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Friday, August 2, 2013


Today, I touched the face of God.

Where did I find the face of God, you ask? It was inside the pants of an unassuming-looking, nervous, flitty, but very cute 32 year old. We've talked on line for a good while about him servicing my tool, but I never put much credence in him. He would do hit-and-run approaches, asking to hook up then logging off. And his face pix made him look rather dim, one of those guys who are either feigning hypermasculine boredom out of insecurity, or who are truly hypermasculine and bored and thus boring. But I did put him on my buddy list. I noticed his rather pretty torso pic on there this morning, and checked out his profile real quick, but decided against hitting on him; his profile says safe only and I wanted to fuck today. But I guess he saw my visit, because he soon after asked me if my meat needed servicing. Again I really wanted to fuck, but I decided I need to stop being so precious about the sex I need to have, and he looked pretty good, the posing notwithstanding. So I said sure, expecting a runaround, but he said he'd leave right away. He's in Astoria, which is not far but there's kind of a Can't Get There From Here kinda thing between Brooklyn and Queens on the subway, unless you want to do a lot of walking, so I knew it would be at least 45 minutes for him to get here.

He showed up a little late, looking about 1000 times cuter than his pictures, and overflowing with choked, nerdy apologies about being sweaty and late. "I turned the wrong way, well, I actually, I put the wrong, I put X in my phone instead of Y and it said to go that way--" here he pointed into the grimy, warehouse-strewn frontier of my neighborhood-- "and... and it's hot!" His t-shirt was mottled with sweaty spots but fuck, he was cute, a little more readheady than I was expecting, pale skin, beautiful shoulders and arms and hands. I had also noticed his profile didn't mention kissing, and thought, Satan is truly prince of this world if he won't let me make out with him. I leaned in to kiss him anyway. He seemed OK with it, though it was a rather awkward kiss. I figured I could work with it. He was really, really cute. And it was just a blowjob. All I had to do was lay back and relax.

I got him some water and put on a fan to try to dry him out quickly, and he seemed grateful. We kissed some more and he groped my groin a bunch while I tried to manhandle his body through the wet shirt. He then twisted away from me and peeled it off to reveal a fantastically perfectly-proportioned small-framed, lightly muscular body, with a sweet, sweet curve to his back, swooping in deliciously just above the muscles of his ass, which were visible through the loose waistband of his rather dorky cargo shorts. His nipples stood up beautifully on a lightly hairy, perhaps recently shaved chest. This body did not show off this well in his pictures. This body was fucking fantastic.

I turned him around to admire his ass through the shorts a bit. And he pulled them off, wearing just a black jockstrap underneath. I began exclaiming a rosary of praises to the creamy, fleshy beauty that appeared before my eyes: truly, truly, the radiant face of God.

"Oh fuck, bend over," I said, and I knelt down before it and slowly dragged my tongue from the bottom of the crack to the top. Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Plato claimed this world is only crude imitations of a perfect world elsewhere, but this ass is a visitor from that world. The electricity I felt from the sexual energy in his body was sharp and irresistible. And even better, just from the first lick, from that charged first contact, he felt it too! As I kept it up, working verrrry slowly around the terrain of this heavenly body, he moaned, he exclaimed at how good it felt, and he equally slowly crept up onto the bed so that his torso was splayed flat against the bed and his rear was hiked up at an impossibly sexy angle, radiating desire and satisfaction.

I think I ate his ass in this position for something like 10 minutes. I only stopped to exclaim how much I wanted it, how perfect it was, how he should not please please not take it away from me, please please let me have it all, and he assured me, breathlessly, that it had never felt this good and I could have all I wanted. So I took.

My dick was hard as a rock now, so I presented it to him up on the bed and he groped his way to it like a blind puppy looking for milk, and the whole shape of that perfect white body was displayed before me, and that sex-besotted handsome face looking square at me with his mouth all full of my choad.

I can barely remember it all, the pleasure was so intense it rather erased its own memory, like a sun burning out the film that tries to record it. I just remember he eventually was doing a handstand on the edge of the bed with his ass straight up in the air and my tongue fucking its way inside him. I remember a 69 position where his muscles tensed beautifully every time I took his entire dick, which was not that big but delicious and meaty, all the way to the root, and sucked hard on the very base. I remember sliding my finger into his tight hole and massaging his gland while he yelped and made helpless sounds and his musculature was slack and voluptuous with pleasure at being penetrated.

And I tried to fuck him. Honestly, I could have just communed with his beautiful backside all day, whimpering and whining and fisting my dick. But what a body, what a conquest. I tried to slip in, just the head, just to feel him, but he was very fearful of this, he didn't want a bare tool inside him, I don't think. So we did more of what we did. But finally, when he was on his belly on the bed and I was on top of him with my dick sliding up under his body, making mock fuck movements against him, and he held my dick in his hand as I trusted, muttering "I want that dick I want that dick I want that dick," I said, "Do you want me to rubber up and fuck you?" He seemed to put the question back at me. I said, "Stay like that," and went to get a box of rubbers. And as soon as he saw them, the nerdy was back, Porky-Piglike, "You don't have to, I mean if you don't want to, I mean, if you didn't, you don't..." Well, obviously I wanted to fuck him! I had a box of rubbers in my hand, I'd just pummeled him into the mattress with my hips in a preview of things to come. Maybe he was saying I didn't have to wear the condom? Excitement flashed inside my chest but I also didn't want to ruin a very good thing. So I tossed the box of condoms aside, smiled indulgently, laid back on the pillows, opened my legs, and said, "Let's just relax, don't worry about it, suck my dick and let's relax." And he positioned back between my legs, with that insanely perfect body on display before me again, mounds of perfect asset shining before me, and he sucked the cum out of me.

It wasn't hard, I had been wanting to cum for a long time. He sucked and sucked, then, perhaps somehow crazily not realizing I was unloading my scum into him until his mouth was suddenly too flooded with it to do anything but spit or swallow, his eyes grew big, he choked, and it all came flying out onto my pubes. "Sorry sorry, I'm just, it was, sorry, oh man." And he spat me out, all over my dick! And then, "Sorry, sorry! I'm spitting on you, I can't be spitting right on you!" with a hand to his adorable head. I just laughed and said, "I tried to warn you." I had in fact told him he was going to make me cum, but not remembering whether he swallowed or not, I decided to go with the top's prerogative of ejaculating where he pleases. And I pleased.

He needed to rinse out his mouth, so I let him go, feeling a little bad but also rather pleased with myself for defiling this flawless beauty with my filthy manhood. He came make and flitted and was shy again. I told him he didn't have to jump up and run away, but he said he had plans in an hour. So I got him some more water, and we talked very little. When he was ready to go, he tried to shake my hand and kiss me and hug me simultaneously. He was extremely cute. I don't know how someone with such a fantastic body and face can be quite so uncoordinated and awkward. I told him to keep in touch if he wanted. I wasn't sure how sincere he was when he said yes. And I wanted him go off, bald head and wide shoulders and beautiful shape.

I vibrated in post-orgasmic bliss for a little while, for a long time unable to think much of anything except, "Wow." Finally, against my better judgment, I texted him, telling him any time he wanted his ass eaten, I would do it. After a half an hour I figured I'd never hear from him again. Then, "Absolutely, you are damn good at eating ass and were driving me wild with your tongue. Hope to have your face down there again." All right! I told him his ass was basically a religious experience for me. It was. I am now religious. My religion is his ass.

"Thanks! And my ass thanks you too" he texted back. This god answers prayers! Can't wait to commune again. Maybe next time I can get my dick in him.


  1. Wow. I want you to describe me now! Although the red hair has turned mostly silver, I want to be the nerdy guy described in Godlike terms!

    1. Well we already know I kinda like yer wang. Have you got the ass, though? As we know, I don't worship only one god!

  2. Jack's got the ass! He featured a video clip about a month ago with him fucking a guy in a hotel room...All I could think of was my tongue up his ass while he's skewering some dude. lol

    1. Maybe you guys should get together and film THAT for Jack's blog! I confess I haven't watched his videos.