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Monday, November 10, 2014

Before and After

Today I squirted a hefty load of semen which I had spent the preceding 40 minutes desperately trying with all my might NOT to squirt into the thin, sweet body of a guy who I thought was about 27 but I see now, looking his profile back up on adam4adam, is actually 37. And the depth and pleasure of my thrusting erection's strokes felt infinitely more satisfying once I'd shot the load-- lubricated so nicely by the slightly viscous slime I'd deposited inside him-- than before, when something in the electrical charge between our skin kept my dick from making its way inside with that gliding sensation I love so much. And I woke up this morning not even horny, and after fucking the guy, I am completely full of erotic desire for more fucking. Ain't sex funny?

He hit me up and set up a trip to my place with a minimum of fuss, from across the neighborhood, which I appreciated, and showed up right on time. But we joked around a little too goofily, and kissed a little awkwardly, and I thought, dang, this won't go well. But we kept at it and I felt heat rising a bit. He pulled off his shirt to reveal a very smooth, slender body with a nicely shaped ass giving him just enough for my hands to cup, and a long elegant tattoo of the chakras running up his torso. His nipples stood out from his chest like thin, firm little antennae, unusually long and very erect. I said "Nnnniiiiice" which made him sort of laugh-- not sure if it was derisive or not, but I love nice nips-- and I bent down to suck on them a bit. I didn't get much of a rise from him but he began pinching mine, hard, and it made me think either he really likes being worked hard on his nips or he is not a very good judge of what turns dudes on. It turned out to be a bit of both. Later, while I was humping my big hairy body against his smooth little one, I took the nip into my mouth again, and licked it, and then working with an open mouth and teeth spread wide across his pectoral muscle, I slowly closed my jaws, raking my teeth closer and closer to the nip, then up onto the sensitive pink skin, then up the body of the nip, till the juuuust caught on that subtle little ridge of flesh right near the end of the nip, like a little nob, so subtle you could almost miss it, but when you hit it, you slooooowly close a little more around it, giving the gentlest of sinking bites into the sensitive erogenous zone, and then, with it snugly clamped like that, pull your head back ever so slightly, and tug it from side to side with slow movements of your neck…. and the right guy arches his back, and grabs your ass, and pulls you close to his body, or pulls your hair and thrusts his back up off the bed, against your face, the best nonverbal YES you can get, so you do it again, and you get more YES, and you feel the dick ooze helplessly between his legs, and you know that even though he said "safe only" on his profile, if you treat his ass as nicely as you just treated his nip, he's gonna go home with a pint of your milk inside him.

And so it went.

But he really just gave lousy head-- it was an almost exact replay of the dude yesterday. Sweet, thin body. This guy was actually rather cuter-- an exotic combination of ethnicities combined in his face to give him an almost feline appearance. But he sucked hard and fast, on only two or three inches, just like Elijah Wood yesterday. Ironically, the lower the quality of the sex, the harder time I have not cumming too quick. When the chemistry is flowing perfectly between us, I may get excited and want to shoot, but something about the rhythm hypnotizes me and lets me get deeper into my bottom, enhances the experience's intensity without my losing control. But with not the right sensation, I think I end up touching myself too much, getting myself too excited, not being able to concentrate somehow. And I just keep wanting to cum. At one point, on top of him with his long limbs deliciously twisted around my body-- feet on my calves, arms tight across my back, my beard against the folds of his ear-- my dick slid down between his legs into the cleft of his sweet round ass, and fucking into that valley in the rounds of flesh was as good as fucking into any cunt anywhere, and I could have just lost it right there. I kept having to pull off him, and I know it was annoying for him. It didn't hurt that his body was very thin and good to touch, and that I had somehow convinced myself he was a 27-year-old thang and I'm getting to be a creepy old man, more and more into inseminating young men. Every two minutes I thought I was going to ejaculate uncontrollably.

Eventually we settled into a 69 position, and his head was non-stimulating enough for me to focus on sucking his truly, truly beautiful prong. He had a good inch and a half on me, a true 8 inches; quite thinner than me but with a length that was extremely exciting. It fit perfectly right down my throat; I could gently chew on his pubes while his pretty, pointed dickhead rested neatly inside my gullet. The cum delivery tube on the underside of his bone was thick, turgid, and heavenly to run my tongue over. He preferred just feeling me fuck my own dick into his face from this position, with one hand placed flat right over his entire expression, pinning his head to the bed and delivering thrust after thrust as I slowly deep throated his dick and pulled back and ran my tongue around his beautiful dickhead and then deep throated for more. And nothing is better than sucking a big dick while you simultaneously drill your fuckstick into a warm, wet opening. So this was honestly the best part of the session.

Well, except maybe also for the ass-eating. He had beautiful thick bulges, covered with coarse hairs, for me to bit, lick, suck, and explore, between trips deep into his asshole with my tongue. And it was during this that I began testing the waters inside his body with my tool. First running my fat, gooey dickhead over his crack, getting him slick with my spit and precum, gauging his reaction. Reaction: positive; he slowly rolled his hips to complement my dick's sliding, the first thing he did that seemed truly in tune with what I was doing and what I wanted. More sucking of his big hairy balls, fondling his beautiful prick, licking everywhere, and tonguing the newly slack hole. And then pushing my fleshy glans against his opening, admiring my hard straight cock poised perfectly between his round mounds of assmeat. Just gently massaging his hole with the lobes of my fat dickhead, letting the hole in my dick ooze precum all over the hole in his ass. Reaction: positive, no gasping or pulling away when he realized my fluids were that close to his insides. And more ass eating, more worshipful attention to that part of his body to let him know how much I prized it and longed to sacrifice my orgasmic fluids to it. So the next time, a firm, no-nonsense planting of my steely length at the opening, with gentle encouraging strokes of my fingers at his hip bones, saying silently: Come back, come back to me, take me in, my penis will give you pleasure, just take it, it's all yours. Reaction: Positive; he wiggled just enough to let the thick end of my dick slowly work its way inside, and then I sank in.

Spit fucks aren't for everyone; I suspect he wanted some lube. He made a move to reach for a book bag he had brought. But I pushed him gently back down on the bed, saying, "Just let me eat your ass some more, just relax," and I pulled out of him and ate him more. He was fully open to my tongue now, and very briny inside, so I knew he was releasing some juices of his own to let me sink in easier next time. I just needed him to be calm. His dick was ramrod straight-- a very good sign. I wish all men could stay that hard during fucking, especially when they are so beautifully hung. A little more lubrication with my saliva, and I was back in.

Again, still not perfect. He was hairy enough down there to form a kind of perverted velcro with the hair all along the shaft of my dick-- I have had a hairy dick ever since I was a teenager, sue me-- and I would catch on him a little. But I was so excited to be inside him raw like this, seeing that slender elegant body pierced by the arrow of my lust. And he kept rocking up against me, forcing me in deeper and deeper, rocking the end of my prong against his hot button gland inside; I could feel it. Very very very exciting. "That is going to make me cum," I cried desperately, "Cool it, cool it," but he didn't cool it, he kept forcing me in. I could have done a Yes Means Yes and asked for a lawyer-proof "YES I WANT YOUR GENETIC MATERIAL PLASTERED ALL OVER MY GUTS" but he knew what he was doing, so I finally gave up and pummeled him, growling like a nutcase, just whaling away at his little body, and my dick let me enjoy about six thrusts before it was spurting all up inside him. He had a little topknot of hair, right on top of his head, like a guru on a mountain somewhere. It bounced with each thrust of my hips. And now each heave went into him to the hilt, and I was slamming my body against his ass, and I fucked my dick silly through the entire orgasm and well past it, still growling and saying OH FUCK OH FUCK and just enjoying the pleasure of ramming into him all the way.

Maybe it was a bit much.

He pulled off me and turned over, slightly curled into himself, like a little green worm defending himself at the end of a thread of silk. He smirked at me. I slapped his ass and said, "NOT BAD!" feeling very, very, very fine.

"I came on your bed spread," he said, and I looked down to see the source of his defensive crouching. Indeed, there on the comforter was a big white gob of spunk, almost solid in its viscosity, surrounded by a ring of wet fabric. Below it a few inches was another smaller little globe of jizz. Nice! I don't know at what point he even lost it; I was so focused on my own dick there at the edge of the bed. Not only had he stayed hard for me, showing me with his dick how much he enjoyed being penetrated by me, he let himself go and came when I did. Beautiful!

He went to the bathroom to clean up a bit and I worked on getting the goo off the bed. We chatted idly about his tattoo and yoga and stuff like that, not that I know much, but he seemed surprised that I even recognized the chakras. His manner was hard to read, like maybe he'd gone further than he wanted to, maybe he wanted to say something that maybe he didn't want to say. But he kissed me goodbye nicely and then left, not looking back, taking my load with him.

All is well that ends well.


  1. I love it when a bottom cums with me. The ultimate compliment. Ha!

    1. I agree. There have been a few guys over the years that I have actually fucked the cum out of, hands free, but I think this guy was beating off the whole time. Still, nice that he unloaded while I unloaded too. And it's beautiful how hard his dick during the whole fuck. That's a hot bottom!