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Monday, July 8, 2013


Today I was extremely horny and unusually popular, which can be its own kind of curse, almost as bewildering as being extremely horny and unpopular! I hadn't gotten off in almost a week, having been busy over the weekend with holiday traveling, and had swollen, tender nuts that I was really looking forward to having slowly drained. Of course for this I like big meaty guys, and one hit me up this morning-- a gigantic latin body builder who is being rather persistent about getting with me for some reason-- but he wrote me too early, and he'd wandered away before I could make any plans with him. Everyone else was little guys who I'm more likely to want to plow, and they all showed up at basically the same time, one or two on each site and app I use, basically! Three of them were very promising and not far from me, one cuter than the other. I'm a gentleman and always let whoever said something specific first have precedence, and in this case it was a little cubbish guy who has teased me on Scruff for almost a year now, who said he'd come over at 4. This was at 2:30. Suddenly at 3, all these other guys want my dick in them and they can all meet now Now NOW! They all want it NOW! I am vague about meeting up and suggest maybe another time with them, all the time kicking myself, thinking that Scruff cub is going to flake on me like before and I'm gonna end up with nobody. He did end up coming over a bit late, which was agony-- I really only had the place to myself till about 5:30, so every minute he was late was a minute my dick wasn't going to get sucked, and another percentage of likelihood that my nuts were just going to spend another night marinating in their own goo. But then he showed up! And wow was it fun!

After the past couple of hookups, it seems like I'd come to forget how easy the pleasure can be, sucking face, touching, stickin your dick in other dudes. From the minute he walked in the door-- looking as handsome and naturally muscular as his pictures, but behaving a little more HEY-THERE-MISTER!-type gay than I expected, we had nice chemistry. He was carrying a box and an absurdly overstuffed backpack, and didn't bother to put either down before lunging for my lips and locking me in. He was really fun to kiss. He finally put down his burdens and pushed himself into me again, still standing in the foyer, and I reached around and felt his hard, meaty ass behind him.

He sucked my dick very nicely and my meat looked beautiful sliding in and out of his mouth. When he pulled off his clothes I saw that his pale body was covered with light orange fuzz-- not a turnon or a turn-off for me, but rather amusing in its genuine fluorescence. He had definitely porked up a bit since his online photos around the middle, but his shoulders and arms were thick, meaty, and well-shaped, and the ass was a beacon. He liked to suck me curled up to my side, with his head resting on my thigh. My nuts were straining from their huge load of cum and I could have ejaculated pretty easily, and he'd said he wasn't sure how minty-fresh his ass would be after a day of sitting at a desk, but things were going so well that I was dying to fuck his meaty little body. It had been so long since we'd talked at any length about hooking up-- today's conversation consisted mostly of logistics and time and stuff-- that I couldn't remember if he was willing to take me unwrapped, but I felt like he wasn't. But he was reacting to my ministrations exactly the way I wanted him to-- beard and teeth gently grazed up the neck? check. Tongue in the ear? double-check. Fingers lightly grazed up the beautifully firm, meaty cleft in his ass, to the tender pink center? triple-check. At this point he was moaning my name and saying "I waited so long, why did I wait so long, we could have been doing this, it's been so long..." and I knew I could pretty much stick anything anywhere with this guy.

I slicked up and fucked his very small but pretty dick with mine, and slicked up more and fucked against his hole without penetrating, and his head was tilted back on his neck as far as it would go, with his mouth gaping open, slack with the desire to be a sex object for another man. I felt the head of my tool slowly enter a more warm, liquid realm just beyond his abrasively hairy ass, and I almost shot my entire load right then. I had to pull away and just stroke his body, not touching, to keep from losing it. I told him how much I wanted to fuck him, but how I knew it would make me cum. I told him, "you're gonna come back and I'm gonna fuck you right." And he nodded and said "Yes, I am." And he sucked me some more, and it felt so good I had to push him off me again, and admiring those cheeks, not caring how "minty fresh" he was any more, I ordered him on his stomach and slid down between his legs and lapped away. At this point he was totally mine, practically crying into the bed and calling my name out over and over. Over and over I mounted him, with my knees on his calves, to push my fuckstick into his hindquarters, each time getting my whole head in just a little deeper, a little deeper. And I fucked him with half my dick-- he was very tight-- and he turned back to me to receive hungry kisses all over his rapt face. He begged me not to cum in him, because he wanted to taste it. And I could only take the sight of my bone buried in his sweet globes for so long, till I had to pull out for good. He lay on his back and I touched his body and felt his thick thighs in my hands, and said, "I have to go in one more time." And I slicked up and put it in him again and just held his face in my hands and told him how good he felt inside. "I could cum any time," he said. "You've got me so close... I could cum any time." I desperately wanted to fuck the cum out of him-- I have not done that to anyone in a long time, gotten a bottom off hands-free with just my tool inside. "I want you to cum first," he kept saying. "I want to taste your cum and then cum." So I pulled out the last time, and told him to get me off.

And I lay back and he curled his body against my leg and sucked me till I lost control of my dick and it fired and spasmed down his throat. He jerked himself hard and shot all over himself as I pulsed wetly inside him. Awesome.

We took a shower together and he chatted perkily about his improbable job as a trapeze instructor. We agreed we'd have to get together again when I could fuck him right without fear of cumming in him every ten seconds. I think I'll have to give him another round. But there are so many other dudes I have to plow now, too! All those guys who were after me today as well. I hope they come through.


  1. The paradox of choice. Know exactly what you mean. So I was in a new town, logged onto a4a and changed my location and got flooded with messages. So I logged off and went on Grindr to thoroughly frustrate myself by chasing guys in a 2 mile radius that wouldn't take the bait. Ha!

    1. Most of the time I avoid the "Let's meet at time X in the future" trap and just go fuck whoever is ready to fuck right away, being much less committal about whether I'll be available at some fixed time. But this little guy had been after me for a good while so I figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. But of course now I wonder if not striking while the iron was hot with all these other little dudes will cost me. We shall see! I'd like to cum in em all!