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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Little!

Today I flooded the sweet tattooed body of a horny little bottom with my hot thick seed. Someone up there must like me-- just as I was whining about never getting to fuck little guys, I am magically sent two guys under 5'9 to take my raw dick in their body all the way up to my hairy nuts. This guy hit me up on Scruff, a site I haven't had tons of luck with; he wasn't all that cute really-- rather nerdy and weasely, not in the way I typically like-- but he quickly sent me a bunch of pictures of a tight little body with a really nice mini-manly shape. I told him right away I was looking to fuck raw, and he didn't bat an eye; his profile had more words than usual on there but he was very no-nonsense and just seemed very into sex and just wanted to get plowed by a dick like mine, which he made all the right noises in praise of. He did Just Need To Take A Shower and said he couldn't come over for an hour or so, but I was starving and had just started dinner anyway. I told him it would be cool as long as he was for real and no longer in shopping mode. He assured me he wasn't, and right on time he reappeared asking for my apartment number, cleaned up and ready to have the stuffing dicked out of him. He was here about five minutes early, looking a liiiiittle cuter and a liiiiitle less weasely than his picture-- his presence in my apartment ready to take my tool however I wanted to give it might have been affecting my judgment-- so I was happy. We got right down to it.

 He was a rather sloppy, tonguey kisser, but I didn't care, because his little body was working its magic on the erectile tissue in my penis. I just can't tell you how much I like running my hands over a hard little body that is yearning to get stuffed with my meat. His nipples were thick, fleshy, rubbery, and long, and flicking them made his knees visibly buckle and instantly all sense clearly fled his head, to be replaced with stupid pleasure. He was running his hand over my groin and when my dick was hard he shook and sighed. This is the kind of bottom I needed tonight. I wish all bottoms were like this.

He dropped to his knees and stuffed my fat dickhead in his mouth. He was genuinely just too small for me, really; he was 5'6 and 135 pounds or so, and could barely fit my fat choad in his little mouth without it hitting his teeth. But his saliva had just the right viscosity and it made my dick get hard as marble.

He fell back on the bed and took a gigantic hit of poppers, and then laid down sideways, looking up at my hairy bigness, and looked like he was positioning himself to get his throat fucked at the edge of the bed. But I had to get on top of him and pin him down with my body weight and feel his skin against mine. With one hand I was able to push him back on the bed and spin him around so his legs were facing me; he seemed to delight in being manhandled and pulled his legs back and grinned at me as I flopped him around like a rag doll. And I slowly lowered my body down on his, and he felt soft as silk against me. As I was positioning myself over him I ran my dick through his pubic hair, which was light and fluffy, nor coarse or hard at all, and made the tip of my dick thrill with its tickling texture. Things had barely started and I was having the time of my life.

He was incredibly responsive, whether being touched, having his neck bit, his nips flicked, his hips grabbed and pulled up against mine, or even feeling my dick sliding up along his belly, oozing precum. When I touched his asshole and ran my finger around it, simultaneously twisting his nipple with my other hand, he was in heaven. "We have to do this again," he said, even though we hadn't even yet finished it the first time. This is one guy I will happily fuck over and over.

I laid on my back a little and let him clamber up between my thighs and service me.  Honestly my dick looked gigantic next to his smallness; I love that. He grasped it with small hands and tried to stuff it all into his mouth, managing to take me down to the hairy root, but just barely; I felt it pressing against the back of his throat with a strong pressure, but he never gagged. His little ass was fuzzy and very nice down there, and I thought about eating him out. But he reared up and begged me to fuck him. So I fucked him.

He couldn't take me with spit so I lubed up generously and forced myself in with one hard push. And for about a half an hour he was on his back, staring up at me as I pummeled the living daylights out of him. That's all I can say. Just intense animal fucking. He closed his eyes but I told him to look at me, and he stared into my eyes while I deep-dicked him till we were both dizzy with pleasure. I tried hooking his knees over my elbows and fucking up into him hard and deep, but it was too much that way; he sheepishly said it was too deep. So instead I arranged him flat, pinning his legs back, lowering my full bulk on him, putting my forehead on his, and drilling into him with full hip thrusts, but keeping our bodies close. He yelped and wrapped himself around me tight and we shared the most intense, connected fuck I've had in months. "You are such a good top," he kept saying. "Oh God you're a good top." And I think I am. But only with a good bottom, of course. At one point, when I was pushing my body against his particularly hard, sweating on him, bearing down on him particularly intensely with my bone sliding in and out of him, he seemed to hyperventilate, grabbing at me wildly and holding me tight. I wondered if I was going to actually fuck the cum right out of his nuts-- something I haven't managed to do to a guy in years. But he just kept whimpering and holding me. When I lifted myself up with my arms again, he went for his dick, and masturbated furiously. "Cum in me," he said, "I'm going to cum, cum in me." I grinned and whaled away at him until I was unloading, hard. And I felt him tense up inside all around my spurting tool, and he shot all over himself too. I didn't quite knock an orgasm out of him, but we did get to enjoy the pleasure of cumming at the same time.

He'd asked for me to pull out and let him suck the last drops of cum out of my dick after I shot in him. But just before I did pull out, I looked him in the eye, smirked a bit, and said, "Has that desire left you?" I know how guys are after they cum. But he said, "Put it in my mouth," and I did, and he sucked a little. He didn't quite clean me off, but it was a nice gesture.

For a long time we talked about the neighborhood, our jobs, a degree program he was currently enrolled in. While we talked I couldn't resist constantly stroking his lightly hairy, taut little belly, exposed there between narrow hip bones. He was very fun to touch. Eventually it got late and I had to get back to my work. He got dressed and I kissed him goodbye. Part of me wonders if he will be back... typically, now that I've found someone I could easily fuck over and over, he seemed a little distant from *me*, vaguely uh-huh-ing when I suggested he keep in touch. We'll see.

But man I needed to cum in a guy like that! I fuckin love to fuck.


  1. This was a fun one to read! I'm 5'6" and 130-135lbs, so I can easily put myself in his place. My ex was a big guy, and he LOVED being able to manhandle me, as much as I loved feeling the strength and confidence and exchange of power that comes with being physically overwhelmed by someone before and during a fucking. He also loved to play with my sensitive spots after that exchange had mentally been established, as I would respond demonstrably but willingly, no matter what he was doing. For me, nipples are a waste of real estate, but a touch or lick to my stomach or neck makes me absolutely melt. You and he should compare notes. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with this one!

    1. Wow, I re-read this entry and I totally can't remember this guy, even though it was barely a month ago. Of course, this past month has been a complete nightmare for me, so it's a wonder I remember much of anything, but man, I wish I could picture him. I really can't. I don't pay for Scruff so I can't scroll back to his email to check him out and jog my memory. What a weird sensation! I took you down memory lane with something I can't remember at all.

      Love that new yoga pic.

  2. Oh, no. Sorry to hear that my counterpart was so easily forgettable, and sorry to hear that you've hit a rough patch. I obviously have one month of reading left to catch up on.

    He may yet reappear and jog your memory!

    Thanks for the compliment, but it's just a stock photo. Funny, I had been using pics of me in underwear that I thought you'd like based on past entries and you didn't notice/comment, but you notice/like the pic I snagged off howtoyoga.com! Story of my life! You never impress people when you're trying too hard.

    Hope things have improved or will improve very soon.

    1. Oops! Sorry. How embarrassing. But that little dude is *absolutely* my type. And that's the kind of guy who is *never* attracted to me back. Sigh!

      I remember writing this entry but I can't get a visual of the guy at all. My previous life feels about a million miles away right now. Maybe it's a good thing I don't remember too well.