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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Handiwork

I've often been asked by readers whether I'd consider putting pictures on here to illustrate the stories and I've always demurred… to me this is a much more verbal than visual record of my sex life so I've not put up any pictures (except for a rather whiny post about the kinds of guys I tend to get to fuck versus the ones I wish I could fuck but never get to). This means I get nice comments about how I write, which are more flattering than comments about how hot any pictures I put on the blog would be. But maybe it's time to reward longtime readers with something more immediate. So here's what I did this afternoon:
A few more and a full description after the jump...
This is the stupendously beautiful ass, attached to the skull-meltingly hot body of an handsome dude in midtown who inexplicably has been chasing my dick all year long on Manhunt. The timing never worked out with this guy, and after the second or so time trying to set things up he got testy and went away, but suddenly today he reappeared. Of course, he did so just as I was coming close to sealing the deal to get the week's worth of cum backed up in my swollen nuts sucked out by a bearish dude who had the perfect attitude-- and I bet the best skills-- but not a very handsome face. I was put in that timeless position: go with the smokin' hot dude who is probably not going to be all that good in bed, or the regular dude who will probably suck my spinal column out through my cockhole? I chose the smokin' hot dude and let the bear die a sad, slow death by neglect as I set up a trip to midtown to get my hands on this rare creature.

And this guy really is model material. I showed up and he was wearing nothing but some workout shorts and a painter's cap. He had a bushy beard and his pecs swelled on his chest, lightly fuzzy and as big and round as cantaloupes, with beautiful thick nips. He jutted out his hand to shake mine at the same moment I lunged for him and groped him and tried to kiss him; I sheepishly pulled back and apologized, saying "I guess I should shake your hand before I start pawing you." He was cagey and evasive, and I thought he was going to back out; it was simply unimaginable he would really be into me. But instead he led me to the couch and sat down on the far end, away from me, and told me to take my pants off. "I have to kind of ease into things," he said when I asked him if everything was cool; there was definitely no sexual energy here. "I would have told you right away if it wasn't cool." He seemed sincere, but nothing fills me with anxiety more than having to sit naked next to someone as perfect as him. I bravely shucked my clothes and sat at the other end of the couch, and this big black sex monster stared at pink, limp, fleshy me. "I like bears," he said, perhaps by way of trying to ease my mind; he had some porn playing on the TV that featured guys who are supposed to be bears but were in reality just very hairy hot porn stars. "I'm a very visual person," he said, as he looked me up and down. I gamely leaned over and put my hand on OH MY FUCKING GOD his stomach and ran it slowly up to the edge of SWEET MOTHER OF GOD his chest, saying, "I'm a very *tactile* person." He was incredible, but I honestly felt rather paralyzed like this. He'd deflected my kiss and my usual attentions and I felt sort of at his mercy while he asked me perfunctory questions about where I'm from originally and how my day was going.

Eventually, I suppose he had "warmed up" and drunk in whatever obscure charm my schlubby body had for him, because he stood up on impossibly thick thighs and pulled down the shorts. "I have a big dick," he said fatuously, exposing a huge but flaccid dong. "Do you suck too?" When a perfect beast like this waves his meat in my face, hell yes I suck too. I slurped him up and began to wonder if he was tweaking. He made a show of saying online that he didn't do drugs other than pot, but his dick felt cold in my mouth, as did his hands. But I sucked anyway, and sucked his balls-- small for such a big man with such a big dick-- and he said he liked light slow licks. So I did as he asked. I tugged my own dick while I sucked, down there between his legs, and he said, "I love looking down watching you get hard sucking my dick," in his deep, soft, Isaac Hayes voice. And then he pulled back, saying "Let me look at you," and stood in the middle of the room, tugging his own dick while I tugged mine, and he stared. At this point I was hard and oozing and didn't care any more. I just stared back. He was amazing-- built at least as well as UltraMeat but with much better proportions, the kind that tickle something in your brain that is designed to recognize symmetric perfection. And then he got on his knees, and I watched this massive sex bomb supplant himself before me, and suck my dick too.

As expected, he gave miserable head. But the mere sight of his face with my dick in it, those even, large features, dark brows, jet black beard, glittering eyes opening and closing and looking at me with sex in them, was enough to keep me hard. Occasionally I felt the back of my dickhead tap the back of his throat, but otherwise he gave me almost no stimulation inside; I have no idea where his tongue was. But the sight of him on his knees with my meat in his mouth was seared in my brain.

Eventually we switched places again and I got to push my face into the perfumed garden of his hindquarters. His buttocks, so firm, supple, warm, fuzzy, and round brushed against my nose, my lips, my cheeks, and I was in heaven. He was not hugely responsive but I didn't care. I took what I wanted and he seemed happy to let me. Eventually, he turned and asked me, "Where do you want to put all that cum?" I hoped for a moment that he wasn't as committed to safe sex as he said he was online, so I said, "Wherever you want it," but he said he wanted me to shoot all over his ass. "Would you mind, when you unload, taking a video of it? Those pictures of you shooting are so hot, I want to see you shooting on me." I told him I didn't mind if he would send me a copy. "As long as you don't show my face," he said. So I continued eating out his ass, and felt my dick stiffen and straighten in my hand, so I reached for his phone and pressed play. There is something extremely arousing about seeing yourself stroke your own hard dick appear on a screen while you do it; I don't know why. It made me harder and I felt my balls expand and gush with a last press of cum production. And then I let loose all over his ass.

Here is that first fantastic jet.

Here is the first big splat.

And in the end he made me cum so hard I spattered his whole ass, his back, and a good bit of the couch. Not bad.

Afterward he stood up, checked the phone, seemed satisfied with the video, and smiled at me. I went to the bathroom to clean up, and when I came out he was still covered with my cum, but took the towel from me and wiped off. I couldn't keep my hands off him, which amused him. He claimed he had been sick all last week, was still tired, and didn't actually want to hook up today. "But I've wanted to hook up with you so bad, I couldn't say no." Ironic. "If you want to do it again, when I am more rested, it will be better. If you want to." And he said he hadn't been to the gym in two weeks, and that if he had, he'd be even bigger than he was now. We talked a bit more while I dressed and he seemed like a very nice guy; I still wondered if he was high, or if he had already hooked up with someone before I got there. I was happy to have spent an hour in the presence of a beauty like this, but I wish we had kissed more, I wish I could have gotten him on a bed and been able to lay on top of him, feel his whole body with mine. 

When I got home, I reminded him to send me a copy of the video. He did, saying "It's super hot damn can't wait to jack off to it man we have to do it when I'm energized with more rest. I'm a lot more sexual than your experience you'll see." Hm. Something was definitely up. Should I give him another chance?


  1. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. At least a half a cups worth.

    1. Nine or ten squirts of words, yes.

  2. AWESOME load man! Bet it felt great to shoot.

    1. It was pretty fun, My Load. Letting go of so much pent-up pressure all over such a stacked dude is a rare pleasure.

  3. So much cum dude. I couldn't imagine dropping that much, I'd think I'd faint

    1. On the contrary… cumming like that really wakes you up.