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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Too Soon!

Today I had various kinds of fun with a meaty, handsome fella, but my nuts just freakin popped after barely half an hour! Stupid nuts! Even more frustrating, after I came he managed to tell me, through gritted teeth, while furiously fisting his meaty tool and looking down at his hairy torso streaked with the wet evidence of my testicle's perfidy, "I told everyone at work I'd be back in two hours!" A man after my own heart, and I wasted a quickie on him! Stupid nuts!

He had hit me up on Daddyhunt with no pictures, and then privately sent me a pretty nice close-up face pic-- he is actually quite handsome, bordering on pretty, with Cupid's bow-lips and rather old-school wavy handsome-hair almost lacquered with hair product. But he had a nice beard, and very limpid blue-green eyes. When I asked for body shots, he sent pictures that (1) did not match each other in musculature or hair pattern, and worse, (2) included one face-obscured photograph of what I am positive is the naked, masturbating body of a man I flirted with, and whose partner I ejaculated inside of, in New Market, MD in 1998-- I recognized the picture instantly, even after all this time. I thought, well, even if his body sucks, I like the face; could THAT be fake too? But today I was so horny and in need I figured I'd take the risk and ask him over. He first told me he had too much work and couldn't, expressing great chagrin saying "FUCK!!!!!!! NO!!!" He at least gave me a clear description of when he's available during the week in general, so I knew he was serious about getting together. I said, "If you happen to get through that pile of stuff on your desk, let me know. I haven't gotten off since last week and I need someone to drain these overloaded nuts long and slow for me, or the cum will back into my brain and drive me crazy." This was apparently exactly the right thing to say to him, because he replied, "You fucker - where are you?" and when I told him he said he'd be here in a half an hour. And he was! My lonely dick rejoiced.

Of course when he showed up, his body looked like none of the pictures, because they weren't him. He was a bit shorter than me, rather meaty in a pleasing way, a bit of a gut but nothing I couldn't forgive in light of his killer shoulders and beefy caboose. The face was definitely the same face, but looked a lot handsomer in person.

We went to the bedroom and made out, with him kind of tearing my clothes off ineptly (he gave up on the last two buttons of my shirt) as we did so. I told him to get on his knees and offered him my choad and he sucked it very hungrily, a little too theatrically, but it was nice-- I never get tired of seeing my fat meat inside the mouth of a handsome dude. Never. I went to relax on the bed and he parked himself between my legs and I got to fondle his really amazingly thick, muscular shoulders and arms. For a pretty boy his body was actually brutally hot, the body of a beetle-browed thug who would probably beat you up after sex or take your money or something. Very hot! His own dick was the same size as mine but a tad bit meatier, with a beautifully shaped head. So eventually I worked us into a 69 position, and just luxuriated on his sweet fleshiness, oozing with acrid sexual fluid, taking it all the way down to his fat balls comfortably, and fingering his hole while he gobbled away at my own tool somewhere down there.

And I ate him out with obscene smacking noises as he lay stock-still. I wasn't sure he was enjoying it, but when I reached for that fat dick again to hold it while I tongued his hole, I felt that it was hard as steel. So he must have been. When I alternated sucking it, sucking his balls, and tongue-fucking his hole, he began to whimper. And when I placed the tip of my dick against it, and cooed how beautiful my dick looked between his cheeks, he wiggled back on me, and I felt my dickhead burrowing into him. Oh wow, this was more than I bargained for! He instantly pulled back and I popped out almost audibly. I wasn't sure if it was because it hurt him or because I didn't have a rubber on-- we'd never discussed it. So to avoid spooking him, hoping maybe I would get a spontaneous raw drilling session out of this blowjob, I went back on my knees and lapped away at his hole some more. And then put my dick back in him; he again wiggled back onto me, I did nothing but stand there and admire my fucktool as it slipped out of sight. And then I ate him some more. And pushed in one more time, and he pushed his body hard against mine, and I bit into his neck and felt his hairy body. "Do you have a condom?" he asked, as I mindlessly thrust my hips into him, and kind of ignored him. "Duhhhh uhhhhhh mmmm yeah," I said, my inner caveman released by this magic rubbing of my penis. "Do ya, do ya?" he asked, and I pulled out, and said, "Let's just hmmmm uh maybe in a bit," and I flipped him on his back again, and spit some more on my dick, and rubbed it all over his-- his was really beautifully meaty. I was rather crestfallen that I couldn't fuck him with my naked bone but I just rubbed my body all over his and he reached down to hold my dick so he could feel it slide as I bucked into him; we were otherwise curled into each other like a tight ball. I slid my dick down into his crack and fucked against it and I know he wanted it inside by the way he grabbed and my body, at my hairy knees beside him, at my ass and my neck and pulled me into him, universal symbols of a bottom needing a top. I just wanted him to know what he was missing! Then I put it back on his body, and with our foreheads pressed together and gripping each other tight, we admired our big fat dicks sliding between us, thick cockheads glistening, cumholes gaping and closing like fish's mouths. And then he reached for my prong again, and I was so slippery from his spit and my spit and the sweet goo inside him that I fucked so briefly, and his meaty hand felt so intensely good against my dick, that my stupid nuts woke up and said, "Oh, am I on?" and I could barely get out "Whoa whoa you're going to make me cum man" before the point of no return was passed. "No don't cum no don't cum," he said as my spine pistol-whipped my brain and took over control of my hips, thrusting against him in that mindless twilight before orgasm where you do everything you can to make it feel as good as you can, and then it was too late for sure; white jets shot all over his hairy torso.

"You fucker, you FUCKER," he said, jerking hard, and I laughed and squired on him even more and apologized profusely and just kept cumming anyway. "Wow, that's a hot cumload," he said, "that's what, a week?" I nodded a bit, eyes sleepily half-closed from the pleasure of having just ejaculated copiously all over a handsome hairy meaty dude. "You don't have to hurry, take care of yourself," I offered magnanimously, leaning down to kiss him some more and making little fucking motions with my slimy dick against his pubes. And I held him and kissed him and mock-fucked him and bit his neck and looked into his eyes and he came for me, short little spurts that kinda went nowhere, but he was having a good time, head tipped back, cords popping out of his neck, eyes closed, mouth open wide and lips rigid. 

I cleaned him up with a wet washcloth as we talked about work and our partners-- he's hitched too-- and just dumb stuff. As he got dressed I told him I liked his cute little outfit, and I did-- he bulged out of his blue gingham shirt and white jeans in a way that had me pulling him close to me and running my hands over all his curves again. I almost like a clothed guy more than an unclothed one, sometimes. Again it was the contrast between this rather gay getup and his brutish, thick, hairy body that was doing it for me. He assured me that he would now stalk me-- "Your photos don't do you justice," he had said-- and went off to work again. I came back to my computer and found a flaming emergency with my boss, already four minutes in progress on skype chat. What luck! Imagine getting a desperate phone call in the middle of fucking. Maybe my nuts know better than I do how to run my life.

Dunno if a repeat would be as hot-- he definitely needs a little coaching on his cocksucking style-- but I might let him in my pants again. God, I'd like to fuck him raw. Maybe I can work my way in there with that, too...


  1. Your posts are really awesome. And they get me heated ;) What is your profile name on Daddyhunt?

    1. Thanks, NYCBlack! In general I'm leery of hooking up with readers. So if you run into me online, and want to get with me, don't tell me who ya are! At least until after you've got my cum in you and it's too late :^]