web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: A Long Time Coming, But a Short Time Cumming

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Long Time Coming, But a Short Time Cumming

I'm always amazed at how you can spend years trying to fuck somebody, literally years, and still never get your dick in them. There's a little guy with a seriously meaty ass and, at least in pix, a sweet little 5'8 body in the neighborhood who has been hitting on me, and then I on him, literally since I moved to NYC four years ago. He appears and disappears, comes on strong and then goes cold. He also has a partner and so that makes logistic doubly complicated, of course. But eventually you put someone in the Never pile, take them off your buddy list where they have lingered forlornly for way too long, and typically, lacking my stamina and appetite for nonstop seed-spreading, they drop off the sites all together. And this guy was gone for at least a year, seems like. But he reappeared last week, when I was crazy busy and my nuts had no outlet but just kept churning out more and more useless, unloved cum. I winced as I had to again turn down his advances two days in a row, figuring he'd give up on me yet again. But I love fuckin dudes that size, so I added him to my buddy list again and decided to make a priority to pin him down and juice him up and send him home overflowing with my liquid pleasure. I was up late all night doing emergency work so I felt comfortable taking it pretty easy today. When he appeared online late in the afternoon, I told him I wanted to fuck him. He said he'd just made plans with another dude, whose screen name he rather indiscreetly told me, and who of course I immediately looked up, and who looked extremely hot-- I had just cruised him on Manhunt-- so I felt like there was no competition. So I wished him a good time with the muscly hung stud. But fifteen minutes later, the bottoms said the hot dude stopped responding, and so he told me he'd come over to my place, but then I got, "I just need to walk the dog first." Riiiight! Keep on shopping, dude. I had a couple of guys sniffing around me on line-- maybe my dry spell is over-- so I figured whoever could commit to taking my raw dick first would get it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Local But Impossible Bottom! He came through after all. He only lives about 8 blocks away, so he was here pretty quick after that. He was considerably chunkier than his photos, which made my heart sink a bit. But I was very horny so I told him we should get down to it, and I led him back to the bedroom and I fucked my sponge into him good.

He kissed OK and all, but I was not really feeling hugely into him. He had a very flat affect and thus did not seem hugely into it either. This was going to have to be a case of Any Port In A Storm. I had an orgasm to rub out and I was gonna rub it out in him. I told him to strip for me, and out of his pants popped a surprisingly round and beefy ass-- it had looked awesome and bubbly in the pix, but that was probably 20 pounds ago on his small frame; when I felt it through his pants it didn't seem like much compared to the rest of his bulk. But naked, curving and gleaming softly in the low light, the crescent-like crack sang to me with a siren's voice. I pushed him over on the bed and stuck my face in. Very fleshy, owing to his extra poundage, but actually beautifully suspended between soft and firm. He had quite nice fuzzy balls as well, and a thick meaty cock root covered with the same, excitingly stubbly pubes, and I licked all around. He began to show the first emotion as I ministered to his hindquarters, mewling lightly from the center of the bed. Especially when I licked up between his balls and his thighs, that spot that so many bottoms love to have licked from behind. His buttocks were beautifully chewy and obscenely large and round in my face. His thighs were nice and meaty as well, quite large for his small frame. And his dick, as promised by that fat ample penis root, was PARTY SIZE and very thick and, when I reached up upper his trunk to feel it-- the only real way to make sure a dude is not acting when he moans while you rim him-- it was hard as a fucking rock, slick with precum, and had the most excitingly defined glans ridge I ever felt in my hand. I gripped its length with one hand and stroked my own instantly hard dick with my own-- nothing gives you an erection like another dude's erection, does it? I was having a good time now.

There was still the matter of my not being hugely attracted to much except his dick and his ass. So I pretty much left him pinned there at the edge of the bed, trapped under my intense attentive rimming, occasionally reaching up and holding down his arms so he could do nothing but submit to what I was doing and let me have as much ass as I wanted. When my dick was steely-hard and gooey with precum, I climbed up behind him, and aimed, and sank all the way into him with one slow motion, sinking deeper and deeper with a sweet glide that was not hampered till the roughly hairy base of my cock was straining at his own hairy hole. That ring of friction between us sealed the fuck tight, and he moaned and moaned. He was so warm and slick inside, all I needed was that little bit of spit I had used to stroke myself during the rimming.

And I just drilled him. Kept holding his arms at his sides, or held his head down with one hand and put my weight on the small of his back with the other, or gripped him around his inner thighs and pulled his ass back to me and just fucking drilled the hell out of him. The flat affect had rather disappeared and he just moaned and told me how good my dick felt. "You fuck so good," he said, "I've been waiting for this for so long." The things bottoms say when they're getting dicked down! But I ate it up. He kept turning back trying to see my glistening rod sinking between those generous ass-globes. The sight was truly stunning. There is something platonically perfect about two round, adjoined mounds pierced by a thick cylinder. I was precumming freely in him, lubricating that spot where my stiff dickhead was bumping against his prostate over and over. "Am I hitting that spot, man?" I asked as I heaved on top of him, riding high on his back so my dick pointed down into his body, towards the bed, hopefully hitting his gland square in the middle. "Oh fuck yeah," he said, "You can fuck me all you want."

And it was fun. But for a real protracted intense fuck, there has to be a bit more attraction there. He was a nice slab of meat. But really, I just needed to cum in him; if this went on too long I might be in danger of losing my erection. I pulled his hips up and reared on my knees, signaling to him to follow me and move up on all fours so I could fuck him like a dog. "Where do you want me to cum when I cum?" I asked matter of factly. "In you, on you, down your throat?" "Um, what is your preference?" he asked in that flat, businesslike voice he started out with. I laughed. "Fuck, you know why MY preference is," I mocked. "You're negative, right?" he asked, surprisingly nervously. I told him I'd just taken a test last week and could show him if he wanted. "But it's ok, I can cum on you if you want." "NO," he said, the desire back in his voice. "I want it in me. Are you close?"

Knowing I was going to get to load him up suddenly made him much, much more attractive to me. "I get close over and over, but I can control it," I said confidently. "I don't want you to cum yet," he said, and I put my full weight on him, pressed my face to his, and humped the living hell out of him. He grabbed back at my ass and held me to him, bucking up against me, greedy for my fuckstick, for my nutspew. He sucked my face and looked at me helpless with a kind of surprised pleasure. More drilling, more drilling, my head all full of the excitement of knowing I was going to cum inside him, deep inside, completely free, free to cum, free of the cum. I squatted with my thighs bent on either side of him and slammed my groin into him with long strokes, long strokes, using my whole dick to fuck him, every inch.

But now I felt I couldn't last because of the excitement. So funny how the mood shifts so quickly during sex sometimes. I'd barely been drilling him for fifteen minutes and I suddenly whined, "Sorry dude, I can't hold back any more," and I began fucking hard and fast. "Just cum in me man, don't hold back!" he said, and I felt my dick pulse and my nuts pop. I stopped moving and let my dick spasm in him as deep as I could thrust. "Feel it? Feel it! I'm cumming in you," I said, and he bucked up against me hard. "Yeah! Fuck it out of me man!" I said, and he did, he kept me shooting till my balls were dry.


Very nice.

I slowly pulled out and slid up beside him and reached for his dick, which was still thick but no longer hard. "Do you wanna get off, man?" I asked. "Oh, it's still hard for me to cum," he said awkwardly. "Oh, OK," I said… then tactlessly added, "What's up with that?" "Oh, the meds I'm on, whatever," he stammered. I assumed he meant antidepressants, which I had tried myself in my late 20s during a particularly miserable period but gave up quickly. "I remember that phenomenon well," I said, and slapped his ass. He said he'd love to fuck again sometime. "Not that I expect us to," he added quickly, trying to sound worldly. I slapped his ass again. "I might have to eat this again sometime," I said, a heartfelt lie. It really was a fine ass. "You are very good at all you do," he said as he was getting dressed, again briefly sounding enthusiastic before affectlessly asking me about what I did and when I moved to this building, which he'd considered buying in as well. But there was little chemistry; I believe he enjoyed it, and he asked me two more times to keep in touch, but I guess I like my bottoms to be a bit more emotionally open. I sent him out into the cold drizzly night full of what I had to give.

A bit later I texted him a picture of the HIV test I took last week, saying, "FYI, so you don't worry about me lying. Thanks again. He said, "Thank YOU!! That was beyond hot." Nothing satisfies me like giving pleasure with my fucktool and cum. So, happy ending!


  1. I get it. The right answer for a sub bottom is, "wherever you want it, sir" but sometimes the hottest thing to hear is a guy begging to shoot it inside him. Well, only when asked. Otherwise, he's just nagging. Ha!

    1. I'm sad to say it but to me the hottest thing is a guy who said he didn't want it raw at all begging for cum by the end. Maybe this is all just highly-stylized kabuki sex-theater but I always like to believe these dudes are just so overwhelmed by my toppy topness and skill that they lose all self-control. But any dude who frankly wants you to cum in him is thoroughly charming, in my book.

  2. Your stories are incredible and I enjoy them very much. Interestingly, we live in the same neighborhood, but our paths have not crossed...unless, of course, I just never made it to your blog.

    1. Well thanks, Matt! I'm glad you like them. Maybe we will cross paths indeed… just don't tell me you're a reader till after we've fucked :^]