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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today I slipped my raw bone into the beautifully round, meaty hindquarters of the Little Orange Cub I plowed a few weeks ago. I wanted new meat, of course, but have been pretty busy with work since coming back from San Francisco, and he saw me back in the area on Scruff and was all over me. He *really* likes me. So I decided it was best to go with a sure thing and get off fairly early in the day so I could concentrate for the rest of the afternoon. He works just a couple blocks from me some days. So I invited him over and he gave me his sweet little body for a long, deep, intense, connected fuck!

As it turned out my boss called me the instant Little Orange Cub texted me to say he was in the neighborhood and forgot my apartment number. I had a tingly dick all morning in anticipation of getting it nicely serviced by a cute, enthusiastic guy, but his inane questions and inability to process a simple instruction just at the moment I was about to get laid took the wind out of my sails. He was still yammering when the doorman was buzzing me, and I left to let Little Orange Cub in, and had to go back into the office and spell things out for him letter by letter. But not before getting a couple of quick kisses in with Little Orange Cub, who pretty much wins the Best Kisser of 2013 Award. When I finally got my boss to go away, I was feeling rather unsexy. Making out wasn't getting the sexy back, but I feel really comfortable with this guy, so I just got in bed, took off all my clothes, and asked him to slowly lick my nuts for a while. That doesn't really excite me or make me get hard really fast, but I just like the idea of a guy licking my nuts lately. Who knows why these things happen.

He licked my nuts for a long while from a crouching position beside me, as I slowly ran a couple of fingers up and down his hairy ass-cleft. And slowly he began to lick my dick and suck the head into his mouth and work it. I directed him between my legs so I could admire his ass, and that was pretty much the ticket-- he's a little chunky from an injury he had that made him gain a lot of weight, but he's losing it nicely and from behind he looks perfect. His ass and extremely meaty thighs would make any top weep with gratitude that God creates such things, and fills them with desired for hairy dick. He wiggled as he felt my shaft stiffen and harden in his mouth.

He's a real short little guy, 5'6 or so, perfect for fucking, but has a very wiry, hairy asshole that almost serves as a kind of gatekeeper. I ate him voraciously for a long time, alternating rimming with poking my oozing dickhead against his very tight little hole in an attempt to loosen him up, but when I pushed in at first all the way, he basically scoured my tool with his hair. But he is one of those bottoms who lubricates magically inside as I plow him, and so I was able to successfully deep-dick him with nothing but spit and delight between us. For the first half I mounted him from behind and drilled into him with my body propped up on my extended arms, so I could admire my beautiful fat tool sliding wetly in and out between those incredibly shaped mounds of fuckflesh on his rear. And when I pulled out and continued to eat him and fuck him and eat him and fuck him, he went into orbit. Dudes like that. They do.

I flipped him over and fucked him slowly face to face for a long time, just feeling our closeness, kissing those kisses, breathing each other's breath, stroking our faces together. Admirably, his dick was hard as a rock the entire time. After a while the coarse hair was getting to be too much, so I lubed up and slid into him even deeper than before... he was in heaven and so was I. I built up speed as I felt the constant need to squirt huge jets of cum inside him subsided, and was able to plow him more aggressively with every inch of my meat. His face, which had been playful and smiley at first, was now a mask of concentration on the sensation of being impaled and pummeled into the bed. When a bottom is getting seriously fucked, there is no mistaking the look of submission and need on his face. He was getting the shit fucked out of him and he wanted it.

"I want you to cum first," he said, as he did last time. I nodded and kept up my exertions, sweating profusely now, dripping all over him and oozing clear precum inside him. And suddenly I had to cum, there was no escaping it, no tricks to play. I had to shoot. I pulled out, aimed in his face, and shot one thick jet right into his mouth, but he kept pushing me closer until his lips closed around my dickhead. And I fired the rest right inside him as he swallowed silently and reverently. And he beat off to the taste of my orgasm and came all over himself.

We cuddled a bit in the bed and chatted about nothing until he realized with a start that he had to be at work in 20 minutes. We'd fucked for about an hour, but it seemed like mere minutes. When I was inside him, running him through with all my inches, he'd sighed, "Fits like a glove," luxuriating in one of my in-strokes. And there is nothing like that perfect compatibility between a top and a bottom. We've sent some sexy texts on Scruff this afternoon and I will fuck him many more times, I think, before we're done. I love to spread my seed far and wide... but I love to fit perfectly inside another dude even more.

I wonder if he will ever let me shoot my semen inside his body? God, that would be beautiful.

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