web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Blueballs

Friday, August 10, 2012


Tonight I fooled around with Ultra Sensuous again, after a very frustrating week that left me with serious, genuine blueballs; the sexual well was seriously dry since my last encounter on Saturday. I had an unusual night free as my partner was working till very late, so I cruised online heavily, imagining a whole new pool of ass to tap that is not available during the day, my usual hunting period. But evenings seem like weekends-- most guys seem to sign on and go away from the computer for hours, or are insulting about not being attracted to you when you hit on them, or seem to be looking for validation more than dick. I tried a Craigslist ad again, since it worked so well last time, and only got a few nibbles, one of which turned out to be from some guy with a distorted, ugly cock pic on his Manhunt profile who hits me up over and over, saying he's "heard" I'm an awesome top, will never show me what he looks like, and abuses me for not showing HIM (despite my having something like five clear pictures of my dick and body visible there), then goes away an sulks, and does it all over again months later. Tonight he answered the Craigslist ad with a picture of a guy who was totally my type, and when I sent him back my face, he told me who he was, admitted it was not him, and taunted me for finally getting my pic. Fuckin nutjob! So you can imagine the state of my ducts at this point; my nuts were so swollen and sensitive that I was almost in pain. There were a bunch of guys I've been with before online who I could have reached out to, but I kept holding out for new, new, new, until I rather passive-aggressively touched Ultra Sensuous' profile without actually writing him. Within a few minutes, he wrote me, saying just, "More please." I decided I was being ridiculous, and could do worse than getting with such a fantastic little ass again, so I hopped on the train and was there in 20 minutes.

He'd clearly gotten high before I arrived, and was slinky as a kitty cat and about as scattered. He was all about the poppers-- I opened the bottle and held it to his nose a few times to try to make it less distracting-- but I think whatever he'd done before I got there made him unable to really suck me very well, because he kept almost getting me super hard but then backing off, and letting me droop again. He was also playing some rather harsh old New Wave music-- at one point I heard "Warm Leatherette", which is just not a sexy song, and it was making it seriously hard for me to get in the mood. He asked if I wanted a cockring, which I found a little insulting. I wanted to say JUST SUCK THE MOTHERFUCKER LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO! but I didn't. I decided, although I really wanted to just be serviced, that I'd eat his ass. Which as I mentioned is absolutely astoundingly hot, with those huge round nuts and thick thighs. He whimpered and shuddered involuntarily as I tongued his hole and tweaked his nips at the same time, and I stroked my dick until I was hard as a steel rod. I considered trying to fuck him-- he'd said online he was very wary of raw, and I knew if I put my dick in him all hell would break loose and he'd be completely seeded instantly. But I wanted it so bad, I was like a fucking caged animal.

And, incredibly, I suddenly came in my hand. It was not at all like an orgasm. It was a hard, hot, pisslike stream of thick, fragrant cum that my exhausted, overtaxed nuts finally pushed out without pleasure or fanfare, the testicular way of saying ENOUGH ALREADY! My hand was completely slimed, and I kept eating his ass but panicked about what to do; I wiped it on his floor, on his bedspread, all over the fucking place. My dick was not firing, was still hard, perhaps even harder than before, but my nuts didn't hurt any more. So that was a good thing, I think. I stood up and put my stinking, cummy dick in his face, and he sucked it with the gusto I was hoping for; I guess he liked the taste and the hardness, but he didn't ask me if I came, though it seemed obvious.

And for another half hour or so we fooled around, with me seriously teasing his hole with my slippery, hard bone in every conceivable position. He was extremely tight and I didn't think I'd really get it in there, even with all the poppers he was doing. But the motions were exciting and he liked them. So I laid on top of him, ground my bone into his pubes, and flicked his nip with one hand, and circled his anus with a fingertip of the other, purring in his ear "Let me in." And I felt his bearded face nodding against mine, and his asshole dilating, and his body shuddering and shuddering, and I whispered it again, right in his ear, "Let me in," and my finger sank in to the second knuckle, and he writhed and cried out and shook and shook. And I ground into his pubes some more, very excited-- having anything inside another guy while my dick is being stimulated is almost as exciting as fucking him. It was too much, so I sat up and let the urgency of orgasm subside, but he slicked up his hand and reached down and stroked my dick. It was beautiful, looking at his meaty little body, his face slack and lost in sex, my big fat bone in his hands; I gripped his thighs up near his hips hard and pulled them against my own thighs, harder and harder, while he stroked my dickhead just right, and the pressure of body to body, the straining of groin to groin, really set me off. "You are going to make me fucking cum," I said, and he gave me a little smirk, but I pulled him to me harder, and harder, and then he saw it was for real, and there was a mad scramble to get his face into position to take my cock down his throat, but it was too late. I was squirting hard all over his pillow, his bed, his dick, his nips, his neck, his face, his hair, his eye, more on the bed, just an insane amount of squirting, only two or three shots aimed into his mouth. He tried sucking my dickhead but it was too intense, and I just kept jerking off and had another secondary orgasm with three more feeble squirts on his chest. He scooped up a bunch of it and shoveled it into his mouth, so I pulled out his hand and replaced it with my dick, but had to keep saying, "Easy, easy, too much, too much" when he would try to suck. Just feeling my gooey meat between his lips was enough to make him start squirting all over ME; I felt two hot shots against my forearm, which startled me, and I kinda moved out of the way, since I don't like getting other guys' cum on me very much (it's my one major sop to safety, along with never bottoming). But he was plastered.

For a long time we lay there with his head on my belly, talking. He'd had a long-term partner who died. I told him I didn't envy him being single. The conversation went on much longer than usual post-ejaculation; I hadn't had a real dinner, was very tired after a long day of work, and his bed felt very comfy, so I didn't want to get up. I think we talked for an hour, with his head on my stomach and my hand on his gooey chest, the conversation drifting from topic to topic. His house has no clocks so I didn't realize how late it had gotten. I didn't shower; the sweat and cum had dried and I didn't feel too gross. I left his place an my partner had just texted me that he'd gotten off work, a little before midnight. We met up and ate ravenously and talked a bit. I collapsed into bed, but woke up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep, and am writing this in the cool of my office, naked and a little dizzy with exhaustion. Time to go back to bed.


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    1. Thank you kindly, Mr Faggot. It was all in all a frustrating evening, but the amount of cum I produced, and now your appreciation of the posting, both made up for it.

    2. You're sweet. Which pretty much makes you hard to resist.