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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My life is pretty stressful lately and I haven't had much time to myself. What little time I did have wasn't terribly conducive to getting off. So I've been walking around since last week with slowly swelling nuts-- I could genuinely feel them getting bigger and heavier; they're not that big usually but it seems that when I don't ejaculate for long periods, they really do become like heavy, thick figs in my hand if I gently cradle them when I get out of the shower in the morning. They are swelling with salty nectar right before my eyes. I sort of like the feeling, and there is a threshold I reach where the load stored up becomes precious enough in my estimation that only the ideal cocksucker will do to drain it out. Over the weekend I did have a day to myself, and put up an ad on craigslist, something I haven't done in a long time, certainly not successfully, and included a picture of me fully clothed with just my nads hanging out of my fly-- a rather pretty thick but soft piece of meat hanging over a hairy, round, ripe, swollen, perfectly-hanging nuts. I admit the picture even turned me on a little-- like most men, I do feel a great love for my own dick. And this photo seemed to get a lot of attention, but much of it was useless for my purposes. Either the wrong attitude or not my type. One guy wrote me late at night, long after I'd  given up and gone to bed, and he seemed just right: very handsome/bordering on pretty black dude, fantastic body, wrote in full sentences, had a personality even when just asking for my load, and clearly appreciated working for a voluminous ejaculate. This was the guy I wanted to squirt my hot thick semen into. It was just a matter of time.

I wrote him back the next morning, telling him I was sorry to miss him, and we exchanged a few emails promising to try to hook up this week. But Sunday and Monday I knew were out. Guys are not usually very reliable if you can't hook up right away; they're hot today, and just forget tomorrow as they find someone else to chase. But this guy was pretty good, and I didn't push it too hard. I told him it would be sometime during the week, but not the next two days, and left it at that. Then yesterday late in the afternoon, when I was confident I'd have the afternoon free, I asked if he could come drain me, and he said yes. Working it all out was pretty easy, and I spent the morning feeling that delicious tension of having a surplus of semen stored up, giving me a vague bluebally feeling, but the confidence that soon a handsome dude would be parked between my thighs, sucking on those sore, blue balls and making me feel like a king.

And that's what happened. The morning itself was horrible; I had to work till extremely late last night, got no sleep, and my condo board president sent me a very bitchy email about something that was his own fault. By the time the appointed hour was rolling around, I was actually feeling extremely unsexy. But the guy showed up with his cute little body wrapped up in his hip-hoppy clothes just so, and he seemed rather cool if a little… uptight? High strung? Not quite sure. But I gave him a glass of water-- "Gotta make sure I'm hydrated," he said, so I made sure-- and then told him we should get down to the business of getting my dick sucked, and he heartily agreed.

We made out some and he was kind of all over the place; I wasn't sure if he was not that into me, or extremely into me, or just a flitty kind of dude. I manhandled his body, which was covered with surprisingly soft muscle in spots, and very appealing hard muscle in others, and we grappled a bit. But then I just said, "lemme just take my fucking pants off," and he said an appreciative "Ooh!" Noticing I wasn't hard, he said, "Is he ready?" and I said, "Just suck it, you'll get it hard, don't worry," and he seemed satisfied. He wanted me to sit at the edge of the bed and then he somehow wrapped himself tight around my calves-- hooked both his arms and legs around me and clung to me like a baby monkey-- and sucked my wang into his mouth and we were ON.

He clearly loves sucking dick, and there is just nothing more gratifying. I admired him from that strange position for a bit, but it was hard to get comfortable there on the edge of the bed like that, so I pulled him off me, kissed him once more, and told him to get between my legs on the bed. I also barked, "Take all those clothes off," but he because *extremely* uptight at that point, almost clutching his tank top to his body, saying he hadn't "cleaned up, you know, shaved" because he didn't know he'd be getting naked. I told him I didn't care, I like natural, and I think I even said, "You be you." But all he did was take off his pants and climb up between my thighs, again curling around me tight, and sucking my dick which was now well on the way to hard and oozing. And when I was fully hard, he wrapped his whole body around my left leg, and rested his head on my left thigh like a pillow, and closed his eyes, and suckled at me with a look of utter bliss on his dark, handsome face.

There is a great gratification in providing another dude with such pleasure via my dick. I never tire of watching a true cocklover romance my meat. I could feel his happiness in the intensity with which he clung to me, and in the long sucking motions he gave my tool. I enjoyed it till he got me close, then pushed him away, kissed him, and forced him down on his back. I again asked him to get naked, and he looked stricken, and I said, "Are you shy?" and he nodded, and again said something about manscaping. I wondered if he had a scar or something under there he didn't want me to see. So I let it go, and climbed on top of him in the tank top and his underwear, and pushed my body into his. He instinctively wrapped himself all around me, and in a tangle of limbs and heaving breath we pushed our bodies together and felt each other fully. He wiggled his hips a bit until my dick moved from rubbing up alongside his to sliding down between his legs, and I felt my fuckstick poking up between his asscheeks and up against the spot where his hole is. He would make a great bottom. I love fucking bottoms who wrap themselves around me like that. So intense, so close.

And I *did* get close. Not wanting to cum all over his underthings, I pulled away to cool down, and he immediately dove back down to suck me more. He sucked me and lapped me with long strokes from the wrinkly skin where my balls form, all the way up my shaft, over my hot spot and up between the lobes of my dickhead, and then back down, up and down with that tongue, making me feel every inch of my dick. So good. I fucked my dick up into his mouth and he went completely slacked and let me fuck all the way into his throat wetly. This put him over the edge; he wrapped himself tightly around my legs again, pulling me into him hard, making helpless grunting noises, full of animalistic joy. I wasn't getting a lot out of the position but I kept fucking his head like that, happy to see him so into my dick. And then I pushed him back again, humped his body more, and hoped to god he'd let me fuck him raw some day. Then I got up on all fours, worked my way up to his head, and fucked my dick down into his throat from above, like doing pushups and fucking at the same time. He was in heaven; I could tell he was thinking: "My throat is a pussy, he's fucking my pussy." His arms gripped around my thighs tight, giving resistance to my thrusts and making them more intense, and I kept fucking my dick into him harder and harder till I knew I would cum. "You're going to make me shoot," I said, beginning to sweat hard and getting a gravely cast to my voice. He only gripped my thighs harder, so I kept up my fucking motions and fucked a week's worth of smut into him; it shot right out of my balls, through my tubesteak, and directly into his gullet. He squealed and squinted and gripped me even tighter, almost hurting, but I kept up the thrusting, and said, "Don't stop sucking, don't stop until I'm done, I'm still cumming," and he obeyed, and I think I shot six acrid jets into him. He loved it.

When my dick stopped pulsing, I worked myself slowly into a reclining position, with him still completely attached to my meat. "You can keep sucking," I said, "just light, keep it light." And he again put his head on my thigh, resting his head there, sucking and sucking and sucking and my slowly deflating meat. If work was not so busy lately, I would have let him suck another out of me. Instead, I let him enjoy himself for another five minutes or so, stroking his face and holding his skull. And finally he let me go, and said, "That was delicious." I asked him if it was enough cum for him, and he said it was excellent. I aim to please.

His cell phone started chiming incessantly and we chatted about nothing for a while. He mentioned he was writing a book; he didn't seem to have a job at the moment, I couldn't tell. He was a strange mix of open and cagey, with the tank top and the book and the kissing and everything. But he seemed satisfied, and I definitely felt clearer and lighter. Maybe I'll ask him point blank if I can fuck a load into his ass. Or maybe he's done. Who knows?

But that dude loves cock, for sure.


  1. I just wore a fresh pair of undies.... god they're wet again.

  2. Lol at points in this I wondered if this was me. But I've never used manscaping as an excuse to not take off my shirt

    1. He was awfully pretty otherwise to be worried about how his chest hair looked, but maybe it was true. I was just at a party last night where a guy said he was walking down the street and a black dude called out to him, "YO YOU GOT HAMBURGER MEAT!" The guy at the party was Jewish but he said he did some digging and thought this term meant the kind of stippled chest hair some black guys have. Maybe this guy who sucked my dick had hamburger meat, too! I've never heard this term myself, before last night. From feeling around over the shirt, he definitely seemed to have rather thick, dense, springy hair under there.