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Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Raw, Tempting Fruit

Today I wet my greedy bare bone in the tall, shapely body of a really handsome dude I spoke with on Scruff a bunch over the summer when I was in San Francisco for a week. He lived very close to where I was staying, and he was interesting to chat with-- knew how to impressionistically convey his breath of musical knowledge without banging me over the head with it; used multisyllabic words; replied in a timely and meaningful fashion... which are all exceedingly rare on those stupid apps-- and he had a really nice hipster look to him, scruffy in the face but with that slick schoolboy/Hitler youth hair. He was 6'4, though, and very thin and maybe too hairy even for me, and I'm pretty sure made it clear somehow he was safe only yadda yadda. There was no shortage of compact, muscular, cum-craving sluts out there to work on jizzing in, so I kind of kept trying to direct our chats back to the friendly, but he was pretty aggressive in pursuing me. In the end I was too busy with my nephew and inseminating whoever I could wherever I could out there, and so he never sucked my dick. But he said he'd be in NYC sometime in the fall and kept in touch all those months. And then suddenly, a few days ago, he was here, barely half a mile away. We tried to hook up a couple of times, in the brief moments I've had free, but it never worked out. I didn't really expect to get off this weekend, so I wasn't too upset, but today when I found myself home alone for a few hours, I texted him, asking what he was up to. As it happened he was at that very moment walking about four blocks from my house, on the way to the next neighborhood up. Within ten minutes he was on his knees sucking my still-soft dick-- I couldn't get hard making out with him, he was too freakin tall and tight-lipped-- and, wonder of wonders, he was the type of cocksucker who really works to find a top's buttons, and he found mine. When he happened upon the right thing, he instantly noted the subtle change in my meat, the infinitesimal swelling that a single tap of that spot with just the right pressure brought about, and then he was really doing it right, and enjoying the pleasure of feeling my meat swell to like five times its flaccid size-- I was hardening beautifully in his mouth and melting into the sensation of being serviced and he was whimpering with pleasure. He was so handsome-- salt and pepper hair, a little floppy now on top, dark wide eyebrows, an extremely patrician nose, eyes the color of Coke bottles against the sky, luxuriant beard on his handsome angled jaw, and, best of all, a mouth full of my oozing, horny dick. It was time to lay back and let him seriously do his thing.

He got naked and his hard dick popped out of his underpants, but given his Lurch-like frame, I didn't notice it right away. First he positioned himself in a praying position between my legs, hairy haunches bent where I could easily hook my knees over them, both hands on my inner thighs, diving deep into my bushy groin. His shoulders were rather scrawny but his body had an elegance to it, a beautiful curve from neck down to back. And between those long, scruffy legs, I finally saw his INSANELY LONG PRONG in all its glory, jutting out from his dark body hair and gleaming in the dim light like a scepter. I reached down to feel it-- he had a nice fleshy head, big lobes of pink skin curving deliciously around the cumhole; it was thinner than mine (though mine is a little on the fat side), but easily 8 and a half inches. I mean real inches like you would get with a ruler. Go get a ruler and hold it in your hands and see where 8 inches is. This is a big beautiful dick, and it was hard as marble and straight as a yew branch. His cum tube was prominent and so excitingly thick that just stroking it with my fingers made my own dick even harder in his mouth. Many cocksuckers are a little disappointed when I whip mine out because I am simply not a show-er, and I don't get hard simply because you buzzed me from the doorman's desk. He felt me getting excited in his mouth, and he appreciated his role in giving me that pleasure, he appreciated my doling out my thickness and hardness, and he whimpered with joy and gratitude.

He licked my hot spot beautifully, and had me wanting to cum very quickly. So I sat up, and we kissed, holding each other's dick in our hands-- what better symbol of male on male sex is there? What better proof that God or nature or whoever wants some dudes to go for other dudes. Your dick in my hand, my dick in your hand, eyes locked together, both of us full of the power to make each other feel as good as we care to. I pushed him back and climbed on top of him, expecting that insectile feeling I get mounting dudes who are more than a couple inches taller than me, but interestingly, our bodies lined up beautifully. I have a long torso, and he must be all legs, because my face was against his deep beard and my bone was aligned with his perfectly and my hands were under his surprisingly meaty asscheeks-- I would have to explore that in a bit-- and all the excess height was apparently wrapped around me snugly, with such proportions that he could rest his feet flat on my calf muscles while I ground my hips into his. He was wrapped around me completely-- it was amazing. Almost as perfect as the way a little guy fits into me… just a more ample feeling. It helped that he was so thin.

I sat back again to let him suck me more, not wanting to cum too fast, but told him to lay flat. "Like this?" he asked, clearly sharing that common bottomy need to make a show out of pleasing a top. I said he was a good boy and doing it just right, and that long, lean, fantastic body flowed down the bed from my groin, its serpentine shapes electrifying me again. And as he sucked me he flexed his ass muscles, thrusting his huge bone against the bed, and I knew I had to get my dick in there. I thought, he is excited enough, maybe I can finesse at least a few seconds inside him raw. I hoped to God that his hole was not too tight or roughly hairy.

At this point the washing machine decided it had to announce, over and over, that it was done, with extremely obnoxiously-timed, persistent beeps. I finally had to push his head out of my lap, kiss him briefly, and tell him I had to go shut it off or it would drive me batshit. "Stay put, " I said, crawling out from under him. "Stay in position!" He wiggled a bit with anticipation and promised he wouldn't move. When I came back, I fell to my knees at the foot of the bed and worshipped that sweet, sweet ass. It was hidden from me under a ridiculous nest of hair-- rimming this was more like chewing on a sweater than anything else. But every time I licked under his balls he whined with delight, and once I found his asshole in all that, my tongue slid in a promising amount. I climbed back on the bed and licked a finger and pushed it slowly against the wetness, and it slid in easily. My bone instantly got harder. I slowly inched it in to find his gland and show him I meant business, that I knew what to do with his body, that he should give it all to me. I poked against the round little nut and he really whimpered and swiveled his hips and a that point I figured I was golden. I wouldn't push it, I wouldn't fuck him hard or long and certainly wouldn't cum in him-- wouldn't even make him drink my cum-- I just wanted to see that body with my meat buried in it, just wanted to feel the slickness getting slicker and slicker around my finger down on my dick instead. So moving slowly to avoid spooking him, I switched back and forth from finger to teasing dickhead to tongue to face-buried-in-ass and back to finger, deep and probing against that inner knob that makes all bottoms helpless and unable to think of anything but more of me inside. And I slowly sank my dick in for real, and he dilated reflexively-- you can't hide real pleasure-- and it was so silky and viscous and wet and warm that I just sighed, and had to instantly pull back out. I wanted to cum! I could have popped just from putting it in! God, I love sex.

But instead I flipped him on his back, and we made out and I pushed all my weight on his body and he opened his legs wide to receive that weight. He wanted to be pounded into the mattress. His hole was curving up towards me wickedly. I sat back on my haunches, and aimed my missile at his hole, and looked him in the eye-- this was his chance to tell me no. But he pulled his legs open wider and I slicked up and sank way, way in, sank down and down until my whole bone was warm and electric and wet inside him. And again I felt like I would instantly cum. We went back and forth more with me rubbing our dicks together-- that amazing length hard against my own, that beautiful arabesque of a cockhead-- and then slicking up and sinking in, in, in, IN, IN. And I just kept saying "GOD that feels good" and he said "Oh God it does," and then I decided that was enough. I lay on top of him without moving, and repeated it: "That felt so fucking good." And he said "It did… but we're being bad." So I let it go. I got to feel it. I can still feel it. Sometimes it is good to be teased, not to get it all, to fuck and get off and still want something. I let it go.

We 69ed and spent the rest of our pleasure full of each other's length like only gay dudes can. His dick in me and my dick in him. Both of us feeling the same pleasure. My hips a bit higher against his head, my hand on his face, a bit of drilling down as he sucked, and my other hand gripping his ass as I took as much fuckstick down my throat as I could. He loved my hand on his ass, my hand on his face, my hips pushing, even as I sucked his dick and acknowledged its superiority and pleasured him as he pleasured me. I was still the top, and he wanted me to be.

I finally came all over his hairy chest just by humping against him, feeling everything, everything. I let one small squirt come while we were pressed together, but I was so excited I wanted to see it shoot, so I sat up and jacked the next few out, and the first jetted all the way across his long body, bright against his dark hair, thick and ample and full of vitality and pleasure, and his face lit up like a kid watching Evel Knievel jump the Grand Canyon or something. I held his hip down hard against the bed while I fucked my dick into my hand and jizzed the rest all over. "That is so fucking HOT, " he said, "I'm coming too," and he splattered himself with his own.

He seemed shy after the orgasm. Maybe he was freaked that I stuck it in him raw. Maybe he was scared at how good it felt. I got him some water, and we talked a bit about his flaky friends and the bad time he was having. I was happy to be a high point, a sexual ambassador to NYC.

I hope he still says hello sometimes. But maybe that is that?


  1. Hot post! I would love to have sucked your cock when you were here in SF. ;)

  2. Beautiful story. Makes you wonder how much more beautiful sex can be if men can just relax and give in truly.

    1. Thanks Westie! Ironically I didn't expect much from this-- I thought he was really cute but the pix of his body and his height weren't doing it for me. But in person, wow, he got me really hard. I'm glad I got to get my naked sword inside him, just for a few strokes, but I do understand his inhibition. When a dude gives himself to me fully it's awesome… but it has to be completely without reservation for it to really reach the highest heights.

  3. man that was hot. as i read it, i could actually visualize and FEEL that cock of yours sliding into his willing ass. woof.

    1. It felt fantastic, Aaron… and he apparently thought so too, because for a week after he got back to SF, he hit me up at random times on Scruff, alternately scolding me for just sticking it in raw ("You didn't even ask me") and wishing I was still inside him, wishing I had squirted my load in him, telling me how amazing my dick felt and then telling me we were bad for doing that, and wondering how deep the cum would have shot in him because I cum so hard. I like having that affect on a bottom, my memory lingering inside him just the way my load would, had I put it in him.