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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Mother of God!

Last night I deposited two loads of my cum in the stupendously hot, ripped body of an eager-to-please bottom. I reload slowly so this is unusual, but the man was so unbelievably beautiful, and so amazingly patient and focused on my pleasure, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I had to get as much of my sperm in this amazing specimen on manhood as I could.

I had seen him on Manhunt once before, and felt sure he was far out of my league-- his body is world-class-- but something about his profile made me think he wasn't the typical "jock for jox" kinda guy, so I sent him an offhanded, pithy, dirtily-worded hit-up message, not really expecting to hear back. He did write back, right away, with a long effusive email about loving to get guys off and take their cum, and would I like to see him put on a show on skype he loves to show off blablabla? I have no interest in watching anyone show off on skype, being completely awash in porn of all kinds as it is, so I just let it go. But yesterday I felt extremely horny and wanted to fuck someone, and he reappeared on BBRTS. And I thought, well, let's see if he's willing to meet for real. His profile says he has a good sense of humor, and I like that in a guy. Again he wrote back instantly, with a reallly long note like the one before, rhapsodizing about how he was created to give other men pleasure blabla, and when did I want to fuck, and "here's my number TEXT ME!". I thought either this was not the guy in the pictures, or he was on drugs. I've run across guys who run at the mouth like that with that kind of attitude before, but they're usually not all that great-looking, substitution enthusiasm for hotness. Guys who look like those pix are never like this... unless they're all hopped up on sex-enhancing drugs, which does not often make for good sex. But I remembered he'd wanted to show off on skype before... it *had* to be him in the pictures. So I figured, what the hell, could be fun, thinking of the GHB guy last summer.

He also said he wanted to do the "anonymous, door open, blindfolded, ass-in-air" thing. I find that extremely tedious, but I must admit I really liked his rationale, about giving me his body for my own pleasure, giving "stellar head", and caring about nothing but getting me off. I'm ashamed to say that the blindfold thing made me think it would be easier to get past my usual I-am-not-hot-enough-to-be-fucking-this-god feeling I get that often ruins my time with extremely good-looking guys. I told him I liked that idea, but asked if that meant he wouldn't kiss. He said he loved to kiss but what we did was totally up to me. Right answer! So within a few texts we had set things up. I asked if his ass was sparkly and minty-fresh for me so I could eat him out, and he said he was already loaded up, but could clean out if I wanted. Uh, I wanted. "I want to fuck you, not some other random top's cum," I said. I think he liked that. "Gotcha... it's what most guys like, seems like, but I'll clean up for you." We said I'd be there in an hour, and I was.

When I got off the subway I already had like three more texts from him reiterating that it was all about my pleasure and that I should take some time with his holes, they were mine to do with as I will, but he likes verbal abuse, not physical, yadda yadda, on and on. I was a little taken aback, but I figured at least he was enthusiastic. I don't do the verbal abuse thing, though; ugh. I began to feel a little wary. I texted him that I was close. He reminded me what to buzz.

The door was ajar as he'd said. There was a long hallway past the bathroom and kitchen to the main part of his studio. I sort of walked slowly, letting my footsteps echo, figuring this might enhance his OH-MY-GOD-AN-UNKNOWN-MAN-IS-COMING-TO-FUCK-ME experience-- I have no clue, go try to understand a bottom, but it sounded good at the time-- and there he was, arrayed beautifully on his bed, face down, looking so amazing it almost knocked me out. Shoulders for days, gigantic rock-hard arms. A back sculpted like a skateboard park, full of swelling hills and deep valleys, all narrowing down towards his impossibly thin waist and terminating in a series of razor-sharp clefts in the small of his back, formed by the huge mounds of his buttocks, shaped for all the world like an arrow pointing at his asshole. He was wearing a jockstrap and had a sleeping mask on over his eyes.

"Well well well," I said sardonically, "look what we have here." I reached down and felt up his buttocks one by one. "A naked pussyboy all spread out just for me." He wiggled a little. I put on a stock porno voice and said, "This is a surprise, I certainly didn't expect anything like this when I walked through that unlatched door." He turned his face back to me and I could see an adorable smile on his face. I guess he did have a good sense of humor.

Since it was all about me and he said to take my time, I did... I ran my hands all over those heartbreakingly beautiful hindquarters, and felt the incredible solidness of his thighs. I put my face in his crack and just ever so lightly brushed the hair down there with my nose, lips, and beard. He shook and hiked his ass up, and twitched and kept changing position, now on his haunches, now flat and spread out. I was completely mesmerized by his form. When I stuck my tongue out and pressed against his asshole, he dilated and engulfed it like a dick. Holy fuck, he was beautiful. After an interval I discarded the ludicrous jockstrap so I could hold his nuts in my hand while I ate him.

I pulled off all my clothes and ate his ass until I was hard, and then clambered up on the bed with him and stuck my dick in his mouth. I wouldn't say the head was stellar-- it was passable, if enthusiastic and sincere-- but even with the eye mask on, he was incredibly cute, with a scruffy little beard, irresistible lips, a sharp nose, strong jawline, and perfectly-formed ears that did not lay completely flat against his head. He had short curly dark hair and a very manly hairline. He looked incredible with my dick in his mouth. I held his face and neck and drilled into his head, and this only made him more excited; he flipped onto his back to show me his whole body. There was not an ounce of fat on him. His chest was not very full, but the shape of his torso was the kind of thing a Greek would have made out of marble. His stomach was a genuine washboard; when I ran my hand over it it practically played skiffle music. How the fuck do I keep getting my dick in these guys? Unbelievable. I lowered my body on his and he reflexively wrapped that incredible body around mine. We made out furiously while I ground my dick into his. He was touching me everywhere and his kisses were all-encompassing; I felt like I was totally losing myself in him. I reared up and pushed his legs back and stuck my finger in his sweet, tidy little hole. He wanted dick in him, I could see. I gripped my fat oozing tool, slicked it with some spit, and shoved it in. He was grimacing and bearing down but I got it in all the way and started fucking. He clearly was not enjoying this properly. "Please, please give me some lube," he said, and I laughed. "OK, in a bit, let's fool around a little more before we get all sticky." I pushed his body around the bed so I could admire it, or grind on it some more, and he said, "You are good.... you make me feel small... I don't usually feel.... small." The guy is six feet tall and built like a brick shithouse. But I know what he meant. He was, indeed, very pliant, responding perfectly to what I wanted... and I could have spent all day just humping against his amazing form.

There was another round of cock-sucking and ass-eating. He had a flexible rubber cockring on that was impeding my access to the area behind his balls-- a favorite delicacy of mine. I slipped it off, saying, "Now I've got you completely naked." He liked that. I liked that. I had to fuck this dude for real. I looked around for the lube. There were a few little bottles rolling around in the bed already but none looked lube-like. "Where is your lube, big guy? I can't see it." "I can't see it either," he quipped, the wit. I laughed and picked up a silver bottle. "Is it this Maximum Impact stuff?" I asked, trying to clear my spinning head enough to read the label. "NOOOOO don't use that!" he laughed, and I saw that it was video head cleaning solution. "That wouldn't be good, would it?" I agreed. He said there was a little black bottle that had lube in it. I found it and put it on-- too gloppy for my taste but you can't have everything-- and this eased my passage into him. I held his calves and my brain oozed out my ears while I looked at this incredible body taking the length of my dick inside, over and over. I pushed my body against his and commanded him to wrap his legs around me. The fucking and the kissing and the feeling of all this hard meat under me and around me made me come close to unloading several times. I put all my weight on his huge, cannonball-like shoulders-- his right one covered with tribal tattoos-- and drilled away at him as his face contorted with pleasure. I couldn't hold it, and started saying "No no no, I don't want to cum this soon," and he said "Let it go, cum in me, I want it!" and I pushed my body down on his again while all the pressure in my nuts instantly exploded into his body.

I whined a little. "I could have fucked you all night man, you just got me too excited." He smiled and motioned for me to take out my tool. "You do fuck good," he said. "I feel a little tense and sore, though. I was up all night last night." I popped out my dick but laid down beside him and stroked his amazing body up and down. "Were you up all night aided by chemical substances, or is your life a natural high?" I asked tauntingly. "Um, chemicals," he said, laughing. "And you've just been getting fucked all day?" I asked. He had seemed clean and fresh to me. He said he had been laid off a few months before and had too much time on his hands. And he felt around blindly for my dick and began sucking me again. I glanced at the clock; I had already been there about 45 minutes.

I didn't know if I was really going to get hard again. He did not seem to be in any hurry to get rid of me. I had this amazing plaything at my fingertips, seemingly for as long as I wanted it. I kept cursing myself for being so strange. This body was perfect, absolutely mesmerizing, yet somehow the chemistry had been a little off. Maybe it was the blindfold scene after all. Maybe I was just still too intimidated by his amazing physique. His sucking felt awesome and I was enthralled with his body, but I wasn't getting hard, goddamn it.

Finally I pulled his face up to mine and we began kissing, slowly at first, but within a minute it turned into a crazy, seventh-grade-style makeout session. And this made my dick swell up; his kissing was honestly amazing; we were like animals hungry for each other. I pushed his head back down into my lap, and he seemed newly excited by the much longer, thicker meat he found down there. "I want to cum in you again," I said, and he nodded eagerly... but I didn't feel this was going to do it. We made out more, I touched his body more, another half hour was slipping away in this twilight of arousal.

He said he needed a break, and he coiled his body into mine, with my thigh resting over his and his face in my neck. I stroked him up and down. Amazing. His back was also covered with tattoos, which I only just now focused my attention on. There were curves and ornate designs that didn't seem to represent much, but across the widest part was some gothic lettering; all I could make out was WELLB. "You have a lot of tattoos... what does this say? Wellby?" I immediately pictured Marcus Wellby, MD, a vision not welcome at this moment. I think he did to, as he tipped his head back and laughed, showing beautiful white teeth flashing against his dark beard, and he put his head on my chest. "It says 'well-bred'." "Oh!" I said. "A pun." He giggled. "An obscure pun." He pulled me close again and laughed into my chest. "Yes, a pun. Ha! An obscure pun. On so many levels." I pushed him on his back and ran my face over all his muscles; his biceps seemed bigger than my goddamn head. I hooked my arm under the small of his back, so small and yet so powerfully muscled. I felt the swelling of his buttocks against the hair on my arm there. I sucked his nipple and just humped my hips between his legs, and he moved along with me, those muscles flexing in the most exciting way against me. This had me getting very hard very fast. I sucked on his beautiful ear and he began to writhe-- how had I missed this erogenous zone before? I put my beard in the center of his ear and whispered, "I want to cum in you again," and he nodded silently; I slipped the cartilage back into my mouth and he writhed again. I kept at it and his breathing got very fast and short and his body contorted. This made me VERY hard. I kept at it till I suddenly felt my sap rising. Quick to take the opportunity, I hopped off him, put my dick in his face, and jerked off till I was shooting on his mouth. He quickly took my dickhead into his throat and I unloaded my second dose into him. When I pulled out I was still cumming a little, and I just thwacked my rubbery tool against his nipple and watched the last bits of jizz splatter on him.

"All RIGHT!" I bellowed, slapping his belly. "Holy shit, you were just made for sex, weren't you?" He nodded. We relaxed as he stroked the hair on my back. I looked into his face; the absurd mask was all askew but still covering his eyes. I really wanted to take it off, and reached up. "Should we take this off now?" I asked. "You can if you want to," he said. "It's all twisted," I said, arranging it more nicely on his handsome head. "Oh yeah," he said, "things are definitely twisted over here." A pause. "Well you could come back and you could see me without it then." I decided in the end to leave it on... I am sort of kicking myself for this now, as I am now extremely curious to see what his eyes looked like. But somehow it seemed like taking it off would change the experience. We talked a little about my plans for the evening. "I'm probably just going to eat something and go to sleep," he said. "I'm exhausted."

I got up and started dressing. "Well, make sure you eat something healthy," I said. "Not just Sugar Pops and honey." "Yes, Dad," he said, laughing. (I secretly like being called Dad, but only after I've done something particularly dadlike). He shook his head, still chuckling, and muttering to himself, "Sugar Pops and honey!"

Fully dressed, I went back for one last swipe at his perfect form. I slapped his buttock. "This is the finest ass in New York City," I declared with authority in my voice. "And I know. I've been around. I'm a connoisseur." He beamed behind his ludicrous mask. "Now you're free!" I said, about to take my leave. "That's the scary part," he said. "Being too free." I am not sure what this enigmatic utterance meant. But I leaned over him, kissed him one last time, and whispered in his ear, "Now, do you even remember which one I am?" He said he did, and said my screen name. One last kiss and I was out the door.

I had been there for almost two hours. My legs and ass were sore from all that humping. My dick was sore from all that stimulation. But I felt light as a feather inside... what an amazing gift the male form is. Will I get with him again? I guess we'll have to wait and see...

God, I love fucking men.


  1. you are inside my head again/the light as a feather metaphor totally resonates with me

    1. Good sex definitely has that effect on me, Invis. Nothing else matches it.

  2. is this him? http://www.flickr.com/photos/allman2011/8302223676/

    1. How random of you to find this, Unknown! That definitely seems like it could be his body... it was flawless and huge like that. I feel like the font is different in my memory, but I routinely completely miss gigantic tattoos on guys who are head-spinningly hot, so that's not a reliable indicator. Let's go ahead and say this was him! I can't believe I got to cum in that... TWICE. Fuck!