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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today I had an unusually efficient hookup, especially for my hometown here in the South. My partner and my nephew were planning to go to the gym for a couple of hours this afternoon after lunch, and a guy I had been messaging with a bit on Scruff said he'd be around about that time and wanted me to fuck him. Thinking of the zillion things that always get in the way of stuff like this, and knowing I'm really here for my family, I figured it was not going to really happen. But crazily it did, and it was pretty fuckin good. I can honestly say I've never been with someone who was this into me, and I sort of dug it. As soon as I saw that look in his eyes I knew I would be cumming in him deep.

I dropped off my partner and my nephew at an upscale gym and immediately texted the dude-- a half an hour late, but not too bad. He was still waiting for me and gave me an address that was just a couple of miles away. He showed up at the door looking just like his pics-- maybe a tiny bit more fleshy around the face and thicker around the middle than online, but nice. It is so hit and miss down here that I didn't know what to expect. We had a little bit of chitchat, and I took a leak real quick, and then we moved in for the makeout. He had beautifully formed, sensual lips just made for kissing. In the pix he'd had a beard like mine, salt-and-peppery, but today he was just scruffy and unshaved. The shape of his chin and the bull-like thickness of his neck was just giving me a serious boner as I made out with him. Some things are unconscious and automatic, and lips, jaw, neck, and ears are the most beautiful parts of a man's body to me. I told him to get to his knees and he pulled me out pretty greedily and sucked my hard as a rock in maybe five pumps. I wish every guy could give head like this! I fucked his face gently and then pulled him up to kiss me and he said, "Let's go upstairs and get more comfortable."

He led me to a bed and I got him between my legs and he worked my tool till my head was spinning. He had a bit of a gut in front but from behind, with his ass in the air, he had taut, smooth skin and a narrow waist tapering down to a rather large, fleshy, but shapely ass. He sucked me and we made out and I flipped him over and pressed my body into his, and he was obviously in heaven. I don't think many guys touch him this way often. We had barely discussed what we'd do and I didn't know if he would take my raw bone in him-- I was honestly just up for head as I was pretty pent-up from not cumming since I left NYC. But when I held his face and kissed him and pulled back, he had a sleepy, helpless, awestruck look in his face, staring deep into my eyes with his own sage-colored green irises-- an extremely unusual and beautiful color. His face was an extremely typical Carolina kind of face, one I have seen a million times since I was a kid. It was pleasant to look at and reminded me of home but I never fucked guys down here. He stared at me, at my body, with unabashed attraction, slack-jawed and hungry. I put my body back down on his and ground into him, and he stroked the hair on my back and moaned, "I'm ready to have you inside me already." But I wanted to take some time. I ate him out and he was very quiet at first, but his dick got harder and harder in my hand and freely flowed with precum, and he finally broke the silence, saying, "You are so good at what you do."

I put him back on his back, aimed my own gooey dick at his hole, and he wiggled down on me and I slipped into him skin on skin. He gazed with that same intensely objectifying stare, saying repeatedly, "You are so fucking hot." And I fucked and fucked him and didn't feel self-conscious at all. I just gave him exactly what he wanted, a little amused at how intense his desire for me was. He was a little too big for me-- maybe two inches taller and rather bulky-- but the fuck was getting my cum rising and I felt myself squirt a long jet into him. I slowed it way down, and just pushed into him as deep as I could go and held it there, but then I had to feel that sliding slickness again, so I was fucking him again with the long deep strokes I love to thrust into other men with. Feeling my bone glide over my own slipperiness just made my nuts sizzle-- my own cum was making me want to cum more-- so I told him I had to cum, feebly warning him that he was about to get seeded in case he wanted me to pull out in the split-second remaning before that possibility was going to slip away for good. He told me not to stop, told me to cum in him, stared into my eyes and showed me with his open face how much he needed my emssion inside him. So I fucked it into him. "Look into my eyes when you cum in me," he commanded, and I did, as best I could, but had to close my eyes and just feel it. I gave him a lot of cum. I was inside him deep and thick. Very fulfilling.

"I came too fast," I said, "I wanted that to last." "Just stay inside me," he said, and held me close to him for a while as we lay still. Then I pulled out and he lubed himself up to beat off as we made out, lying side by side. His orgasm was intense. "I so needed that," he said. "I never get that much foreplay. You are awesome."

We lay side by side like that and talked for about 40 minutes, much longer than the fuck had lasted for sure. We talked about our relationships-- he has a longtime partner, too. "I dominate my partner," he said, "so when I meet a guy who wants to call the shots, I love it. But only if he knows what he's doing, like you. When you told me to get on my knees right after walking in, I just melted." I appreciated hearing that, though it's so odd to think of myself as dominating. "I usually get what I want," I said sheepishly. "But I like it best when the other guy wants it too." I took a shower and he chatted with me from the bedroom, coming in when I got out to dry myself off. As I did so, he looked at my body like it was a steak slathering itself with herbed butter. I don't like my body much but I decided to let him gawk all he want and not act self-conscious. We went downstairs and he poured me a drink and we talked some more about his nerdy Urban Planning interest, and I talked about my life some and a few of my philosophies.  He stared at me with that same open, admiring face as I spoke, and he obviously didn't hear a word I said, but just watched me say it intently. I suddenly felt like the evangelist girl in Henry James' The Bostonians, being hopelessly objectified and depersonalized by the prepossessing Southern man. When I put on my hat and glasses he just shook his head and said, "Those glasses are just so... unh! You're already cute but when you put them on, it just like..." he made that little French Chef ok-kissing motion with his hand at his mouth. "It just gives you that perfect touch. You're so cute! You have such great style!" (Note to reader: I have like zero style, and this is the most ridiculous compliment anyone has ever paid me.) I just laughed and accepted the compliment and kissed him. He was still naked and covered with his cum in the doorway as he sent me back into the world, where the sun had just broken through the clouds. I was feeling like a charming piece of meat. And it felt good!

I love cumming in other dudes. Dudes are great.


  1. Hot post and hook up man. Nothing wrong with bein objectified although when I has happened to me it is sort of unsettling at first. Hot that you were able to work him in while on a trip home. I was just talking with a bud who is at Disney and about to go out of his mind. Your pal might be a good target for some quick road head before you head out.. Happy New Year.

    1. It made me wonder what *I* look like when I'm staring at some guy who is out-of-this-world hot to me. Though those guys are probably more used to it than I am.

      I might be able to get in one more raw boning down here before I go home... I'm working on a muscular bottom not too far up the road, but it'll only happen if a bunch of stars align. Wish me luck!

  2. Great post; I could vicariously savor the intensity and satisfaction reading it.

  3. You have a gift for writing, friend

    1. I did once have a much frustrated ambition to be a writer, Anonymous. So thanks for the comment.