web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Need

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today I got some pretty awesome head from someone I was completely not attracted to, but who showed an uncommon need for my sex. His pictures online were actually not bad, showing a hairy, darkly bearded guy, burly but not out of control build. He hit me up for the first time sometime last year, and sounded genuinely desperate to get my cum inside him-- he wanted me to fuck him, but he did seem too burly for that, so I told him he could suck me off if he had the stamina to edge me really good. He said he did, and was very accommodating of when, despite living way uptown. We made some plans for him to come get me off during lunch one day, and I saved up a bit of surplus semen in my testicles in anticipation-- and then he texted me saying he had to cancel. He set up another time, and then cancelled that at the last minute too. A few months went by and I forgot he existed. Then I get another text out of nowhere, with more begging for forgiveness, begging for my dick. I am an indulgent man-- perhaps too indulgent-- so I let him try again. And again he cancelled. This was always because of work issues coming up at the last minute. I can understand that, but decided he was just too far away for this to be practicable; he'd have to be closer so he could easily pop out, suckle on my meat for a nice long interval, and pop back. He'd be on the subway almost an hour if he ever came. So I let him fade away. But he wouldn't let it go and was constantly texting me, whimpering about how my cum was the ONLY CUM that would satisfy him, my dick was the BEST DICK IN NYC and he HAD TO TASTE IT. But eventually he said, "OK, I'm sorry, this is just never going to work, I never get what I want, I'll delete you from my contacts."And a few more months went by, till a couple months ago, when I was staying with my mother, and he was back, saying he just can't believe he never got to suck me, he still keeps thinking about my dick, blablabla. Clearly, he never deleted my contact at all! But I decided, in my enfeebled state down there, to be generous and give him another chance when I got back home. Today was the day. I had a nice three-day load saved up. I'd been prick-teased by a couple of guys on Grindr who are totally my type and were willing to flash me dirty pictures but not actually meet up to fuck, so there was some tension in my nuts. Perfect day to lay back and be brought to orgasm by someone who desperately needed to get me off.
Well, this time he showed up right when he said he would, but he was pretty dang fat. His dark beard was pretty overgrown with shaggy bits on his cheek above his jaw which probably should be shaved. His hair was a mess. I thought, egad, what have I done. It took him an hour to get to me, and I didn't have the heart to send him home. So I decided to just let him do his thing and go into that abstracted state I've learned to go in sometimes, where really everything is all about my own dick and balls and nothing else. And I admit there is something imperious in me that gets off on knowing someone who maybe doesn't quite feel worthy of me-- who can tell I'm not that into him-- nonetheless is inexplicably getting the prize he wants the most. 

I admit also that I enjoy the sight of my thick stalk of meat sliding in and out of a very dark, bushy beard. I started by commanding him to his knees and pulling out my shrunken, flaccid, uninspired dick, telling him to start slow. He managed to get some length and girth out of it in very quick order, though it wasn't hard as a rock. I let him toil away on the floor between my legs for a bit longer than I normally would, since really I just wasn't interested in kissing him, or getting his clothes off, or any of that. I just stood there with my arms at my sides, watching my meat get some genuinely fantastic service from a needy little cocksucker with no pride. I was feeling pretty good, but my legs were getting a little weak, so I sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back and propping myself up with my elbows, watching him grope his way on all fours towards my groin and the now respectably stiff slab of meat that he came all this way for. And he sucked and sucked and sucked and it was nice. Nice enough that I really wanted to settle into this and see just how much cocksucking he had in him. I pulled off my shirt and hopped up on the bed, leaning back on a pile of pillows, as he lumbered up between my legs and stuck his face right back down in my crotch. 

He'd asked if he could do poppers before he came, but seemed to completely forget about even having them-- the bottle never came out and all the focused on was my sex organs.  I told him to suck my nuts some and he is one of the few guys who has been able to do this enjoyably; mine are extremely sensitive and get that electric twang of sickening pain very easily from even a minor punch, so this was a testament to his skill. He sucked at them and let them drop against my body, making me feel oddly like a paddle-ball game as they elastically pulled away from me in his mouth and then sprang back to me. I never enjoyed my nuts so much. "That's where all the cum is," I cooed at him. "And that's what you came for, isn't it?" He moaned and whimpered and looked up at me from below my bush with a desire in his eyes that looked pretty close to agony. "Keep working on my tool and those nuts will shoot out a big reward for you." The eyes closed, almost in pain, and he nuzzled and rooted around in my groin for several minutes, blissfully high on my sex. "You're so fucking hot," he groaned between licks and grunts. Nah! But this was pretty fun. And then he said, "You taste so good," and my spit-shiny dickhead bobbed against his beard, angry and red from all the sucking. We both admired it for a while and he slipped it back in. "Wait till you taste my cum. That's a different taste. But you'll like it." He sucked hard at my dickhead, a little too intensely. "All the way down," I barked, and his head slid down till his nose was in my bush. "Ahhhhh.... nice and warm. Now all the way up," I ordered, and he slid back up my shaft. "All the way," I said, and I saw my fat dickhead with its pronounced ridge appear outside his mouth. "Feel all my inches," I said, "suck the whole dick, every inch," and he groaned and complied, and my dick felt a mile long, the way he was treating it.

Eventually we settled into the ideal position, with my ankles hitched over his massive calves (despite the giant belly, he was actually very very muscular in the limbs), his giant meaty paws planted on the bed at either side of my hips, my bone rigidly pointing straight up into his mouth hidden by its black whiskers, and his tongue perfectly hitting the hot spot on the base of my dickhead with just the perfect pressure and slipperiness to get me to the edge and keep me there. I checked the clock and he'd already been at me for almost a half an hour. I wondered how long I could last in this haze of pleasure. "You're not going to get tired, are you?" I threatened gently. Again he looked at me with eyes filled with a desperate, painful satisfaction, and held my gaze, and shook his head with my prong still planted firmly in his mouth, still at just that right spot. "You want me to cum hard, right?" I asked. He kept staring at me, his eyebrows knitted in a private, intense emotion, and nodded again. "Then work for it. I only cum in guys who make me feel really good. You gotta work for my cum, man. Prove you love my dick and deserve my cum." He eyelids slid down like I'd given him verbal morphine and he went back to work. His gentle moans were inhuman. He had learned exactly what I wanted on my dick and he just kept delivering it over and over; my body began to tense up involuntarily but I held my hips rock-still so the perfect angle would not be disturbed. My dick reached a level of hardness it rarely surpasses. I could tell he felt it too. "It just got super-hard, didn't it," I cooed at him, "You feel it, don't you?" More nodding, more grimaces of need on his face. "You're making it hard like that, man. You're gonna make me cum. The dick doesn't lie. Now it's just you..." I exhaled loudy, feeling extremely, extremely good, "...and my dick." I felt my dickhead swell almost beyond its limits. I was completely immobile and my orgasm was his to create. It was just a matter of time. He kept up what he was doing and suddenly there it was, at the point when my dick could not get any more engorged with blood, could not get longer or thicker, my nuts took over and squirted a dozen ropes of semen into his fantastically grateful mouth. After about six or eight of them, he seemed to go slack, expecting it to be over, but I said, "It's still cumming, don't stop, keep at it man, keep hitting that spot, keep making me cum," and his whole body tensed again when he realized I was right, that more cum was spurting out of my bone across his tongue. He lapped and lapped at me expertly and I felt like I was cumming twice in a row with no break. My pipes were getting a thorough blowout. It was like riding rapids. My dick and balls had a mind of their own.

He kept up a gentle suckling even after I was done pulsing and leaking. He just wanted more and more dick. I let him play with me until it became a little painful.

"Not bad!" I said, always a fan of understatement. He sat up, and reached for his clothes, and told me about nine times that I was the hottest guy ever. I could only smirk. I offered him something to drink, but he didn't want anything, and we chatted idly about work. He seemed to be drifting down from a cloud and having trouble getting his clothes on. I felt like I'd escaped from some kind of chrysalis I never knew I was in. It was the most intensely cleansing blowjob I've ever received.

He left pretty quickly and then texted me about three minutes later, "fuckin hot man... hope you liked it." I replied, "You did an excellent job, yes. And you didn't even need the poppers!" "cuz your fuckin hot as hell," he said. "Keep in touch... if you want." I thanked him, not really wanting to lead him on... his skills are primo but there's a whole city of men out there to fuck and inseminate. Onward!


  1. I could feel you cum rising...........hot!!!

    1. There's nothin better than lettin another dude take over your dick and make it do what it's gonna do. And just layin back and enjoying the ride. This guy did a great job of that. I had no control and didn't want any... just wanted him to get me off, and good.