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Thursday, February 9, 2012


This has been a really frustrating week, starting with this weekend's aborted fuck. In the past year or two I've decided I would never cum on my own, but only give my cum to other guys-- preferably inside them-- and have largely stuck to it. I only beat off a couple times a month, maybe. Life would be easier if I just beat off every morning and went about my business without feeling the need to find someone to get off in... but definitely a little less exciting. I am not a hot guy, but I am very forthright about what I like to do, and express it in frank but hopefully exciting, appealing terms to compatible bottoms, which makes even guys out of my league want to get with me, I think.  So I do get just about as much ass as I think I can handle. But ever since that last hookup I've been full of a high-pressure load and have had nothing but frustration setting things up, making me feel like maybe I was losing my mojo.

I made plans Monday to get a marathon blowjob the next day from someone who sounded perfect and was pretty cute. I also made plans for Saturday to fuck a really cute guy that I've been with before-- I got so excited with him the first time that I shot all over him before I wanted to, and he's been wanting it inside ever since, because the load was fucking huge, even by my standards. So I felt set for the week, with a spring in my step, and marveling at usual how a middle-aged guy like me can have so much fantastic ass at his disposal like this.

Well. The first guy had given me his number to text on Tuesday when I was free, but he ignored my text and never did get back to me, ignoring me online as well. I should have known-- guys in their 20s are just supremely flaky; I usually don't even bother with them unless they come after me fairly hard. Then I get an email from Mr Saturday-- he's canceling too, extremely apologetic, offering two other times when I am not free. So now I have nothing for the week.

A few hours later, another guy I've been talking to for at least a year now hit me up online-- a really muscular, meaty guy with a nice, whitebread face, who also seemed to want to spend some quality time making my dick feel good. We texted a bit and I gave him the address and he was on his way. But 10 minutes later he calls me saying he's forgotten his wallet and has to go back, and realized he was wrong about what time his evening appointment was, and we wouldn't have enough time. He sounded like a nice guy but now I was out of my mind jonesing for a cocksucker. But I got nowhere and gave up for the day.

The next day there were two more guys who were free but not free, too far, too late, blablabla. I was pretty much out of my mind and gave up on the aggressive search. The next dude to get me off was gonna have to land in my lap.

And what do you know, he did. Another fellow I'd been talking to for a year or so, since I moved to his neighborhood, hit me up online. We once talked about him bottoming for me, but he typically asks me to let him watch me fuck another guy, or share a bottom with him; I sort of began writing him off as mostly top. He has a great little body, fairly short, shapely, and naturally muscular-looking, with an oval italian face with dark eyebrows. He wants me to eat his ass and fuck him. I tell him I'm more in a lay-back-and-get-sucked mood, that I would just not last long fucking him with this high-pressure week-old load in my nuts, though I am always happy to eat ass, and he said he was ok with that, as long as I fucked him at the end. Within 5 minutes he had my address and was going to bike over.

And then he texts back and cancels!

At this point I feel like I'm cursed. He's apologetic but says it's work. And then later, he says maybe he can get around it. He's not online, so he's not still shopping. But I'm skeptical. A bunch of other people crawl out of the woodwork and hit on me, out of nowhere. I start getting that rains/pours feeling, and sure enough, within a half an hour he's texting again to say he can come over after all.

And 15 minutes after that, I'm holding this sweet, meaty little body in my hands, feeling these amazing, thick, well-formed mounds in his pants. He seems reluctant to kiss, which is common in guys but a turn-off. I find if I touch a guy right-- a hand inched down the back of the pants, or slowly crawling up the inside of his thigh from behind-- he will soften and begin to warm to the idea. And he does, and we kiss, and I feel his dick already hard as a rock in his pants. I'm a slower starter, but I unzip and pull out what I've got so far, and he gives me the ideal blowjob-- this guy truly knows what to do with this tongue-- and I'm hard pretty quickly.

This was definitely worth waiting for. I'm trying to sear into my brain the image of his body coiled on my bed with his ass out, meaty legs open to show me the heavy round balls below. He really loved getting eaten out, and I told him I thought I could spend the rest of the afternoon with my head down there. He was very tactile, wrapping his legs around my arms, gasping when I hiked his hips up to get in deeper, sighing when I held his lightly hairy pectoral muscle in my hand with my tongue inside his cleft, stroking the hair on my arms as I ran my beard up and down his back.

My dick went into him with no effort, and he was perfectly velvety and creamy inside. My thick bone looked heroic between his voluptuous buttocks and I just slid in and out of him, slowly so as not to cum too fast, over and over, and he was loving it as much as I was. Time stopped passing. I licked him behind his ears and held his hips and drilled and stroked inside his thigh and cupped his balls and grasped his angle and stroked his thigh with mine and he just writhed and sighed and exclaimed. It was truly one of the most beautiful fucks I have had.

It couldn't last. I could manage a dozen hard strokes or so at a time but mostly had to slide long and slow, and I had to seriously hold back an orgasm twice. After about a half hour he said he needed a break, and I asked if he wanted me to cum, and he said do it do it, so we slowly got him turned on his back, without taking out my dick (he was nice and limber), and there he was in all his glory. I kissed him and rammed the hell out of him until I came, and kept at him and my dick fired, hiking his thick thighs up with my elbows, pulling his pelvis up off the bed so the whole of my shaft fit inside him-- just unloading a week's worth of frustration and need and pleasure into him. I kept ramming his body to me by the thighs after I was done, and he beat off and shot a nice wad and loved every minute of it. I stroked his body for a while as his cum cooled and his ass loosened to let me out. He was small, as I mentioned, but his musculature just made him seem ample and full. His body felt awesome against mine. I would love to fuck him again, and again.

He took a shower and we talked a bit about our jobs and our apartments and what we want them to look like. He was a really nice guy. Online he had seemed a bit gruff but in person he was rather lovely and open. He had to go to work and I had to get back to what I was doing, so off he went. Hopefully he'll be interested in getting together again. This compact package of pleasure just reminds me of the great plenty that I can partake of if I am patient enough.


  1. Beautiful ending to a frustrating few days!

    1. It was, Patrick. Occasionally he still hits me up asking to tag team other bottoms, which really isn't my thing, though I typically string him along with it a little just to keep him engaged and keep the door open to another fuck sometime. We did talk about eating out his ass and filling it with cum another time, but then he flaked again! But I'd make a fool of myself for him several times before giving up on him... He's pretty awesome physically and really fun in bed.