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Monday, April 28, 2014

White Streaks

Last week I was traveling in Arizona with my partner. I love him and love looking at him and touching him and being with him, but we are completely sexless at this point (hence my endless fucking around, with his blessing, though we don't talk about it). Which meant a long spell of no ass. The scenery was amazing as we traveled around the canyons-- I love the desert, the elemental quality of the air, the water, the earth, the light-- but inside my pants, my balls were endlessly swelling with the cum endlessly manufactured therein, relentlessly, mindlessly, hourly churning out more and more goo and packing it into the small space inside my scrotum. On our first night in the Grand Canyon area, I wanted to go out and see the sky, and maybe catch the tail end of the Lyrid meteor shower, so after dinner we drove back into the pitch-black park. My partner is actually pretty afraid of the dark, and this was truly, truly dark country, so he huddled up in the car while I trotted down a path a ways to get away from even the dim lights in the parking lot. The air was completely clear and the stars were brilliant. I saw my sign, Scorpio, rising in the east, with its horny red central star. And, unbelievably, as I stopped and stood on the trail looking straight up, a long streak of light split the sky in half. Lyrids, I've read, have the quality of leaving these long trails that linger a bit after the meteorite burns off, leaving a jet of brilliance in the sky. Scorpio rising, jets of white light in the sky, cool air, darkness, my solitary presence on the path… what can I say? I was romanced by it all, and I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick.

Long ago I promised myself only to cum in or on other dudes. And mostly I've stuck to it, even during very long dry spells; I pretty much never beat off any more (unless it's to get a new cumshot to excite the folks on Manhunt with). But I love having my dick out in the open air. I love fucking outside, too, but rarely get to. Even just pulling my dick out to piss in the breeze is a pleasure. But here, alone in the dark surrounded by low bushes and nothingness, I fell in love with my dick all over again. I didn't pull my pants down but just let it hang out through my fly, joined by my hairy nuts, and still looking up at all the brilliant constellations, hoping for more jets of light across the sky, I stroked my meat slowly with my hand. Grasping the rough hairy base, sliding slowly downward along the slowly thickening shaft, and then to that fleshy crown on the end, with the thick ridge and curiously exciting shape, tingly nerves saying "stroke the other way, stroke the other way," but I teased myself, and would pull my hand away, moving back to the base before stroking again. While I waited for my dick to stiffen completely, I just kept up these long, slow, downward strokes, coaxing the erection into my meat. Come on, come on, harden for me, feel the pleasure, lengthen and harden, feel my hand pull down, helping you along, helping you to be long and thick and hard and throbbing. Beautiful dick, come on, get hard. Each stroke brought more excited blood into my unit. It was getting pretty late, the Milky Way was turning the eastern sky hazy as Sagittarius began to peek up, and my balls were rising slowly up against my body, my dick was stretching down into its full length and thickness, and slowly moving forward, away from my body, to point straight out in front of me. And another, shorter tail rained down from the sky, not quite like the amazing first jet I saw on the trail, but enough to make me gasp. And my dick was fully hard now, and I felt it ever so slightly secrete a slight lubricating substance all along its length, a slight change to the resistance of my genital skin, turning it more silky, easier to stroke. I could make myself cum very easily now, but I wanted to feel this fully erect organ strain in the open air a bit longer, wanted to build up the pressure some, to ensure I could make my own amazing jet streak across the sky. So I shifted my grip a bit, stroking up and down now, feeling the head tug up and down along with my slow movements, feeling the cum tube thicken and ready for its payload, fondling my exhausted, thrilled hairy nuts in the other hand, feeling my whole body turn to nothing but a length of meaty tube and an urgent need to shoot. And the stars twinkled and the air blew, and I gave in, and I shot, starlight raining all around me while I rained my fuckjuice on the ground.

Felt good! To cum on the Grand Canyon!

Two days later, I did the same thing in the red dust of Sedona, a few feet from a "vortex" where women do yoga at sunset every day.

I love my dick.


  1. like your blog, is there any way I can contact you?

    1. Thanks, anonymous! I do have a google+ account linked to this blog now, maybe try there.