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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Today I slipped my raw bone up inside a tight-bodied little black dude-- he felt like he was maybe 5'7-- but full insemination was pre-empted by a series of mishaps that left me unloading my juice down his throat instead. My nuts were very full from not being drained since last week's religious experience, so it would probably not have been a satisfactory fuck of the type I like to have-- long, deep, intense, sweaty, epic-- and I'm happy I got to feel his slick warm body from the inside at all. I had intended to lay back and let Tireless Cocksucking Boy work his magic on my unit, maybe even getting two loads out of me in succession. He and I spoke briefly yesterday about him coming over today at noon, but when I texted him he never replied. Harumph! I figured he would at least have told me he was sorry but couldn't make it. After all the fuckjuice I've fed him, this is how he treats me! A bunch of other guys prickteased me online and then Tiny and Tight reappeared on BBRTS. He has a vaguely cute hipstery look about him online and his body looked insanely shapely, though his face wasn't much of a turnon for me. But today he convincingly expressed a willingness to do whatever it took to satisfy my aching nuts, and I'm a sucker for a sucker who has a good rap, so I ran over the Bed-Stuy to give him the what-for.

He answered the door wearing nothing but pink flip flops, jean shorts, and a pair of nerdy horn-rimmed glasses which looked pretty cute on him. In fact he overall looked cuter than I expected. He immediately apologized profusely for a mess that I did not actually see anywhere; it just looked like a typical youngster's apartment with crappy furniture sparsely arranged around. He also apologized for a big fat puffy cat that was ambling along the wall by us. I'm not allergic so I didn't care; instead, I wrapped my arm around his impossibly tiny, hard little waist and pulled him in for a kiss. He was a little girly, exclaiming a diminutive little "Ooh!" as he swung towards me, and kissed me with meaty lips and a very sensitive, lightly probing tongue. Very nice. He was damp with sweat-- it was pretty warm in his place, which was on the fourth floor and had nothing cooling it but fans and open windows, and I think he's one of those dudes who prefers natural stink to cleanliness. I, unfortunately, am not one of them; he wasn't too bad but on occasion I would get a serious whiff of something far too tangy for my taste, which was a bit of a drag. But I loved his little body and thought maybe I would have to fuck that after all. I chewed lightly on his neck and his sweat was extremely salty.

We made out a little bit and in between lip-locks I said, "So where are you going to suck my dick?" and we smacked a few more times and he pointed into the room and said, "Right there," and after a few more smacks I said, "Over in the cocksucking chair?" and he laughed and we smacked and he said "Yeah, the cocksucking chair, with the mirror." But first, I ordered him to his knees to get me fully hard. He seemed shy about this but did as he was told; I pulled out my meat in its half-swollen glory-- I actually love looking at it and feeling it at this stage, call me weird-- and he gave me excellent sensations with his mouth. His tongue was actually a bit raspy, like a cat's, but he certainly knew how to use it to hit my hot spots. I told him, "I'm gonna have to make myself comfortable for this!" and led him over to the cocksucking chair, or rather, the cocksucking couch, an unattractive brown microfiber sectional kinda thing along the wall, across the room from a big mirror. I laid back and he worked away at my unit, and I was feeling very very nice indeed, constantly begging him to go slow so I didn't pop too fast. I was very close right away.

And then the cat stated making weird noises.

At first we both ignored it, but after a while it was unmistakable-- the cat was puking, with one of those long, dramatic leadups that cats seem to require for this; unlike humans, who can simply vomit copiously without warning out the window of a moving car, say, certain cats must lurch mechanically across the floor making crazy clacking noises as the effluvia is prepared in some deep inner chamber of its digestive system. Finally my cocksucker was ripped from his cocksucking reverie and looked over at the cat. Then he exclaimed, "Oh! She's vomiting." And he ran off to the kitchen, coming back with a hilarious big ball of wadded up paper towels, inspecting the floor where the bored cat left its lunch before wandering into a bedroom. He wiped everything up while my dick shrank away to nothing, and grew cold, and I felt my nuts slowly retracting into my body.

"Well that's a real boner-wilter," I said when he came back from throwing it all away. "I don't mind starting over," he said, and he didn't; my dick was smaller than it had been when I came in but he just went right back to work on it and I felt myself stiffen longer and longer into his mouth. I fuckin love that.

I commanded him to take his shorts off, and I pulled off my shirt, the last thing I had on, and we were naked together. He had a fairly small dick and balls, but as he positioned himself between my thighs and he felt my hairy legs rubbing up against his flanks, I saw the dick grow longer and harder; it was rather pretty despite being small, and it looked good hanging there as his tight body flexed with the exertions of giving me pleasure.

Finally, I said, "Man, can we go to your bed?" I had to get on top of that little body and grind it into the mattress... I knew I wanted to fuck him now, even if it meant I came right away. His shape was so exciting, muscular shoulders, hard narrow waist, sweet buttocks, very shapely hairy chest. But again with the undue horror: "But it's a complete mess!" "I really don't give a fuck, I just wanna lay on top of you and fuck you," I said. "How about we let *this* be our bed," he said, gesturing to the microfiber sofa. I hate fucking on sofas, but I said OK, and pushed him on his back, and pulled away the back cushions to give me a bigger working area-- he watched with glee as I hurled them across the room. I arranged him where I wanted him, and slowly lowered my weight down on him as we made out. My dick felt creamy and warm and ready to shoot as soon as it found itself pressed hard between my body and his. He moaned how good I felt against him as I reached down to find his hole, which was rather yielding and extremely slick inside. Had he pre-lubed? I faintly slicked up my dickhead with spit and tried to push in. It was actually hard to locate from this angle with my tool-- it was so far back, it practically planted on his spine. But I aimed and pushed, and he yelped; it was too much. So I ground into him a bit more, finding it again with my finger, penetrating him with that and finding his prostate and stroking up against it as I rubbed my dick all over his belly and sucked on his neck. I felt him dilating quickly. So I again pushed his hips back, very far this time, and was able to sink all my inches into him in one quick motion that made him sigh a deep, involuntary sigh. We were fuckin!

I had to hold his legs back too far, though, to really get any good body contact. But his little black body looked fantastic down there, impaled on my gleaming while cock. He looked at me with deeply hungry eyes and moaned and moaned.

And then, well, it was ruined by an apparition from the deep.

He realized it as soon as I did, and as you can imagine, he was deeply distressed and made many apologetic noises. I smiled indulgently and just went to clean up, generously soaping up my dick. I asked if he had a washcloth from the bathroom, as I stroked up and down my length with the lather, and he appeared at the door, saying, "Uh, just use this," and giving me a gigantic magenta towel. No washcloth! He hadn't had any toilet paper either; I had to open a new roll and figure out how to get it unglued at the end with a filthy tool. This was twentysomething squalor at its best! But as I soaped up my dick, and he watched it, I felt rather proud of my meat, and positioned myself so he could watch me stroke it up and down over the sink, getting it squeaky clean. I love my dick, even when it has been defiled so.

Finally I rinsed and dried, and went back to the scene of the crime. "I can keep going if you can keep going," I said, determined to get off in him. "Oh yes, I can keep going," he said, and he got back down between my legs and just did beautiful things to my penis with his tongue. He was good, but all I could think was, I want to fuck that body. So I kept saying it. "Aw man I wanna fuck that body, I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you an cum in you, keep sucking, but aw man I wanna fuck you." I kept trying to hold back every time he got me close, but finally just couldn't, and he sucked me into heavenly, ejaculatory bliss. He kept licking away at my hotspot while I progressively filled his mouth with my goo, and after about three shots he began to gag on it, but gamely kept sucking me. I am not one of those dudes who gets off on making other dudes gag-- I prefer everything to go smoothly, as if everything had been arranged by the cosmos just to have my dick unloading its cum down someone's willing throat with no hitches. But he could barely manage the volume I produce, and finally it came running down my shaft. Then, when I was done pulsing down there, he sat up, looked me in the eye, and gulped ostentatiously. "Your pictures DO NOT LIE," he said. "That was a LOT of cum." I shyly demurred. But yeah. I cum a lot.

We talked a little bit about this and that, where we're from and so on, as I pulled my clothes on. And when I had put on my shoes and cap, he looked me up and down and said, "You're so cute and stylish," and I looked down at myself with disbelief. "Huh?" I asked; the only remotely fashionable thing I was wearing was a pair of safety orange sneakers which look like hell because they're so old. He did an up-and-down figure-eight take-it-in wave with his hand. "I just like you're little ensemble," he said. "It's so cute." Well! I suppose once someone ejaculates in you you want to find positive things to say about them.

I kissed him goodbye and left, with many promises on both sides to get together again and fuck for real. It's kind of hard now for me to separate him from the major mishap.... but I do like his body and think it would be fun. Maybe I could have him over here and stick him in the shower first.

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