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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today I had an aborted fuck with a rather sensuous, meaty middle eastern guy (Turkish, I think) on a twin bed in a dorm room of a college about 30 miles north of here. He has hit me up most times I come to visit for years, byt I never found the idea of fucking a college student in his dorm room 30 miles away appealing, though his ass was a true phenomenon in his pictures. But tonight I had another free night as a neighbor wanted to sit with my mom, and I wanted desperately to get off, and he was low-hanging fruit. I texted him at the number he has pushed on me a zillion times and asked if he still wanted it; he said yes and told me how to meet him, in a parking lot near his dorm where he would come down and meet me. Felt a little shady but I went with it. It was a beautiful night for a drive with the top down as the sun set. Ejaculation, however, was not in the cards, as I will explain.

I arrived at the parking lot a little early. This college has a beautiful campus, and I had actually considered applying there after a visit there for a math competition when I was in high school. (Yes, I was a nerd, and no, I didn't win anything at that particular one.) I waited in my car listening to music until he showed up. He was a little beefier than his pictures, and rather better looking. He had a strangely effeminate-yet-manly manner which I had trouble working out. He had a clipped, international-euro accent, and his voice was messed up, he said, from screaming enthusiasm at some kind of dance performance the night before. I could barely understand anything he said. He was acting a little distant but was chatty too. I patted his ass in the parking lot brazenly and I think it freaked him out. But there was something irresistible to me about being that forward and proprietary in public with a kid young enough to be my son.

He led me to his dorm room in a nice historical building right on the quad, down a long hallway which inevitably reeked of popcorn-- a detail I had forgotten over twenty years ago but which brought memories flooding back. His room was 313, which is made up of two of my lucky numbers. I was feeling pretty good! Once inside, however, he laid back on the bed right away, and kicked off his pants, idly fingering his dick. I took this as a bad sign-- it could have just been a languorous mediterranean pose but to me it promised a lousy lay, somehow. While he was extremely enthusiastic trying to seduce me up there online, I find that bottoms who are that low-key in person don't have the enthusiasm for my dick that I require to be really turned on. I leaned over and kissed him and brushed my lips against his neck, and he virtually meowed. But he also turned his face from mine, making me paranoid about my breath. But he was moaning like crazy, as if he was enjoying my attentions. Weird. I pulled off my own shorts and turned his head back to me, still standing over him, and stuck my thickening tool in his mouth. He sucked me pretty nicely, actually, and I was getting into it, when he made a kind of gesture with his lips that somehow seemed to signify, "That is all your are going to get tonight, I hope you enjoyed it." I tried to force more kisses out of him but got nowhere, so I climbed on top of him and slowly lowered my body on his, sucking his nips the whole time. This sent him into orbit, slowly rubbing his hugely meaty, hairy thighs along my with a wonderful sensuous stroke, but he resisted my kisses completely. It was a very weird combination of pushing and pulling.

But I kept at him. His body was very appealing even though it was a little overripe for me. His ass was insane and I kept cupping it in my hands under his thighs against the bed. He liked this and seemed to want me to finger him; he pulled my hands up to his mouth, sucked them to get them wet, then pushed them back down. He had asked for poppers before I came but I said I didn't have any, and I wondered if he would be too tight. But he wasn't-- he felt beautifully accommodating. I fingered his gland and he writhed and moaned and whispered a steady stream of incomprehensible gibberish. I commanded him to flip over, which he did so slowly it was more like a kind of bodily pouting. And the sight from behind was pretty amazing. I ate and ate and ate his ass, licking his cleft, sucking his extremely tiny balls, licking between his legs and biting his buttocks, and he moaned and lost control of his muscles and began actually oozing off the bed slowly, one thigh sinking glacially to the floor. At one point I could make out actual enunciated English, when he said "You have eaten out women before haven't you." I stopped and pulled my head up and said, "Well, it's been a really long time, but yeah, I have. Do you feel like I'm giving you a pussy?" And he moaned and laid his head back down and whimpered something about how I was indeed turning his ass into a pussy with my skill. Outside, a noisy ball game of some sort began, with frat boys hooting the way frat boys do, grunts and growls and cheers carried in on the breeze through the open window. The bed was far too small for proper sex and the fitted sheet had popped off a corner the mattress, revealing the ubiquitous striped cover dorm mattresses have-- another forgotten detail. I was beginning to feel absolutely ridiculous.

But all I really cared about was deep-dicking and spooging in that ass. I flipped him back and fingered him some more, with two fingers this time, and then decided to stick in my tool. I slicked it up and pushed against his hole and it sank in beautifully. His body was unbelievably slick and warm inside, making my erection sing and drawing the pressure and heat out of its turgid length into his body. It felt like there was a limitless warm, humid sexual cosmos inexplicably lodged the square inches of his colon. My eyeballs sizzled in my head and I slid innnnn and ouuuut of him slowly, feeling like my nuts would explode into grapeshot instantly. He felt fucking amazing.

And yet he was grimacing and pushing me back and trying to adjust my body and fretting. I asked, "Does it hurt??" not comprehending how that was possible; it felt to me like my dick was a stick of butter on a red-hot teflon pan. He nodded and made weird hand signals and twisted and pushed and turned and told me it "has to be horizontal" and pushing my thighs together like I was praying and hiking himself up on me like I had the lap of Santa Claus. He forcibly put my hands on his chest, like I was giving CPR. Then he nodded, satisfied with the position, and sucked my dick into his guts deeper. "I can't fuck you like this!" I whined from my absurdly straitjacketed position. It was like some crazy charm school exercise, where you have to walk with a book balanced on your head. He pulled off of me, pushed my hands down there, and told me to finger him more.

From then on it was nonstop guiding my hands, pushing my body, writhing with his eyes closed, inaudible commands coming one after the other, twisting away from me and then wrapping himself around me like kudzu. I finally lay beside him, stroking his body while his head rolled around, and slowly losing my erection. About 40 minutes of this had passed and I kept wondering when I would just stand up and leave. The cheering outside reached an orgasmic pitch, contrasting sharply with what was going on inside this room. Finally I patted his stomach and said, "I think I'm going to go."

"Did you cum?" he asked me, and I shook my head and set my mouth firm. He didn't seem confused or concerned. He got up with me and began scrolling through his phone as I put my clothes on. I was rather dismayed. "Was this not what you expected?" I asked, rather pitifully. He said "It's not that... I just am very, I guess, specific in what I want." I'll say! As I put on my shorts again and buckled my belt, my balls began wailing that first long clarinet glissando of Rhapsody in Blue. This was very cruel to do to them in their already neglected state.

I let myself out without much fanfare and somehow made it back to my car unaccompanied. I sat there in the dark parking lot with the top down, looking on various apps to see if there was anyone nearby I could do an emergency cum in. No one was biting, as expected. But there was great music playing on the radio-- the Editors, a silly Parquet Courts song I like that reminds me of home, Television's Marquee Moon. The sky was brilliant and clear and kids were passing by in twos and threes, talking animatedly in the dark. I had loved being in college, and went to a campus not much different than this one, and the music and the air and the moon and stars reminded me of that heady time. In front of me the vegetation exhaled obnoxiously fragrant perfume into the night air, overflowing the way only southern vegetation can in the springtime: shrubs burdened with blossoms, rampant vines extending before your very eyes and oozing sweet sap everywhere, sugary dew forming on tender new leaves. I didn't want to go, so I sat there for about a half an hour, just drinking it in.

The drive home was chilly and a little melancholy, as I fretted about my mom and what will happen to her. I exited the interstate and took a long way home through town, going past some old landmarks that seem overwhelmingly tired to me now. Passing the park where I used to go to the pool in the summer with my sister and feed ducks and ride paddle boats, I looked into the trees, wondering if it was still as cruisy as I'd heard it once had been. Just as I did that, the red pickup hurtling beside me on the road suddenly dropped back to keep exact pace with me, keeping me right in its blind spot, then slowly inching back. I was being car cruised! I couldn't believe it. It was too dark to make out the driver, to see if he was cute or not. Would I really pull over for a guy in a red pickup to suck the cum out of my dick, which had just been inside a hairy 23 year old an hour before? We caught up together evenly at the next red light, but I wasn't gonna play; I pulled out my phone and dicked around with it till the light turned green, resisting the urge to look over, and the pickup tore off again, apparently deciding I wasn't worth it. Of course now I wish I had done something, to give this a better ending. Instead, I just came right home, dismissed my mom's neighbor, ate some potato salad out of the fridge, and sat down to write you all.

Now my nuts are overflowing with juice. The grind of care-giving begins again. But I'm happy to do it, to spend this time doing something that is obviously good. I've always been happy being teased. It just means whoever gets me next is going to be fucking plastered with cum, is all. And that will be fun.

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