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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I fucked the hell out of a sweet-bodied little Irishman, but he rather hoodwinked me, as I'll explain in a bit. He hit me up fairly aggressively on Manhunt a while back expressing hearty and crass approval of my pictures and cumshots, and later his desire to get fucked. He listed himself as Safe Only so I gave him the standard I-fuck-raw-but-you-can-just-suck-me-off-sometime, and he quickly changed his tune, saying he would take me raw. So he went on my buddy list and I told him things were really busy and it would be a while before we could get together. He occasionally came back asking for my dick but I just couldn't swing a trip over to his neighborhood very easily. But within an hour of yesterday's 10 minute disappointment, I was horny again and knew I had to fuck somebody good, and soon. I considered fucking someone yesterday evening, mere hours after the blowjob. And I had a few admirers that might have worked out. But I ended up doing a bunch of work instead. So today, for sure, I was going to plow somebody good. I saw Wild Irish online and pinged him about this afternoon, which didn't look like it was going to work for him. But then I found out I had several free hours after work, so I texted him at the end of the day asking if I could swing by and stick my dick in him. He was happy to have me, so I drove over there. He answered the door looking cuter/manlier than his pictures, which were a little boyish for my taste, and his ass and legs were a sight to behold as he led me up the stairs to his apartment at the top of a nice brownstone on a gorgeously leafy street. I couldn't wait to get up in that! But he hoodwinked me!

We went to his bedroom and I kissed him and he was all slobbery tonguey, which made my heart sink a bit. But I felt his body up and down with real admiration. He was thin and not particularly muscular, except the legs, but he was extremely shapely-- very narrow waist, extra tight belly, deep curve in his back above a very nicely-shaped ass. His nipples were very sensitive, which always turns me on. He was a flurry of unfocused activity, though, grabbing at my dick, then grabbing at his own dick, then ripping his t-shirt off, then tonguing tonguing tonguing, then ripping off his shorts (no underwear) and then jerking his cock like a madman. This all while I'm standing there in front of him stroking his body up and down fully clothed! Very excitable guy. I think the deliberate, admiring stroking slowly calmed him down a bit, except for the frigging, which he kept doing furiously for the entire first half of the encounter. This is always something of a turnoff to me-- guys should be more focused on each other than themselves. But his dick was pretty freakin big-- 8" easily-- and he had it nice and hard. So that was cool.

He didn't give particularly good head, though he looked awesome on his knees on the floor in front of me, with his back arched tensely and haunches spread wide. We moved to the bed and he got between my legs but he laid to the side and sort of put my dick on his face while he ceaselessly pounded his meat. I wasn't sure what was going on-- there wasn't any easy way to get my dick in his mouth from this position. He was out of control and spastic. I figured the best thing to do was to flip him over and eat him out.

And this is when things started getting good... he really seemed to love the attention on his ass, and his hole was very accomodating. His thick dick hung down between his legs, less hard now but still pretty impressive. He moaned and moaned as I licked, sucked, and bit at his cheek and all the goods. My dick was now hard as a rock, so I got up on the bed and put it in his face, and he did a better job of sucking it now that it was thick and long. I think the true mark of a good cocksucker is his lack of fear of a not-totally-hard dick. The good ones don't freak out, and just suck it till it's hard. The less good ones spaz and try and try and don't get you there. The less good ones wonder why you're not hard yet. The good ones are just happy there's a dick in their mouth. Which makes you hard, because enthusiasm can't be faked.

So I get back between his cheeks and feast some more, and plant my hard bone on his hole, and he moans and moans. I slide it in just a little bit, and he's going crazy. I flip him on his back, grind into him, and he is kissing better now too, looking me in the face, and as my dick slides down between his cheeks against his hole he seems to be in ecstasy. Oddly, he's not hard any more, but there is a lot of oohing and ahhing-- bottoms are mystifying. His body feels amazing behind mine. The contrast between the smooth, tight, small torso and the thickly muscled, coarsely hairy legs makes me want to cum just from alternately touching them. I slide my dick in him again, and get it in about halfway.

Then he jumps up and says, "Let me get some condoms." And pulls out an accordion of rubbers from his nightstand.

My heart sinks, because I really want to be inside him and feel his warmth and his slickness. And because the whole reason I'm there with fucking on my mind is because he offered "I'll take you raw" a week or two ago. Maybe he forgot? I'd pointedly told him when we talked today that I just had a bunch of negative STD results Monday, but didn't actually say "so you still want me skin on skin?" I kicked myself for that.

I looked at the condoms and looked at his hairy knees hiked back to his chest exposing that pretty pink target. The strain of holding his legs back made veins pop out from his abs. I shook my head, grabbed a rubber, ripped it open, popped it on, accepted a dab of lube from him, pushed him back into position, and stuck it in all within seconds. I had to fuck this body.

And I fucked the hell out of it. Wearing a rubber is a crap shoot. Inside some guys, you can barely tell you have one on, it feels great. In some guys you feel like your dick is a plastic dildo grafted onto your groin and fucking provides no sensation but is more like performing very tedious aerobics. This guy was somewhere in between-- it felt good enough to keep me hard as a rock, but artificial and plasticky enough to keep me from really feeling what I wanted to feel. Sometimes that translates into coming too fast-- I can't gauge as well how close I am, can't tell exactly what kind of motion is needed to keep me on the edge, or to keep me fully hard. This time, it was basically just enough desensitization to allow me to pummel him like guys do in porno movies without fucking myself over the edge.

Normally I'm much more sensual than that. I will only start piledriving you after a long session of slower fucking, when I've fought back the desire to cum enough times that my balls sulk a bit and say "forget it, wake us up when we can ejaculate." But this time, with my plastic penis, I could ram into him like a machine from the get-go. He was pretty thrilled with this and did a bunch of "Yeah pound me!" and "Wreck my hole!" yadda yadda kind of talk. I was sweating like crazy and it was dripping into his face. I was clutching his tight body, pushing his legs back, leaning with all my weight on his shoulders, thrusting into him with all my weight behind my hips.

I pulled out, ripped the condom out, and hopped back on him, pushing my bone into his mouth and fucking it into his throat. He liked it rough and I had gotten into the groove and was making him gag. He emitted a nonstop stream of muffled, thrilled hootings while I dug in his throat. I pulled my dick out long enough to make out with him, then laid back and let him get on all fours and suck me. "You've got a great dick," he said in between inhalations of my meat. He was getting me pretty close, so I asked him if he wanted me to cum down his throat or fuck him some more. I fully expected him to say he wanted the cum; we'd been at it for about a half an hour and most bottoms take the cum if given the choice. But he said, as if I'd asked a stupid question, "More fucking!" I put on another condom, and he got on his hands and knees, and I fucked him from behind. And flipped him over and stuck it in him again. His hole was eager to be penetrated, there was no fuss, with one motion I was in him up to my balls. His body took a serious pounding and this time he was hard as a rock, and stayed hard. I held his dick while I slammed into him; it was like a big banana, thick and long. I was drenched and the muscles in my inner thigh were starting to ache from the exertion. I pulled out, ripped off condom #2, and laid the full length of my body against his, with my dick sliding against his monster schlong. He held my back as I sucked his ear, gnawed on his bristly chin, looked into his eyes. It was too much, I had to cum. He had told me he wanted my cum on his face and in his mouth, so when the pressure rose, I heaved myself up, groaning with pleasure, and got my dick near his chin just as I started squirting. The first couple of jets hit the sheet, but with each shot I was easier able to aim for his face and his gaping mouth. It was all over his face, his hair, his lips. I came some on his chest. He was pretty thrilled.

When I was done he got up on his knees, looking down at my sweaty body, with a kind of awe. "That was a seriously heavy load," he said. "Well, you got me really excited," I said. "You too, man, that was very hot!" He was jerking but didn't seem to want to get off. He was just looking at me, wiping the cum off his face and putting it in his mouth, and pulling at himself. He saw the jets on the sheets and bent over and licked them up like a dog. That's dedication! He said, "I want to see this in the mirror," and he padded over to the bathroom. "Come look!" he called to me, so I went over myself, panting and sweaty. He pointed out all the spooge, "Here and here and on my shoulder!" And he looked at me with big eyes. I nodded, amused; no one has ever behaved like this before.

I took a shower and we had a long conversation about New York City, changes in the neighborhoods over the past decade, where we like to go, where we've lived, getting around. The city itself is easy topic for any two New Yorkers to hit on anywhere, any time. I had gotten dressed but he was still naked with that big tubesteak snaking down between his legs as he sat on the couch and chatted with me. He was from Dublin but has been here over ten years. He wasn't in a hurry for me to go and seemed to really want to talk. It was a really nice ending to an extremely athletic fuck. But time got away from me, and I had to eventually rush off sort of in the middle of a sentence when I realized I needed to meet my partner for dinner.

The sunset was brilliant and the sky was perfectly clear, with cool crisp breezes blowing. I fucked the hell out of a nice looking guy and life is good. Even if I didn't get exactly what I'd wanted!


  1. I have to confess, I really like fucking with condoms. I find no decrease in pleasure, only a decrease in sensitivity, which leads to the ability to marathon fuck! I tend to the shorter end of fuck sessions; 5-10 mins, and I need to pull out to calm down or I'll cum. With a condom, I can slam harder and faster for longer. But, *sigh* my husband hates them and will not allow me to wear them. If a sex session ends without my cum in him, it was a waste of time for him! I've worn them for partial sessions and ripped them off before cumming, but it seems like an artificial prop then, and I don't like props in the bedroom (not when I'm topping anyway, but that's a whole different topic). I've tried desentizing creams, but without a condom it also desentizes him and that's a no-go!

    Luckily, he's good with hard, fast, and relatively brief sessions. And I don't mind pulling out to suck/eat him to prolong things when I need to, but what I wouldn't give to be allowed to wrap up for a night once in a while.

    1. You're lucky! I turn down a ton of guys (or they turn me down) because I have given up trying to fuck satisfactorily with a rubber. It can work, as this entry shows, but if a guy insists on one I'd rather he just sucked me off or we dry humped. Rubbers kill it for me that much. God knows how many guys I'd be fucking if I didn't have this issue.

      I find that I have an easier time lasting in a guy if he gives me a lot of head and we have a lot of other foreplay first. Seems unintuitive, but I guess a lot of head makes me kind of used to having my dick stroked with a nice warm wet mucus membrane, so it's not such a shock of pleasure when I go in for the ass. Sometimes I do pop within seconds of getting it in, no matter what! You never know...

      But I'm with your husband... there is just nothing like raw sex.

    2. By the way... you're rapidly catching up to the present! I don't know if I can fuck fast enough to keep you supplied with blog entries!