with the address, asking if I could also pick up some cigarettes on the way! I told him it was too late, I had already left and was eating (a small lie, but nothing is a bigger turnoff than flakiness). First he claimed he'd sent me the address and confirmed in the afternoon (he hadn't), then claimed he was "in a meeting" when I called him and didn't hear the phone-- who has meetings at 8:45pm?? I think he must do a lot of drugs. He seemed normal the times we talked on the phone and texted-- actually like a smart, cool person. But he was clearly making shit up. He finally said, "Another time, I hope," but I don't think so. This was doubly frustrating for me, because on and off all day I'd been involved in an extended dad/son fantasy chat on Manhunt with a very handsome young man, which left my pants gooey inside and my hands shaking. I was really looking forward to taking all that pent up horniness out on Flaky Harlem Muscle Guy, but it wasn't meant to be. Today, My Son hit me up yet again, looking for more nasty chat about my cum. I've got him begging me to cum inside him now, but I'm not sure if this is just fantasy or not-- he definitely sounds like other guys who have started out chaste and safe and end up begging me to ejaculate in them until it's coming out of their ears, so I'm optimistic it might turn into reality. But another day of chat with this extremely cute hairy guy was not helping my concentration any. And absolutely no one was biting today. So when I was hit up by UltraMeat-- with the very efficient msg "Service?"-- first I told him, "I'm really looking to fuck today." He said, "Aww please? I'll let you cum in my mouth." Something he didn't do last time. I decided it is insane that I let a guy like that beg and beg and turn him away, with a body like that, with a face like that, so beautifully sensual and eager-to-please. So I told him to come over now, and let me eat his ass this time. He showered quickly and was here in about 10 minutes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Semen's Biggest Fan

Today I decided to get a fairly perfunctory draining, in order to prepare for a possible marathon fuck with a pretty hot guy tomorrow night. We tried to hook up Saturday but timing didn't work out for either of us, so we're going to try scheduling it in advance. I know these things rarely work out but on the off chance it does, I wanted to be able to drill this dude without the burden of three days' worth of goo in my balls. And that meant I really needed someone to get me off today. I tried hitting up a couple of new guys who had told me they wanted to be my cocksucker-on-call but none of them responded-- bogus! A very handsome man I reconnected with on Scruff the other day was also not available to take my load, though I look forward to seeing him again at some point. I had a lot of work to do and not much time to cruise, so it looked like I might have to beat off tonight to prepare myself for what I hope is a long deep drilling tomorrow. But then I noticed on Manhunt a guy who has serviced me several times before (and who often lets me bareback him as long as I cum down his throat). He lives on the other side of my neighborhood, and is constantly after my dick, though I've told him I'm a big dirty whore and always want new guys. But he keeps coming back, full of hope-- he's got to be my semen's biggest fan. So I asked him if he wanted to get the cum out of me, and he said he could be here in ten minutes. I told him I was feeling very selfish today, and just wanted him to make my dick feel as good as it could and make me cum as hard as possible but nothing else, and to send me his cell number if that was cool with him. He did, and I texted him my address, and he hopped on his bike and flew over.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dusk Fuck

Today I fucked Little Beard Big Nose again. I recently got an iPhone, opening me up to the wonderful world of grindr and scruff, which had been unavailable on my stupid old smartphone. But I don't seem to be very popular on either site. And of course it is Friday, a/k/a No One Is Gonna Fuck You Day, and it's raining outside. So when I saw Little Beard Big Nose on scruff or wherever, I hit him up, saying "Wanna fuck? I'm horny." He told me a friend was coming over and he couldn't get away, but then a few minutes later said the guy had cancelled on him. (I wondered if HE cancelled on the FRIEND.) It's getting dark early now, and it was gloomy outside so the light was low, and I had several hours free after work. So I asked him if he had some time to spend, if we could take it slow and really get into it. There is something really sensual to me about fucking at night, when the lights are low and the fall is coming; I do most of my fucking during the day so this was a bit of a treat that I wanted to savor, and I knew he wouldn't disappoint me in the pleasure department. He said sure, and was over in about 10 minutes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was another one of those flabbergasting experiences that I feel like I can't explain: I got blown by a good looking, hugely stacked and muscular, beautifully proportioned 31-year-old black guy-- or maybe he was Latino and middle-eastern? It was hard to tell from looking at him, but his accent sounded lightly tinged with the cadence of black speech, and his skin had the chocolatey undertone, and his ass had the ampleness, and his pubes the rough, very short-curled texture, of a black guy. No matter-- he was one extremely beautiful man, and he hit me up Monday on Daddyhunt with the charming greeting, "Fuck me?" His profile wasn't filled out much, so I didn't know where he was or even how tall he was and stuff like that. But the body was undeniably my kinda body-- huge chest, huge shoulders, huge guns, thick neck, big ass, big legs, willowy waist, no fat anywhere, beautiful masculine proportions. I asked if he took it raw and he said no. I had really, really wanted to fuck on Monday, so I told him maybe he could suck me off sometime and mentally put him in the "no" bin, turning to other possibilities. And then the begging started.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Promiscuous Fool

Today I fooled around with the incredibly hot, handsome, stacked, built, muscular guy I got with earlier this year. He had recently re-appeared on adam4adam after a trip to Europe for much of the summer and immediately started hitting me up again, asking me to fuck him. This is extremely flattering, since he could clearly have just about anyone he wanted. He is so beautiful and so sensual but also so intense, athletic, and affectionate in bed that I know it would be heaven to get my bare bone in him and fuck myself silly in him raw, but he is very strict about safety and won't even swallow, so it's not to be. And he is a little inconvenient to get to. So in the past few weeks I've sort of put him off. It's sort of ridiculous to me that I have this unbelievable stud on the line, who improbably likes hairy bearded daddies like me, and yet half the time when he hits me up I'm like eh, because of my constant need to plow someone new. But today when he hit me up, on this beautiful clear crisp fall day, I decided I'd hop on the train for the long haul, put on the rubber, and fuck him with the infuriating barrier, just so I could get my hands on him again and know that I put my dick in that incredible body. I was on my way to him within 10 minutes of him saying hello, with my chronically unused travel condom and some lube in my bag, and in another half an hour I had my face buried in his ass so deep I could barely breathe.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Today I didn't even want to get off; I wanted to have lunch with a friend who works in the neighborhood at a place with outdoor seating that makes an excellent fried chicken sandwich-- it is an incredibly beautiful clear day today. But my friend had to pick up her kids from school early and didn't have time for a languid outdoor cafe lunch. So instead I fucked someone.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today I juiced up a pretty skanky dude. There are very real sexual "dialects" out there and it's pretty disappointing to me when someone who is pretty attractive-- he wasn't super hot or anything, but I liked his face and his body-- doesn't speak the same sexual dialect as me. Let me explain.

This morning I was teased by a fantastic guy I fucked before, who is actually mostly top and typically only hits me up when he wants me to fuck some Latino kid in Bushwick with him or something like that. But he has a fantastic little body with a meaty ass that I'm dying to eat that incredible assmeat again and squirt another big load in him, and I'm flattered someone as good-looking as him keeps coming back for more, so I keep the dialog open. (I am not really interested in 3ways, but I confess the idea of watching this guy fuck another guy, then me separating them and taking turns deep-dicking them both, and cumming in one a few spurts, then pulling out and squirting the rest in the other, gives me a serious boner.) He definitely speaks my dialect! Today he said he wanted me to fuck him, "It's been a while and I'm horny." He exchanged a couple emails with me, expressing excitement at the idea of getting eaten out, then vanished, as he is prone to do. Maybe he found someone better, or a bottom, who knows. But he got my motor going and I had to fuck. I hit up another guy I had an awesome time with once, who also hits me up all the time asking for more. He will never go raw, however, and even though he is like one of the hottest guys I ever touched, I'm stupid and always want someone new, and someone who will take me unwrapped. But the first guy filled me with ass-hunger, and the second guy is beautiful, so I hit him up. And he wrote back instantly, saying he only had short periods free today. So then I was seriously frustrated. Skanky appeared a few hours later, after I sent a fusillade of unrequited can-I-fuck-you-please notes to guys I hadn't hit on before which made me sad and lonely. Skanky said he "needed" my cum. We'd talked before but hadn't sealed the deal. I figured this is what I was going to have to do today-- I needed ass. His pix were kinda OK but I did really like his face. So I ran over. And it was pretty skanky-- just so not how I like to have sex.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Today I got blown by a 27-year-old med student who showed up in scrubs. ("I haven't been to the hospital yet," he said, "so I'm not like contaminated or anything.") He was a very nerdy-looking Jewish guy-- the kind Bubbe wants you to marry-- about 6'2, legs for days which looked very nice bent below him when he was squatting down in front of my tool with his scrub pants around his ankles. He was extremely awkward, tripping over himself trying to get his shoes and scrubs off, with apparently only vague control over his limbs-- but gave really good head; something he said in a text ("I've been wanting to do this for a while") makes me wonder if he is inexperienced with hookups like this. Or maybe it meant he's seen my ads before and has wanted my dick specifically for a while (he did follow that up with "Your dick looks awesome"). Either way he was pretty talented, that's for sure. I could tell he smokes, however, and had popped an Altoid or something, which always makes my dick sting, go numb, and feel like it's freezing off when it comes out of the mouth-- not something I enjoy. He didn't want to kiss but leapt straight for my goods as soon as we got to the bedroom. And I just can't tell you how much a difference kissing makes for me. It's like taking the protein out of a meal-- this had all the trappings of a good hookup but I'm left still a little hungry and hollow-feeling.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Milked Dry

Today a 24-year old with unusual stamina and patience blew me for about an hour and a half and got two (2) loads out of my nuts, which are now as shriveled and desiccated as raisins, in shock from the assault. I have always been a slow reloader, but now that I'm in more 40s I am even more so. Typically after I cum my interest in sex drains away so quickly and completely that I can occasionally feel impatient and annoyed with myself for spending so much time on it, even before the very last spurt has come out-- if I actually beat off, my sex drive seems utterly ridiculous for several hours and I wonder why I ever bother fucking. (Once it comes roaring back, a day or so later, I always seem to be reminded.) But today, damn if I didn't rise to the occasion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Enough

Today's fuck was incredibly, intensely pleasurable, and has only left me hungry for more sex. He was another young guy, not my typical type: a little taller than me, short curly hair on his head, slender smooth body with very little definition, like a sea creature, and an almost choirboy-like face under the scruff on his chin. He hit me up last time he was in town, months ago, but it didn't work to get together, so this time around he wanted to set aside time in advance, before he arrived. I'm not so sure why I was so acquiescent to the encounter, since he really isn't really what I tend to go for. It must have been the ass, which didn't disappoint in person either: beautifully round, taut but pliant, oversized for his lanky frame, crowning rather thick thighs covered with coarse hair. He met me at the door of his hotel room naked, looking like something you invite into your lap to pet. I sidled up to him and looked him in the eye and made to kiss him, and he seemed extremely shy and reticent for someone who just met me at the door naked. I reached behind to stroke his buttocks while I brushed his lips with mine, and just the heft of his ass, just that perfect curve in my hand, was enough to make my dick engorge with blood. The shyness was somehow acting in his favor, arousing my ardor and making me want to crack it. Before we got too into it I had to take a pit stop, and I came back to find him lying languidly on the bed, idly fingering his fairly small dick. I leaned over to kiss him-- his lips parted a bit more for me, which I took as a good sign, and I undid my belt and let my shorts drop to reveal my meaty choad. He looked me up and down slowly. And I clambered over to the bed and brazenly put the tip of my dick against his lips, and he slowly sucked me in, and the real fun began.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today I fucked the living, sweaty hell out of a short, meaty, verry handsome Brazilian guy. He hit me up on Daddyhunt-- a useless site, so far-- with extremely handsome face pix. He had a buzzed head, scruffy lantern jaw, sharp straight nose, intense eyes, sweet lips that were slightly incongruous on his manly face, and this particular hairline that drives me crazy every time-- amazing how something simple as the shape of a hairline can get all your sexual machinery going. He sent me some smooth-skinned body shots in email which were really just kind of eh. Despite my own schlubby middle-agedness, I routinely have guys with bangin hairy bodies asking me to fuck them, so I perversely have ridiculous standards now, and put him on the back burner for a while, forgetting that the single hottest thing to me is looking a handsome guy in the face while I plow him. He hit me up again this morning, but I spent a little while talking to the hot-bodied online before realizing my folly and the prospect of going a horny Saturday sexless because of my hubris. So I asked him to come over, feeling a little like I was settling. But I definitely was not.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I hopped in my car; drove a several slow, smoggy, stop-and-go miles on an elevated highway across Brooklyn at rush hour; searched for a parking space; trudged up the stairs of an old apartment building to an efficiency apartment containing a glamorously handsome but thin and hairless Latino bottom who held me close and kissed like a dream and sucked my dick with the most beautiful velvety pressure; took off my clothes and took off his clothes and got in bed and made out intensely with our hands all over each other and I laid on top of him and held his hairy thighs and ground my dick into his (which was long but very bent) and sucked his nips and within ten minutes, without any warning at all, like some kind of tenth-grader, began ejaculating copiously all over him. "What the fuck??" I exclaimed at my moronic penis as I fisted it and helplessly watched the thick white ropes of goo plaster the very, very annoyed bottom. "What the FUCK??" I began to laugh riotously, shaking my head, and said "This has not happened to me in a LONG time." Annoyed Latino Bottom jumped up and ran into the bathroom, closed the door, and spent far too long in there to be just washing up cum. I slowly got dressed again, wondering if I should offer to help get him off. Then I decided not to-- he wanted to get fucked and I wasn't gonna be able to do that any time soon, so I finished putting on my clothes. He was still in the bathroom. Should I just leave without saying goodbye? I didn't know! I just stood there looking at the door. He finally came out, and I apologized, which he dismissed with fake good will. I said "I guess you were just too hot!" and he broke into a wry smile for a second and said "Oh, yeah!" and began showing me out the door. On the way back to my car I felt completely humiliated, but also unusually light and jaunty, because for whatever reason that was a pretty awesome orgasm and I came a LOT-- most bottoms I get with would be all google eyed and drooling at it. And *I'm* the one who spent 35 minutes in downtown Brooklyn rush-hour traffic for 10 minutes of nookie that puts my tool out of commission for the time being. He can just dial up another top, just like that! He can get stuffed with dicks all night long! Ah well, the perils of topping-- the burden, the responsibility, the red-faced shame. But hey, I got off!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today I came in the mouth of a totally jacked 29 year old-- very unassuming looking jock-like Latin guy whose flesh had the kind of thickness that made me need to squeeze and squeeze them. He was about 5'8 but seemed much taller because of his impressive musculature. Today is dreary and my work was very tedious, and I dangled my dick out on craigslist for several hours, garnering maybe three pitiful replies, most clearly not serious at all. And then Jacked Jack came long when I'd about given up. I felt sure he'd flake on me, and lined up a backup plan in Battery Park City with a tall, long-suffering guy who has been after my cum for almost a year now. But Jacked Jack came through, and he that rarest gift the heavens bestow on someone like me-- sensual, skilled, sensitive, tactile, affectionate, hung, oversexed... pretty much everything I ever want in a bottom. Except he had the oddest demeanor, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I fucked the hell out of a sweet-bodied little Irishman, but he rather hoodwinked me, as I'll explain in a bit. He hit me up fairly aggressively on Manhunt a while back expressing hearty and crass approval of my pictures and cumshots, and later his desire to get fucked. He listed himself as Safe Only so I gave him the standard I-fuck-raw-but-you-can-just-suck-me-off-sometime, and he quickly changed his tune, saying he would take me raw. So he went on my buddy list and I told him things were really busy and it would be a while before we could get together. He occasionally came back asking for my dick but I just couldn't swing a trip over to his neighborhood very easily. But within an hour of yesterday's 10 minute disappointment, I was horny again and knew I had to fuck somebody good, and soon. I considered fucking someone yesterday evening, mere hours after the blowjob. And I had a few admirers that might have worked out. But I ended up doing a bunch of work instead. So today, for sure, I was going to plow somebody good. I saw Wild Irish online and pinged him about this afternoon, which didn't look like it was going to work for him. But then I found out I had several free hours after work, so I texted him at the end of the day asking if I could swing by and stick my dick in him. He was happy to have me, so I drove over there. He answered the door looking cuter/manlier than his pictures, which were a little boyish for my taste, and his ass and legs were a sight to behold as he led me up the stairs to his apartment at the top of a nice brownstone on a gorgeously leafy street. I couldn't wait to get up in that! But he hoodwinked me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been out of commission for a bit, but today I got some service from a big ripped muscular guy with a rather funny face, who came over to drain the accumulated cum of the past two weeks. For the second half of this month I've been insanely busy with work and social stuff and just didn't have the time to look for sex. Simultaneously, I got an ugly infected hair follicle. (Sorry, you asked.) You can't really wave that in someone's face and ask them to suck it. It cleared up on its own, thankfully, but seems to have left a bit of a scar, which I hope isn't an issue. None of this was particularly sexy. So since the last entry I wrote, I've lived hookup-free. In a way it was rather pleasant-- there's so much more time in the day when you have a good reason to ignore your dick and all the flakeout knuckleheads on line who string you along and leave you high and dry for the next knucklehead. But today I knew if I didn't get off my nuts were basically going to pop. In my absence a new crop of dudes seem to have appeared on the various hookup sites and they wasted my time all morning. A Craigslist ad I posted did manage to attract the Big Meathead who was very excited by the prospect of getting a big load, so he's the one who got it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short, Sweet

Today I pumped about a quart of grade-A spooge into the mouth of a verrrry cute little guy with a muscular body, stupendous ass, and a nice trim beard. I certainly can't whine about slim pickings today. I was accosted on Manhunt right away this morning by a nice looking guy from out of town who said he wanted to work the cum out of me but was busy till 4, so I had that on the back burner. But knowing how these things go, I decided to put some other feelers out there. I had five days of sperm production packed into my nuts, and *supposedly* I'm going to fuck a tight-bodied little twentysomething tomorrow afternoon-- again, I know how these things go, but if he's for real and comes through, I need to be in top form, with my ducts well-exercised, so I can dig my tool into that body for as long as possible. And that meant getting milked good today. So I tried another Craigslist ad, and was deluged with replies. One cocksucker was a 6'3, 290 pound hairy monster bodybuilder with a hot bearded face who was saying all the right things as we traded a few emails. But exactly simultaneously, Short and Sweet appeared on Manhunt, also saying the right things. He was only 5'7-- perfect for fucking, a little small for servicing; Six Three Monster would have been very hot between my thighs-- but he was a lot cuter in the face (it turns out he's an actor, and they're always really handsome). They were both up in Hell's Kitchen, about two blocks apart, so neither was any easier to get to. So I decided, well, whoever advances to the address stage first would get the load. Six Three Monster dallied a little bit while Short and Sweet texted me his location, so I ran to the train.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Tonight I fooled around with Ultra Sensuous again, after a very frustrating week that left me with serious, genuine blueballs; the sexual well was seriously dry since my last encounter on Saturday. I had an unusual night free as my partner was working till very late, so I cruised online heavily, imagining a whole new pool of ass to tap that is not available during the day, my usual hunting period. But evenings seem like weekends-- most guys seem to sign on and go away from the computer for hours, or are insulting about not being attracted to you when you hit on them, or seem to be looking for validation more than dick. I tried a Craigslist ad again, since it worked so well last time, and only got a few nibbles, one of which turned out to be from some guy with a distorted, ugly cock pic on his Manhunt profile who hits me up over and over, saying he's "heard" I'm an awesome top, will never show me what he looks like, and abuses me for not showing HIM (despite my having something like five clear pictures of my dick and body visible there), then goes away an sulks, and does it all over again months later. Tonight he answered the Craigslist ad with a picture of a guy who was totally my type, and when I sent him back my face, he told me who he was, admitted it was not him, and taunted me for finally getting my pic. Fuckin nutjob! So you can imagine the state of my ducts at this point; my nuts were so swollen and sensitive that I was almost in pain. There were a bunch of guys I've been with before online who I could have reached out to, but I kept holding out for new, new, new, until I rather passive-aggressively touched Ultra Sensuous' profile without actually writing him. Within a few minutes, he wrote me, saying just, "More please." I decided I was being ridiculous, and could do worse than getting with such a fantastic little ass again, so I hopped on the train and was there in 20 minutes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uber Alles

Today I shot my thick, salty jizz down the throat of German dude with a tall, thin, tight body and an extremely handsome face-- very short buzzed scalp and beard to match running along his handsome jawline, thicker and slightly porny mustache over his sensuous lips. I had tried Craigslist again, hoping to sort of order up exactly what I wanted, but not expecting much. Dudes must be unusually horny today, because I got a lot of response, but he was by far the best looking and most eloquent about his love of dick-- there's nothing worse than a guy who gives you a couple of uninspiring words, even if he looks really good; in my experience the guys who are best in bed are also best at expressing what they like. The only thing was, he said he didn't think he would be up for swallowing, and would prefer I sprayed his face instead. Today I felt that was non-negotiable; I needed on a primal level to get my seed in another body. So I was torn-- go with him because he's so cute and enthusiastic, but maybe waste my cum? Or take my chances finding a true cumguzzler among the numbskulls of Craigslist? Knowing that if I treat a bottom or cocksucker right, I can typically get him to want what I want, I told him that I *really* like being swallowed, but would not make him do anything he didn't want to, and he scampered over in short order. We had a little over an hour of really fantastic sex. And which do you think it is, Gentle Reader? Did I get this handsome fella to ask for my cum inside him? Decide before you read on!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I got a nice note from Cute Son yesterday, thanking me for the load I slathered all over his chest and face. That's class! He said next time he might need me to cum on his asshole, while his legs are spread wide. I told him I would be happy to oblige... that's just another step on the road to getting my bare, oozing dick inside him and squirting the cum where I *really* want it to go. I'm happy to inch my way along with this one, and invest a couple of external loads and hookup sessions that could go to new guys to get what I want. He's so fucking cute.

But... a thank you note for ejaculating on someone ten years younger and a thousand times hotter than me, after he gave me his body to slobber and sweat all over as I saw fit for an hour! What a life!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Today I engaged in a little silly Dad/son nonsense with an absolutely adorable kid in his early 30s. I never thought this guy would really come through; he prickteased me for weeks on Daddyhunt (a site which as far as I can tell is pretty useless for hooking up) and then disappeared completely, then a few months later, reappeared on Manhunt and yanked my chain for much, much longer-- I think we've been talking since winter. I'm about a zero on the kink-o-meter, so roleplay and stuff like that is more likely to make me feel like a numbnuts than turn me on, but something about his approach was appealing; it didn't come on too strong and he was such an arresting mix of youthful/boyish (with a total Teen Beat smile full of white teeth, dreamy green eyes, and very symmetrical face) and manly (hairy body, huge muscular thighs, nice beard, strong nose) that it turned me on to think of him being into me as an older guy. So I indulged him for as long as he kept after me, even though he lives in Harlem and has a partner himself and it seemed like it would never work out even if he truly wanted it to. But today he hit me up asking to come over and suck "Daddy" off (I think I prefer being called Dad to be honest, nota bene) and I told him sure, I would have some free time in the afternoon. I kept expecting to get a text saying "something came up" or whatever, but he showed up barely two minutes late, which is impressive given how far he was coming from. My son is a very responsible young man, you see! He was wearing a tank top that showed off this bulging shoulders, biceps, and huge lats, and I thought, holy fuck, jackpot! I gave him some water, and we chatted a bit, and then Dad showed him how his body works.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I was rescued from the tension in my overflowing balls by Little Beard Big Nose, who gamely let me cum in him for the first time, taking the salty, high-pressure load in his mouth this afternoon. I had a bad cold for a couple of days earlier this week, and was totally not up for any sex with anyone, but by Wednesday I really felt the need to find someone to get me off. I've mentioned before that it seems like sites like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are dwindling at bit-- it used to be much easier to hook up on them and they seemed to have a more constant influx of new ass, but the list of new profiles is definitely shrinking each week. For years, if all I wanted was someone to drink the cum out of my nuts, Craigslist was always a reliable last resort-- you had to sift through a lot of chaff in a very inefficient way, but I was typically guaranteed to find someone up to my standards and willing to service me. But Craigslist has become totally useless in the past year or two; it's all people leading you on or behaving inanely now (i.e. thinking I'm going to hook up with them with no picture, or asking me to fist them and spit in their face when I just posted looking for head, yaddayadda). By today I was pretty much out of my mind; I can't really think when my ducts are as clogged with sperm as they were after a week of not cumming. So when Little Beard Big Nose showed up, I took advantage of him. He never let me cum in him before (and was even shy about taking my dick raw the first several times we talked), and I knew I *had* to have this load taken bodily-- I was not going to waste it in a towel. But this time he said he swallows "sometimes", so I invited him over. Ten minutes later he was shuddering in my bedroom and ripping my pants off.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mutatis Mutandis

Today I got some pretty thorough service from an older guy who really looks like someone's Jewish uncle, the one with the jokes. He had a blurry face pic in his profile, so I blew him off over and over for a couple of months, but he just kept coming back for the meat shamelessly, telling me my least-favorite line, "You won't be disappointed." (In face I am very easy to disappoint, most often by the very guys who say I won't be.) This week has really been miserable for me, and today I thought I just *needed* someone to let me lay back while they suckled on my dickhead for a good hour or so, getting me so drunk of my own cock that I didn't care about anything except how intensely my nuts ache to squirt my goo down his throat. I wasn't having much luck, it being Friday, a/k/a/ Official No One Will Fuck You Day, so when Uncle Jew showed up, suggesting we just meet and see if it would work, I decided, what the hell, it's just a lousy blowjob. I needed the kind of tireless sucking he was advertising to help me forget about my stresses for a while and clear my head. So I invited him to my block, and went down to met him in the rain. He looked, as I said, like someone's Jewish uncle with the jokes-- not bad looking, just, very much that. I hesitated, thinking, am I gonna do this? The sky dripped and he waited. And I said, well, ready to suck some dick? And he said yes, and up we came.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Lately I've been under a lot of stress, feeling like a bunch of things are not working out in my favor-- dealing with some financial fraud done in my name, a new personal venture that is starting out badly, and family worries. Today I figured I wasn't even chipper enough to get my dick hard enough to fuck anyone, and I was feeling the opposite of horny. But someone up there really, really likes me and sent me a little gift today. I've said it a million times-- I'm a middle-aged non-built average-looking hairy dude, but for some reason, fantastic sexual favors keep coming my way with little bidding on my own part. And today I plowed an awesome Latino kid, 29 years old, with a tight little 5'6 body (66 inches is rapidly becoming a fetish with me; the more guys I fuck who are that size, the more I want to fuck). He's visiting Brooklyn this month and hit me up out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, but his pix are kind of eh-- his face was nice but wasn't really turning me on, and his body looked hard but a little wide around the middle, a little weirdly proportioned. Like a zillion other guys, his profile said he wanted safe only, and I flatly told him I fuck raw, but he was ok with it after asking some perfunctory questions about my habits and status. His body did look fun to fuck but he was in Brighton Beach and his pix didn't thrill me enough to invite him up. But today he was pretty insistent, again expressed willingness to take my bare bone, and I thought, well, maybe I can fuck the stress away, cum out all that anxiety. And damn if I didn't.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I deep-dicked a nicely built Filipino I've spooged in a couple of times before who has an unusual amount of patience. As I've mentioned before, every time we fuck, he routinely hits me up again within a week or two, wanting more juice shot into him. I've told him I don't work that way, that he has to give me some time to miss him a bit, but I guess my bone just hits his little bottom hot spot in just the right way, and he can't help himself. He expresses his disappointment but never goes away for good. He resurfaced again a few weeks ago, and was starting to look good to me again, but not yet, not yet. And he hit me up again earlier this week, but I gave that load to a beautiful new ass in Chelsea. Today, however, is Friday, and for whatever reason it's just about impossible to get laid on a Friday. A cute cocksucker who calls me Daddy and wants me to spooge all over his face and ass was supposed to swing by today, and though I doubted him, I did save up a nice big load to slather him with. He's young and predictably flaked, despite months of rhapsodizing about how beautiful my ejaculations are, so when Filipino Hotbod appeared yet again, with another patient request for my tubesteak, I asked him to travel to me. He was here an hour or so later. Two minutes after that, my dick was in him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good, Handsome, Bareback

Today I squirted everything I had into the body of an extremely beautiful Arab guy, with a perfectly muscled physique and a face that would make you cry with its melding of manly, dark features around the scruffy chin and brow, and soft sensuality in the eyes and lips-- a flawless-looking person who I have absolutely no business sweating all over and ejaculating in, with my schlubby middle-aged body and graying beard, but I fuckin feasted on this guy. His name apparently means "The Good" or "The Handsome" in Arabic. And he lived up to his name. And it almost didn't happen at all: Only a bit of luck got me in the position to juice up that beautiful body with my high-pressure, five-day load.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today I had an awesome time slipping my bare bone in and out of an extremely cute 26 year old, with clear green eyes, sandy hair, nice thick arms and legs, and a seriously beefy ass with the most unbelievably slick insides I've ever felt. Something must be in the air this week-- I was getting hit on right and left on every site out there all morning. I'd considered making it an all-oldies week, and looked in on a couple of regulars who were around but quiet, when Cute And Slick appeared. I am pretty sure he was using someone else's pix-- a more handsome than cute guy with a tight body and an extremely appealing hipster moustache (the whole hipster look seriously tents my pants; it's deeply sad to me that I feel like it's about to be completely over and God knows what they'll move on to next). He said he was looking for safe only, and I figured if I was going to hook up today I was definitely gonna fuck someone skin on skin, but he didn't seem fazed when I told him, and asked me to unlock anyway. He liked how big my cumshots are, and gave me a minimum of fuss, taking a quick shower and appearing within a half an hour. He looked enough like the pix that I didn't think anything about it at first-- mostly I noticed that his tank top was soaked from the walk over, as it's 93 degrees outside today, and so I got him some ice water and we chatted awkwardly a bit. But he clearly wanted to just get to it, so we got to it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improbably Perfect

Today, continuing this week's developing non-promiscuous, Recycling Old Tricks theme, I fooled around again with Little Beard Big Nose. I didn't have any intention of hooking up today at all really, but during my lunch break, his face showed up in my visits list on Manhunt, and I remembered running into him in a corner grocery down the street a few weeks back, where he was very friendly and happy to see me (not shady like most dudes you fuck are when you run into them in the street), and I remembered how my dick jumped in my pants when I patted his cute little torso as he passed by to leave the store. And seeing his face there on my screen made my dick jump again-- it's automatic with him. Honestly, I bet no one would agree with me about this guy, but Jesus he gets my motor running. He's 5'6 and big-dicked and round-assed and manly-faced and dark-bearded and he drives me crazy and makes me sweat. He's fuckin perfect! For me. I played a little cat-and-mouse game with him but eventually I was like "ok come suck my dick" and in five minutes he was in my bedroom and we were sucking face and ripping each other's clothes off and wrapping ourselves around each other.

I'm Number One!

This isn't a sex post, but I just had to say, it's interesting to see how people get to my blog using the blogger tools you get when you set one up. They'll tell you how many people come from what URLs (thanks, One Hookup At A Time), but they also tell you what search terms people have used to get to your blog. A lot of these are various misspellings of blog top promiscuous, which is not surprising. I like and can relate to adam4adam chicken out, though I tried that one on google and didn't see my site listed in the first several pages of results. A bunch are completely cryptic, like was someone who and steal girl's panties-- I truly have no clue how the latter could get you here at all. But I am pleased and amused to see that I am among the top listings for "cocksucking chair" and "had to cum in him", but, best of all, this blog is the number one google result for "stuck my dick in him". Fuck yeah, man!

Now you know where to go to get a dick stuck in you.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Today I fucked the Cuter Than Picture guy again-- successfully, cleanly, and to copious completion this time, thankfully. He works in a restaurant not far from my place, so I figured it would happen sooner or later, but while he has hit me up a few times since last month, of course I was always looking for a new field to plow, as it were, so I would be noncommittal. Today he hit me up early in the afternoon just being friendly, and the emails rapidly turned sexual, and I was getting turned on by my own explicit, terse descriptions of my cum, his body, and their desired interposition. He wouldn't be free till later in the day, but I think after last week's string of relatively lackluster experiences, I figured there are worse things than being roped into getting your dick sucked and squirting your semen in the body of a very cute guy with a nice body who you've already been with. So I waited for him to come over-- he left work early so we could have more time together-- and we had another awesome time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I squirted half a pint of jizz into the willing gullet of a guy I've been chasing for what seems like a year. His pictures showed an extremely cute face, with dark eyebrows, scruff, and a very attractive little smirk that I wanted to ram my dick in every time I saw him online. He told me he can suck for as long as I want; he would never get bored or tired. He gave me his number and we played text tag for a ridiculously long time; something always got in the way of us hooking up. After a while he stopped replying when I asked if he was free, so I gave up on him. But today he reappeared online, on a different site this time, and I couldn't help but just say hello to him. He told me he never minded the texts but just got tired of having to say "no" all the time (I guess he has a ridiculously exciting social life; something I haven't had since long before I got hitched, though I do remember how hard it could be to fit a little fucking into my schedule when I was younger). I told him I had the place to myself for an hour or so after work tonight, and he hemmed and hawed about having a big package to carry on the train. I told him I'd drive him home, and he hesitated noticeably, then came back with "I know it's crazy that I'm so willing to go swallow your cum, but the idea of taking a ride in a car with a stranger makes me pause." I told him he could think about it, and a bit later he asked for info about how to get here, and after work, he showed up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I fucked a real stunner who I've been after since a completely aborted encounter last year. He's from Colombia, very handsome in a studious-yet-athletic way, impressively built and well-proportioned, hairy, and best of all, inexplicably into me. Last year I saw him on Manhunt while he was visiting NYC, and I ran all the way up to midtown, unable to believe my luck with bagging this guy, only to find he was staying at a YMCA that didn't allow any visitors in the rooms-- right at the elevator that was supposed to take me to head-spinning, undeserved bliss, a cranky security guard asked who I was, and completely cockblocked me. Bogotá Beauty asked me to wait in the lobby while he ran upstairs and implored some unseen entity, but came back down after five excruciating minutes, walked me outside, and told me we couldn't do it in his room. He asked if we could go to my place, but we wouldn't have enough time, and I thought, I simply can't see getting a hotel room just to fuck. So I went back home with very angry testicles. For months afterward, egged on by a friend who regularly berated me for not going to an hourly place (I didn't know they even existed), I would gaze at his beautiful photos and kick myself. At that point, $150 to ejaculate in that beautiful creature would have been nothing! A few weeks ago I dropped him a line asking if he'd ever come back to the states, and he said he was planning a trip to Chicago for the end of this month. He reiterated his desire to get my cum in him and said maybe he would come to NYC again for a few days. I couldn't believe my luck again! Today I get a note saying "ARE YOU AROUND I AM IN NYC" and "COME OVER AND FUCK ME I AM IN WEST VILLAGE ON JANE ST." And I thought, oh fuck, I'm going to be thwarted yet again, for reasons I will now explain. And I *was* thwarted, but in a totally unexpected way.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Today I wasted a whole week's worth of Grade A cum on a big, thoroughly dumb, and completely inept latino guy.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today I fucked a tight-bodied, full-assed, rather exotic-looking Persian guy from Pakistan. He had hit me up several times before, and I was always attracted to the shape of his body-- willowy waist, comparatively broad, defined chest, and that amazing ass swelling luxuriantly out from his lower back-- but in the face he was really just not my type at all-- fine-featured, almond-shaped eyes, delicate-looking skin like brown porcelain. But today, I guess the body won out. I hadn't noticed before that he said his nips "control" his ass, and this gave my penis a little jump today; that is one of my favorite things in a bottom. Finding myself with an unexpected day to myself, as my travel plans for the week were pushed back a day, and not wanting to spend hours cruising for the right guy instead of enjoying an incredibly gorgeous afternoon today in NYC, I asked for his address, deep in Bushwick. I was looking forward to ejaculating the big frustrated load I built up on Friday and carried around around all weekend deep into his hard body after some vigorous deep boning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Need Hair (or Meat)

Today I fucked a handsome, fairly meaty Asian guy, but the encounter sort of fizzled out in a disappointing way. We'd been talking online off and on for quite a while, but he was always jetting off to someplace or another. So when he popped up today (which is a beautiful, sunny, breezy day, perfect weather for sticking my dick in someone), and told me he was free but just needed to take a shower after the gym, I chuckled, thinking of a reader comment I read this morning on yesterday's post, gave him a half an hour, and ran over. Unfortunately, I came back almost an hour later with today's load still swinging in my nuts.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Used and Used By

If I wasn't a completist, I wouldn't even bother writing about who I got off in today, but I am, so I will. This has been a pretty frustrating week, with stretches of very dull work punctuated by very stressful work, and a long string of flakes and weirdos keeping me from getting my rocks off since Friday. They included a guy who looked great but was too high to even work his telephone when I called him, and didn't know exactly where he was but wanted me to come over and blow a wad in him; another guy I forgot even existed/had my number, who texted me to see if I was horny and looking at 5am on a Wednesday (luckily the phone was nowhere near the bed, or I would have woken up very pissed); and a perennial pricktease with an extremely cute face and ass who routinely leaves me hanging and tonight finally got blocked for good. This all left me frustrated and so full of cum it was backing up into my brain and impairing my thinking. After I finished working this evening, while my partner was at a business function, I got a couple of decent offers from craigslist: one very enthusiastic, thirsty little Asian guy, and one handsome white guy in Queens that I'd have to travel to and who gave me a weird vibe, but was much more the kind of guy I was looking for (I'd love to fuck the Asian guy but not get blown by him). There was some annoying back and forth about the need for discretion and his reluctance to swallow me (my ad clearly stated that the cocksucker was to drink it all down). Meanwhile, the Asian kid gave me the I-just-have-to-take-a-shower thing, which is often the Gateway to Flaking, so I told him to hit me up when he was actually free. Twenty minutes later I hadn't heard anything, but Queens guy agreed to receive my semen properly and gave me his address, so I got ready to go. Just before I dashed out, I saw that the Asian kid had written, saying he was done with the shower. And for a minute I hung there, wondering if this was some kind of cosmic test. It was, and I failed.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I resorted to the dreaded quickie. I was surprised to have anyone come get me off at all, after having my dick yanked all day by people who "definitely" wanted to take my bone and were free all afternoon but oh, as soon as my cleaning lady finished and I had the place to myself, they had "clients" and "work calls" or ignored my texts or vanishing, one by one. The eventual winner looked really cute in his pictures, a very white Mexican guy with graying hair, about 5'7 tall, just perfect for an evening of athletic sweaty screwing. His profile said Safe Only and I didn't want to scare away my only prospect by asking for raw up front, but thought maybe he'd relent when I worked my magic on his (very sweet-looking) little ass. So I gave him the address and he came over, but got here pretty late. In the meantime, my partner texted me saying he was coming home early, so I didn't have the extra hour I thought I did. The bottom turned out to be Not As Cute As Picture (though the ass was still pretty cute in his jeans), so I thought, well, maybe it's just as well I don't have an hour to romance him into taking my raw meat in him. He kissed really nicely and gave excellent head, making the whole length of my bone thrill with each lick (although the anxiety of finishing in time before my husband came home may have been helping). But my husband kept texting me the whole time, and I had to reply, which is of course Very Romantic. (I've never texted with my throbbing erection down someone's throat before; it's an interesting clash of worlds.) I played his little body like a piano for a while-- his nips were extremely sensitive and the way I touched him was making him writhe against the comforter. But in the end I couldn't do all I wanted. He wanted me to cum on him, he said-- I guess he really was a true stickler for safety; after a few tastes of my precum flowing out of my big fat mushroom head, most dudes are begging to at least drink it, if not get it in their ass. So I let him suck me till I was close, then flipped him on his back and ground my dick into his own, which was absolutely soaked in precum by this point. I sucked his long hard nipple in with each thrust, which drove him wild; it almost sounded like he was crying when he whimpered. Finally I felt my nuts unloading so I sat up and fisted my tool to make the jets come out long and hard. He looked in wonder at the thick gray liquid streaking across his belly, and looked back at me-- it was like he was in love; maybe he doesn't get out much-- and when it became clear I wasn't going to jump off and get dressed, he decided to get off himself. I sucked his right nip while fingering his right, and he was getting hotter and hotter when another text rang through, and he stopped short; I smiled into his startled face and told him I would just ignore it, and stroked my lips over his nips a few more times, and he was back into Jerkingland for a minute or two until he popped a few little squirts. I gave him a towel and a little bit of water and he told me he'd just moved here from Dallas. I wanted to say Welcome to New York City, Please Hurry Up, but instead we chatted amiably for a bit. He scampered out and that was that. I really gotta fuck somebody, and good. Tomorrow?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today I fooled around with the most sensuous guy I think I've ever come across in decades of sex. And I'm tempted to say it's the best sex I've ever had without actually fucking, though I'm prone to hyperbole and I don't want people reading this to think "There he goes again with the oh-my-god-holy-fuck-the-best." But an afternoon flew by with him, and I had to practically pry my face out of his Platonically ideal ass so I could unload in his mouth and get out of there in time for dinner. There is nothing like completely losing yourself in someone else's body for this long. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unexpected and Rare

Today I sorta (see below) fucked one of the rarest species out there-- the guy who's cuter than his pictures. He only had one picture on his profile, actually, which honestly looked just about nothing like him and was extremely unflattering and a weird pose. It's an insane choice to try to reel in guys with. I'd turned him down the first time he hit on me, months ago, but he came back at me a few days ago and emailed me a body shot and a (typically useless) crack close-up. Dudes, no more crack close-ups. The body shot showed a nice natural masculine build with a little bit of hair, but was so dim and unfocused that I wasn't sure it was really him; it didn't really match in the face. So I put him in the "maybe" pile. Today he came at me again, and everyone else wanted to get fucked like "at 5:30" or "next week" or some other nonsense, and I really wanted to get off, so I decided to bet on him and ran over. With one little bit of unluck, I got lucky! He was awesome.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I can't believe who I just fucked... in about three different ways. He and I had been talking on Adam4Adam for well over a year, maybe even two, but had never gotten together. His pix online are verrry nice, showing a tight, slight but beautifully muscular body, and an intense, latin face. I'm pretty sure I hit him up the first time, and he seemed to like me, but didn't want to fuck raw and seemed uninterested in all the other fun stuff you can do if that puts you off-- it was fucking or nothing. So I let it go. And he kept hitting on me, for months and months and months, but whenever there was a chance we could get together, we'd stumble over the fucking issue again as if it were brand new. Or he'd say he was OK with trying it raw (typically if I had posted that I'd just tested negative a week or two before), and then chicken out or float away. So I wrote him off and lost touch with him for a long time... till he texted me last week. He must have saved my number from previous flakeout, God knows how long ago. He said he'd deleted his profile on Adam4Adam because he was totally sexually frustrated and getting nowhere, but he still wanted to meet me. I'm a sucker for a  dude who validates me by (1) being smokin hot and (2) never forgetting about me and (3) asking for my dick over and over, even if it's just to make an ass out of me. So I did it all over again... and he chickened out again, right when we were sealing the deal! I told him he was giving mixed signals and he eventually said he knew he was... he just couldn't get over the raw thing. So the first thing I can't believe happened-- I told him I'd put a rubber on for him (I've really turned down way too many hot guys because they're unwilling to go bare, I think). I told him I'd fuck him after the long weekend sometime. He sounded very excited about this. And that day turned out to be today. And I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I fucked another "regular"-- if you can call someone I hook up with every 8 months or so "regular." I've really gotten to the point that hooking up with someone I already know is just not that interesting to me, and it's hard to get into. This guy has a pretty average body and a nice enough face, but his lips are a real phenomenon-- I absolutely love kissing him and was looking forward to getting together with him again just for that. But after a stressful afternoon of work and a crappy drive over, even his lips were not getting my motor running. He took off my clothes while we made out and dropped to his knees to receive the meat, and I was chubby down there but not really getting hard. I thought, I've really become a dirty novelty addict, haven't I? I pulled my dick out of his mouth and said, "I gotta relax, I had a crappy day and a stressful drive over," and he smiled and took off his clothes, kissed me some more, then got between my thighs and started working his magic in earnest. He's an awesome cocksucker-- we'd actually started out with him just offering to service me, years ago, and he made me so hot with his mouth that I just flipped him on his back and stuck my raw dick in him quite without asking. He didn't complain and we fucked for an hour that time. And now we always fuck after mostly perfunctory sucking. He put his hands on my chest and worked my tool with his expert tongue and I was magically hard as a rock and ready for some serious plowing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today I fucked a short, hugely muscular bodybuilder who inexplicably hits me up every once in a while for cum. He travels like crazy so he's not around a lot, and *claims* he "doesn't hook up much" (with a body like that, it's a crime if he doesn't), so I don't hear from him very often. But today, while I was getting my chain yanked by a couple of very hot guys who never really come through with their offers of ass, he magically appeared, saying, and I quote, "Hey stud, want to come fuck me?" I'm not a stud and feel ridiculous when people call me that, but the last five words are music to my ears, so I left the other two dudes to spin in their indecision and ran to the village to drill this huge slab of meat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today I got to enjoy the kind of mind-erasing, nut-draining edge session that I've been waiting for for at least a year and a half, since I lost my best cocksucker. (He started to fall for me and said he couldn't come over any more or it would break his heart that he couldn't have me. I recently emailed him asking how he was doing, and he said he had a serious boyfriend now, so I'm very happy for him. And I hope the boyfriend appreciates what a fantastic cocksucker he is.) I hadn't gotten off since I glazed Younbeard's face and was seriously jonesing. I needed a completely selfless dude to completely service me. In the past couple months, I've felt like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are somehow drying up-- there are fewer and fewer new profiles there, seems like-- and Craigslist has been a waste for a long time now. I was actually feeling a little desperate. So when a nebbishy but borderline handsome guy checked me out on Manhunt, I hit him up asking if he wanted to suck me off. He did, so I ran over. And he was GOOD.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I utterly plastered the face of a tall, very cute, bearded young guy, maybe 26 years old-- it was a lot of cum, even for me. It's amazing how a handsome face can really kick my semen production into overdrive. I just got off yesterday in Red Stunner, and was not particularly full. Youngbeard and I only fooled around for 35, 40 minutes, not enough time to build up a real high-pressure load. But when I was done with him, he looked like something out of Alien. I had to admire my own work unabashedly before I got him a washcloth.

But this almost didn't happen at all.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better Than Poppers?

Today I fucked a handsome, red-haired artist with a humongous, party-favor dong that stayed rock hard the whole time I was in him. He was in a hurry to hook up before work. He lives on the far southern end of my neighborhood, and had to hook up NOW. I figured if I drove there I could get there fastest and we'd have 45 minutes to screw. So he said, great. This was awesome! But first, of course, being a bottom, he had to ask me pointedly about poppers. I fuckin hate poppers; I really hate anything that is a distraction from sex between two naked dudes with nothing between them except maybe a thin layer of spit-- I like it completely natural. Some guys seem more into poppers than the sex itself; if I get a whiff of that from someone's profile or online behavior, I take a pass, no matter how cute they are. But he seemed just to have a run-of-the-mill bottom's attachment to poppers, so I gave him the I-don't-do-them-but-you-can line and ran over. If I got there in 10 minutes, we could fuck for almost an hour!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Today I splooged all over the face of a cute, nerdy guy. I'm not all that into facial cumshots, to be honest, and would rather have been brought to the edge orally and swallowed, but it's what he wanted, so it's what I gave him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today I fucked the little guy with the beard and the big nose who blew me earlier this year. But first I had a bit of a blow to my pride. Last week sometime I placed an ad on Craigslist for a raw fuck, because nothing was going on at all on the usual sites I use. A guy hit me up with somewhat obscured pictures (one of which was stretched sideways a bit); he said he had a partner and had to be careful, but what I could see looked pretty good, muscular and shapely. Timing didn't work out that day and he hounded me all week to get together, but he seemed a little too shady for me and I was busy. But today I hit him up because I was just craving some long deep thrusting again. He agreed to come over but would not give me a phone number-- another red flag that usually makes me pass on a guy-- so I told him we'd have to meet outside somewhere. He was fine with that. We were shaking hands on the street a half hour later, and he looked really good, but I suddenly realized he looked familiar to me. I asked if we'd talked before, and he said he didn't think so. I realized who he was-- someone who had been after me on various sites for years, ever since I moved to NYC, but would always flake out at the last minute with various excuses, disappear for a while, resurface with new pictures, reel me in, and make a putz out of me all over again. Before I could say anything about our history, he said, "Is it OK if I say I'm just not feeling it? I don't mean to offend, but..." and I calmly said, "Of course not, don't worry about it." He offered his hand again, and then he ran off. He came all the way here from Tribeca to do that! I dunno if he really didn't like what he saw, or if he is just a complete closet case. I've had to do this myself to people who were Not As Cute As Picture, so part of me took it in stride, but another part thought, wah, I'm ugly. So of course I had to fuck someone else, pronto, and I got back online. And suddenly Little Beard Big Nose showed up. And he wanted to fuck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bait and Switch

Today I fucked a guy who used laughably fake pix, but was still a good time. This has happened to me before: a perfectly fine-looking guy uses pix of another perfectly fine-looking guy-- not hot, tempting guys but guys who are perfectly serviceable, and yet bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual person in any way. If the guy turns out not to be someone I would be attracted to, I send them away or just leave, saying it isn't working out in person, you never know till you try, blablabla. But today, the guy showed up actually a little more my type than the pictures, which were a little too pretty/boyish for me; this guy was much more in the regular guy realm. Not a hot guy but nice face, reasonably attractive, with a decently proportioned if ever-so-slightly chunky build. He had a friendly manner as he came in (I later found out he's a real estate agent) so I thought, what the hell. I had only advertised for a blowjob and he said all the right things-- suck you for as long as you want, nip play drives me wild and makes me hungry for cum, I can go for hours sucking dick, etc etc etc. So I said "Ready to suck some dick?" and he said "Hell yeah!" and started taking off his tie. We kissed a bit and went back to the bedroom; his ass looked cute in his pants. Little did I know what other bait and switches I was in for.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Today I rather unexpectedly fucked a young, hard, ripped little guy who looked like a cross between a Central American and an Indian. I honestly didn't have the time to be doing this today; I had a lot of work and preparations for a visitor this weekend. But I haven't gotten off since Saturday, when I gave Lanky Beauty his thick, salty reward, and my nuts were overloaded. I just wanted someone to suck me off so I could get on with the rest of my day. Young Tight had hit me up before, looking to swallow my fucknectar, but I have been in a topping mood lately and feel like I'm giving too many loads orally. So I turned him down before. Today when he hit me up I had sort of been hoping some other guys would work out-- I'll fuck all kinds of guys no taller than me, but I really like being sucked off by big muscular white guys, for some reason. I just wanted to lay back and watch a big handsome white guy blow me. But the big muscular white guys who chatted with me either flaked away or just wanted quickies. I don't do quickies, so I told Young Tight it was his lucky day. He lived a good ways away so I got a bunch of work done before he got here. But then he showed up and gave me more than I bargained for.