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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Impeccable Service

Today I was feeling a little blue-balled. I haven't unloaded since Friday, and yesterday a couple of guys including the big burly dude who sucked the crap out of me a while back offered to get me off in various ways, all needing to hook up "a little bit later" and then never getting back to me; the anticipation makes my nuts churn out extra cum but then I didn't get my outlet. So today I figured I would dangle out a Craigslist ad to try to maximize the chances I could get my rocks off. I only asked for head, but made sure to specify what kind of head I'm looking for-- a long, slow, epic session with a cum-hungry cocksucker who would not get bored or tired till I was satisfied. I got a decent crop of replies-- Craigslist has been utterly useless lately-- and ended up having a game of Cocksucker Chicken, playing a fairly cute latin guy with a heartbreakingly fine ass against a rather scrawny little nerdling with very nice body hair and an excellent attitude. After a few emails with each I texted them both and figured whoever got back to me first would get the cum-- and I was hoping it was the latino. But it was the scrawny dude, but a matter of something like 10 minutes. A bird in the hand is worth two hot asses in the bush that never come through, so while I kicked myself a little, I stuck with my commitment to him. He was coming from way across Brooklyn, so it took him forever to get here, and while he was traveling I got still more very promising offers from very cute guys who claim they'll take rainchecks. I figured, this little dude better be worth it. When he showed up, I could tell from the video intercom that he was even scrawnier and nerdier than the pix. My heart sank, but I figured, he came all this way, give him a chance.


He had me wanting to cum within maybe 90 seconds of sweeping into my apartment, complaining rather whinily about the unseasonable heat, peeling off a sweaty hawaiian shirt or something similarly ugly, washing his hands, and then clomping into the bedroom. I told him I had just bitten the crap out of my inner lip at lunch-- which was true, though it only blistered and didn't bleed-- and apologized for not being able to kiss or otherwise "use my mouth" on him (I was somewhat grateful to have the excuse). He didn't seem to care. He took off his undershirt as well, showing the nice body hair pattern I saw in the photo, just on someone a lot skinnier than I expected, and knelt in front of me, and essentially made my dick feel more like a dick than it has ever felt before.

Fucking A+ perfect beautiful head.

Later, after about an hour of this intense pleasure, which had my mind reduced to a pink mush that could barely control the movements of my numb, heavy, utterly relaxed limbs, he was lying with his body stretched along mine and I was rubbing my beard along the cartilage of his ear while he stroked my dickhead with a slick hand and I probed the inside of his warm asshole with a slick finger in time to his motions, giving me the thrilling sensation of getting a hand job and fucking him at the same time. My mind was clear of anything except sensual enjoyment of the pleasure, when suddenly I wished desperately that he was one of the beautifully attractive guys I've gotten with over the years who are just lousy and worthless in bed. It is the cruelest trick God plays on us. Why are guys like this one so good, and the beautiful ones so universally clueless? The thought didn't stay around long enough to interfere with my pleasure; he slid back down between my legs and put my dick back in his mouth and whatever he was doing with his tongue left no room in my attention even for thought.

And then he ordered me to lay flat on the bed "so I can go at it from the other side." I obeyed, flat on my back in the middle of the bed, and he straddled me and stuck his sweet little ass in my face and sucked the broad wide back of my dickhead, something I don't usually get much out of but something that, of course, this tiny wizard did perfectly-- given how long I'd been on the edge of shooting he knew that kind of oblique pleasure was all I could stand, and he knew that he could lick that fat fleshy part of my unit for as long as he wanted with no danger of making me cum. While he luxuriated orally in the meatiness of my glans I gently twirled his nipples and felt his asshole dilate deliciously around my tongue; I was able to plunge it in him more deeply than any other guy, and this plus licking his weirdly huge balls and little round asscheeks mindlessly, like an animal, for God knows how long, left me feeling like a perfect lustful beast getting exactly what it wanted for as long as it wanted...

...well, except fucking. Repeatedly I tried to get in position to slip my bone in his little body, just for a minute, just to feel it inside him, just to feel that warm slickness, but he was rather vigilant. And it was OK. He wasn't that cute, his body wasn't that great, it was probably better just to focus more on my pleasure, how he could make me feel. So I let him do what he wanted for about an hour and a half.

Finally, during one period when my big chunky frame was pressed against his defenseless little hairy slip of a body and hammering my meat against his, I stopped and grinned sheepishly and announce, "I really think I gotta cum." My nuts were so achy it was getting unpleasant. I lay back and told him to cup and fondle my balls and suck me as lightly and slowly as he could stand to, despite the particularly delicious precum that I knew was flowing out of it by now. And he obeyed. "Don't try too hard, you can make me cum easily, just work my dick real nice, just don't stop," I cooed, and he listened and fondled my nuts and I'm sure he felt them rise up to my body when they finally had to release their milky burden. I began shooting with little warning, hot angry jets of very voluminous cum. He started, as if surprised, and almost pulled off, licking only the very end of my dick, which was an excruciating sensation that I couldn't handle, and so I growled, "Take it deeper, lick it right," and he started again, perhaps upset at the aggression in my voice, and tried to take it a little deeper to work my hotspot, but finally he released me completely, looking a lot like he was going to hurl. I jacked my dong hard while it finished spasming, and he dashed off to the bathroom. I laughed and just admired my red, throbbing choad with pure, true love as it oozed its final ooze. My dick is beautiful and makes me feel so good and I love it.

He came back to the room and lay down beside me again. "I thought you were a swallower," I chuckled, with only a little admonition in my voice. "SOMEtimes," he said in that schoolmarmy little voice of his. "But... well, when you said you hadn't cum since Friday, you weren't kidding! Why did you wait so long?" I thought about telling him how I only get off with (and preferably IN) other dudes now, but he answered his own question, chiriply: "Just didn't get around to it, I guess!" This peculiar creature just gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life. What a world.

He asked if he could beat off, and I got him some lube, and played with his nipple till he popped. His hairy body, thick bush, giant balls, and actually admirably meaty dick looked like animal parts as he ejaculated. He is so small and his genitals are so big that it is truly obscene. I gave him a dirty t-shirt to clean up with-- I have no idea where all my washcloths have gone-- and we talked about a lot of nothing while he cleaned up and dressed. After he left, he texted me that he had thrown a piece of chewing gum with no wrapper in my bathroom's waste basket. "In case you have a partner, you should go take that out!" he said. Uh, thanks!

Maybe I should start a school that teaches beautiful men how to have good sex. This guy could be a professor at that school. I would administer all the final exams, of course.

Ah well. This little dude definitely did an amazing job. Too bad he didn't want all my cum! That's the only reward I have to offer...


  1. Always love to read how much you love to be serviced.

    Btw, I think the less attractive guys are better at sex than the beauties for the same reason girls with low self-esteem make amazing sex partners for straight guys: a combination of willingness to please, gratitude and a need for any kind of affection.

    1. Thanks, AC! One of the best things about being gay and a top is the army of men out there who are willing to work to get me off. They basically want nothing more than to suck my dick and know it makes me feel really good. How great is that!

      The theory of low self-esteem is often put forth for this phenomenon, but I don't feel that's really it-- the best cocksuckers are actually pretty cocky about their abilities and don't seem to be begging for my love but rather are eager to show off, and relieved to have found a partner who will let them take as much dick as they want. It seems to be a much more ingrained thing with these guys. (And I've been with plenty of rather needy, homely guys who were pretty awful in bed, too.) If anything many of the very hot guys I've been with have themselves been very awkward and uncomfortable with sex, almost seeming not to know what to do with their own desire or mine. There must be some constellation of personality traits that go with hot bodies and faces, maybe some kind of preciousness, that keeps them from really indulging sexually. Or maybe it's the discipline that goes along with building a hot body and attractive facade that ends up getting in the way of a sensual, libertine approach to sex; they are so self-conscious because of how everyone treats them that they can't just let go. I think I need to do some more research!