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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been out of commission for a bit, but today I got some service from a big ripped muscular guy with a rather funny face, who came over to drain the accumulated cum of the past two weeks. For the second half of this month I've been insanely busy with work and social stuff and just didn't have the time to look for sex. Simultaneously, I got an ugly infected hair follicle. (Sorry, you asked.) You can't really wave that in someone's face and ask them to suck it. It cleared up on its own, thankfully, but seems to have left a bit of a scar, which I hope isn't an issue. None of this was particularly sexy. So since the last entry I wrote, I've lived hookup-free. In a way it was rather pleasant-- there's so much more time in the day when you have a good reason to ignore your dick and all the flakeout knuckleheads on line who string you along and leave you high and dry for the next knucklehead. But today I knew if I didn't get off my nuts were basically going to pop. In my absence a new crop of dudes seem to have appeared on the various hookup sites and they wasted my time all morning. A Craigslist ad I posted did manage to attract the Big Meathead who was very excited by the prospect of getting a big load, so he's the one who got it.

As you might expect this didn't turn out to be a drawn-out affair. I was skeptical of the pics but he showed up looking just like them, except for the face, which is much worse for the wear. The body was fantastic-- granite shoulders and guns like engorged Italian salamis. He stripped down at my request, to little black briefs that only showed off how shapely the curves from his broad back down to his tiny waist to his (fairly little) ass and thick thighs. His chest was massive and hard with big nips. With this beast between my legs slurping at my engorged, neglected tool, I wasn't going to last long. I wrapped my legs around his back, with my feet crossed just above his ass, and he hooked his arms up under my thighs and buried his lips in my bush and just held my dick in his throat for long stretches, which was enough to make my head spin and come close to ejaculating several times. I had to push him away repeatedly and hold my dick by the head to calm down a bit. It would be sad to unload this cargo after just two minutes of sucking. Some cum did leak out the first time I pulled him off, which he lapped up greedily, and took off a little bit of pressure inside my balls. But I was back to wanting to cum within 30 seconds of resumed sucking. He actually wasn't a fantastic cocksucker-- not as skilled with his tongue as I like-- but this probably helped me last as long as I did. I gripped his wrist with one hand and flicked his nipple with the other and felt my bone harden into steel in his throat. It was too intense; I couldn't feel the pleasure of gliding on the edge because the hydraulic disaster in my balls was just too urgent to ignore. I've never needed to cum this bad.

I tried my best to hold back, to focus on his ass, which I bent over and stroked through his briefs for a bit, or on making out with him, which he didn't seem too into. But the next time he got his mouth on me, and applied a few slow licks to my dickhead, I cried out, "I can't hold this back," and he took that as a cue to suck the hell out of me. When the first shot came out, he did something no one has actually done before-- he pushed my tool as far down his throat as he could and somehow timed his swallows to my explosive jets. Each long spurt went straight from my balls, down the barrel of my tool, and directly down his gullet. It was interesting-- again not the intense feeling I get from having my dickhead licked hard while I unload, but a rather cool sensation of having my semen immediately spirited away with no warm pooling around my cumhole as the cocksucker's mouth fills between swallows. Interesting.

This whole thing barely lasted 15 minutes. He was definitely a good cockhound; even after I was done cumming and just stroking the last bits of pleasure out of my dick, he stayed posted between my legs with a close-up view, waiting for the inevitable dribbles of semen that would ooze out as I softened, and licking them up. And for a while he kept my rubbery dong down his throat afterwards, which was nice warm comedown for me.

He chatted a bit about his apartment versus my apartment but refused anything to drink. And then trotted out, taking my jumbo load with him. Not the best hookup ever but at least my testicles are back to their normal size!


  1. "... he did something no one has actually done before-- he pushed my tool as far down his throat as he could and somehow timed his swallows to my explosive jets."

    First off, I'm so happy for you and that you enjoyed his technique. But seriously? No one? I'm surprised. As a cocsucker, my goal - when presented with a cock long enough to prevent comfortable breathing - is to go nose-to-pubes when the guy unleashes, taking it in the gut, hopefully giving him a pleasure akin to a deep ass-breeding. On the same note, if a guy needs to jerk himself off or ask me to use my hands in order to finish the job, I consider that a failure on my part. Fortunately, I never fail.

    I know that there are myriad ways to get a guy off orally, but as one who seeks to give ultimate pleasure, I'm befuddled by the whole "cum on my face" thing. Pulling out is for porn, and the last time I checked, I've never been paid for my services. Why break the rhythm, the sturm under drang, when you can just let go and blow?

    Sorry for the tirade, it just seems that the truly great cocsuckers are few and far in-between. Although you, Mister, don't seem to be lacking for decent head. Color me envious.

    Time for me to move back to the big city.


    1. Well, it was interesting ejaculating with my dick in that far, but I'm actually not as into the deep throat thing as most tops seem to be anyway; I'm much more interested what you can do to the tip. There's one thing that good cocksuckers do that I love, but it's also a little rare-- they take most of my length but aren't totally chewing on my pubes... and then they massage me inside with the whole length of their tongue, up and down along the whole length of my bone. And some guys can do this while I'm cumming, though it seems like I'd choke to death if I tried that!

      In the end, I just like a lot of stimulation on my dickhead when I'm unloading my nuts. Just writing that sentence has made my dick hard again.

      You do sound like a good cocksucker. Hands is totally cheating. Although if we're having marathon sex, a little hand action is a nice change of pace to keep me hard. But you're right, if you're going to suck me off, you gotta make me cum with yer mouth, or it's a disappointment. Although once in my 20s a guy laid me back and gave me a handjob to completion and it is one of my fonder memories. A friend looked at me like I was an idiotic 15 year old when I said that, but it sure did feel good, whatever he was doing.

      I rarely assent to providing the goop for the facial thing, myself. Only really handsome guys with beards who beg and beg, I guess. It can be amusing to see my white cum streaked across a dark beard.

      No worries about the tirade, this blog is all about good sex! Feel free to add anything any time.

  2. a few things.

    )) thanks for the blogroll add. :D it means a lot to me.

    )) i'm kinda curious... do you jerk off? or save your loads for play?

    )) if i saw you on the subway, what would i see you reading?

    1. (1) Sure thing. You are a good writer.

      (2) I almost never beat off any more. Sometimes I will do it just because it's fun to watch a tsunami of porn images go by and get myself off. But mostly I guess keeping myself loaded up keeps me artificially horny and ready for action. Despite the blog and everything, my sex drive isn't all that high. I kept myself happy with jerking off every day or two for years when I was monogamous and sexless with my partner. If I beat off frequently now, I'd probably never want a blow job, and that's the easiest sex to get, given my penchant for bare fucking. And there's nothing like saving up for a few days and watching a cute guy slowly work it out. So I leave myself alone except maybe once or twice a month. Maybe I should post when I beat off too! I read somewhere that Samuel Pepys put a dot in his diary on days he masturbated. I could be like Samuel Pepys!

      (3) I work from home and don't commute, so the subway up here is still like some kind of Disneyland ride for me, and I like to look at the people and eavesdrop and so on when I ride. So even if I bring a book I often don't even read it, and I never plug into an iPod or anything. When I lived in DC and commuted over half an hour each way to work, and where I reliably got a seat, I always read on the subway and sometimes would miss my stop or transfer to the wrong train because I was engrossed in what I was reading. That's when I wasn't engrossed in the groin of the guy standing in front of me, of course. DC had a lot of nice-looking men but it was very white-bread compared to NYC. Men here are much, much more interesting to look at.

      Without that commute, I find I read a lot less up here in NYC. It's bad.

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