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Thursday, June 5, 2014


I've said it before but I must say it again, over and over again: it's so good to be a top. My looks are nothing to write home about but somehow there is a seemingly endless array of incredibly beautiful men out there willing to meet me, kiss me, suck my dick, make me cum, and swallow everything I produce, no matter how punishing the volume or saltiness. It's amazing to me. I grew up an extremely self-conscious nerd, rather funny looking, painfully uptight and shy and depressed, thinking life was somehow for other people, expecting nothing, a gay male Janice Ian song. Fast forward thirty years, when you'd think I'm past my prime with my graying chest hair and wrinkled smile, and handsome men are endlessly eager to do nothing but make me feel good. What a world! Today's load-sucker was a heart-meltingly handsome Italian guy, 32 years old, dark hair and beard, big noble nose, fine dark eyebrows and glittering deep brown eyes, and an insanely hot meaty muscled body, covered front and back with straight black hairs forming elegant patterns. Sort of a cross between Joey Fatone and the big hunky Kitchen Cousin dude that's always driving the bulldozer. And unlike most beautiful men, he gave incredible head that had me wanting to cum instantly. We were not together long, maybe 25 minutes tops, but I spent almost that entire time fighting off the urge to blow my wad and blow it hard. Which only meant that when I finally gave in-- far sooner than I wanted to, I wish I could have spent the whole day with him-- the ejaculate was huge and forceful and seemingly never-ending. Wow.
He hit me up on Scruff, not something I have much luck with usually, right after I had updated my picture to less of a well-staged glamor shot than usual, and a more natural pose with a bit of a smile, which I don't usually do because I can't believe how much my eyes wrinkle when I grin even slightly. I guess he likes wrinkly. My previous pictures always somehow made me look a little younger, and always more serious, so I figured I would try one that didn't and see how that worked out. And somehow I ended up attracting this beauty. 

His own picture showcased his hairy body more than his face, which was half covered by a gigantic tablet that he was using to photograph himself with. He was naturally muscled in the limbs but a little doughy in the midsection, much like me but thinner and much more attractive. I think he told me he liked my picture, and I asked for a clear face pic, and he sent one that knocked my socks off. I like how conversations on Scruff quickly turn into strip teases. I sent a shitless pic and one of me seated in boxer briefs and a t-shirt, but taken from the point of view of someone approaching me to blow me, which makes my already rather meaty legs looks pretty huge. He liked them and replied with a copy of body shots, and I told him he would look awesome sucking my dick, and he said he agreed, and so I went to the boner and full nude and dick pic, and he showed me himself nude, and I asked for a rear view, and he sent that, and there it was. He looked like a good boy, clean and quiet, but I asked if he swallowed cum, and he said he did, and I was like, you are the fucking jackpot. Then I sent him a cumshot, and he said "Damn! I can't wait!" He lives in Hackensack, 12 miles away, but as luck would have it he was going to be in the city very near my place and free around lunchtime, which is a great time for me to hook up. The stars were just aligning too well; I felt sure this would all fall through. But no, at 11:50 he texted to say he was at my building, and when I buzzed him up, he came in looking exactly like his pictures, just an unbelievable beauty. He was pretty sweaty from walking out in the muggy weather, but didn't want any water, so we got right down to it.

His kissing style was a little tight-lipped, and at first I didn't feel any chemistry. I am very intimidated by guys who look this good, to be honest, and I'm sure they pick up on it and I sabotage my own experience with this insecurity. But he was very trembly and his breathing was quick and shallow as I kissed him and chewed on his neck, and I thought, he *is* into it; I need to calm down. So we kept making out, and I groped his meaty body up and down, pushing my body into his, and breathing in his cologne. (I actually sometimes like it when a dude wears something, just because it sort of seems like an unexpected extension of his personality-- he chose what to smell like, and if it's something I like too, it's just another thing that makes him attractive, like flattering clothes or the way he trims his beard. I completely reek of it now, however, and that's the downside.)

Finally I told him to get to his knees and whipped out my unit. I wasn't very hard yet, and he squeezed it a bit before kneeling in that universal "Is this thing on" gesture that cocksuckers who are about to be disappointed often make. But then he did get to his knees and suck me in and FUCK.

He sucked a bit fast for me but damn if it wasn't nice, and he had me thick and long in no time. It was so exciting seeing his meaty body down there, and his handsome face slack with pleasure at suckling on my meat, that even though I wasn't fully hard I just wanted to erupt right down his throat then and there. I held the back of his head with one hand and his beard with the other, focusing all the energy on the action of him sucking me, and took it as long as I could without getting too close to the edge. Then I leaned down to kiss him, and took off his shirt, and let him suck me a bit more. His shoulders were thickly muscled, soft bulky shapes under his beautiful skin. Then I lay back on the bed, told him to take off the rest of his clothes, and there he was between my legs, making me feel like heaven.

It is impossible to look at a body like this spread out before me and not think, "All this? For ME?" I just shook my head and took what he was giving greedily, holding his massive shoulders and slowly thrusting my dick up into his mouth at the rhythm he was sucking me.

He seemed shy about my eating his ass, but I had to try. His balls were super sensitive and he whined a little when I licked the smooth spot on their underside-- in general he was extremely quiet, but he would occasionally make little sounds like this, and that was all I had to go on. I feasted on his ass and was really tempted to just mount him and plow him. But we hadn't talked about any of that, and I didn't want to scare this beautiful creature off with my filthy raw desires. So I just feasted on his backside, holding his massive thigh and thick calf in either hand, and my dick was so hard it hurt. I stood up and brought it to his face, standing at the edge of the bed, and he pushed himself over to it like a blind newborn puppy, drawn to the suck, and with my hands on my hips, admiring his whole body sprawled on the bed, the whorls of dark hair on his flanks, the incredibly thick muscles on his thighs, the ass, the bull neck, the tattoo on his bicep. All this? For ME?? I fucked his face and just marveled.

He was beautifully responsive. If I told him to slow down he slowed down. If I just touched the crown of his head with a bit of pressure, he went further down on my dick. And when I gently touched his hip with three fingers and made a slight upward flipping motion, he rolled onto his back, and I saw him in all his glory, body, limbs, beautiful face smiling at me half-shy and half-smug. I put my body on his and he wrapped his limbs around me and we kissed deeply, much more fluidly now than before; I suppose he had warmed up to me a good bit. I again considered fucking him. But at this point I was on hair-trigger. I could cum any second. Feeling his meaty body under me and all around me, my hard bone straining against his pubes and sliding up and down alongside his own rather small dick, I could barely keep it together. He was just too beautiful. I raised myself before I got too excited, kissed him deeply, and then got in position near his head to fuck my dick down into his face. I lay one leg across his body, the other cocked to the side, and holding my body up on extended arms, looking down into his beautiful face, I fucked his mouth with long, masterly strokes. He opened wide and looked happier than he ever had to just be taking this onslaught, perfectly matching the rhythm of my thrusts with licks of his tongue, giving just the right amount of suction on the out-stroke to keep it going. I looked down at his body and noticed he was idly fondling my hairy calf muscle, which was right on his groin, with those beautiful meaty hands of his; the overall effect was like he was praying and using the hairs on my leg as a kind of rosary. The bliss on his face was plain. It was too much, and I said with a kind of pain in my voice-- the unique pain of too much intense pleasure-- "You're gonna make me cuuum," and he just kept up that sweet lapping as I fucked, and so I let it rip. I didn't alter my thrust, I didn't hold back, I just let my dick do its thing as I crept closer and closer to the edge, and out jetted the first spurt.

The look of bliss instantly changed into an "Oh holy fuck what is this" kind of face, and I could tell I was cumming quarts in him. Each thick, hard squirt made him grimace a bit, but I guess he figured it out, and as I kept unloading into him, his face relaxed a bit, and then seemed surprised that this meat was still shooting goo into him; a kind of wonder and submission came over his face. His eyes were closed the whole time. I felt like I was going to cum a second time; he didn't stop working my tool with his tongue for one second, and his beauty was absolutely overwhelming to me. Maybe I did cum a second time; I certainly was pulsing in his mouth for the better part of a minute, seemed like. I finally just fell to his side and laughed. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a rather open face. 

"Was that too much?" I asked, almost embarrassed at how much I came. "Oh no! It was fine," he said, seeming shy again. I made various exclamations about how good he was and how good it was and how I was fighting back the urge to shoot from the beginning. He smiled and didn't say much, lying beside me. But I think he had what he wanted. I asked if he wanted water now to clear his throat, and he laughed and said sure, and I got some while he got dressed. We talked a bit about where he has lived and where he's from, but then he was on his way. 

I got to unload my nuts in him, but I didn't really get to talk to him much! I guess beauty never fully gives itself to you. I told him to say hello any time and he said I should do the same and who knows what that means. But for some long, hot moments, he was mine, and he made me feel amazing. Just amazing.

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