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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hot for Teacher

So a few days ago I get messages from Ultra Meat on all the apps he's on, and then a text message from him. I figure this can't just be him routinely wanting my dick, so I text him back. Turns out he is taking some basic math classes-- I knew he was going to college finally, but it turns out he has to take algebra and he just can't even. "Aren't you a math teacher or something?" he asked plaintively. "The distributive property is kicking my ass!" I don't know why he thought I was a math teacher-- maybe I just look like one, or maybe my semen tastes like a math teacher's semen, or maybe I mentioned to him that I have volunteered helping adults get their GEDs in the past. I do like math and am a pretty good tutor, so I told him I would help him. I offered to do it for free but he insisted on paying me. And that's cool. So I went by yesterday morning, and was all business; I didn't grope him or kiss him or anything, we just got right into it. I helped him for two hours, during which he expressed extreme frustration with being forced to learn algebra, but it was nothing I hadn't seen before. By the end he was begging to stop, saying he was exhausted, and I said sure. I toyed with saying, "So, you wanna kiss my dick a little?" But we were actually in his place, and while his partner wasn't around, I felt like maybe that would be out of line. So I just said my goodbyes, got the cash, and headed out. Two hours later I saw a text he had actually sent the instant I walked out, saying, "So hard to keep it professional." It hadn't seemed that way to me-- several times when trying to make a strong point or command his attention I put my hand on his MASSIVE FUCKING SHOULDER but he didn't seem titillated at all, just dizzy from all the parentheses. I wrote back saying I figured it would be bad to hit on him there, and he said "You should have." Then he said, " wanna come back? :-)" By that time I was busy with another friend who had suddenly come to town, but when we were wrapping up, I texted him, asking if it was too late. "My partner's sister is coming tonight. I don't know when." I exhaled loudly. "All these people interfering with this blowjob!" I texted. He lol'ed. I said, "Does she have a key and everything?" He said no, but, "Who do I tell her you are?" "She buzzes, I pull up my pants and get out of there before she gets in." He said "Ok, when?" After I sent my friend to the train station, I asked if the coast was still clear. "I'm three blocks away," I said. "Come over," he said. And I did. And he hoovered all the spunk out of my ducts GOOD.

It was interesting being in his place after always meeting at mine. I guess his partner makes some decent money; it was rather fancy. He led me to the bed and I pulled off my shorts and lay back and he just got to sucking. It's a little sad but I think with him kissing first doesn't work, and actually un-works; just making out with him doesn't turn me on the way it did when he was new, and then I would sort of psych myself out and not get hard. But seeing him just clamber up between my legs, that huge dark body loaded with perfectly-formed muscles, and lowering himself down into my groin to slurp me up… shit. Amazing. And I was hard in no time. I know he loved feeling me go from noodle to ramrod in his mouth purely due to his own ministrations.

Once I was straight as an arrow down there he pulled me out and said, "It's so good to be able to suck you without being in a hurry. I wanted to suck your dick all day. I wanted it so bad when you were here tutoring me." And then we made out like crazy while he stroked my rod a bit, and he put me back in and just kept up the sucking.

I hate this fucking cast-- I couldn't get up on him, couldn't even put both hands on his head when I drilled my fuckstick up into his face. But with my left hand I could grip the bicep that was too big for my hand to even halfway encircle, the shoulder that bulged to his side like a cantaloupe, the hard chest covered with light bristly fuzz. He got up, having worked up a bit of a sweat sucking me, and pulled off all his clothes. FUCK. And he clambered back up between my thighs naked. I sat up more so I could see his back and ass while he worked my pole with his tongue. How the FUCK do I keep getting this dude on my dick? "I wish it was in my assssssss," he sighed, laying my meat beside his face, eyes closed, pure bliss on his face. I just babbled how beautiful he was down there, beautiful body servicing my meat, makin my dick feel so good, suck my fuckin dick, aw man FUCK.

What a perfect beautiful body. Why is he so crazy about MY meat? He could get anybody with that fuckin body. Geesh. Just keep sucking.

He's still too squeamish about swallowing me. "You know what I want to do," he said. "I want to let you cum in my mouth. But then I'll regret it." So I told him I would pull off. I was partially propped up with my left hand and my right is useless so I ran my foot all over his long dark perfectly rippled body. I think he has a little foot fetish; he jerked himself into a frenzy with one hand and gripped my foot with the other, moaning all the while around the meat in his mouth. And when I finally popped, he popped, staring at me with a face full of a kind of lustful rage, almost, completely distorted with a surplus of animalistic feeling he could not keep inside.

It was really quite a thing.

We talked a little afterwards, very familiarly. It felt nice. I apologized for any possible breath. "My friend wanted to go to dinner; I hope I didn't taste my barbecue sauce the whole time." "Oh man," he said in his way, "I noticed that, and I was thinking, damn, I should order from Mable's." There ya gave it. I reek of Mable's Smokehouse and he sucks my face anyway, he services my tool and runs his hand all over my schlubby body and makes me cum. All this bad luck happening to me and my partner has me down, but I guess I got something going on!

Today he told me he found a free tutor through the school. I wonder if this was all an elaborate ruse to get me over to his place? I usually wait a month or two between feedings with him. Well, I guess he got me!

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