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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uber Alles

Today I shot my thick, salty jizz down the throat of German dude with a tall, thin, tight body and an extremely handsome face-- very short buzzed scalp and beard to match running along his handsome jawline, thicker and slightly porny mustache over his sensuous lips. I had tried Craigslist again, hoping to sort of order up exactly what I wanted, but not expecting much. Dudes must be unusually horny today, because I got a lot of response, but he was by far the best looking and most eloquent about his love of dick-- there's nothing worse than a guy who gives you a couple of uninspiring words, even if he looks really good; in my experience the guys who are best in bed are also best at expressing what they like. The only thing was, he said he didn't think he would be up for swallowing, and would prefer I sprayed his face instead. Today I felt that was non-negotiable; I needed on a primal level to get my seed in another body. So I was torn-- go with him because he's so cute and enthusiastic, but maybe waste my cum? Or take my chances finding a true cumguzzler among the numbskulls of Craigslist? Knowing that if I treat a bottom or cocksucker right, I can typically get him to want what I want, I told him that I *really* like being swallowed, but would not make him do anything he didn't want to, and he scampered over in short order. We had a little over an hour of really fantastic sex. And which do you think it is, Gentle Reader? Did I get this handsome fella to ask for my cum inside him? Decide before you read on!

He showed up looking even cuter than his pictures, but he was extremely friendly and chatty and not at all intimidating. He had toked up a bit before he came over-- I told him we couldn't smoke here-- but didn't have that langurous, dumb affect that smokers typically have; he was pretty sprightly. I gave him some water, and he praised my apartment, and we made out a little as he drank-- his tight muscular body felt just right in my hands. "You've got a sweet little ass back there, I think," I said, cupping it in my hand, and he sighed and told me how good my hands felt on him. I asked him back to the bedroom and we made out some more. He had beautiful lips, plump and sensuous and silky, but didn't give them to me the way I wanted-- he was a little tight-lipped with the kissing. But he was clearly very sensuous-- we just held our lips together, pressed our faces together, breathed each other's breath in deeply and lustily, and this was as good as any voluptuous makeout session; this cycle of inhaling each other, looking into each other's eyes, drinking in the attraction we both felt in each other. My nuts were tingling between my legs as we did this, and the dick swelling in my shorts pushed towards his and found it, as if by magnetism, as I grew more and more excited-- I felt his meat swollen against mine, and it was very exciting. I pushed him to his knees and pulled down my zipper to barely expose the tubular flesh. He was a good cocksucker, I could tell, because just the sight of the edge of my thickening meat made him stop in his tracks, riveted, and drop slowly to the ground, reach for it with a momentous slowness, and pull it out of my fly like something of great value and rarity. This was going to be good.

He was considerably taller than me but arched his back and splayed out his thighs so his hands were pushing his shoulders back, and this had him at perfect level with my dick. "I am all about your dick," he said, after a few minutes of lolling it over his tongue. "It's all yours man," I told him, "you can have all the dick you want today." And he sucked the living hell out of me. I don't typically like the standing position much, but there was something very primal about how he looked in that position; his long legs spread open like that had my attention rapt, and with one hand on the back of that stubbly round skull and the other cupping his stubbly jaw, I felt all the energy in this hemisphere of the globe focused on the pleasure he was creating in my groin. His noises were greedy but not over the top-- he was clearly in love with my junk and could not get enough. I hopped back on the bed to get a little more comfortable, and he stood up, eyes bright looking my body up and down, eyes flitting from the bone jutting out of my unruly pubes up along my fleshy, hairy body, to my bearded face, and back down to my thighs and my meat again, and then he stripped completely, clambered into the bed, and knelt between my legs and worshiped me. My tool looked stark against his thick mustache. I held his torso firmly in my hands and bucked into him and he accepted me as deeply as I wanted to go.

And he sat up and looked me deep in the eye and grinned with brilliant white teeth, and told me he loved my dick. And we locked eyes again-- we spent the afternoon just intensely focused on each other that way, always eye to eye, no flinches and no shyness; I felt like I was drowning in how beautiful he was to me and hope open he was, with those deep eyes. I pushed him on his back and laid my body across his, feeling his heavy balls against my dick at first, then aiming it along his belly and gliding in my precum along his smooth skin. "That thick dick on by belly feels so good," he said, still staring into my eyes, and I could tell he meant it. His long lanky limbs were like a playground to me, his body was endlessly entertaining to manhandle, to stroke, to grip and kiss, to stroke my face against, to push and hold down as I rubbed my dick all over him. I almost came from it, and sat up to calm down, to know him with my eyes instead of my skin. A handsome-faced man, with a well-shaped body and a big dick, on his back in my bed, completely devoted to me, waiting for whatever I wanted to give him. It was almost overwhelming; I had to rest.

He sat up to kiss me and look into my eyes at close range again. "I have to taste that cum," he said, as I gripped his uncut dick and pressed it against mine so we could ooze precum all over each other. "I want to swallow that load."

I got some skillz.

I ate his ass out, which tasted vaguely of rubber-- could he have already gotten fucked today? It was not even noon yet! His asshole dilated to accept the tip of my tongue in the most beautiful way, which made the blood rush to my bone so hard that it throbbed and leaked in my hand; I had to let go to avoid cumming again. This was totally the kind of guy I love to fuck, so yielding, so exciting. I cupped his heavy balls while I licked his ass and thighs all over and he whimpered with pleasure. I wondered if I should push my luck and stick my dick in him-- he had made it clear in his ad he only wanted safe things, but with his head buried in my pillows, drooling with helpless pleasure, with his ass up in the air like a gift, he seemed ripe to be drilled. I ran my dickhead, slick and fishy with my precum, all over his hole, and he pushed against me encouragingly. I bided my time a bit, more eating, more tongue in the hole, more dick all around that sensitive skin, then up on my haunches behind him to get it in the position to drill, my thighs clamped to him, my tool bearing down on him. But never obviously going for the insertion. I didn't get any definite clues. I've upset guys before by pushing too hard, ruined the experience with my greed to feel everything with everyone, and I didn't want to lose him-- I wanted him to drink my cum with uninhibited pleasure. That would be enough. But I popped my dickhead into his sweet hole for a second-- it was so slick and viscous and warm, I don't know how the ejaculatory machinery didn't switch on right then and there, turning me into a helpless, flopping cum-delivery system. My dick was inside his ass and my head was spinning. But he jumped, shocked, and turned to look at me, smiling, but pulling away. I didn't push it. We did the other things, he made my bone sing in his mouth, I devoured his body and rammed it into the bed with thrusts of my hips that made my dickhead rub against his hole but not enter it, we stared deep into each other's eyes in a way that made me want to somehow possess him completely, wishing I had more dicks or more balls or more something, just wanting more and more and more.

He asked me to tease his hole more with my dick, said it felt so good there. And I glazed him with more precum. And I didn't want to stop but had to cum so bad I could cry. That horrible sensation of having every cell in your body crying out to shoot, and every cell in your brain saying no no no no no, no cum, more sex. The incredible tension, impossible to resolve.

"I want to suck the cum out of your dick," he said, with his body wrapped tightly all around mine, his legs gripping my waist like a vise, his face hard against mine, his eyes just visible in the haze of our closeness. "I want that load, man." It was time.

I sat back, and told him to suck me slow. My tube disappeared down his throat, his handsome face pressed itself into my groin. "Don't try too hard, I'll cum, just let me feel it, slowly." He nodded with perfect understanding, not letting my dick out even a millimeter. He gave me the perfect amount of pressure. "I'm so fucking close man, just let me hang here on the edge." Another nod, very seriously focused on cues from the flesh and blood and muscle in my penis. Tasting that rising tide. Feeling the veins pop out from under my skin. Feeling the head swell and harden. Feeling my nuts rise up to nestle in his chin. I was cumming.

And I came and came and came into him. He accepted it, licked me as I shot, drank it down, nothing was wasted. It was too good, the firing was slowing down but there was more orgasm lodged in my spine somewhere, I could feel it. I pulled my slimy dick out of his mouth and jerked it, hard, needing to cum more, needing more. After a few tugs more cum began to shoot out, and I was having another orgasm close on the heels of the other. He exclaimed and put his mouth back on my dickhead, which was tortured with intense pleasure. He wanted all of me, all of me, he was so happy that there was more, he sucked it down.

And he kept my his head in my lap, did not stop sucking, he was greedy in his own way. His own dick had grown much larger than I remembered and was oozing freely as he sucked and sucked my slowly shrinking tool. He looked into my face again. "That was so good," he said. "Do you want me to cum?" And I said yes, and he nestled his head in my thigh, with my dick in his face, and I stroked his body and flicked his nips and cradled his chin in my hand as he worked himself to orgasm. And he shot like CRAZY, all over his own body, and then all over my dick and balls, a few feet from the source. It was like hot metal raining on my soft tissues. I typically avoid other guys' cum but I would freely have drunk this guy's cum, he was so fucking handsome and beautiful to me at that moment.

He laughed and I laughed, and we kissed and held each other, and he nestled back into my thigh, holding his dick, and we talked at great length about New York, where we are from, our lives and travels. We made out a bit more, and I asked if he wanted a shower. But he had rubbed his cum into his skin and just put his shirt on over it, letting it dry in the air. I gave him a glass of water, we talked a bunch more, and I kept wanting to exclaim over and over, "You're so fucking handsome, you're so fucking handsome," but that is annoying and you can't just do that. So we talked like normal people, still locked eye-to-eye, but upright, and clothed, talking excitedly, stuffing each other with words instead of dicks and tongues.

We kissed and groped each other a bit more before he left. He told me he wanted to do it again. I told him for sure. I don't know if I will ever get my bare bone in him like I am aching to right now. But he can have all the cum he wants, however he wants to get it out of me. He was one of the best, for sure.

He texted me while I was writing this, saying it was a great way to spend the afternoon and thanking me for having him. "So hot!!" And I told him I agreed, and he texted, "I can still taste your load, and smell you in my stach. Nice." And I told him he was a good boy-- to keep me with him a while.

It's good to be a top!


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    1. Thanks Jack! When sex is really good I always want to take special care with the entry, really get the details and my feelings down so it's not lost... but so hard to translate sex into words when it's that intense. Glad you got something from it.

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    1. Doing it was even hotter, Biman. You shoulda seen my cock in his mouth...

  3. Brooklyn, you say? *Well*...

    1. It's the place to be, Mr Faggot!

    2. :) I go by BKF. 'Mr Faggot' will start to sound too much like a south park handpuppet, after a while.

      We should talk.