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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today I glazed the belly of a tall, average-built and average-looking Dominican guy with about a pint of milk-- I realize now it's been a week since I got off, but the time flew by with work being so busy that I didn't have much chance to cruise or get off. This fella replied to an ad I placed a couple of weeks ago, but someone else had gotten to me first. I hit him up today despite knowing that guys who are raring to go one day on craigslist are frequently completely uninterested on another, for whatever reason. They only liked my pix because they had on horny goggles? They feel like they somehow already had sex with me even though we did nothing but exchange 4 emails, and thus have moved on to new, more alluring meat? Who knows! But the guy did write back, then text me, then sound a little confused on the requirement to spend some quality time on my unit ("I thought you just wanted a blow," he texted, clearly unaware of who he was dealing with here), then kinda sorta convince me he could go a reasonable distance, then drop on me his need to walk his freakin dog. He was just on the edge of my neighborhood, and I am still really too busy to do much searching around for ass, so I told him to text me when he was done. Almost an hour later, just when I was about to give up on him and search in earnest, he texted me that he was on his way. He showed up fairly soon, looking ok enough in the face; his body was nothing special and while his ass did look rather substantial in his jeans, it wasn't turning me on like the naked rear view he'd shown me in email. I prepared to be disappointed, but decided it was a chance to get off, and led him to the bedroom. And then I felt his body heat!

There are a lot of ingredients that go into chemistry, and it's hard to enumerate and quantify them all. The shape of the face and body, how it moves; the texture of the skin; viscosity of the saliva; something pheromonal, clearly. But today it was clear that an important component for me is the mere temperature of the dude. He didn't seem unusually warm, but once he was standing with his back pressed up against me, offering his trim torso to my roaming hands, I felt that whatever temperature he was running at, combined with the buttery silkiness of his skin, was drawing my desire out and sucking it into his own body. He kissed very weirdly, with simultaneously puckered and loose lips, a tiny little cartoon mouth. But the more I touched him, the better I started to feel. My dick was a swollen lump in my shorts; his hands kept searching their way to it, tracking its progress towards bonerhood. But I told him to get to his knees and work on it before it was fully hard, and he swallowed it down in one long motion. The warmth of his throat made it lengthen to nearly its full limits, and as it snaked down inside him me massaged the underside with the whole length of his tongue, which is a beautifully exquisite sensation that a lot of guys can't seem to give. I am not a big fan of deep throat, unless it comes along with dextrous tongue, I guess.

I was rigid and throbbing and hauled him up to admire his ass some more. When I ran my hand between his legs and grabbed it, he trembled and gasped-- he was very turned on and I liked that. He peeled off his pants, leaving on a pair of tight black boxer briefs that beautifully showed off the ass that was hiding in the rather dowdy jeans. I led him over to the bed and gently pushed his back till he was bent over; I stroked my face against the fabric covering his mounds and he slowly sank into the mattress, vibrating with delight. I teased myself with the shrouded shapes of his buttocks first, then slowly peeled them off, revealing beautiful mounds of coffee-colored skin and, I think, a crab tattoo (Cancerian?). He shook and shook and when I bit one nalgón he gasped and shook harder. Beautiful. We peeled everything off completely and I ate and ate, slicking up everything there, and even my own face. The warmth and beauty of his ass put me in a trance. My dick was hard enough to cut diamonds.

I hopped up on the bed and fed it to him. He was all about the deep throat, and couldn't tongue me from this angle, but I was so hard and turned on I didn't care. I came close to cumming over and over. To keep it going, I pushed him away, and ate his ass more. He dilated for my tongue deliciously, and I decided to press my luck and try to snake my bone inside him. I wouldn't be able to fuck him properly with the heavy payload I had in my nuts, but I could feel that beautiful body temperature all along the length of my erection and sigh. I planted it down there and all the slickness felt heavenly on my dickhead; he jiggled and hiked his hindquarters like he was going to ease me in. I felt golden! So good. I pushed my hips a little to ease the way... so good. But then I realized he was clamped tight in the hole-- his thick assmeat was doing a good job of enveloping much of my dick in velvety sumptuousness, but he wasn't going to let me in raw, no no. And that was OK. I ate him some more, and we did this mock-fucking some more, and then I flipped him on his back, mounted up on my arms and feet like I was going to do push-ups, but instead I fucked my tool into his face. First fast, then long slow strokes that gave him every inch, and pulled all the way out, leaving him gasping and hungry, staring me in the eye with desire. I kept drilling into him, and he slurped beautifully, till I said, "You are going to make me cum." "No no," he said, suddenly understanding the appeal of long slow sex in a way he did not seem to before, but my statement wasn't a warning, it was an announcement of fact; within seconds nacreous jelly was squirting out of my dickhead and pooling thickly on his torso. I squirted and squirted, even after he said "Wow, that's a lot of cum," more was coming out, and his face looked like Christmas morning was erupting on his belly, rather than my fetid sexual fluid. His own dick was a fat brown uncut snake, flopped up near the pool of goo I had made. He daintily touched it with just the tip of his pinky, and did something with it to his dick-- put it inside his foreskin? I don't know, it was an interesting gesture. I cleaned him up with a dirty pillowcase-- so ghetto, but I still can't find my washcloths-- and he wanted me to lay beside him for a while so he could stroke my hairy body. He repeatedly praised my chest hair, and then told me he had seen me around the neighborhood. I didn't recognize him at all, but he mentioned several places he'd seen me and they were all places I go. He then told me about the insane value his apartment has attained since he bought it 8 years ago, and how he intends to move out of town and live off the rent it can bring in. When he left he expressed hope we'd get together again before he left, but that's going to be next month, and I have many more dudes to inseminate. We hugged and he walked out the door and I still felt that warmth, not comforting and muzzy but somehow electrifying and stimulating. The day is crisp and sunny, and my skin feels acutely sensitive to the pleasures of the day. Ah, sex!

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