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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too Much Meat

Today I quickly juiced up a guy I fuck once a year or so... but I think this might be my last time with this guy. I'm not totally sure what got into me today-- I was still somewhat in convalescence mode after the intense, hard, athletic fuck with All American Bottom a couple of days ago, and honestly have felt completely sexually sated since then. I had a somewhat frustrating day when I didn't get much done, didn't have eat enough for lunch, and worked out harder than usual in the morning, and it's like wires got crossed in my brain or something: stress, hunger, and tiredness suddenly turned into an out-of-control horniness. A young kid who keeps hitting me up to fuck him but never seals the deal reappeared and started it, I think. I suddenly was so horny I couldn't think-- nothing would help but cumming in someone. Big Meat had viewed me a month or so ago when we were both down south, I visiting my family and he doing his work travel thing. He told me he'd be around a while here in NYC in March. I saw his profile on adam4adam after the kid told me he wasn't actually free after all. I thought, yeah, I could use a big bodybuilder between my thighs right now, sucking the cum out of my nuts. I hit him up and he replied maybe a half hour later, and I went right over to his place, unable to think about anything but getting off.

He is a pretty cute guy, but he has *definitely* been hitting the 'roids too hard. He used to have a beautifully symmetrical, well-proportioned body; about as big as a guy can get without starting to look like a giant overgrown baby. But he's gone too far. He always wants me to strip instantly and then wanders around his apartment a while as I lay on the bed naked. He left the TV on this time, and I found it a huge distraction. Eventually he came back, undressed himself, and clambered that huge body up between my legs, curled up semi-fetal, and began sucking. It felt great, but he kept stopping. He would do beautiful things with his tongue against my dickhead, and I would grope him and say "Don't stop don't stop don't stop," but he would stop, and just lay there moaning with my mostly-limp tool in his mouth. WTF! I remembered him as having the powerful tongue of a giant bovine animal, practically licking the skin off my tool. I kept encouraging him, and he would do it again, and I would feel myself start to get hard, and beg him not to stop, and then he would stop again! This guy isn't all that into kissing, either. So all I could do is announce that I would eat his ass. Which is an insane beauty. It would definitely get me hard.

And it did. But as he lay on the bed with his ass hanging over the edge, and I ran my hands over his back, I found it very oily and bumpy-- the dreaded backne. His thighs were really overgrown and his belly was hugely muscular, but almost indistinguishable visibly from a gut. Why do guys need to go so far? Too bad!

I got very hard anyway, and went around and stuck it in his mouth. I can only assume he only likes sucking hard dicks, and I guess I don't blame him. I put us in a 69 position but it wasn't totally working for me. I tried to slide back down beside the bed to get more ass in my face, but he pushed me back into his mouth, roaring "NO GIVE IT BACK TO ME" and sucked me some more. I gave him points for enthusiasm, and let him do his thing. But really I needed the ass in my face again.

Eventually he let my tool go and I ate him out some more. My dick was now hard as a rock. I pushed into him and banged away. "Yeah! Mount me up man!" he said as I positioned myself over his haunches. I really just wanted to get off at this point so I could clear my head. So I whaled away at his hindquarters until I was throbbing and spurting in him. He felt it and cried out hearty appreciation and I felt his insides tensing and pulsing; I think he was cumming on the bed. It was almost painful how hard his contractions were milking my dick, still shooting into him. Not bad I suppose.

I kept fucking him some even after we were done unloading. He kept shouting incoherent positive things. I tried to pull out but his asshole had latched onto the middle of my shaft and would not let my head out. So I sat there stuck in his butt for a minute or two till I could pop it out. It genuinely hurt. That ass is like some kind of flytrap.

I thanked him for letting me get off in him and went to clean up my dick. We talked a bit about his travel schedule as he strutted around naked a while. I really was disappointed to see that beautiful body completely overdeveloped. It was genuinely too much.

I love how much this guy likes getting fucked but the chemistry has always been a little off, maybe because he doesn't like to make out much and is a little rough for me. And while he's shorter than me by several inches he probably weighs more with all that fucking meat on his bones, and the best bottoms are the smaller ones. This was just a fifteen minute assignation. I don't know if I'll be going back.

But I got off! And he seemed happy enough.

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