web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Re-Energized

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today, after being out of commission for several weeks, the ridiculously handsome German guy from last year sucked my dick until I popped-- releasing three weeks worth of pent-up orgasmic energy (as well as the extra volume that comes with long periods of abstention). I always cum a lot but today it was down his throat, all over his beautiful face, in three wads on the wool carpet, and coating the shaft of my dick with that distinctive-smelling slime, which he happily licked off as he made his own big uncut dick cum all over his tight, smooth torso. They say that when a man saves up his ejaculate, he is more energized, more focused, more intense in his regular life; spilling seed is like spilling vital essence. Well, this is the longest I've gone without getting off in years and years, and I am here to tell you, if you want to be truly energized and focused, you should have as many extremely good looking men working to drain the semen out of your nuts as possible. I feel light as a feather since he got me off.

My hiatus was due to a perfect storm of personal problems, health issues, and being out of town with my partner for a while. I didn't even write up my last depressing encounter, several weeks ago, which was with an extremely femme but hairy little guy, whose Bushwick bedroom was decorated with stickers and sparklers. It was a long trek to his place, which was cramped and hot, and he was not really turning me on with his sex-kitten act, constantly rolling his eyes up to stare at me while blowing me in a failed "I-dare-you-not-to-find-me-hottt" sort of move that kept making me rather limp. He also did not give good extended head, constantly popping me out to lightly run his tongue over the tip of my dick, yadda yaddda, all this seductive crap that did nothing for me and just had me constantly rather brusquely grabbing his head to still it and stuff it full of my dick. Maybe I'm not much fun to blow-- I just like dudes who know how and where to apply the pressure and basically give me relentless pleasure until my brain oozes out of my ears. This was not working. But during his little act, he noticed my skin was very splotchy, and we had an STD scare that left me feeling pretty awful for him. I got checked out and it turns out I just have really bad skin, and not just where he was looking, but other spots on my body. It comes and goes in severity and so far nothing is helping it, but it's not an infection. It's left me feeling completely unsexy and depressed.

Today I just really wanted to get off. When I saw the Deutchland Dick Diddler on one of the cruising apps, I figured, well, I know he's really into me-- I see him all over the neighborhood and he's always got a shit-eating grin when he sees me-- and my skin doesn't look bad today so hey, let's see if he can restore some confidence. He wanted me to travel to him, way down on the edge of our neighborhood, in a top-floor, rather stuffy and hot apartment. He smoked a spliff and we talked a long time in his kitchen while I sweated and inwardly fretted about whether this was going to be another bust hookup. He took his time getting high, but finally led me to the bedroom, where we made out some and I fondled his very sweet meaty buttocks through his little shorts. It felt mighty fine. His dark brown eyes, beautifully symmetrical oval face, and scruffy beard filled my vision. I told him, "I know I came here to get my dicked sucked, but please take these off and bend over." He obeyed and gave me access to his ass. Ironically, his legs were full of what looked like insect bites, some even covered with band-aids; he'd told me he'd been away in the woods over the weekend and it showed. I figured, this looks worse than my dick ever does, so I'm vindicated. And I just lapped away at his ass like an animal, and he moaned and stroked his dick, which freely oozed clear, glistening precum in long gossamer threads that fell to the floor. Very exciting. We traded off positions, with me eating his ass, then him sucking my dick, very very lightly, perhaps too lightly for my usual taste, but I was so pent up that it was probably all I could stand. Back and forth we took turns pleasing each other. When my dick was good and slimy with his spit, my spit, and our precum, I slid it up and down his asscrack slowly, watching my dickhead kiss his asshole over and over, and hearing him groan every time he felt that part of my unit slide past his sensitive opening. I was so tempted to just push it in-- his body is lean and beautifully shaped, and seeing him spread out before me like that, with his ass presented to me, was almost too much to bear. But I know he is pretty safe, and didn't want to ruin anything by lingering there too much, so once I'd gotten myself good and worked up, I just stood up in front of him and fucked my tool slowly into his head, while he sighed and occasionally pulled me out to tell me how much he loves sucking my dick.

The pleasure welled up in me in the most fantastic way-- it was almost an out of body experience, being that pent-up and having my fuck fluid released, after all that time, by somebody so unbelievably handsome. So when it came time to cum he could feel it in me, could feel me tensing up in all my sexual muscles, could feel my dickhead and cum-tube swell up to those special pre-orgasmic proportions. "Cum wherever you want, cum wherever you want," he said, putting me back in his mouth quickly, and I said "Suck it out of me, YOU make ME cum, MAKE ME CUM MAN," and he did. I stood with my legs bowed and my hands over his ears, holding his face in my groin while everything shot out of me. He pulled me out and watched the last shots explode all around him. And then he came too.

He laughed and laughed, and told me my dick is his favorite, he could never get tired of it. His own dick is definitely bigger than mine; who knows what power my rather standard-issue wang has over him. "We really should do this more often," he said, and we marveled that it had been over a year since last time. But we both have partners (I've seen him with his; if anything the partner is even more beautiful than he is, and totally my type-- short and bearded and hairy and dark and just crazy cute-- so I can't believe he begs someone like me to get together more often). Timing rarely works out as he works in midtown somewhere.

But he definitely helped me back into the world of the oversexed. Let's see if I can fuck a nice load into a cute bottom here soon...


  1. I envy your ability to produce copious amounts of ejaculate/I am in the 1-2 tbs category, myself

    1. Heh if you're cumming 2 tablespoons you're doing better than me! Most dudes come like a teaspoon or so. I cum about three or four times that much. I shoot big long jets... But I'm not Peter North...

  2. Glad you are back,missed reading your hot adventures.You are always hot in my fantasies !

    1. Thanks, Gr8! Just a regular guy here, but happy to be hot in your fantasies!