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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bday BJ

Today was my birthday, but I woke up feeling extremely cranky and depressed and could not shake the feeling; it was also a gray, chilly day without any charm. I barely wanted to crawl out of bed, and when I did, a huge list of urgent issues needing to be taken care of awaited me in my work inbox. I heaved a big sigh and dove into it. I got a few happy birthday calls from family and friends, which was nice, but I was too busy to even talk to them for very long. By mid-afternoon things were slowing down but I could not shake my foul mood. And then Tireless Cocksucking Boy appeared, to give me the birthday present I needed, and saved the day!

He's actually been after me at least every two or three weeks since he sucked out everything my nuts had to offer back in September, and despite his impressive abilities I didn't really think I'd hook up with him again. But this time I thought he'd be just the ticket to lift my funk. Gratifyingly, when I told him he could come suck my dick, he was out the door within five minutes-- I do like being liked, and I do like a cocksucker who doesn't dally but comes right to my aid when summoned. When he showed up he was looking cuter than I remembered, so I groped his body a little and said, "Let's just get to it, OK?" and he laughed and said he was fine with that, so we went immediately to the bedroom. He seemed more into kissing this time, so my dick grew into a heavy lump in my shorts right away, and he massaged it through the heavy jersey fabric to make it even fatter and heavier. I pulled my shorts down and it sprung free and he looked down at it reverently and stroked it up and down with the perfect touch and pressure. I pushed on his shoulders and he went right to his knees and sucked me into a full throbbing hard-on.

It felt cold in the bedroom so I took leave to turn up the heat, and when I came back I hopped on the bed, spread my legs so my fat dick hung down between them, and he assumed that peculiar praying posture he seems to fetishize between me thighs. And he proceeded to basically suck my fucking brains out. Within 5 minutes I was dizzy with pleasure and fucking my stick into his mouth. His arms and shoulders felt thicker and more muscular than I remembered-- he was fully clothed and I was naked except for a t-shirt, but I groped him through his shirt. Then I unbuttoned it so I could reach inside and stroke his smooth, young skin. Things were heating up. I pulled the shirt off him and watched him suck me shirtless with his legs cased in his jeans and socks. Something about this was extremely hot. My dick was hard as a rock. He was much, much more willing to make out with me this time, very intensely, and this made me get up, rip off his pants, flip him over, and hump his dewy young body. He held our dicks together while I rammed my hips into his, and oozed clear, slick precum all over my dick as I fucked his in his hand. Very exciting; I came close to cumming over and over. Then I fucked his mouth, pushing my dickhead well into his throat-- I feel like I felt the ridge of my dickhead popping in and out of his gullet past the palate, and the flicking sensation made me want to cum over and over and over. I don't know how he didn't gag from this. I began to sweat with pleasure.

Then I laid back again and he brought me to the edge and kept me there. It was agony not cumming but it was my birthday, dammit-- I wanted my mind completely erased. I looked at the clock; we'd been at it for about 40 minutes. I wondered if I could linger on the edge like that for another 15. I laid back, wrapped my legs around his back, and let him work my prong skillfully. I was dying to cum but not letting myself. I looked at the clock: five minutes had somehow slipped away in that hot mist of proto-orgasm. I sank back into the pillows, grabbed his hair, and pushed his head down so he enveloped my whole tool. He greedily tongued the whole length of me, over and over, not letting up. My vision turned fuzzy and gray and my heart was in my throat. I looked at the clock again; another five minutes was gone. Ten minutes on the edge! I wanted more, but I foolishly fucked up into his mouth and found myself unable to control myself any longer after just a few thrusts. He felt the cum spurt and became very greedy and aggressive; I had to push his head down and hold it steady so he was not putting too much intense pressure on my dickhead. I shot into him over and over and it began to seep out the side of his lips because he could not swallow it fast enough. He pulled off me, licked up what he had let run out, and put me back in his mouth. He sucked me for another minute or too, face full of bliss.

I felt like I was going to pass out. I had heard my cell phone ding while he was sucking me soft, and I said quietly, "I'm going to have to go see what that was, it might be work." He nodded and sat up, and I tried to stand, feeling very unsteady on my feet. I don't know if this is typical but being edged for any serious amount of time leaves me completely depleted and barely able to coordinate my movements. The text was a guy on the upper west side who normally tops but wants me to fuck my load into him, saying "hey papo". When it rains it pours! I told him maybe I'd fuck him tomorrow. I came back to the bedroom and collapsed back on the bed. Cocksucking Boy was putting his clothes on, quiet as a mouse. "God, I wish I could just go to sleep," I said, and I meant it. He was very awkward and shy, like before, but accepted my offer of a glass of water. I managed to stumble to the kitchen to get it for him, and he gulped it down, and tanked me for the dick, saying it was fun.

Afterward I felt light as a feather and more like myself again. Sex is a fantastic gift. Thank God for the selfless cocksuckers of the world. Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What a hot story!!

  2. Funny, I've been reading your blog for so long, catching up, and I actually wondered what I would read of your adventures on my birthday. My husband always manages to give me a special treat in the bedroom on my birthday instead of a traditional gift or cake, so I always associate it with great sex these days. Coincidentally, you were so close to getting your birthday gift at the same time I was getting mine - my birthday is the 14th.

    May we both cum as hard in celebration in Nov 2013!