web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: March 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015


So it's been a few weeks since I posted, and some very nice readers have asked if I am OK. I am OK, if very busy. But I am feeling like the lifetime of this blog has come to and end, perhaps only for now, perhaps for good. I have shot huge wads on cum in three dudes since I last posted, and splattered UltraMeat's dick with another. After three years of essentially fucking for an audience, it frankly feels a little strange getting off privately again, without telling however many thousands of readers about it. And weirdly, a little sad. You're not going to hear in detail about the guy who sucked my dick, then with a belly full of my cum told me a meandering story about getting beaten up by his first sex partner and later waking up from coma caused by a car crash to find out his brother was dead, all while massaging my calves and telling me how fantastic they are. You're not going to hear about the perfect round meaty globes I ate and fucked belonging to an incredibly muscular dude who subsequently spent fifteen minutes lying between my legs beating his own huge dick furiously trying to make himself cum in vain while I flicked his nipples and marveled at his incredibly physique. You're not going to hear about the cute tall otter I bagged, an artist and sensitive soul, who was so incredibly into how I fucked him that I almost tear up thinking about it, and want intensely to fuck him again and again, despite my inherently promiscuous nature. I think you would like to hear about these things, and I would like to tell them, very much so after even hinting at them here. But I find I don't have the time to devote to crafting these summaries lately; for months everything I've posted has been a hasty first draft I wrote and never even re-read for intelligibility. Just the desire to get the experience down on paper (or electrons, or whatever I am harnessing here) and then move on to the next experience, all while trying to love my partner and my family and do my crazy job and enjoy the new spring weather that inexplicably started happening after a brutal winter. I've enjoyed talking to the readers who have asked me questions or made comments on the things I post here, and welcome more. In the past I've told anyone who wants to talk to me to post a comment with their email address; I will not publish it but contact you privately. And I'll still do that. But for now, I will continue some radio silence, and explore a bit more the unexpected complexity of having gotten used to making every ejaculatory experience I've had (and even one masturbatory one!) public for so long, and then going back to being a sexual civilian. See ya around.