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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today I got snookered by Ultra Meat. I'm back in Brooklyn for the week, getting a little much-needed R-n-R from the situation back home. My mom ended up hospitalized last Friday, but I managed to catch her problem quickly enough that it was mercifully brief. While she was in she told me she insisted that I come up to be with my partner, and I took her up on it, extending the trip through the week to get more time with him and my friends. It took a few days to decompress, and my apartment and grotty neighborhood never looked better to me than after being in my miserable hometown for six or seven weeks. Today marked my first interest in even looking for ass, but no one was biting. Ultra Meat has been steadfastly texting me while I've been away, reminding me periodically of his deep, inexplicable need for my dick. We had a hot torrent of texting a few weeks ago about how next time I fucked him he didn't want me to pull out, he wanted my seed, yadda yadda. My balls were pretty blue after a long bout of dirty messaging this morning on Manhunt with the Hot Son from last summer, who loves for me to talk elaborately and at length about dad/son cum fantasies. I find that all kind of silly, but he's so good looking that I always indulge him, and it ends up turning me on. My nuts were aching in their sac. I intended to take Ultra Meat up on his offer to take my cum in his ass later in the week, when I wasn't so pent-up, but by early evening I had to get off with *somebody*, and I thought maybe fucking someone who wasn't new would help me last even with this heavy testicular cargo. So I asked Ultra Meat to come and get it. He didn't get back to me until uncomfortably close to when my partner would be home. I told him to come by anyway, throwing caution to the wind, telling him point-blank, "I want to cum in you." His reply was "Fuck. I want it." And he came over. But... fucker! I didn't get to cum in him.

He came by pretty quick and I think his body is even leaner and more built than last time I saw him, if that's even possible. We kissed a bit in the sun-drenched living room, while he looked around warily and asked if I was sure my partner wouldn't just come home. I said, "Probably not, but just suck my fuckin dick man, I need it," and I led him back to the bedroom, pulled off my pants, hopped on the bed, spread my thighs a bit to give him access to my dong and my nuts, and told him to get to work. He had me hard as granite pretty quickly, wiggling his naked black ass in time to the rhythm of his sucking. And we talked about how I was gonna stick my dick in him and load him up with my cum. His dick was precumming like crazy and I rubbed it all over my own dick to make it extra slippery. While I humped him he asked me breathlessly if I had been fucking bottoms down south. I said, "A few here and there," trying to look sly. He groped my back with his big hands, feeling up the hair on it, grunting, "Did you stick that hot dick in them raw, man?" And I kissed him some more and said, "A few." He said, "Oh fuck I want it too." But when I got on top of that insanely beautiful body and began rubbing my dickhead against his hole, he pushed his legs closed and said, "I haven't prepared!" Granted he *had* just gotten back to Brooklyn from Manhattan, so it's probably true. But he knew what I wanted! I think he was skeezed out by the fact that my dick has been bare inside too many other guys. And I can understand that. I know he wants it but I know he's afraid. So I gave him one of my indulgent looks and assumed the position to fuck my dick into his mouth, poised on my toes and extended forearms, doing pushups into his skull. He oozed clear slippery liquid out of his cumhole like crazy. I put my wet dick back up against his hole and fucked slightly against it, popping in maybe a tiny bit, but he locked down and pushed me out. Oh well!

I put my body on his and gripped my hands up under his huge meaty buttocks and thighs. The feeling of humping up against all that hard meat with my hands down there, pinning his groin up against mine like that, humping against him like an ape, made me want to cum. It's so exciting. I told him that, and he said, "Cum on me man, I want to see it." The phrase was all I needed to turn to liquid, and I reared up and jerked myself into thick white ribbons all over his black body. Jet after jet of cum shot out all over him, and his face twisted into a mask of helpless pleasure, looking half like anger, half like intense dolor; he beat himself furiously, saying, "Put your dick in my face," and I did, but he didn't take me into his mouth; he just inhaled deeply the scent of my cum wafting from my gooey dickhead, and he popped himself, letting loose a very healthy load of his own. He was absolutely glazed with the fruit of our pleasure, and almost immediately asked for a towel. I laughed and got him one. Maybe he was still afraid my cum was radioactive and wanted it off him now that he was done.

As he dressed he shook his head and reiterated how fucking huge my load was. "The last week has been hell," I said, and recounted what had happened with my mom. He looked very sympathetic, and said he was sorry, and hoped things would get better. I thanked him, and said, "So sometimes you just don't have time to get off." He laughed and said, "I somehow have never learned that lesson." He'd told me while we were humping that he'd jerked off a dozen times thinking about my dick, he'd missed it so much. I'm still flabbergasted by this. I can't imagine that living inside that body is anything other than a kind of sexual prison. I'd have to beat off multiple times a day if that was my physical reality, too. I'm not sure I'd do it thinking about a guy like me, though! No accounting for taste.

I think the only way I'm gonna get to inseminate this prize is to show him another negative test result from that day, or something. But I'm totally gonna cum in this dude. It's a mission now.


  1. Get some of the OraQuick HIV Test Kit. You can take a swab, make out, get sucked, rim his hole getting it nice and wet and ready to take your raw cock and load and then see the results and BAM! one freshly seeded hole! It's well worth the $40.

    If link doesn't work:

    1. I actually thought about something like that after he left, SEAN... I feel like my load was wasted somehow! Not something I usually feel with this dude. But maybe I should stock up on a few... thanks for the link!

  2. I have started using a new app that let's you set goals and tracks your progress with feedback and guidance. We should set you up and get you started on a new goal today: "Breed Ultra Meat". It's as much my goal as yours, because I can't wait to read that entry!

    Glad to hear you're getting some time back in NYC.

    1. I remember the first time I came in his mouth, he spat it out soon after and then said, a little melancholy, "How come everything that's wrong feels so good?" I'm skeptical I'm ever gonna get to juice up that beautiful body. But if you want to set me up on your app and whip me into breeding shape with daily reminders and exercises, Patrick, you're welcome to :^]