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Thursday, November 14, 2013


So it's been almost three weeks since my last hookup-- and, as I've vowed only to cum in or on other dudes, that means I went that long without an orgasm. In part it was due to constant visitors, and too much work, and trips out of town. But in part it was also a break from all the ridiculousness you put up with when you're aiming at having multiple hookups a week with a steady supply of new guys. The pickings have been extremely slim-- even other guys on Manhunt seem to be complaining in their profiles about dry spells and a lack of guys who seem serious about hooking up. Seems like something is in the air. I've tried to arrange a few things and been prick-teased and flaked on, even by old standby regulars who are always begging for my dick, so after a while, I decided to give myself a break from it all. Oddly, the pressure in my nuts was not that great; after a while I almost felt a little liberated from those wrinkly little bastards. In the meantime I had a birthday and reflected a bit on what the future holds and the role that tons-n-tons of sex has in my life. I'm not sure I feel the drive to hook up as much as I used to, and wonder if hitting my late 40s is going to slow down availability, too. But then today, on Growlr, I was hit up by a very cute, tight-bodied little 22 year old, who pretty much set up a hookup in minutes, acquiesced to my desire to be serviced and not fuck him-- I figured after three weeks I'd pop instantly if I stuck my dick in an ass-- and then ran over and was in my arms within half an hour or so. I guess my new age only makes me more desirable to the kids? That's what Buddy Bear's experience seems to suggest. I never much had a taste for guys this young, but if they're all like this kid, I'll take it. And wouldn't you know-- despite my pent-up situation, I managed to last almost an hour through quite good head and extremely pleasant fondling, and to stick my raw dick in him AND fuck the cum out of him, literally hands-free fuck him into orgasm-- all without popping till his dick was oozing a thick steady stream of deep-prostate-orgasm cum. And then I shot a fat tadpole of goo on him for good measure-- not sure whether he wanted me to cum in him or not. Not a bad welcome to 45, and not a bad end to my hiatus!

The kid was literally less than half my age. His body had that taut pliability that only someone in his 20s has. His dick had that precum-oozing, throbbing hardness that only a guy in his 20s gets. He kissed beautifully, and seemed relieved and hungry when he saw how it was going to be, how I would touch him, how I found the spots on his neck and ears that made him inhale sharply and made his dick jump. He got down on his knees and sucked my own extremely hard dick-- it was pointing almost straight up-- like a true champ. I pulled off his shirt to reveal a hard little torso with a big dark burst of fluff all around his navel and leading into his pants. His hip bones were so narrow and his wrists so slender that as I held them tight and watched his head slide up and down on my dick, I felt I could snap him in half. I don't know why this is exciting… but it is. He was so small in my hands.

He had a small fuzzy peach of an ass, enough for a handful of each cheek, no more. His cleft was very hairy but his asshole was a moist, yielding slit to my finger as I petted him curled up into me on the bed. I lowered my whole body on his and within a few minutes of moving against him, limbs tangled and pressed tight, I felt a very slick wetness between us, knew he was precumming madly, and he pushed me off him, saying, "I'm getting close." I reared up on my hands and we both watched his bouncing erection with it's sparkling thread of beaded precum training down to his fuzzy patch. I stroked up and down the side of his body, holding his hip tight in my other hand, and cooed into his ear, "Don't cum, just relax, just enjoy it." He smiled sheepishly and sighed and said, "You're just so HOT." I demurred, but began to work on his body, sucking that taut flesh into my lips from his waist to his armpits. And flipped him and ate that fuzzy peach of an ass. His hole greedily took in my tongue and it was clear that despite his size he would be able to take my fat choad no problem. Despite being harder than a thirteen year old watching Cinemax, and completely drunk on how cute his face and body were, I felt no urgency to cum at all. I thought, I'm gonna put my dick in him, even if it's just for a second. I didn't know if he would balk at my going in bare. I figured I would take it very slow and look for clues. So I teased him with my dickhead and my fingers but made sure I used all the tools in my arsenal to get him to want what I wanted. And during one pass-by with my dickhead over his slit, I popped in-- it did take a little effort, especially with all the hair-- but the shocked little noise he made was one of hunger and satisfaction, not alarm. Not wanting to push anything, I went back to snacking on him eagerly and he was clearly enjoying himself now. I put him on his back and he was grinning at me rather knowingly for someone his age; on his almost boyish face it was a little disconcerting, but I liked it. "You felt so good inside me," he cooed, and I said, very wisely and intelligently, "Yeah!" He hiked his legs back, showing me his hairy crotch, and stared me right in the eye, with that shit-eating I-got-you grin. So I made a big show of slicking up my head with his own precum-- "I'm really close again" he warned when I swiped his dickhead-- and he determinedly put his ankles on my shoulders-- there was no wondering now about what was going to happen-- and I slicked up with spit for good measure and sank in him all the way to the nuts. He pulled me close to him, stroking the hair on my back, and at first seemed shy but then looked me straight in the eye, with his own deep, bottomless brown eyes, and I moved my body against his until we were lost in a fog of pleasure. The angle, I was sure, had me knifing right into his prostate like Guy Fieri boning a salmon. Every time I plunged in I saw his dick swell and bounce. He grinned and grinned at me and I fucked and fucked him. And I pushed his legs back so I could put my full weight on his tender little body while I dug into him, and he felt all of me fucking him, he held my back tight, and I felt that wetness on my stomach again, and he said, "I think I'm going to cum." His head lolled around a bit, like he wasn't sure what he wanted, to cum or get fucked all afternoon. I was rather impressed at this from a 22 year old. I pushed in deep but stopped the plowing, and he just grabbed my hips and said, "Just fuck me," and I did, and as his hands moved to his dick I pushed them away, and held them down on the bed, and eagle-eyed, watched the fruits of his pleasure squirt slowly out of his rather impressive dick all over himself. It pushed out to the rhythm of my fucking. I honestly have not done this to anyone since I was in my early 30s. If I had known I could cum in him, I would have stayed in, but you just can't see a sight like that as a top without completely losing it, so I pulled out quick and jerked my three-week load all over him. It came out much more sluggishly than I would have expected; it almost all seemed to come out at once in one splotch, a thick gob of my genetic material pooled in his nest of black belly hair, surrounded my the thin streaks of his. I wanted to lower my body on his and smear it all between us.

I leaned down to kiss him as he grabbed his dick to jack out the last embers of orgasm. I got a rather pert little closed-mouth kiss. I was surprised-- he was so sensual up to this point, but I guess some guys are just guys; they shoot and they're done. So I didn't create the bigger mess of two big smeary ejaculates gluing our bodies together; I tossed him my t-shirt and let him clean up. He was very quiet, and then asked to go to the bathroom. He did, I guess to clean up the stickiness, and when he came back, I was still lying in bed and motioned for him to come lie down next to me for a bit. He didn't seem reluctant but did seem shy. He put his head on my chest but didn't put his legs on mine; he lay there rather stiffly. But I wanted to come down a little more slowly, so I stroked him like a kitten up and down his back. I felt him loosen up a bit, and then, when I found a particular spot on his lower back just above his ass-cleft he let out the tiniest little mew that let me know he liked it. He was pulsing in my hands, his blood coursing, and he seemed almost like a frightened rabbit. I inhaled the scent of his dark hair and kept stroking, asking inane small-talk questions that didn't require much response. And finally I decided it was time to let him go.

We got dressed and he seemed a little more comfortable, and accepted a glass of water and asked me some about what I do and that kind of stuff. I let him know yesterday had been my birthday and wryly told him my age. He seemed surprised, though it's on my profile. And he seemed to like it. And then we made sure he had all his stuff and he trotted out the door, with another rather chaste kiss. I told him not to be a stranger and he made a little noise.

As I write this, he just texted me, thanking me and saying he had a good time. Polite kid! I told him he was a nice surprise and really fun to fool around with. And he said he would love to do it again. And I think we will!

…but you know me...


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I still can't completely figure out why I'm getting offers from men in their early 20s and some even as young as 18 or 19.

    I loved the way you wrote about this encounter with the young hottie.... very hot!

    1. Thanks big guy! The kids don't flock to me quite like they do to you… but I suppose I could get used to it if they did!

      This guy was really just beautiful in bed.