web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Helpin' a Dude Out

Friday, September 19, 2014

Helpin' a Dude Out

So between the fucking cast-- which is still past my elbow but hopefully will be reduced to a forearm cast Monday-- the extra stress at work, and my unemployed partner always moping around the house, my dick has been sorely neglected. Nine days went by since my last draining and I didn't even muster the energy to be horny for most of them. But by yesterday, even though I wasn't animalistically lustful like I might be in less stressful times, I did begin to feel that back-of-the-skull hunger for ass in my face and sensation on my dick. It appeared while I was bathing and soaped up my meat and never went away, making me irritable and unable to concentrate. Today, with a couple of hopeful possibilities for new jobs on the potential horizon, and a beautiful bright breezy day outside, my partner decided to take a trip to the Rockaways to relax a bit. Work was very quiet and I felt burned out and unmotivated. So I had lunch with a good friend, but also put out feelers for service. Tireless Cocksucking Boy has suddenly come back on my radar, and was interested but busy till the evening; no good. Fridays are always hard to hook up on for some reason. So I asked the diligent Latino cumgobbler who got me off last time if he was around today. He apparently was off all day and definitely wanted more of my cum. So with a sure thing in my pocket, I enjoyed my lunch, came home, did some minor things for work, and invited him over. My nuts feel five pounds lighter. It's all inside his belly now.

This time, despite being pent up with nine days of surplus sperm swimming in my scrotum, I managed to last well over an hour subject to his intense, unrelenting oral attentions. He deep throats rather aggressively and it actually feels like too much pressure somehow, but when he takes my dick halfway in his mouth, and massages my cockhead's hotspot with his tongue, concentrated on all the best nerve endings, the sight of his meditative face and my glistening fuckstick emerging from his lips and disappearing into my bush was enough to make my head swim. And when I got too close I would slide down off the bed and eat out his actually extremely awesome ass. His body is very average, but it has a kind of ideal manliness to its proportions, especially in the hip and thigh area, that had me lapping at his cheeks, gooch, and hole like a salt addict at a salt lick. Whenever I tapped against the bald spot on the underside of his nut sack, his whole body rippled with pleasure and he cried out-- very exciting as he is otherwise completely silent as he works on me. I fooled around with my rock-hard bone knocking on his back door but didn't try to force my way in. It felt amazing, though, and eventually I flipped him over and clambered on top of him, ridiculous oversized 90-degree cast and all, and humped the holy hell out of him as he wrapped his legs around my heaving hips, fantasizing about me fucking him deep, I could tell. If having this huge hard artificial appendage upside his body, flopping around gracelessly as I tried to position myself to have a perfect fulcrum for thrusting against his groin bothered him any, he didn't let on. t bit his neck and his whole body writhed; a lick behind his ear and over his earlobe reduced him to a puddle of pleasure. I almost came just from sucking on these body parts and feeling our closeness. But each time I got too close I pulled off, switched positions, and kept the energy up. He sucked me till I was mindless and helpless and unable to do anything but gawk and ooze. And then he made me cum. I coached him into sneaking me up to it, one tiny lick at a time, inching inching inching towards the explosion of slime that was inevitable, but just a little more a little more a little more, let me feel it all, and then squirt after squirt straight down his throat. All through it he kept up the exact touch and tempo that had gotten me to the point and kept me shooting like a lawn sprinkler. Shoop, shoop, shoop, jets of high pressure cum popping out of my dick till I was a limp rag.

And he kept sucking me until it was painful, and didn't even let up then. That's a good cocksucker. Got the salty wet prize but still wants more dick. Eventually I had to pull him off.

I don't remember the last time I gave my dick to the same dude twice in a row like this. But I'm in need, and reticent and bland as he is, he provides an excellent service. So I use him. And he likes it, in his own quiet, undemonstrative way.

He checks me out on Scruff almost every day… waiting for another chance to install himself between my legs and make me let loose the sexual substance he craves.


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