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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Head or Tail

Tonight I foolishly agreed to spend more of my precious seed in Chelsea, despite constant disappointment with the guys there. I got a home HIV test today and for whatever reason a negative result always makes me instantly want to squirt my juice into a new hole. Who knows what's up with that. It's like blowing a Christmas bonus, I guess. I have noticed a decided uptick in interest in my online profiles on all apps and hookup sites since I changed my age to 45-- somehow I knew this would happen, as 45 is a more appealing number than 43 or 44 are, somehow. I figured I'd either totally expire or suddenly get hit on by a ton of guys in their 20s. And that's exactly what happened. But a lot of them are flaky, and the guy I fucked my wad into today was himself in his upper 40s. He had very hot pictures, a very nice muscular smooth body, a rather pouty face with a good bit of character to it. Awesome legs and a rather small but totally fuckable ass. We first talked over the weekend, when I was marooned on Long Island because the train going into Manhattan wasn't running at all. I said all the right things and got his motor running but couldn't seal the deal without an hour of travel time on some crazy alternate route. So he hit me up this morning, asking when I would come dick him down. I told him I'd do it after work. He said it was perfect. I was out of my mind horny the whole rest of the day and couldn't stop looking at his picture and thinking, wow, I get to mount this body, I get to stick my dick in it, I get to eat that ass and flood it with my ejaculate. What a life! But of course…. it being Chelsea and all…

He lived in a fifth-floor walkup. They always do. I got up there and he slooooowly opened the door. And it was him, but suddenly aged probably 5 years. The beautiful slightly meaty, curvy body was now decidedly doughier in the white t-shirt I asked him to wear. He had asked me in a text what kind of "scene" I wanted ("Do you want the door unlocked n you walk in and my ass is in the air within view and blablablabla"-- are all Chelsea bottoms trained to ask for this nonsense??). I told him I was very straightforward but did want him to wear tight briefs and a tight t-shirt under his clothes so I could peel them off. His t-shirt didn't fit too well. I thought, well, he's still decently put together, and my nuts are totally swollen in my scrotum, so I'm gonna take advantage of what's on offer.

Inside it was a fairly large studio, darkened except for some of those fake flickering candles around, and THREE GIANT SCREENS all over the place playing the same porno movie from each wall. I didn't look too closely, but it seemed like it was a movie of him sucking someone else off. Why do people need all this crap?

I pretty much just walked up to him, backed him against the wall, and sucked his face. His profile didn't mention kissing but he was pretty cute and I wanted it so I did it. Luckily, he reciprocated, pretty eagerly too I might add-- he was fun to make out with. He whined when I reached back through his groin to grip his ass hard in my hand. OK, I could go with this.

I pulled out my meat, which was pretty soft but swelling slowly, and ordered him to his knees. And fuck, if he could not suck dick. I mean… holy crap. I've had some good head, but this was fucking unbelievable. I'd basically need some kind of Brainstorm-style mind link with you to express how insanely good he made my dickhead feel. Every pulse of suction he gave it made more blood rush into it, until it was so hard it felt like it would burst, and the big fat cumvein I have, that bulges out the right side of my tool, runs up two-thirds of the way, and the branches out to feed my glans, was hard and purple and visible even in the gloom. My dick was glistening from his sweat and already oozing with clear precum. He massaged every inch with his tongue and even managed, at the same time he was sucking and tonguing me, to also lick my balls! Holy crap, what a sensation! He must have the tongue of Gene Simmons.

I half wanted to lay back on his sad, ugly futon and just let him blow me. But I've been blown plenty lately. I wanted to plow him and seed him. So I pushed him back on the futon, undid his belt, pulled his pants down past his not-very-inspiring briefs, and then grabbed the fabric around his feet, pulling them all the way off with one swift motion. I turned him over and buried my face in his tight little ass and inhaled. Clean. Nice. His thighs were impressively swollen with muscle, and his calves were huge! I chewed on his leg muscle a bit, then pulled off the undies and licked and licked. We moved to the floor, where he'd laid out a blanket for us to fuck on, and he got on all fours, and I was behind him, face deep in his haunches.

And at this point, he turned into an extremely whiny, Droopy Dog-like sex puppet. "Do you like my puuuuussyyyyy?" he asked in that phlegmy, grating tone. I did like his pussy, but egad, what the fuck! Eating him out and having my face down between those extremely meaty thighs had my dick aching to thrust inside, but when I slicked it up with its own precum and some saliva, he whined, "It's so tiiiiight, I need you to spiiiiiiit!" 

Ay chihuahua. All around me the screens were flashing urgently with quick-cut ejaculation scenes. I thought, I gotta just get off and go. I made a big show of loudly spitting on my dick-- why does this turn people on-- and let him crawl around on the floor for his little bottle of poppers, which dilated him sufficiently for me to get my dick in up to the rough hairy skin at the base that my balls hang off. I was in him really deep. I put one hand on his closely buzzed head and the other on his shoulder and rammed my fuckstick into him. He continued to emit a voiceover for Droopy Dog outlining his sensations and desires. I largely ignored everything he said and just banged the fuck out of him. But his thighs were rather longer than mine and his asshole was very far back, so riding him was tiring and awkward. "Get on your back," I growled, and he whined "I neeeeeed you to get my puuuusssyyyyyy weeeeeeet!" "It's already wet," I grunted, and grabbed his ankles, pushed them back as far as I could get them, stuck my bone in him again, and thrust into him like a freight train engine. And when I started cumming, I stopped completely, looked him in the eye, and said, "Feel that?" He stopped moving and caught my gaze. He nodded. "Feel it throb? I'm cumming in you." I let it pulse four more times but I had to finish off my orgasm with more sensation, so I rammed it into him some more until it was done. And I pulled out and cleaned up.

He was a little less Droopy-Dogish after this, but still had a whiny tinge to his voice. He kept thanking me for coming over and loading him up. He offered me water and asked me all about where I lived and what I was doing for the rest of the night. He told me about his job, working for some film studio, but as it turns out, as an accountant-- Of course Droopy Dog would be an accountant. I told him he gave incredible head-- which he did. He seemed very happy to hear me say it. "Some guys don't even fuck me, they just want me to keep sucking them and swallow their load." I sort of wished I'd done the same-- I think my orgasm would have been fantastic in his mouth; in his ass, it was just ok. But there is some pleasure in knowing my cum is in yet another dude's body out there. As I left, I kissed him one last time, and grabbed his ass cheek, and said, "Keep it in there. Don't let it out." And he said, "Someone else is coming to push it in even deeper." Well! What a charmer. More power to him. I went out into the early evening and texted my partner to meet me for dinner in town. 

No more fucking in Chelsea! Will I ever learn? 

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