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Friday, May 31, 2013


Next week is my last week in this goddamn Southern hell-hole, which I am desperately sick of looking at every day as I driiiiive from nowhere to nowhere doing nothing. And I can't wait to get back to NYC and my partner and my home and my friends. As of this afternoon I hadn't gotten off since last Friday, and have been prickteased and lied to to death. I've had people who want to suck my dick show me a picture of their own dick, and get huffy when I suggest that maybe that doesn't help me decide whether I want to meet them for their desired purpose. I've had a guy text me at 11pm telling me he wanted to hook up but couldn't, because a friend came over and fell asleep on his couch but maybe if he wakes up I can come over. My sister went to the beach for the weekend today, so I finally had a place where I could host if I wanted to-- it was iniquitous to do so but a man has needs. So I made the rounds of dudes who said they'd hook up if only I could host-- which is at least 3/4 of this town; I never been in a place where so many adults had putative roommates, not even NYC-- and was still turned down by almost all of them. But one dude did seem game. There was a lot of cat and mouse-- it's too far! maybe it's not! I'm too busy! Maybe I won't be! But finally, after I'd given up on him and was wandering around a Target looking for slippers for my mother, he suddenly texted saying he'd meet met in 20 minutes. So I dropped everything and rushed to the appointed place-- I couldn't invite him directly to my sister's without seeing him first, or whatever-- hoping maybe he'd drain me right and earn my gigantic load.
Well, he didn't. He drove up looking cuter than his picture, with a scruffy beard and a nice big-featured but long, open face, which was a nice surprise. He crept along behind me through the inexplicably horrid traffic right around my sister's house, wasting ten minutes on going about 2000 feet. We went into the house, both took leaks in separate bathrooms, then stripped. His body was pretty uninspiring, and he was very tall, but he was cute. Kissed way too aggressively, like he was eating my face off. He had asked me if I would reciprocate the head early on in our discussions. I didn't really want to, but I'd told him I would so I could get sucked myself. So I hopped on the bed and said, "Me first!" and opened my legs. He got between them and worked my soft dick pretty well, and I held his buzzed head while it bobbed in my lap and cooed encouragement. He stopped and looked me right in the face and said, "Don't give me directions."


That pretty much killed it for me. I like very bottomy bottoms who are into me calling the shots. Barring that, it's nice if my sex partners have even the vaguest idea of what might be considered extremely unsexy in bed. I laughed and didn't say anything, but at this point the blow job turned into a taffy pull. I decided I'd just suck his dick, which looked fairly long in the pix, hoping to get something out of this completely ruined experience.

It wasn't hard yet either but after I slid down and worked it, it got hard pretty quick. I felt the beard under my chin rubbing against his firm, meaty balls. He got hard fast and it was a pretty nice tool, long and not too thick, with a nice precummy taste. I got into it pretty well, and so did he, judging by the slowly intensifying taste, and I got hard enough to stick it in his mouth.

He was pretty aggressive with the sucking, too, and used his hand way too much. He took about eighty hits of poppers which made the room reek. I moved into a 69 position and fucked into his skull with his long bone snaking all the way down my throat while he hooted with pleasure. And I unceremoniously came in his mouth, figuring I just wanted not to have the cum inside me any more and this was as good as it was going to get.

He made a surprised, perhaps indignant noise, and pulled me out and let my cum glob all over the damn place. I met him on BBRTs and he knew I was a top, so I have no idea what was up with him or what he was expected. Then he beat himself off. 

We made rather stilted chitchat as we cleaned up and got dressed, and he ran off fairly quickly. I think it might have been better just to have masturbated to my voluminous and largely unused porn collection, building up a huge cumshot to film and get stills from for my online profile, or something. I've wasted more cum in this stupid state than I did on my pubescent bedsheets.

In a way I am not that interested in sex right now. The roller coaster situation with my mother and my family, and intensely missing my husband, has made me just want to go home and nest and refamiliarize myself with the sights of my neighborhood, my Brooklyn. So this blog may stay sleepy for a while. Sorry folks!


  1. Reminds me of the scene in Chasing Amy where they talk about how ridiculous it is to think they can get good head with out any feedback. Seems like every dick is wired slightly different. It's like driving stick. Some you have to finesse a little more than others or else you stall out.

    1. The only scene from Chasing Amy I remember very well is her screeching away with tears in her eyes about why you shouldn't ever have a threeway. I also remember loving fat Ben Affleck.

      Anyway my dick is a very wonky stickshift. You better listen or it will get you nowhere fast!

  2. The guy sounds like a douchebag and your patience is thin as it is. You'll be right as rain soon enough once you are back to the things most familiar to you. Take a break and enjoy the time at home.