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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today was another of these I-really-just-need-to-get-off days I've been having so many of lately; I was out of commission all last week with a crazy allergy/cold combination that seemed to engulf the entire east coast, and work has been pretty brutal, so my poor testicles have been overloaded indeed with their daily production going unspent for over a week. Infuriatingly, a very good-looking guy who hit *me* up on BBRTs, sent *me* his number, asked *me* if he could come over immediately, and told *me* he'd be over in 10 or 15 minutes, suddenly clammed up, and when prodded 20 minutes later told me "Oh I'm still waiting for them to bring my car up." I pointed out that he'd told me he was leaving quite a while before, and he said, "I did leave, my car just isn't ready." Of course then I never heard from again; are these people also lying to themselves, as well as me? Did he really think he was still coming, and just waiting for his car to be "brought up" (from below the earth's mantle, apparently)? Ugh! But this frustration put my horniness into overdrive. Unfortunately, work was still busy and no one was biting. Towards the end of the day, I hit on a furry, extremely cute, visiting British guy in Hell's Kitchen. We did some back and forth, and he demurred on a raw fuck, saying he likes it but prefers to know the top better first. I thought I'd scared him off, but I told him, "Hell, I'd be happy just making out with you and humping all over you-- you're extremely cute." He rather unexpectedly took me up on my offer-- he was of a type that is never interested in me, so I was surprised. His hotel was waaaay on the west side, about 4 long blocks from the nearest subway. He said as long as I could get up there in enough time for him to be ready at 6:30 for dinner, I could come by. I wavered back and forth-- it was far to go and I had to meet my own partner around that time as well, but had a lot further to go than my Brit friend did. I don't do well with time pressure. He'd said Thursday or Friday were also options, but I thought, if I don't fool around with this guy now, I probably never will get another chance. Feeling irresponsible, I told him yes. He texted me the details and I ran to the train.

I got to his room 35 minutes later, and he answered the door, looking very, very, very cute. He had on shorts that showed extremely beautiful, muscular legs, though the overall effect, with a plaid shirt and Jack Purcells and a stark part in his hair, was somewhat geeky. His bearded chin was ridiculously manly and handsome. He pretty much attacked me right at the door, diving in for some intense kissing, though he suffered from what I will now officially name "Muppetlike Kissing Syndrome," where you make open-close motions with your mouth and expose your tongue but do not involve your lips in any way. I kept trying to get our lips to lock in that beautiful sensuous way that makes my dick sproing, but he wasn't having it. Fuck it, I thought, he's just ridiculously handsome and I'm enjoying groping him. So I went with it. I felt up his round, ample ass and knew I had to get my face in there, at least, if he wasn't going to let me get my naked bone in there. So I asked him, "Let's go to the bed." He led me over, along a breathtaking full wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson river, basically just across the West Side Highway from the hotel, with cruise ships and the Intrepid right outside. I took a minute to admire the view, then led him to the bed, bent him over the bed, and pulled down his shorts to reveal tight little red briefs. My favorite! I stuck my face in them and inhaled the scent of his sweat, rubbing my face against him in anticipation.

Then I ate his ass like Chris Christie eats cheeseburgers.

My dick was hard as a rock at this point, so I clambered up on the bed and stuck it in his face and he sucked me greedily. The sight of my choad buried in his handsome, manly, king-like face made my head spin. I held his bearded chin and fucked my dick into him slowly; it was so massive and firm and prickly in my hand that my nuts almost expelled all their contents right then and there. I pulled out and pushed him on his back and humped all over him, like I promised him I would. His legs were so meaty and thick and enveloped me and he held me to him so tight it was almost painful.

I had to have more ass. I flipped him over, slid back down between them, and ate the fuck out of him. I held his dick in my hand as I ate. It was small and uncut but even harder than mine and had an awesome upward curve to it, which is something of a fetish of mine. I fondled his foreskin gently while I tongued him and sucked on his balls, when suddenly, his balls popped out of my mouth and into his body, and I felt his foreskin get very slimy; then I realized his taint was throbbing violently against my lips. He was cumming all over the bed! I recoiled, thinking maybe he could stop, as I'd only been there maybe 15 minutes. But he got up on his hands and knees and I saw gobs of cum all over the sheet. I've definitely never rimmed anyone to orgasm before.

He turned on his back and gave me a sheepish smile. His leg was smeared with slime. "Let me lay on top of you again," I said, and I did, and my dick slid in some of his wetness, and we made out voraciously and I held him close. My dick felt like it was melting. I held his face in my hands, look deep into his brilliant green eyes, and said, "You're so fucking handsome... You're gonna make me cum too." He smiled and buried his face in my neck and bit me and I spurted freely between our bodies; when I finally pulled away from him his hair was glazed and matted with my goo.

"Well, I don't suppose you'll have any trouble making your 6:30 now!" I chirped. "Let me be a gentleman and clean my mess off you." I went over to the cavernous limestone bathroom, wet a washcloth, and made him clean and tidy. He muttered something about being good to go again in 10 minutes and pulled me down for more making out. I was happy to, but then I suggested I should go, and he said it more clearly: "Give it 10 minutes, and we can go again." I'm an extremely slow reloader, and was feeling weirdly self-conscious next to this really good looking man. I stroked his body and pulled him close to me and we kept kissing but I knew it wasn't going to happen. So I pulled away, and began to dress, asking him about his plans. He followed me around the room as I collected my glasses and my shoes and things, still naked and so good-looking it was hard to look at him directly for very long. I was about to leave, back near the window and door where I'd started, but I kept being drawn to touch and kiss him. I held his dick in my hand and it got hard as ever right then and there. We made out and I figured, maybe I should just get him off one more time, he's clearly disappointed it ended so quickly. He slackened into me, and then began fishing around in my shorts for my own, shrivelled dick. We tugged on each other as we started at each other and made out. "*I'm* probably not going to cum," I said gently, "but YOU can!" He seemed to take this as a challenge, and got to his knees and sucked me. It felt good, but I was not responding. I let him enjoy my cummy wang for a while, staring out at the sparkling river and the boats, thinking, what a life! Then I pulled his face up from my groin, looked down into his face again, and repeated, "I really don't think I will cum again, big guy... but YOU can!" He began beating off, and I pulled on his nipples hard, which is what he seemed to require, and he looked at me with a helpless, adoring look that surprised me. My shorts were still around my ankles and  my dick flopped near his face, and he looked at me with great desire and made himself shoot into his hand, impressively copiously, I must add. I kept shaking my head and telling him how handsome he was, and when I saw the load, I praised him, "Good boy!" And then, "Please tell me you didn't jizz on my shorts." He stood up and said, "They're just corduroy!"

We chatted amiably again about the rest of his trip. I suggested he visit my section of Brooklyn but he seemed very skeptical and asked if he'd get killed out here. He was a very sweet guy; I wish I'd known when he came that he was a multiple cummer; I would have tried to make it last. But such is life. By the time I left we'd spent over 45 minutes together, and it was really nice. When I got home after my own dinner and an evening wandering around downtown Manhattan, I found he'd sent a really nice note to me on Manhunt, saying "Thanks for the express service... I don't know what you were doing to my ass but it sure felt good." Happy to oblige, handsome British dude!


  1. I've had the Muppet like kissing experience. Frankly, I'd rather not kiss at all in that type of situation: either do it properly or not at all. I feel your pain.

    1. He actually DID have lips, and nice ones, unlike most guys who kiss this way... but just kept them rigid. He was so cute I just had to keep trying, and I fucking love to make out. But guys like this never seem to get the hint from what I'm doing to *them*, and then you end up feeling like *you're* kissing weird.

      I wonder what life would be like if everyone was equally good in bed and did each other exactly right every time?

  2. Both of u are too hot! Haha feel left out as a smooth Asian guy!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! No reason to feel left out of slutty sport fucking just because you're a smooth Asian... go check out http://anothercheater.blogspot.com!