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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today I fucked the sweet little body of a very cute white Latino guy who has been chasing me for years on a variety of hookup sites and apps, but who I always thought was just full of shit. He would routinely hit me up, demand to know if I was horny and in the city (he lives on the Upper East Side), and then when I'd say I'd come by if he let me fuck him skin-on-skin, he'd often say yes but then scamper away, not to be heard from again for several months, whereupon exactly the same thing would happen again. This morning, after giving up on another guy who claimed to be all-too-eager to get fucked by my big hairy body and take my load, but who mysteriously would never be free until "three hours from now"... then being hit up by someone in my neighborhood on Grindr with no public picture who (1) sent very hot ones of himself unbidden, (2) proclaimed mine hot when I replied, (3) asked if I wanted a blowjob, then (4) immediately blocked me when I said yes... I finally decided to give the Little Latino his final chance. He immediately responded saying I could come up any time. I didn't mention raw this time, figuring maybe he's one of those guys who needs to pretend it's not happening to make it happen, and ran up to his place, wondering how this would go.
Well, it went great. When I got off the elevator he was right there in his doorway, just beside the elevator, and turning to see him standing there looking at me startled me. But he was extremely cute in a tight t shirt and baggy jeans. I know he was short-- profile said 5'8-- but he seemed smaller to me, but had a cute manly face and an obviously tight little torso that made my balls jump up against my body with an immediate desire to cum inside it. He was chatty and friendly while I took a quick piss, saying he was hung over and had to go to some art show later. When I came out we made out-- he seemed very reluctant to do so at first but I know how to work around that, brushing my beard against his neck and gently rubbing his nipples through the shirt and cupping his sweet, firm little ass cheeks though his pants, and finally running my hand up his inner thigh slowly till I reached his crotch and grabbing there possessively just as I dove in again for another kiss. From then on he was mine and let me suck his lips and slide my tongue along his, eagerly meeting me halfway now. He had a scruffy little beard and teeth with small spaces between them that kept his face from being too, too cute-- he actually looked a lot like Justin Timberlake, just not so telegenically perfect. 

I pushed him to his knees and unzipped for him. My tool felt great in his mouth but as with the kissing he seemed vey tentative, barely sucking me past my glans. I like a lot of focus on my dickhead but this made me suddenly realize that I need maybe an inch and a half more inside to really make my fuckin dick sing. I began to wonder if he wasn't into me like I was into him. But there was no way I wasn't going to get everything I could out of this really cute little guy, so I just pushed my cock into his head fairly firmly and I felt it pop into his esophagus, a thrilling little bit of friction on the back ridge of my cockhead. He had a very small mouth. But he did not seem to mind me pushing in deep at all. He did his best to take me the way I wanted, pulling me out to grip me and admire my swollen hardness and sucking my balls, still only fairly fuzzy after my trim for the Fantastic Everlasting Cockgobbler a couple weeks ago down south. I noticed he'd pulled his own dick out, and it was a fucking monster-- at least an inch longer than mine and much thicker, with an obscenely fleshy, gorgeously-formed head and open cumhole. On his little body, this man-sized penis looked like something from another fucking planet. I get to get him horizontal. I was now kicking myself for not having fucked this kid years ago. 

"Let's go to the bed," I said, and he flitted over, pulled off all his clothes, and laid back for me, with that monster schlong laying against his taut little belly like a symbiotic alien. I foolishly wore some tight, very nonelastic argyle socks that I had a hard time pulling off, an I felt ridiculous naked in the middle of the room bent over wrestling with them as he watched. But finally I was totally naked too and on top of him and grinding and oozing like a motherfucker. It seemed like his slightly curly hair was full of some kind of fruity leave-in conditioner, oily to my touch. But I didn't care. His little body wrapped around mine and we were sucking face and humping our groins together and I could have just done that all goddamn day. I loved kissing his mouth. God I love cute guys. Especially when I'm on top of them.

Eventually I had to eat that little ass. I flipped him and pulled him to the edge of the bed. All the body hair he had was clearly concentrated on his asshole. It was a surprising thicket on the smooth plain of his body. Not really my favorite thing. But he had tight firm little cheeks there atop his slender legs and I ate and ate, pulling his dick down so I could suck that big fat head some, too. 

He was stock-still and stone silent during all this. His dick was no longer hard. He seemed to just be enduring it. How frustrating! I like rimming a responsive guy. But I decided today was about me and he'd just have to let me have what I wanted. His dick got plenty hard again after I sucked his dickhead some more. 

I flipped him in his back again and he began furiously jerking. Either he'd liked it more than he let on or he wanted to cum really fast and be done. I pushed his hand away and lowered my body, which felt gargantuan next to his, over him with my full weight, and he reached down instead for MY dick, which I'd snaked down between those firm little glutes. I fucked his hand some and then he was clearly pressing the end of my tool against his hole hungrily. It was time to fuck him right. 

I reared up and he pulled his legs back and showed me my target. I fingered it and it was tight as a fist. I slicked myself up with spit and aimed and pushed much harder than I thought that little guy could take. He just grimaced and pushed back and suddenly my nuts were resting in his ass hair. I could have cum instantly, he was so warm and velvety inside. 

"Cum on my chest, OK?" he asked, and I kissed him and promised I wouldn't cum inside him. I am too nice. All I wanted was to flood him with it, leave him soaked inside and out. But I am a man of my word with superior control. 

I had to fuck him very slowly, opting for depth and close body contact over that delicious full-barrel slide with every inch of my tool, because I had not unloaded since I got Ultra Meat to take me raw on Tuesday. He clearly enjoyed my fight against cumming in him, my obvious pleasure in penetrating his body; he kept asking me how I liked him. I liked him a lot.

Too much, even! I just could hold back. I'd been inside him maybe five minutes and I knew I couldn't last. "Oh baby you feel so fuckin GOOD on my dick," I choked, as I pulled out my fuckstick and began plastering the tight little body that got me hard in the first place with my foul, manly emission. It was a huge sticky load and it kept coming and coming. 

He aligned himself beside me as more globs of come dripped on him-- he hustled over to me sideways so I would get them all on his body-- and fisted his huge tool hard with his legs pressed closely together and his feet twisting in different directions. "I am going to cum!" he announced in his cute accent, letting fly a few thick globs. I smiled into his relaxed happy face and kissed him again. 

"I've got to clean this up," he said, looking at all my beautiful cum with a kind of dismay. He hopped up and ran to the bathroom and turned on the tub. Pulling on my clothes, I called out to him asking about the art show. "How did you know??" he asked with amazement. Am I the only one who listens? I know I didn't fuck his brains out! I reminded him that he told me already and he laughed and said he was out of it from drinking too much the night before. We chatted a little more amiably but I knew I had to get out. So I did, with one last peck (he had held out his hand rather theatrically to shake, but I wanted another kiss). 

I *never* get to fuck guys like this-- small, cute, non-kinky, sensual, happily bottom. I have a steady stream of 6'3 guys with foot fetishes wanting me to piss inside them hitting me up. But seems like all the guys under 5'10 are tops. So this was a real treat for me. I hope I hear from him again sometime, when my nuts aren't swollen with undischarged cum, and I can fuck him properly.


  1. "How did you know??" he asked with amazement. Am I the only one who listens? I know I didn't fuck his brains out! I reminded him that he told me already and he laughed and said he was out of it from drinking too much the night before" this made me laugh out loud. I wonder why he was so unresponsive getting rimmed? That would have bugged me too. I love fuxking smaller guys. I am 6'5" so having a smaller guy climb on me or carrying a smaller guy with his legs wrapped around my waist is super hot , especially if my cock is inside him. It is also really hot to threesome with a smaller guy.

    1. Crikey, you're tall! It's funny, because I love *looking* a bigger guys-- watching two huge guys fuck would be fantastic-- but for fucking, nothing beats a little one. When I'm getting sucked off, since half the pleasure is visual for me, I like a big guy, and don't get much from being serviced by small ones-- I just want to fuck the hell out of them. I've never carry-fucked a little guy before, I should try it sometime.

  2. I like smaller guys too, but find them scarce. But then again, I AM a smaller guy at 5'6 and 142.

    Let me use your blog to call out to all you small bottoms.....get out there and show yourselves. You've got tops of all sizes to choose from!

    1. My partner and I have argued about this... especially when I was living in DC, I felt like gay guys are somehow taller than straight guys. I always wondered if there was some study about this. I'd go to a gay bar in DC and find a bigger proportion of the crowd towering over me than normal. And I've had 6'6 guys wanting me to plow them; it's just too weird for me. Then all the short guys want to top. Of the ones who don't, the vast majority are too boyish or smooth for me. A manly little guy who wants the stuffing dicked out of him raw is the ultimate delicacy. At least I found one this weekend!