web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Squirmy

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Today I just squirted-- and I do mean JUST squirted, just barely-- a four-day load into a very handsome, cute/compact, meaty little bottom. It was more like some kind of clinical injection procedure than a fuck. I was eating his ass-- a fantastic, firm, round, tight-muscled, lightly fuzzy ass-- and fingering his hole with my index finger, slowly massaging his prostate with my left hand, and stroking my own dick with my right hand, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt myself reach the point of no return. He had been tight and I had not yet been able to get my bone in him, hence the fingering and eating, but I wasn't going to waste this cum. I had 1.5 seconds to act, there on the edge of a thundering climax, to get my seed inside him. Barreling over the precipice of orgasm against your will is not conducive to tactical planning. My body was on auto-pilot, but my mind knew exactly what it wanted.

The issue was about 20% my full nuts-- there are guys I've managed to get into a groove with and fuck for hours with even more cum in my than four days' worth. It was 30% how fucking cute he was--  kind of like a yet more manly Kevin Spacey, but with those same boyish curves to it, and very scruffy, and the body was perfect, not too developed but perfectly naturally meaty and shapely; he was very exciting to be with. But it was 50% his incessant SQUIRMING.

He had said online that he loves getting fucked and "likes fucking back", which tipped me off that it might go this way. I've fucked guys who basically buck me off them, leaving me feeling like Debra Winger riding a mechanical bull, and even from the first kiss, I thought this guy might be the same. I was feeling him up and he was already squirming and bumping against me. The feeling is not all that sexy to me; it's much more like uncoordinated white people doin' The Bump. During the initial makeout I basically just pulled him to me, hard, and wrapped my arms around his waist in a steel-like grip to make him stop. Eventually, still clothed, we made it to the bed, and I climbed on top of him, making out with that extremely handsome face like mad. He wiggled his hips and raised them completely off the bed against me, making it impossible for me to maintain full body contact. This all makes it hard to get into a groove for me as a top, and the writhing contact with my groin makes me a little overstimulated too soon. We were basically wrestling, except my moves were aimed at pinning him down and his moves were those of a rule-free, badly programmed wrestler-robot. Finally, after one serious thrust that almost sent me airborne, I told him tauntingly, "Don't push me off you completely!" And I think that made him realize what he was doing, and he calmed down. I got off him told him to lie still, and walked over to the side of the bed where his head was. I zipped down my fly, pulled out my thick, lengthened tubesteak, and dangled it down into his mouth. He sucked very, very nicely. Things were looking up! I periodically pulled out and dragged my swollen meat over his eyes and mouth, then dangled it back in. He was in dicksucker heaven. Felt nice.

I pulled off his pants and saw he was wearing tight white briefs that showed off his narrow hips, meaty bulge, and taut little ass perfectly. I ran my face over them, inhaling the sweat of his groin deeply and feeling the thick genital meat slide against my eyes and nose through the smooth fabric. I kneaded his ass cheeks with my hands behind him, pulling his whole crotch up to my face and just breathing him in. A nonstop stream of goofy porny talk flowed from his lips, but in my mind I was alone with his lap. Just me and that. I flipped him over and beheld his treasure, his backside, and slowly peeled the briefs off. Angles sang, their harps making furious glissandos. I would put up with any amount of annoying grappling and "yeah work my manpussy"'s to get my hands on an ass like this. And with just one lick up from his quite thick, heavy balls up to his rather tight, pretty hole, I knew he was going to enjoy being eaten out as much as I would enjoy doing it. All that bucking and most of that talk stopped, replaced with slow moaning and "You've got an amazing tongue!" That's better!

And I laid back and commanded him between my thighs and he sucked me, looking me frankly in the face. I couldn't help but smile and laugh, saying, "You're so fucking CUTE." He really was; the site of that kind of guy with my dick in his mouth is electrifying. His little body was spread out for me to see, and I saw two dimples at the base of his back before each swelling buttock. His limps splayed out just so. Such a beautiful pose for the male body. My dick got hard as a rock.

The head was nice but I really just had to eat more of that ass. I flipped him again, slid down to the floor and licked and probed and chewed, and the porny talk was now completely replaced with completely earnest exclamations of how good it felt. I stood up and tried to slip my bone in, but it was clear he was way too tight for that still, and he yelped, "Want some lube?" I said let's just fool around a bit more before that-- I hate the taste of lube-- so he pulled out a bottle of what smelled like *extremely* potent poppers, and I began the fingering that led to my doom.

I will say his ass felt beautifully slick inside. My finger slid in fairly easily and found the firm, broad plain of his bottombutton and stroked it. After a few minutes of this, switching off between index finger and thumb in there, and at one point when I wagged the finger side to side, he said very matter-of-factly, "You're definitely doing something to me in there… that feels so good." And I could tell it was not just talk-- his dick had not been hard this whole time, but when I resumed my eating of his hole, I reached up under him to hold it, and it was very fat and very hard. Not too long, but the thickness of it was very exciting, especially given how thick his nuts were. I ate and sucked his dick and balls, ate and sucked, ate and sucked, and he moaned and moaned. I still couldn't get my dick in, so I resumed fingering, and then I was going to cum.

All I could do was scramble quickly up on his back, aim my dick, try to keep my balance through the white hot mist that was hitting me from every angle, making my body tense up and my blood race and poisoning my brain with delicious hormones, aim as best I could, and PUSH.

I shot the first shot outside, nestled against his hole between his meaty globes-- I know that. And that was all it took. The force of my first jet must have gotten some in his hole, because suddenly my dick was sliding into him, centimeter by centimeter, its way eased by each successive pulse of slimy liquid. By the third pulse I was really in him, and he accepted me so nicely that I began to fuck the rest of the cum out. "Yyyyeeeeeaaaahhh!" he said, "You're cumming in that pussy! Your cum is your own lube!" yadda yadda. "If you can keep it hard, just keep fucking me," he said, clearly delighted. So I did; even after the last pulses drained my nuts into him, my faculties returned, and I held his shoulders and pushed my thighs against his and bucked into him hard, like I knew he wanted. He buried his face in the bed but reached up behind him to grip my deltoids and triceps, and I felt deep pleasure and desire in his grip, so I kept fucking until my dick was going soft. It popped out pretty unceremoniously and he immediately reached back to test himself; "Feel that cummy hole!" he exclaimed, so I did.

I was a million apologies for cumming so fast-- I think this all took maybe 20 minutes. But he seemed happy with just being loaded up. I'm just glad I didn't jizz all over the bed or the wall or something hard to clean. We kissed a bit but it was clear he had what he wanted and was ready to go. Harumph.

We had a nice conversation about the neighborhood, which he moved to almost 20 years ago and which has changed greatly even in just the past 8 or so. He seemed like a nice guy and I regretted not getting to seriously fuck that awesome little body. I don't think I'll ever see him again. But the chat was pleasant and it was fun watching his little body squirm back into his clothes. He pulled on his jacket, and I patted his ass, telling him "Take good care of that load, man!" and he laughed and promised he would, and off he went. I didn't have my glasses on, but saw someone approaching down the hall carrying a huge stack of something. I really hope it wasn't one of my neighbors, and I hope they didn't heard me tell him that! Who knows what they would think.

I realize now it's been a good while since I've had a long deep intense fuck. It's time, dammit! For me, it's not enough to just shoot my load in someone. I need to really feel it. Next time?


  1. I volunteer. I so enjoy good tops who like long deep fucks of a tight bottom. It has been way too long for this bottom man. Maybe we should meet up? Thanks for the good writing. I so enjoy it.

  2. woof. I promise I won't buck you off. but, I am an active enthusiastic bottom man.
    Aaron the hebrewman

    1. There's enthusiastic and there is untamed! I often feel like these guys are really topping from below, if you catch my drift.