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Monday, July 28, 2014

Efficient Semen Delivery System

Today I woke up in a terrible, depressed mood, and then was faced with some urgent and complex work that kept me very busy all day. Whenever I needed a breather, I would check out the apps on my smart phone, and of course today, since I couldn't get away to fuck anybody, everybody wanted to be fucked. Cute younger guys and handsome men my age were pinging me like crazy on apps where I usually get absolutely nothing. I think I ended up scaring a bunch of them away, especially one very promising, hairy, manly, handsome 42-year-old, with my need to put my sperm in their bodies. Of course the most willing guy with the best attitude was a total cum addict in Berlin, of all places, who lamented that he moved away from NYC a year before I got here and said he would suck my dick all day long and make me cum over and over and never get tired of it blabla. Of course all this sexy talk with guys who eventually one by one revealed themselves to be available or unwilling to let me ejaculate inside one of their orifices only left me hugely horny and tense. My partner is off today and was around the whole time as well, filling out job applications and doing laundry and such. But he left around 5 to take care of some errands, and soon after that I finished the urgent, complex work. I had another project I wanted to start but it's a beautiful, beautiful day out and who wants to start a new project at 5pm, even if you could maybe get another hour and a half our of your day? The inertia was too great. One of the asses that was flinging itself at me belonged to the affectless guy who lives in my neighborhood that I inseminated late last year. He told me mid-afternoon that he had the day off and could host for a change. I ignored him at the time but when my schedule suddenly freed up, I decided, look, I can cruise pointlessly to find someone in the next two hours or so to put my cum in, or I can just go get off in him. It didn't hurt that everything looked so bright and breezy outside my window. I hit him up on Grindr, fully expecting him to no longer be around, but he instantly replied, and told me where he was-- not even 10 blocks away-- and I brushed my teeth and was out the door. I figured I had an hour to plow his sweet ass (which I do remember as being very nice, even if I wasn't hugely into him in other ways). But today, I was basically providing stud service. My cum went from the vesicles inside my balls to the depths of this dudes intestines in what for me is record time. And it feels so fucking good to get rid of your cum after a day like today!

This guy has pretty much been after me ever since I seeded him last November. I told him flat-out the first time he hit on me that I rarely do repeats because I'm such a big whore, but that I did like his ass and if he waited for me to miss him a bit he could get more of my fucknectar inside him. He would hit on me every month or so, but I have to say since the spring he's been a lot more aggressive about it. He changed all his pix and sucked me back into conversation with one of them, exclaiming how much I'd like to fuck my load into his body before I realized who he was. Feeling a bit like a cad, I told him that I was still in a very promiscuous mode (who am I kidding, MODE), but that I did admire his dedication to getting my meat and cum inside him again, and said, "I'll see what I can do in coming weeks." And I guess I meant it. I really am pretty easily flattered by that kind of attention.

So today I figured it would be easy to give the poor kid what he needs. It was a quick ten minute stroll to his place, and he met me outside. His body looked a little better to me in his t shirt and shorts than I remembered it being in my bedroom. I followed him up in the elevator, and we talked a little awkwardly at first. The car was surrounded by mirrors and I figured there might be a video camera somewhere but I moved in to cup his ass in my hands and he didn't complain. We talked briefly about how much time we had; his partner was away at some work function. I said there wasn't much worry, I felt like I had plenty of time to do what he needed. We went into his apartment, which had a huge wall of windows with a spectacular view across the neighborhood-- away from Manhattan, but something about the clarity of the air and the angle of the sun made this part of Brooklyn look truly dazzling. I stopped briefly to look at it, but kicked off my shoes, grabbed his ass again, and muttered, "We'll talk about this amazing view after I've done what I came here to do. Let's get to it." And he obediently went to the bedroom, stripped, and let me guide him to the edge of the bed.

I bent him over and admired the other spectacular view. He *does* have a very pretty ass, very tidy asshole, and he had shaved and his hair was growing back as long stubble. But it was very fine hair and I liked the texture. First for a long minute or two I merely brushed my face over all the curves of his ass cheeks, his thighs, his bulging gooch, and his hanging nutstack. He sighed and the attention. And then I began using my tongue, very lightly at first, and he pretty much began vibrating all over and going ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh. And then I was lapping and sucking away at him and I felt his dick get hard as fuckin granite and ooze precum.

I lingered on this task for what seemed like a very long time but couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 minutes. It was very fine and he was writhing all over the bed with pleasure. For the longest time I hadn't even removed any of my clothes except my glasses, my shoes and my watch. I just enjoyed the contact with my favorite body part and the sensation of my meat sloooowly stirring and swelling and thickening and hardening and lengthening in my shorts. Never taking my face out of his rear, I managed to undo my belt, pop open the button fly, wriggle the shorts to the floor around my knees, and then kick them off of me. My dick hung down like a sausage and I took my face away from his ass just long enough to spit on my hand to give my dick a nice slick palm to slide around in. That was all that was needed to make my prick into a total ramrod. The guy heard my belt open and the fabric of my shorts hit the floor, and the keys clank in the pockets a bit, and knew what was coming. He was twisting his hips all around and reaching back to grasp my head and hold me to him. He wanted it.

And I gave it. In one smooth motion I stood up, aimed my dick at his hole, and sank down into him to begin the Deep Semen Delivery Process®. He sighed and let his whole body go slack and accepted my penetration; I slid in with absolutely no resistance and no need for the bottle of lube beside him. "Good boy," I cooed, and I began slow fucking motions, long and deep, with every inch of my endowment. He sighed and sighed, and then asked, rather lucidly, "So do you fuck a lot of bottoms in this neighborhood?" I smirked a bit and said, "Let's talk later," and I pushed my dickhead against his prostate, and he upped and said "OK" and from then on his only words were "Your dick feels so good. Your dick feels so good." And it's true. My dick did indeed feel so good.

I increased the tempo and body fucked him with all my bulky weight, and occasionally looked up to admire the amazing view, thinking, I'm fuckin the hell out of this dude on the 24th floor. I can see everything and do everything! Then I went back to just admiring his ass and my fuckstick appearing and disappearing there.

After a while he twisted around, wanting me to kiss him. So I kissed him and drilled him, and then pushed his head down into the bedclothes and held it there with one hand, splayed fingers all over his buzzed scalp, while I reached under his thigh and hiked him back to me in a proprietary way with the other. And he just melted. All he wanted was to be the receptacle of my fucking and the contents of my scrotum. He began bucking back into me, and I liked it, but I said, "easy there, or you will make me cum too fast." He said, "but I need you to cum." I said, "Do you want me to cum now, or do you want me to fuck you more?" And he thought for a second and said "Fuck me more." So I fucked him more.

But it was too good, too slick and velvety inside his body. I reached a fork in the road where I could let the intensity ride itself out a bit and then fuck him for another fifteen minutes, or I could shut off my brain, hunker my attention down into my groin and let my body take over, just doing what it needed to make the hormones flip the switch and open the floodgates of my testicles. I lingered there for a long, long second, and then said, "Fuck it, I'm gonna cum in you now," and went down the short road. I bucked into him hard and he bucked back and then my dick was just melting into him, that feeling of intense warmth you get right before the first sharp stab of ejaculation, before the fireworks go off in your head. That tiny instant before you cum is better than any other feeling in the world, in its way. Even better than the whole-body pleasure drain that is full ejaculation, when all your blood vessels are pulsing, your nuts are sucked up into your body, and all your ducts are squirting into your bottom in concert. That felt good, too. I held my body still with my prick buried in his body up to my nuts and just let him feel the jerking spurting motions. "Oh god oh god oh god," he said, "I feel you cumming in me," and then he went silent and I pushed in deeper, finding extra millimeters of my erection somewhere, letting the dickhead pulse against his innards, and then began fucking motions again to get myself over the far end of the climax.

It was a very nice fuck, I must say.

I stayed inside him for a good while and we began talking a bit about how nice we felt. And other more mundane things. I was still panting a bit, my dick was still oozing the last few drops of my ejaculate into him, and we started talking about real estate. I pulled out after a while and went to wash up. I found my watch and put it on and noticed barely fifteen minutes had passed. That was a pretty intense fuck to fold into that short a time.

We stood in the living room in front of his amazing view and continued our talk. He had bought maybe two years before I did in the neighborhood. He said as soon as the sun goes down and the lights come on, his binoculars come out. I could imagine that. With the whole hood laid out in front of him like that, it must be fascinating to spy on everyone. He said he occasionally saw people fucking on the roof of the building to the right, which had an absurd putting green on top. These new condos have ridiculous amenities. It does sound like a fun place to fuck, though. Maybe one day I will fuck on the roof of my own building.

Anyway, we chatted amiably for another fifteen minutes, and then I trotted home, feeling very fine. I hate to think I'm getting addicted to these quickies. But life is too busy to devote to hours of sex right now. And I sort of like this role of Cum Delivery Man. Before we parted, we talked a bit about trying to hook up on apps in the hood, about how weird dudes can be, how disappointing it can be when guys don't even want to be friendly or say hello after you have a great time rooting around in their privates. "But I guess some guys are just on a mission," I said, "and don't have time for that." "Well, I was on a mission," my now cum-stuffed bottom said. "And," he added, gesturing to my groin, "Mission accomplished." I smirked again, patted his butt right there on the street, and bid him adieu.

Delivery made!


  1. "My dick hung down like a sausage and I took my face away from his ass just long enough to spit on my hand to give my dick a nice slick palm to slide around in. That was all that was needed to make my prick into a total ramrod." This gave ME an instant boner. Thanks for the hot play by play.

    1. You are more than welcome, Jack! Always happy to give you a boner, loyal reader!