web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Perverse

Friday, June 28, 2013


Today I got to stick my dick in my ideal kinda bottom-- 5'8, tight little body, beautiful hair pattern on his chest and arms and legs, very manly face with a big nose and full lips and dark eyebrows-- but a little queeny/swishy, which is kinda fun in this package-- buzzed head, heartbreakingly sweet little round ass with very slick, accepting hole. Dudes like this are rarely enough bottoms-- they're almost 90% tops in fact, as best I can tell-- and when they *are* bottoms, they have no interest in me. So when this guy, who lives maybe three blocks away in fact, hit me up and fairly persistently chased me, I felt incredibly lucky! His profile said safe only, but I decided to roll with it; he was very attractive to me and said "I like to serve" and I figured even if he just sucked me off and let me eat his ass and hump his hairy little body into the mattress, I'd be thrilled. But God is perverse. God is a miserable being who giveth and taketh away. In fact he doesn't even giveth; he promiseth, he teaseth, he suggesteth and leadeth to believe. He creates the beauties and fills you with desire for them and doesn't let you have him, and the one he does give you is a GODDAMN LOUSY LAY.

He was scrupulous about times, confirmations, and keeping me in the loop-- we talked about hooking up yesterday but he decided we'd have more time today. And that was great, boded well, he wasn't a flake. When he showed up, he seemed a little wary-- who knows, maybe he wasn't that into me in person. He needed to slip away to the bathroom to do some long complicated thing that involved a lot of water but no towel. When he came out he was again awkward and weird. I suggested we go to the bedroom and we did, and we made out a bit and groped each other a bit but he either didn't know how to kiss or wasn't into it or who knows what. So I put out my dick and he sucked it some on his knees but he couldn't get comfy and seemed annoyed that my shorts were around my ankles and I'm like wtf please PLEASE know how to have sex PLEASE CAN WE JUST DO THIS I LOVE YOU. I hopped back in the bed and he scrambled up between my legs and sucked me, trying too hard to deep throat me (despite me clearly indicating I liked what he was doing to my dickhead better), gagging on his inability to do so with my fat tool, and occasionally doing a very weird thing where it seemed like he was scraping the whole length of my bone with all his teeth ON PURPOSE. When he actually was sucking my dick and not doing all these weird oral calisthenics, his mouth felt awesome! But he kept popping me out, licking the tip with little dabs, letting me loll all around in front of his face half-stiff, and then the teeth thing again. Egad.

I hopped on top of him and ground into him but he flailed around meaninglessly and flitted his limbs around. He would also grab my body, so at least on some level I realized he had to be enjoying this, but it was really like trying to fuck an alien. At this point he wanted his dumb little bottle of poppers, so I let him have it, and he came back to suck me and I was pretty hard from the contact with his awesome but inept little body. He seemed to enjoy sucking a rock hard dick better, which I suppose I don't begrudge, but again with the teeth.

I asked if he liked getting his ass eaten and he said, in a very nonsexual tone of voice, "Sure," as if I'd asked him if we could stop off at the 7-11 for some kitty litter before going to the laundromat. But hey, he said yes. So I flipped him and got my face in that beauty.

Things shifted a bit here. He was very fun to rim, despite being much more hairy down there than I like-- the hair was long and abundant but soft, and his hole, as I mentioned, was a liquid center I longed to dive into with my fleshstick. His dick was hard as a hammer and I held it, feeling its smooth shaft and ridged head, while I lapped away at his hindquarters, and he moaned a little, just a little. I suppose that was him giving in to wanton abandon? In any even the sexual chemistry suddenly congealed in the room; I don't know what sexual chemistry is: a vapor, a ray, a subaudible sound, but it's some kind of physical phenomenon that links your body to the body of another in an immediate, objective way. He hiked his ass way up in the air in the universal bottom's semaphore for MORE PLEASE and I really, really had to get my dick in that.

I mounted his haunches and aimed my dick at the hole, but just kept sliding the helmet over the sensitive skin there, so he could feel me and my desire, and then would let it slide up under his balls and along his torso so he could imagine how truly lovely it would be to be impaled by all my inches inside. He really began to whimper now. And I took that as a good sign, and so after a few more passes teasing the hole, I clearly aimed right at his guts, and he wiggled back on me and half my dick sank in. I told him it was awesome. He was quiet. I pulled out, so as not to spook him, and ate some more. Beautiful. And then I mounted again and sank in again and he greedily took all my inches, again wiggling back onto me. I thought shit, I can work with this! And I fucked him for two beautiful, lovely, thrilling zinging strokes.

And he said, "Wait, do you have a condom?"

This in itself is fine; I don't begrudge a bottom not wanting me in him raw or changing his mind about how far he wants to go. I pulled out and said I did, but just wanted to eat his ass some more. And I did, wondering if maybe I could work him into enough of a frenzy to let me plow him skin on skin.

Then his phone rang, and he felt compelled to answer it-- I assumed he was working from home like me. He read the text, and came back saying he couldn't stay too long. I said, well, you gotta do what you gotta do. And he looked at my dick, and he beat his own dick a bunch, and I was laying there, like, uh, ok, so, uh, what? And he sat astride me facing away, with his ass on my dick... literally, just sat there. I made appreciative noises about the view, but it was not clear what was going on. Was he gonna ride me raw? Just rub against me till he got off? Just SIT there, mulling over how the eternal problem of how bugs get into sealed light fixtures? So far, it was the latter.

So I pushed my dick up against him harder and stroked his ass, his thighs. And then I forcibly pulled his ass up to my face so I could eat it. It was a little contorted, but he seemed appreciative, and let me eat him more from this rather object-like position. And he really liked it, cuz he slicked up my tool with his spit, sat atop in, and let it sink all the way into him.

"You're negative, right?" he asked without turning around, with my filthy fat oozing bone buried in him up to the balls. "I tested negative back in February," I croaked, dying to fuck the hell out of him. "And you have a condom?" he asked. I said "Yes... but if you have to leave, maybe it's not worth going down that road." He didn't say anything. "How long do you have?" I asked directly. "Uh... twenty?" he said. OK, I'd fuck him wrapped, I decided, and I ran to the bathroom to blow the dust off the unopened pack of Skyn condoms I bought during the Carter administration.

I ate his ass some more while I slicked up my very hard tool with lube, and managed to get the rubber on, and get that slicked up, all without taking my face out of his rear. And then I fucked him from behind, hard. The condom wasn't that bad-- I'd only ever used this brand once before, and they really do transmit sensation pretty well. But wearing any condom while fucking is like wearing shoes that are two sizes too big to run a foot race. It tripped me up. I simultaneously needed a little more sensation and a little harder fuck, and a little slower fuck to keep from popping. It was very frustrating. He was frustrating. This could be going so much better.

But I got what I could from it, and when the cum started to rise in my ducts I plowed it into him as hard as I could to just enjoy as much sensation as I could, and he really seemed to like that, probably not realizing I was cumming. I rammed into him all through the orgasm and a little after it was over. God, I love my dick, I love how my dick feels when I'm fucking a dude. As I slowed he asked, "Did you cum?" and I said I had and slowly pulled out; the end of the condom that was full of my emission stretched inside him and then sprang out like some kind of child's toy. He turned to look at it. "Was it a lot of cum?" he asked with a kind of delight and wonder in his voice, but he didn't seem to allow himself to examine closely the blob-filled rubber I was displaying proudly on my palm. And he laid on his back and closed his eyes and began to jerk off. I had no clue what, if anything, he wanted me to do, so I sat there watching and touching his body. He groped around for my dick and held it, running his fingers through the film of slime that my orgasm left around the opening; it was almost too much but I let him do it and endured the screaming sensitive sensation, and his hand slid in my slime and immediately he squirted all over himself.

I let him dry off with a dirty t-shirt, which made him laugh for some reason.

He needed a shower after this rather lame exertion, so I got him a fresh towel. We talked a bit about working from home as he got dressed. I have no idea if he had a good time or not. I just wanted to ram his hairy little body into the wall and MAKE him have sex with me properly. How incredibly frustrating. I want I want.

He trotted away and I closed the door and sat down to write this. I feel kinda good-- I didn't expect to fuck today, and I did, after all, get to feel his milky sweet insides on my naked prick for a little while, and God, I love that. But why can't I have more? I appreciate it so much. It is so little to ask. But the owners of these bodies, they just don't know what to do with them. Why?


  1. sounds like you need to tutor him more

    1. Eh, I think he's beyond redemption. Later that day he sent me a panicked text ensuring I'm not poz, so I sent him a photo of my last paper results, but otherwise he resisted my charming overtures. I think maybe he just wasn't into me.

  2. Was he young? I remember that torture of fear-overwhelming-desire, then desire and the urge to please the top winning until guilt took over. So frustrating, for everyone.

    Glad it wasn't a total loss for you, though.

    1. I don't think he was too terribly young, Patrick... and he was in a relationship so I don't think he's that conflicted. I've gotten emails from guys like this afterward saying "that was so hot" or whatever, so I know some guys are just like that. But I think he really just wasn't that into me. I wish guys would say so rather than going through the motions. Bad sex is worse than rejection.

      My dick felt awesome in him when it was raw, though! God I love that feeling.

  3. Heck, you were too nice! You should have gotten up and put on your pants the very moment he said "condom" AFTER you already were inside him. Trust me, he would have discovered how horny he actually was (and fast!) You can safely cross him off your list and jump on the next guy that is genuinely interested, and there are many of them ;)

    1. I really like to respect a bottom's wishes-- it's his body. A lot of dudes want it raw but think the better of it, and I don't like to take advantage of that or push the situation. There's plenty of guys out there who will cheerfully take whatever I want to stick in them however I want to give it, so I don't need to make someone do something he's uncomfortable with.